Angelina Jolie treats the kids to ice cream and a carousel ride

08/25/2007 at 04:59 PM ET

Actress Angelina Jolie, 32, takes Maddox, 6, Pax, 3 1/2, and Zahara, 2 1/2, to Central Park in NewYork City this afternoon. Angelina treated the kids to ice cream and popsicle sticks and a ride on the carousel.

Photos by INF; Startraks; Flynet

Click below for the kid’s shoe info and three more photos.


Stride_rite_paxPax wears Stride Rite SuperBall Z Strap in black/silver ($54).

SauconyMaddox wears Saucony Kids Nitrous in grey/orange ($55).

101791_14Zahara is wearing Stride Rite Guppy stage 3 sandals in brown ($39).

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tink1217 on

love this family!!

Sabina on

I love how all the Jolie-Pitt kids resemble Brad or Angelina in some way, it’s adorable! Shiloh obviously looks like both of them, but I think Zahara has very similar features to Angelina, Maddox resembles Angie too with his intelligent little face and happy grin, and Pax looks like Brad, they have similar eyes and face shape.

Sabina on

I’d also just like to add that I think it’s great to see Angelina rummaging in her expensive designer handbag for $1.50 for a carousel ride for her children! She may not carry around a grotty old rucksack or regular handbag, but she’s not above keeping loose change in it to treat the kids to simple joys like that.

Emily G on

love love looooove them!!!!!!

Jenn on

Is it just me or has Angelina Jolie lost a TON of weight? I’m glad she loves her kids but hope she isn’t neglecting her personal health in their favor. I know I went down to 100 pounds after running after my three kids and forgetting to stop to eat, then I really had to pay attention to gain the weight back

PSB on

I just put my kid on the ride this summer too! It’s a great carousel. They look like they’re having a ton of fun. Cute!

Natasha on

I don’t really think any of the kids other than Shiloh look like them…but anyways Pax is the cutest thing! 😀

ellie on


I reckon its so cute seeing them having a normal family outing….and a multi millionaire rumiging threw her bar for 1:50

The only thing is you rarley see Brad and Angelina with there whole family,and the last few pics that have been on cbb shiloh has not been prestent and if she is ,one of the other kids aint there, probs @ school…any way

but it was be awsum to see the whole family out together more often!

PJW on

I know the Hollywood bumpwatch is totally overzealous, but I think Angelina may be pregnant again. She’s certainly still very thin, but she’s put on weight lately and in the past couple sets of photos seems to have a bit of a bump…. could be! 🙂

Judy on

Sabina, I don’t think any of the kids remotely resemble either Brad or Angelina except for Shiloh who resembles both of them; but there is no doubt that all of the children are very much loved and well cared for, and that is all that counts.

Can anyone ID that bag of Angie’s? I WANT ONEEEEEEEEE!!!

gabriella on

Judy and Natasha I agree with you guys. Pax, maddox and zahara all have different looks, and look nothing like Brad nor angelina. There are adopted kids that resembles their parents like edie falco’s son looks so much like her, and bella crusie resembles nicole kidman and even conner resembles Tom IMO. But not the jolie pitt kids at all, although paz and maddox could resemble each other a bit the most. The only child that looks like angelina and brad is shiloh obviously.

Colleen on

She looks like she’s having as much fun as the kids! on

What a treat to see this family. Maddox is really growing. Everytime I see Pax I think about Angelina Jolie saying that he he can’t seem to reconcile wearing pants and underpants at the same time so he usually takes one off. Hilarious.

Natalie S. on

I love seeing pictures of this family. I’m glad to see that all the children are happy and enjoying themselves. I love the picture with Angelina, Pax and Mad wearing their shades. Too cute!!!

taryn on

lol Sabina, reaching much? None of the kids look _anything_ like Brad and Angelina, except for Shiloh. They’re Asian and African! It always amuses me when people go on about how adopted kids “look just like their parents, isn’t that amazing” – it’s like, hey let’s just completely pretend the birth-parents don’t exist, shall we? 😉

Judy on

Little Pax looks like he is thoroughly integrated into his family now. I think he’s going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up. He’s too cute for words! And Miss Thang is such a little personality. She’s going to be drop-dead beautiful when she’s around 16 or so. Brad will have to chase the boys off with a shotgun.

