Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller want a son

08/24/2007 at 11:19 PM ET
Charlie Sheen and his fiancée Brooke Mueller have boys on the brain. The actress turned real estate agent tells In Touch that she and Charlie are looking forward to starting a family together, preferably with a boy first.
We would like a boy, just because Charlie has three girls.
Charlie, 41, is dad to Cassandra, 23, with ex-girlfriend Paula Profitt, and to Sam, 3, and Lola, 2, with ex-wife Denise Richards. The actor proposed to Brooke, 30, last month, who appeared friendly with Denise after going on a cupcake run with her and Sam. But she now confesses,
We don’t have any sort of relationship anymore.
Source: In Touch, September 3 issue, pg 48


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gabriella on

Yea I’m sure now that denise and charlie are having major custody issues, brooke and denise are no longer friendly. As for charlie wanting a boy, that makes sense. I think most people will honestly say if they have 3 girls, they would love the next one to be a boy. You always would love to experience both sexes if your lucky enough.

sarah on

I think Denise may be jealous that Charlie proposed and that is why they have no relationship anymore,

Amelia on

This is not my favorite couple- I would feel very badly for their first child if it is a daughter. Even in the divorce precedings that were leaked out awhile back Denise mentioned that Charlie was angry when it was discovered that Lola was a girl not a boy.
As a mother of two girls it really bothers me when people just assume I wanted a boy the last time around or that I’m dying to try again for the “man child”.

Tracey on

Yep Charlie, have Brooke go out there and keep talking you up.

Im sorry but this whole ”engagement” and his treatment of Denise makes me feel physically sick,. Poor Denise It also makes my skin crawl to hear a comment like that, ”I want a boy because Charlie has three girls”. Sorry, but you should be DAMN blessed that you might be able to have children, let alone making statements like that to the press.

How anyone could doubt Denises statements is beyond me, look at what he’s got his ”fiancee” saying already. What happens if they have a girl then, and why is Brooke believing that it will be different for her?

Elizabeth on

Hope it does not get ugly again.

While I am not defending Brooke’s statements, at least she is being honest about wanting to have a boy. I am sure she and Charlie have talked about wanting a boy, but I am sure they would be just as thrilled to bring another beautiful girl into the family. I hope for the children’s sake, this does not turn into a huge mess.

maria on

Wow, easy gals. Saying you would like to have a boy does not mean you will not be happy to have a girl or don’t feel blessed!! Goodness… my mother wanted a girl since she first started trying and finally on the fourth try she got me. Does she love my brothers any less?? NOOOO. Is she not grateful for healthy children?? OF COURSE… It was just a comment taken way out of text… I guess all divorced men are doomed to never re-marry because what went down with the ex… lol… every relationship is different, in the end all you can do is try and if it doesn’t work out then at least you know you tried.

Tracey on

Hi Elizabeth,

just wanted to say, there’s being honest and then there is talking to the press. She’s an actress with a new movie about to break, the engagement looks and feels staged in my opinoin (maybe i’m wrong) and it strikes me as ODD that they announce their engagement and three weeks later launch a full scale attack on Denise in court, even though Charlie himself gave in last year and agreed to Denise’s conditions. Suddenly he has this ”fiancee” who realises just how convenient it is for her to be engaged to Charlie sheen, she gives him what he wants (the option of going to court and saying that he has a stable home life) and she gets her publicity (hence the above statements). He goes to court and makes himself look better int he public eye.

It’s disgraceful. This Brooke character has really got my back up, i’m sorry to say. I repeat, poor Denise. Her mother is in the last stages of chemotherapy, the cancer has spread to her brain, and Charlie couldnt care LESS, he would rather stage a huge big war just to get publicity. I feel so sick.

syd on

Now this is just my own personal opinion (so if you disagree with me, thats ok) – but I DO NOT TRUST CHARLIE at all. Something about him just doesn’t seem right.

