Stella McCartney out and about with son Miller

08/25/2007 at 01:43 PM ET

Fashion designer Stella McCartney, 35, who is expecting her third child by the end of this year, was pictured with son Miller Alasdhair James, 2 1/2, in London. Stella and her publisher husband Alasdhair Willis also have daughter Bailey Linda Olwyn, 8 months.


Source: Gala magazine

Thanks to CBB reader Kelly.

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Autumn on

Whoa Stella’s pregnant again? Is she going have have had two kids born in the same year, but not twins? It’ll be cool, but more power to her. I wonder if it’s another girl? If so, those would be close sisters! 🙂

Sarah’s note: Her daughter was a December ’06 baby, so not within the same calendar year. But yes, probably within 12 months of each other!

Leigh on

I can’t keep up with her because the last I knew she just had one. I didn’t realize she had two with a third on the way! Wow – 3 kids under 3 years old and all single births! God Bless Her…she needs it!!! 🙂

Terry on

Wow- she has her hands full. This is the first time I see Stella’s resemblance to her mother. Looking good, Stella!!


Candace Evans on

3 kids under 3?!? WOW! Go super mom! 🙂

meghan on

while they may not be born within the same calendar year – it looks to me like stella is going to have this baby within one year of her daughter’s birth. granted it’s her third baby – and i know she could just look big – but she definitely looks due before dec 6th!

Sarah’s note: Definitely. I’ll change my original comment — I thought she meant two ’07 babies but I read too quickly. 😉

Natasha on

I didn’t even know she had a second! My mom has 4 kids in 5 years, she said its actually not as hard as people would think

deedle on

this little boy reminds me a lot of Cruz David Beckham — both cuties!

Campbell on

Their great Auntie Beatrice is gonna have a ball growing up with them!! How great!

Sabina on

Beatrice is their Aunt, not their Great Aunt.

Campbell on


gabriella on

Wow stella wastes no time, her baby is 8 months and she is already far along in her pregnancy it looks lol. I think it’s anther girl. Stella looks like paul.

morgan on

aww, i love little boys just being little boys! Look how BOTH of his feet are inches off the ground, silly kid!

Kelly on

I really hadn’t realized myself she was that far along already. I’m guessing she’ll probably deliver around the same time Bailey was born. I really hope to see her soon oneday. I bet she’s a cutie. Miller’s one cutie as well! Stella will sure be one busy mama with 3 fisty little ones!

Leigh on

My mom had 6 and we’re all right around 2 – 2.5 years apart so not too close together but enough to keep her hands full. She also breastfed us all for at least 2 years (until the next one came along and it got too hard to breastfeed both and/or we lost interest). So she was literally breastfeeding everyday for 14 years straight! How do your boobs not fall off after that?!?! LOL

Marilyn on

She sure looks like she’s due before December. She looks pretty far along.

PSB on



My hat is off to your mom! I was exhausted breastfeeding one baby for 12 months. You mom must’ve been so thirsty for those 14 years.

Mimi on

I wasn’t sure if this rumor was true….but the pictures don’t lie! Good for her! Congratulations (and good luck)! Paul is just swimming in grandchildren now! I wish Linda, Paul’s late wife and Stella’s mother, could be around to be a Grandma!

Bella on

I had 3 in 1 year…identical twin boys on July 4th, 2005 and a daughter on July 4th, 2006. I just happened to go into labor on July 4th, 2006! Bet they’re going to hate me for it when they grow up! Oh, and they are babies 3,4 and 5 for us.

Rebecca on

She’s going to have Irish twins it seems.