(I just found out Angie’s carrying a Valentino bag that retails for $1650.00; $1750.00 in patent leather. Oh well… anybody know where I can find the knockoff?)

Pam on

Zahara is getting so tall and grown-up!

Aaron on

Doesn’t Zahara have the most inviting little kissable cheeks? She’s sooooooo cute! I can see a mischievous glint to her, as well. Love it!
Pax and Maddox are cute, too. They all look like typical kids!
I’m not sure I would be able to handle three by myself at that age without a containment system, so hats off to Angelina!

Alf on

Who cares if they look like them or not.they
all have personalities that reflect being raised by these two wonderful people.Sometimes you catch alook on zee,s face that reminds you of angie or madd has alook like his mother. they made not look like them but they are them because they raised them and seem them all the grow to be what raised,s not always looks.


Sabina, I agree with you, Zahara does look like Angelina and sometimes Zee expression and Shiloh’s are the same…Just because they are adopted and have different skin tone and back ground…doesn’t mean they can’t have similar expression and features…. They do live together and children do follow the parents facial and body expressions.

FrigginBoobs on

I don’t think observing that the kids resemble or has matching mannerisms as their parents is reaching or a bad thing. Pax and Brad do share high cheek bones, Maddox does grin a lot like Angelina, and Zahara does favor her, that picture in the post below of the two of them is frame worthy.

Natasha on

I agree Janet, they can have the same expressions, but Angelina and Brad don’t really make that face….

I don’t think skin tone matters. If they adopted a “white” baby it’s not like they’d look any more similar to Brad & Angelina than Maddox, Pax & Zahara do.

Bitchy Mom on

Does anyone know the brand/designer or Angelina’s bag???

Sarah’s note: I think someone above you posted that it was Valentino?

Nausicaa on

How freaking ADORABLE are they!? The Jolie-Pitts warm my heart. I just want to squish them! Just look at Zahara’s pout! What an attitude.

Maya on

I don’t know, I think that although Angelina looks like a very loving mother, it is a bit strange that she keeps excluding Shiloh from fun family outings. I personally can remember certain things from the age of one, and I certainly remember my whole family going on a trip and leaving me (the youngest) at home. I was very upset about it. You don’t know how your actions will inadvertently affect your children later in life. Don’t forget that this all comes after Angelina swore she didn’t want any biological children, and then later saying in an interview that Shiloh is a “blob” and that she has more sympathy for her adopted children because they had a rougher life. I don’t know if those sayings were taken out of context, but it is still there for Shiloh to see and hear when she grows up…

Sarah’s note: The blob comment was definitely out of context — the interviewer brought it up. Today Shiloh was home with Brad so she was still with family despite not being with the other kids. They were all together last week for the museum and boat trips…Not sure about the other interviews.

preesi on

Maya on

Preesi – that is absolutely adorable! Where on earth did you find that pic? Now I can really see how big Zahara has gotten…

Natasha on

Maya I’m not gonna argue about this because I do see your point of view, and I used to believe it, but haven’t you seen the recent pics of Shiloh out with the family?

I think its good when one kid stays home only because you know they’re getting that one-on-one time with the parent they’re with.

dvr on

My one-year-old was still napping two times a day, so it isn’t unreasonable to think that it would be difficult to time an outing for all four.

PSB on


I don’t bring my one year old out in the middle of the day because of his nap schedule. Maybe they are being considerate parents and allowing Shiloh to nap when she needs to instead of dragging her out just because the others want to go somewhere. It’s a tricky thing when you have children of different ages, because the older ones don’t want to hang out at home waiting for the younger one and the younger ones get cranky when they are up too long. That’s why having two parents around is so good – Angie gets to have the fun parent job this day, while Brad or the nanny stays at home.

Also, regarding the blob comment – I really think that Angelina may have been overcompensating with her initial statements, because she probably knew Shiloh would get way more attention from fans, since she’s their biological child. She probably wanted to downplay things, so her adopted children would not feel as though she favored Shiloh more. Again, it’s such a delicate situation, Angie is bound to say some things that come off strangely to some. It’s so hard to tell how a person really feels, though Angie looks very loving with Shiloh to me.

FC on

Pax and Mad kill me in the star shades. Too cute!

LMAO at Z in that third photo. She’s obviously looking at the photog snapping her photo, like, “Dude, you snapping photos of us…AGAIN? Take a break!”

