Brooke Shields, Rowan and Grier at Malibu beach on Saturday

08/26/2007 at 05:14 AM ET

Actress and model Brooke Shields, 42, gets a hand in rolling up her pants from Rowan Francis, 4, then swings and runs after Grier Hammond, 16 months, as Rowan plays in the sand at a Malibu beach on Saturday.


Photos by Flynet.

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mia on

Gosh Grier has such long legs!

tink1217 on

such gorgeous little redheads!!!

heather on

Cute pictures, they really seem to be having a great time! I never really noticed before but Brooke has a great figure and shape. She’s not stick thin like some celebs and it’s refreshing to see her have curves and everything like the rest of us. Haha, maybe I’m noticing her figure now because I’m 18 days away from delivering our second child, oh to be able to see your toes, lol. Seriously though I think she’s got a great figure and probably one of the better and more healthy ones in Hollywood.

Elizabeth on

Adorable pics. Both those girls look like their daddy!

Natasha on

Now maybe people will stop saying Suri looks way too old for her age, Grier looks the same age or even older than Suri (they were born on the same day)


one hot mama

Kate2 on

Natasha: I disagree. I think Grier looks a lot younger than Suri. on

Grier is a big girl. The oldest daughter is really getting cute.

Susan on

Grier looks younger than Suri, only because of the relative lack of hair. They’re both adorable girls!

Natasha on

Kate2, really? Grier looks a lot taller, but I think its the hair that makes her look younger in the face.

gabriella on

Brooke was such a stunning child, I was hoping one of her children would look just like her. Both daughters look a lot like their daddy, although I see some brooke in rowan’s features.

Kate2 on

Natasha: In answer to your question: No, it’s not Grier’s lack of hair that makes me think she looks a lot younger. It’s the way her face looks. Suri seems to have lost a lot of her babyness (I don’t think that’s an actual word, but you get my point) and Grier seems to still have hers. I don’t really factor the height thing in at all because Grier has taller parents than Suri does so I would expect her to be quite tall.

Emily on

these pictures are totally adorable. my favorite is the one of rowan pulling up brooke’s pants. so cute.

Natasha on

Yeah I know what you mean about babyness, like she seems more developed.

Anyways Grier’s cute, but Rowan is model gorgeous (not just from these pics). I think Rowan is such a mini of her mom but Grier’s more like her dad

Maya on

What a lovely family… I too want 2 (or 3) little girls.

PBoden on

Oh my gosh I nearly fainted in shock! Rowan is the exact image of my 4 year old daughter! lol! They are both lovely little girls, and I especially like Grier’s ‘classic’ baby look

Mama Llama on

Wow! Brooke looks amazing! And her children are both so pretty. Rowan’s hair is getting so long.

gabriella on

Rowan is beautiful,she is looking like a mini brooke. Grier looks more like her daddy, and I love brooke she seems so sweet and like a good mom

Devon on

In regards to Grier’s “babyness” some babies develop faster than others. When I was working at the Santa Claus set at a mall last year I met a little girl who was the same age as my baby cousin, 17 months. They were both born June 2005, yet this little girl was much father behind than my cousin in development. My cousin, at that age, was starting to REALLY talk, parroting EVERYTHING we said and was starting to count. He surprised the heck out of me when after I caught him stealing my fork at the dinner table and I said, “Tavion that’s dangerous.” and he replied, “dangerous?”

This little girl that I had met wasn’t even talking yet. So it goes to show you that babies all learn and grow differently.

Kate2 on

Devon: I wasn’t referring to her development in that way when I said “babyness” – I was just referring to the way her face looks. I think as far as the rest of a child’s development goes, it would be impossible to figure that stuff out just from looking at a few pictures.

Devon on

I’m sorry Kate2. I shouldn’t have only touched on her developmental characteristics, since as you’ve said you cannot judge that from a photo.

Dory on

Brooke Shields sporting another amazing stripe Pulcini henley shirt and Hermes belt. BRAVO!!!