Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott share photos of son

08/24/2007 at 09:50 PM ET

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have posted pictures of their five-month-old son, Liam Aaron McDermott, on their official MySpace page for their reality show, Tori & Dean: Inn Love.

Source: Tori and Dean Inn Love My Space page

Thanks to CBB reader Ang.

Click below for an additional photo.

Ptru13091844dtLiam plays in his Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper ($80).

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Leigh on

Oh wow, he looks so much like Aaron in that first picture!

Zoe on

Cute little guy!

His car seat straps are too high and too loose though. Looks like they have a Stokke Xplory in the background too, I love that stroller and miss ours on a daily basis!

MommyX1 on

Dear lord I hope that’s not how he’s buckled in when they drive. That chest clip is wayyyy too low, and the straps are too loose. I just never can understand what is so hard about buckling your child in properly. Carseats aren’t rocket science.

MommyX1 on

Also wanted to add that he is still rear-facing at his age, therefore the harness should be at or just below his shoulders. Not like 2 inches above! Seriously, do people not read their carseat manuals?

gabriella on

He looks like his grandpa Aaron and the spelling family.

Noodle on

Wow! He is all boy! I love the bald look and I just want to pinch those cheeks… what a sweetie.

Lorus on

He is a cutie!

I have to agree with the others though. Car seats come with manuals clearly stating the way they are supposed to be used. Why do so many people disregard them?

Elizabeth on

Calm down, people. I have a feeling that Liam probably is strapped in properly to his car seat. This picture looks as if he has just arrived home and was about to be taken out of his carseat, and maybe he was in the process of being un-strapped. He probably started being goofy and smiling, and they could not resist immediately grabbing the camera and snapping photos. I would hope that his parents have educated themselves on the proper use of his carseat.

And can Liam’s dad at least smile in some of his pictures? It creeps me out for some odd reason.

tink1217 on

he looks so much like Dean!!! Adorable baby!!!! Has anyone heard rumors of Tori expecting again?? My daughter said she heard something recently.

And, why does everyone have to always pick apart the dang car seat issue??? The baby is at home for goodness sake!I could see saying something if they were photographed in the car and his straps were loose. If the straps were any lower I would think it would be uncomfortable for his shoulders! BUT, I haven’t used a car seat in ages so I am not up on the newer models. It does look like they are at home though so who cares! As long as he is properly restrained in the car!

Liam is one of the cutest celeb babies around!!

MommyX1 on

Even if that were true, and the straps and chest clip were being used properly, the harness is still being used completely wrong, and that’s not something that can just be easily adjusted and loosened. The straps have to be taken out and threaded back through the slots, it’s really quite a big adjustment and takes time. No one would be doing that with their child on a regular basis, and it would make no sense to be either.

preesi on

That kid has huge hands for a baby!

Natalie on

How come we never see Dean with his other kid’s??

Sarah’s note: There were paparazzi shots with Dean and Jack in March and again earlier this summer.

Christine on

He is so adorable! I agree about the car seat pic– I just emailed them through their myspace page and I pray they take a minute to read it and fix the straps. I can never understand what part of “at or below the shoulders” parents don’t understand for rearfacing seats. :shrug:

Natasha on

Natalie maybe his ex isn’t as famous? I had never even heard of him until I heard the news that Tori was having his child…

Even now he’s not that photographed by paparazzi (compared to some kids)

Annoyomus on

Natalie- Actually, the only other kid he would be seen with is Jack. I read somewhere that he gave up all the rights to his other kid (the daughter he and his ex-wife adopted).

nicksmomma on

In the pics that were out a couple weeks ago, I really thought Liam looked like Dean, but not now. That little guy looks SO much like Aaron Spelling it isn’t even funny! And I LOVE his little bald head. My son didn’t have ANY hair at all until he was 2 1/2 except for a tiny bit of fuzz on top of his was SO cute!

karen on

i love that they call him li-li. he’s darling!

Campbell on

Billy Bod Thorton gave up his rights to Maddux when he and AJ split (to the best of my recollection.

tink1217 on

can somebody answer once and for all…did Dean actually adopt the girl that his ex wife wanted to? Or did the ex adopt her on her own? I had heard that this was one reason for their marriage break up. That Dean didn’t want to adopt and the wife did. I am just asking, as I see so many people seem to dislike Dean because of it all.

Megan on

Dean McDermott’s ex-wife is a bit of a Canadian celebrity there for she is more well know here then she is in the U.S.

Natasha on

tink1217 I’m actually not sure but its so unfair to him that people hate him for it. I’m SURE he had a good reason, not just “I don’t want to adopt her”

Lisa on

It never fails. People will always criticize and be negative no matter the situation. Dean and Tori share photos with the world and of course people have to nit pick. Liam is adorable. Th big smile on his face in the first pic says it all. He’s a very happy and well take care of lil man!!! Oh, I just want to give him smoochies. Very sweet!!! Congrats again Dean and Tori!!!!

ang on

thankyou natasha!!!!!! finally someone with some commonsense. anyone who knows anything about dean knows he is about as far from a jerk as u can possibly get without being gay. I once read an old interview with Dean online from about 5yrs ago and he said:

“….Jack(his older son, 9 in October), he’s great, he makes me laugh all the time. He went swimming for the first time by himself the other day. He’s so amazing.”

and of some q’s in the interview:

10) Whom do you most admire?
“My son. He’s funny, smart, handsome, charming and he’s not even four yet.”

i also just heard a lovely Australian radio interview via phone with tori & dean and the DJs spoke very highly óf both of them. Inn Love starts in Australia sept 13 on Arena.

Lauren on

What kind of carseat is that? I have seen it in pictures before and have no idea what it is!