That guy with them at the stand for the carousel ride must be a bodyguard–new one to me, too. I remember seeing him around when she was out and about with only Maddox one time. I think when she was in Chicago still, maybe Paris–can’t really recall. But, that second shot with the partial of Z shows her obviously being carried by him, I’m assuming. I figured someone else was on hand, tagging along with her and the children, keeping tabs on their safety.

Though, I have to say regardless of the guy there with them, the kids seemed to be so well-behaved out in public, sticking close to their mom–which is a plus, considering how hectic it could be if one was here, the other was off somewhere else, another was somewhere else. Keeping track of them if they were like that out in public would be hell.

But, besides that, looks like more family fun to me. And those popsicles and ice cream bars the kiddies have look pretty good. I want one. 😉

preesi on

Watch the video!
Angie, Pax and Mad are riding the Carousel and the Bodyguard is holding Zee and waving to them!
Angies voice is so cute.

Maya on

Granted I don’t have 4 children (nor do I have any nannies) – just one, but I could never imagine leaving her home alone to nap. On weekends and holidays she loves going out and being with my husband and me and when she gets sleepy we always has the stroller.

Susan on

My first time seeing Zahara on her own two feet! Woohoo!

Annoynomus on

PSB- ITA! In fact, in a recent article about how the Jolie-Pitts manage traveling so much with four young kids, it was mentioned that Shiloh has a “must-do afternoon nap”. I am guessing that she was probably taking that nap when Angie was out with the other three kids.
Oh, and it’s pretty obvious that Angie loves Shiloh as much as the other kids. Plenty of evidence of that is in several of the most recent pics of the Jolie-Pitts, as well as a video from when they were either leaving France or landing in Chicago recently (I forget which). Also, don’t forget that Angie called Shiloh “a little honey” in a recent interview.

Kaley on

All of the kids are so adorable, its nice to see them enjoy “normal” family activities. But I do wonder where Shiloh is when Angie takes all of the kids out but her. I remember her taking Zahara almost everywhere when she was just a baby. Maybe its because Shiloh receives more attention from the press (for being Brad and Angie’s biological child) and Angelina wants to shield, but maybe not.

PSB- I totally agree with what you said about Angelina overcompensating in earlier interviews. The blob comment doesn’t really bother me because a.) she wasn’t the one to come up with that word in that interview and(b). newborn babies don’t really do much but eat, sleep, cry, and poop. But when she said “I have less inclination to feel for her” over all her adopted kids, I really question the wording of that statement.

nicksmomma on

Maya…I totally agree with all of your comments. I, too, wonder why Shiloh seems to be left out at times, but, I am sure there is a reason.
Thanks for speaking your mind, even if it was different than the rest of the group..I wish more people were like that.

emay on

Some of these comments crack me up. First Angie didn’t love Shiloh as much because she didn’t bring her out much when she was an infant. Then we were seeing more family pics with all the kids and all that talk quieted down. Now she’s out for one afternoon with the older kids and all of a sudden Shiloh is home all alone and Angie doesn’t love her? Come on… just because she doesn’t wear Shi swaddled in a sling 24/7 doesn’t mean she loves her any less than the other kids. Maybe Brad wanted Shiloh to stay home with him? Maybe like someone said, it was nap time for her and they wanted a quick outing for the older ones? Who knows and why should we over-analyze everything when it comes to the Jolie-Pitts? Do all of you take ALL your kids everywhere every time you go out? Angie seems like such a loving, caring mother. Why do you think she would love these 3 but wouldn’t feel the same love for Shiloh? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

kemp on

zahara is so tall! i just took my daughter for a carousel ride & ice cream today. i feel so angelina-like! 🙂

emma on

pleased to see angie in flats 🙂

katie on

Okay, just because Shiloh isn’t there it does not mean she is less loved. I have four children 9, 7, 5, 2 and honestly there are many times we do things with 2 or 3 of the children so that one gets one on one time or the little one gets to nap. The two year old has a 2.5 hour nap in the afternoon, I use that time to do things with the older ones. Many parents of large families do this!!! Unless you have lots of kids you may not understand this!

This is a wonderful family. Ange seems so normal and loving and I love how we see Brad and Ange out with 2, 3 or even 4 children without nannies. They are a wonderful family!

Romie on

Is it just me or do people only complain when Shiloh is left at home? I don’t hear any complaints when any of the others are left out.

