Jennifer Garner sick of pregnancy speculation, says 'Ben's ready' for her time away

08/25/2007 at 08:17 AM ET

Benaffleck51696_cbbJennifer Garner, 35, is just as sick of the pregnancy rumors and speculation as many CBB readers have expressed themselves to be. During an interview yesterday with the Boston Globe for promotion of her new film, The Kingdom, an exasperated Jen said,

Do I look pregnant? Is it just because I don’t havethe flattest stomach in the world that people keep asking?

The ‘absolutely not pregnant‘ actress would appreciate an end to the belly watch, as she and husband Ben Affleck are not planning to add to their family anytime soon — ‘I’m going to work for awhile.

Next week, the work begins with a trip to Japan to start major promotion on The Kingdom — the first time Jennifer has been away from daughter Violet for more than one night since her birth (the first time was this spring, when she flew to NYC for Catch and Release promo and flew back to LA the next day).

However, Jennifer’s not worried about Ben, 35, who will be caring for 20-month-old Violet — ‘he’s ready,’ she says. Jen also confesses that it doesn’t hurt that he will have the assistance of a nanny on the weekdays — the nights and weekend are all on Ben though.

After the Japan sojourn, the Garner-Afflecks will be relocating to New York as Jennifer is set to begin rehearsals for her Broadway debut in Cyrano de Bergerac — which will run November 1st through December 23rd — and Ben begins press for his directional debut, Gone Baby Gone, which premieres in Boston on October 15th.

Source: Boston Globe’s ‘Names’


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Elizabeth on

Go Jen! I admire the fact that she knows she does not have the flattest stomach after having a baby and does not seem to care. How hurtful it must be for her to have to deny pregnancy rumors constantly.

Hopefully she will be able to do her promos and get back to her family soon. Maybe next time, Ben and adorable Violet would like to join her on some of her travels!

Nausicaa on

This reminds me of a website I saw once that had a picture of Angelina Jolie on the set of a movie, talking on a cell phone and touching her belly. The headline said, “Is she pregnant again?” Did they ever think she might just have an itch? God forbid she touch her belly and give off a false alarm!

brookefan on

Good for Jen. Hard to imagine her separated from Violet. Poor Violet!! (Only because her mom is such a fun playmate for her). But, lucky Violet to have some one on one with Dad.

Grace on

ha,I always knew that she isn´t pregnant and that they don´t want to have another baby soon!and I also said that they have nannies and so it is!I´m good,though 😉

Megan on

I absolutely adore Jennifer…and I couldn’t agree with her more–her frustration is well founded–it must be so tiring to constantly read about how you look pregnant…I mean talk about insulting–she’s a real woman like the rest of us–she doesn’t have a baby and then a day later she’s back into her size 0 jeans…and I just completely admire her for that…

I love her little Ben “is ready.” how cute is that–and how much do we love some daddy/Violet time? I mean that is too cute…some bonding time…that’s adorable…and when they decide to add to their family–it will be when the time is right for THEM and hopefully this will stop all the RUDE comments about Jen being pregnant every other second because she doesn’t happen to wear skin tight clothes or god forbid have a the tiniest tummy (while still leaving us all jealous).

This is why i love her…she’s just REAL and normal and someone we can all completely relate to–a wife, working mother, and she just happpens to be an actress…LOVE Jen–and i adore the Garner-Afflecks–Violet is one lucky little girl!

Natasha on

Go Jen! I totally agree with her, she’s comfortable with herself and people can’t accept it.

nicki on

you go girl i am sick and tired of people baby watching me and my husband i am now 25 and hubby is 29 and since we were 18 and 22 that is all we got and i have not got them flattest stomach based on a liver condition which puts fluid on my stomach which made me look like i was pregnant because i am so small.

It really hurt each time people say ooh you finally did it or if i said i am not pregnant they come back with how come it has not happened and then proceed to ask about are love life and offering tips to the point where i have to tell them i can not have a baby because i have been told to not even try.
Why can’t people keep there nose out of people’s lives till they want to tell people themselves.

gabriella on

Jen has a very toned fit body, I have no idea why people always think she is pregnant. I guess because she wears loose shirts, and that makes people think you have a baby bump already. When she was on vacation you can see her stomach was not only flat but toned. Anyway love her, and love her family. Looks like she won’t be having anther baby for a bit,but I think maybe in next 2 yrs she will

Campbell on

She has a very tiny stomach and is extremely fit!! I don’t get that anyone could ever say she looks even remotely pregnant. The standards are just ridiculously high. If she’s not got a flat and fit stomach, then I must look like a doggone beached whale!! AND, it does hurt her, because she DOES NOT look pregnant and yet the rumors!!! AAAHHHHHH!!! Enough to drive a less “together” woman to anorexia/bulemia. I adore the Affleck family.

katie on

i think she looks great i mean after my momma had me it took her forever to lose her babt fat go jen u look great

Violet's Auntie on

Jen has to take advantage of the age bracket for actresses that she’s in. Roles kind of evaporate for women who become in their late 40’s. Am also glad that she’s diversifying herself and getting into a play.

Violet is such a cutie too. Great family.

FC on

Always did think it was just a lot of speculation. She never looked pregnant to me, and I even said those shots of her Hawaii should’ve quieted the rumors down, seeing as how she was looking ripped in the two piece. And still, people talked. I doubt it’ll ever stop, no matter how many times she answers the rumors.

She has every right to be frustrated, mad. I don’t blame her.

But I only really wanted to say that I love the picture included with this piece. Violet is too cute. Her mom kisses her and she’s just has that face that says, “Oh, Mom! Not now, please.” Too cute and funny!

Liz on

Okay … she totally DOES have a flat stomach. LOL. That’s why I haven’t understood a lot of the speculation. It has to be her shirts because the girl has a six-pack. Haha. 😉

Desiree on

Yay for her for saying something! She doesnt look pregnant at all anyways. Did the people speculating that she was pregnant see her in a bikini in Hawaii recently? She looks dang good!

MsCarla on

I find it bothersome too, pregnancy rumors regarding anyone, not just Jennifer. I always cringe when I see posts like that cause I find it extremely rude! One should wait until the woman herself says she is pregnant or ’til it’s absolutely obvious like with Isla Fischer. I can’t think of a more hurtful question than to ask a woman how far along she is when she is not even pregnant! Ouch!