Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts, and Alexander out on Saturday

08/26/2007 at 09:53 AM ET

Actors Liev Schreiber, 39, and Naomi Watts, 38, take their son Alexander Pete, 4 weeks, out for a stroll on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, Alexander did not enjoy being woken up by dad when it was time for the sling-to-carseat transfer (see extended post).

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Bc_58_mLiev wears Alexander in a Maya Wrap lightly padded ring sling in olive($56), with the rings in the back. For a more comfortable fit, cup and spread thesling over your shoulder instead of up against the neck.

Jessicabuttercupblissfront_zoomNaomi wears a shirt that she also sported during her pregnancy and carries a ‘Jessica’ Bumble Bag in buttercup bliss ($124).

Alexander is wearing clothes from Hanna Andersson.

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Watts_schreiber_082507_1_cbb Watts_schreiber_082507_2_cbbNaomiwattslievschreiber082507_28_cbLievschreiber47533_cbbSchreiber_watts_082507_30_cbb

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tink1217 on

awww, in that one pic he looks like Liev! Its so nice to see a daddy slinging!!!!

sarah on

it’s great to see him wearing the sling, but I have to wonder why so many celebrities don’t wear their slings correctly??

Natasha on

It takes a real man to wear a sling with a baby…God know my dad never did 😉

kacie on

Wow he is so cute! on

The baby doesn’t look very comfortable in that position.

Rye on

i actually think this is one of those cases where the baby looks just like his mama. I don’t really see a lot of Liev in him yet.

Layla & Finn's Mommy on

I love that he is carrying him. They are such a cute family!

PSB on


I disagree – I think the baby looks just like Liev! I guess it’s hard to tell who Alexander will really look like until his face changes a bit. My son looked just like my husband when he was first born, and now looks way more like me. Alexander is a cutie either way and I love seeing a dad wearing his baby. Adorable family!

Kat on

I also can’t believe how many celebs don’t learn how to use their slings right.

the fabric should be spread over Liev’s shoulder, not at his neck…. and if a proper fit, he wouldn’t need a hand on baby at all… unless he’s just nervous.

Renee on

I wish people would give him a break on how to wear the sling! They are new parents.Anyhow,they all look so happy LOL except for poor Alexander but I think everyone baby or adult hates being woken up especially when you’re having a good sleep.

aury on

it’s nice to see her so happy after she’s wanted a baby for so long. i’m proud of those two.

Luciana on

I think Alexander looks just like Liev.
I love to see a dad with his child.. it’s so.. hmm… adorable!!!

popi on

These pics are just the sweetest. Look how manly and viril Liev looksw ith his tiny little baby Alexander! He he! And Naomi looks good, she has lost a lot of weight already! These two are a great couple. Total harmony.

Charity on

It’s so cute to see the Daddy holding the baby. I love that he’s still holding him even if he’s wearing him in the sling. It says protective daddy of newborn to me.

I’m not sure who Alexander looks like, but he sure is beautiful.

Zara on

Awwww – they are the cutest family ever! I love all three of them!! Naomi looks so beautiful and happy, Liev looks like such a protective father wearing his sling, and Alexander is so mini and cute! Love, love, love them!!

Aaron on

His little face is so cute and chubby already! My kids are like that, too…they gain so quickly with my breastfeeding that my husband and I joke it’s like liquid ice cream. He really is cute!

I always had my hand on my oldest while using a sling. I think it was a little bit paranoia, but honestly I wasn’t ever a big fan of the sling no matter how it was worn. I much preferred my Baby Bjorn. It just felt a lot more secure. Even with that, however, I always kind of had a hand on them. Just overprotective!

Emily on

he is too cute!

Annoyomus on

Aw, cute! I am a bit surprised that that last picture of Alexander crying is on here, though. I thought CBB had a “no pictures of upset children” policy. That said, I don’t mind these pictures being here at all. I’m just a bit confused is all! 🙂

Sarah’s note: He just seemed to be fussing a little, like, ‘Why’d you wake me up dad?’ If he was full out screaming/crying, you’re right, we wouldn’t have posted it.

Kim on

I reckon Liev just looks so comfy being a dad, like he was born to be a father or something. It looks so natural you would never pick him being a first time dad!

amelie on

Oh, how precious! What a gorgeous family! Naomi is glowing, she looks absolutely gorgeous.

shannon on

Just as everyone else when your a new parent your learning new things everyday. Just because they are stars doesn’t mean they know everything! Took me a good while to learn how to use my sling right and even after 3 kids when I had a newborn a good amount of the time I did keep a hand on my baby call me crazy but I felt safer that way. I will say using a asian style sling is much easier and I felt more secure and would never go back to another style sling. LOVED seeing daddy sling the baby it’s so cute.

Laura on

wanted to let you know the baby is wearing hanna andersson. in the crying pic you can see the icon on the pants

Cheri on

It doesn’t get cuter than this. It’s so wonderful to see a daddy so loving and protective of his baby. Naomi is one lucky woman.

holly-dolly-doo on

Did you see the hands on that little boy – they’re H-U-U-G-E! He’s going to be a handsome (and big!) little boy…

J on

Such a lovely family. 🙂

Hey Kat, I have a feeling that he just loves to hold his baby as he carries him in the sling. 😉

Angie on

Refreshing to see that Naomi is not concerned about losing the “baby weight.”