Andrea on

Dear Maya

Neither you nor I having to include in your plans to be followed by paparazzi.
Could you sleep as a child in your stroller with paparazzi around yourself? As a child I could not sleep under these conditions in my stroller.

Jane on

There are far more photographs of Brad and Maddox together without the rest of the family than there are of Brad with any of the other kids. Does that mean that Maddox is Brad’s favourite and he doesn’t have any time for the others? Of course not. I’m inclined to agree with the afternoon nap theory. Plus, when Angelina is seen with Shiloh the paparazzi and the public go crazy. Shiloh is probably too young to understand and gets scared and upset, whereas the others are older and more able to deal with it.

sarah on

Maya, just because you can’t imagine something doesn’t mean it’s not right. From the responses, it’s common for parents with different aged children, to leave one and hang out with the others, so it’s not just angie. So if that’s the criteria by which you doubt her parenting skills, then I guess all of the ladies who commented here are also suspect in their parenting skills

SJ on

To the editor.

Angelina took nothing out of context regarding the blob comment. She did go on record to say “I’m inclined to feel more for my other kids.”

Sarah’s note: I don’t know what you mean. I feel that people did take the blob comment out of context, and it caused a huge fight on the site. The interviewer suggested ‘blob’ and she agreed. This is the full quote:

‘I think I feel so much more for Madd and Zee because they’re survivors, they came through so much. Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born. I have less inclination to feel for her…I met my other kids when they were 6 months old, they came with a personality. A newborn really is this…Yes, a blob! But now she’s starting to have a personality…I’m conscious that I have to make sure I don’t ignore her needs, just because I think the others are more vulnerable.’

I’d appreciate it if we could get back on topic regarding the posted photos…The questioning of motives/comments/parenting always seems heightened in comments for posts on this family, which is why we usually try to avoid posting them. Thanks.

Adore1a on

As usual the arm chair mothers who think they know everything is out in force. No Shiloh so they have to be on patrol.

I notice how the blob comment which wasn’t even her’s comes up a lot. Gwen S and Dayna Devin or what ever her name is ACTUALLY called their babies blob BUT nary a word is uttered about this. Angie has called Shiloh a LITTLE HONEY who is FULL OF LOVE AND LIGHT but conveniently this isn’t repeated.

Has on

I LOVE this family and how connected they all seem, so wonderful.

I’d just like to point out something regarding the “feel for them” quote. In Spanish, to be sorry is “lo siento” or in literal translation, “I feel it.” In essence she was saying she is more sympathetic to the children, not that she loves any of them more or less.

Everyone on this website needs to stop taking everything so literally in our limited language and open up your minds.

coral on

I love this family. Angie and Brad seem to be so down to earth and clearly great parents.

I just can’t understand the judgements on them. No one ever protests when Heidi Klum is seen out with only one or two of her children. Or any other celebrity..just Angelina!

I guess I must be a bad parent since I often took my two boys out while my 18 month old daughter napped this summer. My boys get too loud and my daughter is cranky if she doesnt get her nap.

And enough with the blob talk please. Angie was talking about how wonderful it was that Shiloh’s personality was coming out so much since she was getting older(i think it was when she was about 9 months old.) And when she was trying to describe how different a newborn was compared to an older infant, the interviewer threw out the word blob. Angie laughed and agreed because 1- she knew the interviewer wasnt trying to insult her child and 2-it was fairly accurate being as newborns dont do a lot other than sleep, eat, and poop.

For this she gets so much criticism! So unfair when other celebs such as Gwen STefani and Dayna Devon actually thought up the word themselves and used it to describe their newborn children AND NO ONE COMPLAINED!.

Bel on

I adore this family too.
And I have three kids, who are 10 months, 2.5 and 4.5. I or my husband frequently take different combinations of the kids out and leave one or two at home, either with one of us or our parents. With small kids you are spread so thinly, and it’s important to meet all of their individual needs. Also, for the one ‘left at home’ it’s valuable one-on-one time.

lia on

What adorable children, Angie looks so happy with her kids. She also seems to have gained some weight..her arms look very toned. She looks beautiful.

By the way, I just took my oldest child with me to the mall and left my youngest with my hubby. My little boy was feeling cranky and would not have enjoyed the trip.

