Nicole Richie serves her time in jail yesterday

08/24/2007 at 01:35 AM ET

Nicole_richie_145025_2Pregnant reality star Nicole Richie, 25, served her time in jail yesterday. Nicole, who is expecting her first child in January with rocker boyfriend, Joel Madden, 28, served just 82 minutes in jail before being released. A statement from the jail said that Richie was "cooperative during the process." They also said that in cases where the offenders are female, non-violent and sentenced to less than 30 days, they are booked and released within 12 hours due to overcrowding in the jails.

Source: The Insider Online

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Aleah on

Wow! That was quick! Anyway, that’s probably better for her and her baby. It always breaks my heart to see pregnant women in jail, regardless why they’ve been sentenced.

Autumn on

I agree that it is sad seeing pregnant women in jail, but still 82 MINUTES? The guided tours at Alcatraz are probably longer than that! Sheesh!

My dad thinks that all of these celeb girls (Paris, Nicole, Lindsey) should pay their dues for their crimes, like anyone else in their positions would. He thinks that their ‘sentences’ are mere slaps on the wrist, especally compared to Martha Stewart’s 6 month prison term, which just happened to fall right over the Holidays!

sarawara on

I am too angry to write anything polite.

Nicole on

That’s just not right. Do any of you really think she’s learned her lesson by not even setting foot in a cell? Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean she couldn’t have at least gotten the Paris treatment of a solitary cell for her 4 days.

Anonymous on

Wow, it’s “nice” to know that females get special treatment and that there really aren’t any consequences for one’s actions anymore. I studied criminal justice in college, and the state of our CJ system in America ticks me off! It’s pathetic… just look at this case. And we wonder why deterrence doesn’t work.

Jen on

I agree that I do feel sorry for a pregnant woman in jail but 82 minutes is just ridiculous. If it had been any other person (non-celeb) then they would be in jail for a much longer time. I am sure there are people in that very same facility who did a similar crime that have been there months. It’s a proven fact that celebrities get powder puff treatment when it comes to breaking the law.

Lynn on

She could have killed someone by what she did. Driving on the wrong side of the freeway while on drugs is dangerous and insane. I couldn’t care less if she was pregnant, she needs to face consequences that will actually teach her a lesson.

amanda on

i am dissapointed to hear that there is sexual discrimination in our judicial system..female or not, pregnant or not, celebrity or not…a crime is a crime! paris gets 4 days, nicole 82 minutes…something tells me lindsey is gonna get a slap on her wrist.

Andria on

Obviously 82 minutes is not much of a punishment, but those that are calling this “special treatment” because of her celebrity status are misunderstanding how typical this is of the California criminal justice system. Because of serious overcrowding issues, this is the standard procedure for non-violent offenders sentenced to less than 30 days in. My sister has lived in LA for about 4 years now and has seen this happen to a couple of her female co-workers (she waitresses, and seems to work with a lot of not-so-responsible people where drinking and driving is concerned). In both cases the girls were in jail for less than 2 hours. They were literally booked and released, just like Richie. I should mention neither of these girls are wealthy or connected in any way (they waitress at a crappy sports bar, so clearly…), and both have at least as colorful a past as Richie. I’m not making a statement one way or another about the justness of the practice, but it is nothing remotely unique to her celebrity status. It is totally standard procedure.

gabriella on

That was quick and nothing, but no surprise there lol. No wonder nicole kept saying she is ready for her punishment, what punishment lol. Anyway I do like her, and looking forward to seeing her baby.

amanda on

how can drunk driving be considered a non-violent offense? it could have very easily lead to someone being hurt or killed…people who drink and drive are selfish and reckless!

J.M. on

If the jails are so crowded in California they should start building more prisons or start shipping these criminals to other facilities!

ugh, justice at it’s best *rolls eyes*

These girls aren’t learning anything (although I think out of all of them Nicole will) but they certainly aren’t teaching other children great values.

Annoyomus on

Like Andria mentioned, Nicole’s celebrity status has NOTHING to do with why she only was in jail for two hours. It is due to serious overcrowding issues, and ALL non-violent female offenders (and Nicole techincally IS a non-violent offender, since she didn’t actually hurt anyone), whether they are celebs are not, are given the two hour treatment in California right now.

Also, there is no way that Nicole could have known when she was sentenced that she was actually only going to be in jail for two hours. At the time, they may not have been experiencing that much over crowding.

Anyway, I am a bit surprised that people are reacting so negatively to the fact that Nicole only got two hours. She has clearly stated that she takes full responsibilty for her actions, and that she could have killed for someone. She even apologized for her DUI, something I haven’t seen, say, Paris Hilton do. Also, from what she has said, it really DOES sound like she has learned something and that she fully intends to clean up her act for the sake of her baby.

Like Aleah, it breaks my heart to see pregnant women in jail.

Oh, and as for Lindsey Lohan (some commentors have mentioned that she will probably just “get a slap on the wrist”)….An article was recently posted on People Magazine’s website about Lindsey….and in it she actually admitts that she’s addicted to alchohol in drugs, realizes she could have hurt someone when she was DUI, stated that she would like medical help to get over her addiction, and is sorry for what she did. After hearing that, I truly believe that she, like Nicole, is going to at least make an effort to shape up.

Has on

J.M. they have been spending money on more room in prisons-Money that is taken away from the educational system that will PREVENT crime. If we spent as much on our children as we do on our prisons, it would be a MUCH better place!

It has been projected that over the next five years, the state’s budget for locking up people will rise by 9 percent annually, compared with its spending on higher education, which will rise only by 5 percent. By the 2012-2013 fiscal year, $15.4 billion will be spent on incarcerating Californians, as compared with $15.3 billion spent on educating them

Has on

And yes, they know how much overcrowding is going on. My fiance was facing a year long jail sentence and his lawyer told him not to expect to spend more than 3 months in jail. Just the way it is in CA.

Also, I really don’t believe any of these girls are sincere. Their PR reps write give their statements, in order to represent them in the best possible light.

m on

it annoys me to read non-violent.

drunk driving should be considered violent.

Annoyomus on

Has- How do you know that their PR people write those statements for them? I’m not saying that isn’t true in some cases…But with Nicole at least, she actually said those things HERSELF on daytime T.V.!

I will admit that I am a little sceptical about Lindsey, and no way do I believe that Paris has learned much yet. However, Nicole really DOES seem sincere, and BOTH her words AND her actions recently have shown that she DOES want to and IS making an effort to clean up her act for her baby’s sake.

And M- I see your point, but I can also see why they don’t call drunk driving violent. I think they reserve the term “violent” for cases such as:

-Intentionally injuring someone
-Intentionally killing someone