Brooke Burke takes her three daughters to movies in Westwood, CA

08/26/2007 at 05:54 AM ET

TV personality and model Brooke Burke, 35, takes her three daughters to the movies in Westwood on Friday. Older daughters Neriah, 7, and Sierra Sky, 5, are from Brooke’s marriage to Dr. Garth Fisher. Heaven Rain, 7 months, is from her current relationship with actor David Charvet, 35.


Photos by Flynet.

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tink1217 on

wow, time flies, i can’t believe Heaven is already almost 8 months old!!! Her daughters are beautiful and Brooke just always looks amazing!

Kelli on

Beautiful girls!!

In the fourth picture she looks like she might be pregnant again, she always has such a flat stomach. jmo

Nancy on

Do many people bring their 8 month olds to the movies? Unless the baby makes no noise at all, that’s gotta be tough!

Amanda on

She looks great and her girls are beautiful! Though like someone else said it does kind of look like she could be pregnant. I hate the ‘belly watch’ myself but my daughters are close in age and that is how I would carry my older daughter when I was pregnant, with her leg above my belly like that.

Natasha on

LMAO Nancy, good point 😛 At the movie theatre near me they have these movie screenings for Moms and Babies, so all the mom’s there will understand if a baby cries 😛

J-Lin on

I think its extremely rude to take kids to the movies, especially late night movies. I had to sit next to a two year old during a late night movie. The kid kept telling his mom “I stink!” and he did. She never moved.

gabriella on

I wouldn’t be surprised if she is pregnant again. She said she and David really wanna try for a boy, and in the near future. Anyway Heaven is beautiful, she looks like david to me. Neriah looks like her dad, and sierra looks like brooke. Brooke looks great for having 3 kids.

Ara on

Nancy: We have theatres with “Stars and Strollers” screenings — One movie a week that’s intended just for mothers and babies. It’s a lot of fun.

gabriella on

Considering the fact brooke is taking 3 kids to the movies, I’m thinking the movie is definitely a children’s type movie, so in that case I see nothing wrong with her taking a baby. If it’s a movie made for children, you expect to see either kids talking or babies. Now I think it’s rude when parents bring children or babies to a grown-up type movie where children are gonna start talking or a baby crying, people are paying their money to hear a movie in peace and children really have no business say when your going to see a halle berry movie. But for a children’s movie, you basically expect to hear noise from other children

Jen on

They are a gorgeous family.
We once took our children to a late afternoon/early evening showing of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and received ridiculous comments from obnoxious ADULTS behind us…
It also really peeves me when couples out for a meal choose somewhere like pizza express, zizzis etc which are FAMILY restaruants not intended for romantic trysts. Then proceed to dish out evil glances.
Or holiday destinations that are really designed for families with young children, yet they clearly wanted peace and quiet….
The anti kid brigade should stay indoors more often and wallow in their own misery and loneliness if you ask me 🙂

Joi on

“The anti kid brigade should stay indoors more often and wallow in their own misery and loneliness if you ask me”

What an incredibly ignorant comment. Just because people can’t or don’t have kids they should stay inside like hermits. Imagine someone saying the opposite. The pre-kid brigade should stay indoors with their rugrats and wallow in their own misery and dirty diapers and not disturb others. I don’t think either of these comments would be right. People should respect each others lifestyle choices and not infringe on or judge each other.

Nancy on

Don’t get me wrong…..I’m not judging Brooke for taking her baby to the movies…..I was asking if many people out there do. I waited until my kids were old enough to enjoy the movie and I wouldn’t stress over them bothering others. If your baby is really good and sits quietly (mine never did) – I guess it’s worth a try!

Jen on

Joi note the SMILE at the end of my tongue in cheek comment. Meant with no malice.
I was just relaying how awful some people are towards children and that maybe they should avoid child centred places if they dislike their presence. I would definitely not take my children to an adult movie or restaurant.
Believe you me I am not ignorant and you should refrain from making personal comments about complete strangers.