I guess that makes me a bad mom to some.

penny on

Im so glad Im not a celebrity. I would hate to be judged by people who don’t know me, just because I don’t always go out with all my kids.(I have 3 and occasionally leave one or two behind for various reasons)

But, now that I think of it, it is ONLY Angelina Jolie who gets this criticism. No other celeb that I can recall.

Of course Angelina loves ALL her children. Are you forgetting her describing Shiloh recently, as a little honey, full of light and love? Or how she said that shiloh reminded her of herself?

ira on

Oy Vey!

When Zahara was little, we saw lots of pics with just Maddox(maybe not on this blog..I hadnt found this blog at that time) people kept complaining we never saw Z. Now it is Shiloh..will it ever end? We just saw Shiloh and her family on a boat trip!

How many pics of kelly Ripa have we seen with only one or two of her children? Same with Apple Martin..I rarely see her brother Moses.

When was the last time we saw Tom cruise’s older children?

Shiloh turns 15 months old tomorrow,Im sure as she gets older we will see more of her.

bosley on

Actually, Angie stated in one of her interviews that Shiloh likes to take mid-afternoon naps. Since Brad is probably with her, why would Angie awake her up in order to take her to Central Park. She cannot ride anything anyway, You’d rather have Angie drag a sleeping baby so she can be perceived as being a good mom to Shiloh? What would some say, then? They will likely say Angie is so PR driven that she is carrying poor sleeping Shiloh around to be photographed. She can’t win.

Natasha on

Ira about Tom Cruise’s other children, I don’t want start anything but I totally agree we never see them, yet when Tom & Katie are out with suri, they are the “Cruise family”.(No offense CBB) Heck no they aren’t the whole family, they’re missing 2 important members.

J.M. on

I love that kids are not all in black like usual (as well as Angie) and that Mad and Pax seem to be dressed alike, so cute! I wonder if they like to do that now. Angie and the kids look happy. Zahara is going to be a beauty when she is bigger! And I love how down to earth and normal they are eating spongebob and spiderman popsicles and riding carousals!

Fynn on

When Angie had only one child, like Maya, for example, she seemed to take him everywhere too. But now Angie has the needs of FOUR young children to accommodate. It seems perfectly reasonable that at times the littlest stays home.

Also, some babies and toddlers like to go out and can nap easily in strollers, etc. Others (like one of mine) are crabby unless they can nap right on time and in a crib. We took our first everywhere too. But now that we have more, we definitely do not take them all out at once every time. It’s hard work!

conehead on

I love seeing pictures of Angelina (&/or Brad) with the kids because they always look like they are having fun and are obviously loved very much. On the other hand I hate seeing these same pictures because they always come with hateful comments about Angelina and Brad’s parenting skills. The kids obviously get lots of attention & love and are not malnurished in any way, so why can’t people just accept that Angelina and Brad are good parents?

ht on

I’m sorry but some of the comments about Angie loving Shi less than her adoptive children is such an old argument but nonetheless rediculous and exasperating.

Are the photos in these links below not enough evidence of Angie’s love for Shi? I know this will fall on deaf ears but please give it a rest already.

Sabina on

Um, to all the readers who were rather unkind to me regarding my comment- taryn in particular, there’s really no need to be so rude in your disagreements with me. Fair enough, you don’t think the kids look like Brad and Angie, I do, it’s not the end of the world. 🙂 And I wasn’t attempting to ‘reach’, or to ‘forget the birth parents exist’ at all, why on Earth would I want to do that? I was simply talking pleasantly about similarities between the family that I had observed.

Tessa on

OH MY GOODNESS! The picture of Angelina holding Zahara is completely horrifying! Those veins in her arm are so scary looking!

Natasha on

Sorry Sabrina I didn’t mean to seem unkind. I realize now that what I said could easily be misinterpreted to be rude. I should’ve said that it’s great that you see a resemblance. 🙂

Annoyomus on

Romie- It’s not just you. I have noticed that as well! Also, I was actually surprised that, when the photos of Angie taking Maddox to Borders were posted, no one said a word about Shiloh and the other children not being with them!
Also, about a month or so ago, there were pictures of the Jolie-Pitts leaving France and arriving in Chicago. In the ones of them leaving France, only Z and Shi were pictured. However, nobody said, “Where are Pax and Maddox?”
In the ones of the family arriving in Chicago, only Maddox, Z, and Shi were pictured. Nobody said, “Where’s Pax?”
I just don’t get it!

ana on

Hey anonymous, according to some people only the biological child matters. They don’t care about the adopted children. So of course they’re going to bitch and complain about Angie’s love towards her kids whom she repeated stated that she loves all equally.

Maya on

This is just so ridiculous. We live in America and people allowed voice their views. Nobody was saying that Angelina and Brad are “bad parents”, we were just pointing out that Shiloh has been conspicuously missing in their last few family shots. Why are people taking this so personally? Angelina and Brad are no angels – they came together under what some people might not consider the most ethical of circumstances. Mind you that the fascination with Angelina and her adoptive children grew exponentially only after she and Brad became a couple. Now I’m surely not one to judge, but I certainly am intrigued. Sarah – now I totally understand your reservations about posting comments on this family, or for that matter posting any comments that voice one’s opinions. Geez!

ht on


Of course you can voice your opinions…it is America afterall just as you stated. However keep in mind that the right also extends to others as well, whether they agree or disagree with your opinions.


Hey Maya,
Call the Child Protection Service. Tell them to take away Shiloh, and give her to you. If you think Angie is abusing her, call them. Let’s waste the taxpayers money. FYI Chris O’Donnell wife is expecting their fifth child. I know that must really upset you do you think Chris takes all his kids to the grocery store with him. You one crazy racist B.

Amanda on

Maya, just curious, I’m not trying to pick a fight but….

Whay are you ‘intrigued’ as to why Shiloh was missing during this particular excursion.

What was so ‘un-ethical’ about how Brad and Angie came together?

Maya on

Amanda- even though it happens a lot, some people might still consider adultery “un-ethical”. Brad and Angelina did become a couple while Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston (unbeknownst to Jennifer). Angelina knew that (and I’m pretty sure Brad knew that as well 😉 )
As far as being “intrigued” – that was in reference to “Brangelina”, not Shiloh’s absences.

Amanda on


I didn’t realise it was adultery when the couple in question were seperated and divorce papers were filed. *shrug*

And if we follow your view on adultery, you do realise that Jen Aniston is also guilty of it as well? She was sleeping with Vince Vaughan by the summer of 05, just 2 months after we first saw Brad and Angie together.

Gorgeous pictures though! 😉

PSB on

Not to harp on the adultery thing, but didn’t Jennifer herself say that Brad didn’t physically cheat on her until after they separated? Obviously he had feelings for Angie, but if what Jennifer says is true, Brad did try to honor his vows in some way—though he clearly left Jennifer for Angelina. Just saying, we all have no idea what transpired when – the only thing that is sure is that Brad/Angie got the hots for each other during the filming of their movie. Not condoning adultery, but we have no idea if this marriage was on it’s last legs or not before he met Angie.

Annoyomus on

PSB- Actually, we do know. Jen herself stated that the marriage was “dead in the water” by the end of 2004. Also, it’s fairly obviously that Brad did NOT leave her for Angie. Remember, he and Jen broke up BEFORE Angelina was ever in the picture. No, the weren’t legally divorced when Brad met Angie, but they were seperated and Jen had filed for divorce in the spring of 2005 (I think, anyway. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong). Considering Brad and Angie didn’t get together until the SUMMER of 2005, I highly doubt Angelina was the reason for the split. And why do people always forget that Jen was sleeping with Vince long before the ink was dry on the divorce papers??????

Anyway, that’s getting way off topic here, and I don’t want to see the comments to this post closed because of that!

So, to get at least somewhat back on topic….Not to be mean, but I think Ana hit the nail on the head. I don’t neccesarily agree that people “don’t care” about Mad, Z, and Pax, BUT I do think that, to some people at least, Shi seems more important somehow because she is Angie and Brad’s biological child. Mind you, I’m not just talking about the people here on CBB (and by that I mean us commenters, not the staff!). I get the feeling that the reason why, when the tabloids are constantly reporting that Brad and Angie are breaking up they make sure to include something like: “Will Brad get Shiloh?” or “Brad’s leaving Angie…and taking Shiloh!” is because, unfourtantely, people are more interested in Shi than the other kids.

Lessa on

Was anyone else disturbed by that video of Angelina and her kids? I guess I never really thought about how horrible it must to be followed everywhere by the paparazzi. All the flashbulbs, noise and people staring at you. It must be a hard life for the kids. It’s too bad that the paparazzi don’t keep their distance.