Did anyone see his entertainment tonight interview? He basically invited the host to his house and spent the entire interview making mean comments about Denise. It just didn’t seem right and it makes me very skeptical about him as a person/father.

sarah on

since when is wanting a boy because someone has three girls a bad thing?? she is not the first woman in America to say this?? I have two girls and you better believe I always say I would like one more because I really want a boy.

tink1217 on

nicely said, maria!!!I wanted a girl the first time, and I got a girl. I wanted a boy the last time and got a boy, I was lucky because I always wanted at least one of each, but does that mean we would love either one less if it were the opposite sex??? OF COURSE NOT!!!! I have an ex sister in law who only wanted girls. She got twin boys her first pregnancy and 8 yrs later had another boy. With the twins when she found out they were boys she actually cried, but did she love them any less??? No, of course not. She was very happy when they were born! It was just a shock cuz she felt all along that she would just have a girl. Maybe because her aunt had all girls. Four of them! And her two best friends had girls. So, she just assumed it would be a girl for her too! The mind plays tricks sometimes! I hear lots of people say they want this or that and when it is the opposite of what they actually have…not once have I seen or heard them disappointed in the end. They are happy to have a healthy baby.

I don’t know what to make of Charlie and Brooke. I think she is in for a rude awakening with marrying Charlie. I do feel for Denise. I just hope Sam and Lola aren’t thrown in the middle. Whatever happens, I hope everyone is happy and at peace with each other in the end.

Ekaterina on

While I wish them the best in conceiving a son, because everyone should be able to experience having both, since Charlie has girls with two different women, it looks like genetically, he favors girls since its the man that decides the sex. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting one sex or the other as long as you are okay with getting one or the other instead. My only thought when I read her quote was what she wanted to have herself instead of what she wanted to give Charlie.

J.J on

I just think they should be only happy that their baby’s healthy, not if it’s a boy or a girl.

Amanda on

You could want a boy but if you are having your every word recorded by the press it is probably not a good idea to mention anything about it. If their first child is a girl (if they have one) imagine how she might feel looking back on this in a few years, better yet imagine how his current daughters might feel reading this someday. I have two daughters and wouldn’t trade it for the world, yes my husband would like a son when we have another but to be completely honest I would love another daughter (or two 😉 ), I’d be almost a little scared to have a son LOL

Natasha on

To be fair I think most people would want both. Yes of course you’d be fine either way, but I know pretty much anyone I’ve asked has said they want at least 1 boy and 1 girl. For different reasons. In Charlie’s case this doesn’t work but my Dad needed boys to carry on his last name or it would just stop at my family. Maybe Charlie has another reason.

I know the Beckhams wanted a girl and when they found out they were having another boy I read they were a bit disappointed but were still overjoyed and they don’t love Cruz any less. I think Charlie loves his 3 girls, but he wants a boy…whats the big deal?

preesi on

Okay I HOPE this gets posted.

How can anyone defend Denise?
Do you all forget what she did to her BEST FRIEND Heather Locklear?
She would be not be relevant if she didnt call the paps up and alert them EVERYTIME she takes the girls out (verified by Brooke) to look like a doting mommy!
Entertainment Tonight has seen Denises written request for Charlies Sperm “Donation”.
AND There have been long time rumours about Denise and Heidi Fleiss. GOOGLE that!

Yet people will continue to defend Denise OVER Charlie, whom I STILL dont get why she divorced him? I dont think she even knows…

melanie on

I bet that the relationship went downhill after Denise asked Charlie for the “donation” for another child. I did like Denise and I still think she seems like a good momma, but she seems to be missing something upstairs. It doesn’t even seem semi-normal to make such a request. Really. On so many levels. Anyway, I hear expecting parents say their preference for a child all the time. It doesn’t mean anything in the end. You’ll love any baby you’re blessed with. I’m expecting my 4th in March and we’d like a boy, so we’ll have 2 of each. But another girl? Beautiful.

meghan on

Thank you for providing some perspective, Maria. People are so quick to jump on things sometimes.

jen on

My husband and I have 4 girls and most people asked if we were trying for a boy. We hoped for a girl every time. We feel lucky. If I have a boy, we’ll love him too. Of course, we would be better prepared for a girl since I love to shop.

Lauren on

Preesi I am really upset by your comments. Really truly.

and I hope MY comment gets posted too, since what you have written is particularly vicious about Denise.

Her reasons for leaving Charlie couldn’t be clearer, read her declaration. THEY are her reasons.

Furthermore, you do NOT know the details of exactly what happened with Heather and it does not pertain to this discussion of what charlie’s fiancee has said to the press. I personally find her comment to be quite repugnant, all children are gifts and speaking to the media aobut such a thing is just so horrible.

Unless you have proof of your comments about Denise please do not post them as fact on this website. I only hope that the comment moderators see what you have written and realise what they have allowed through. I am really upset by what you have stated since there is no reason to slander Denise in my opinion, especially when there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

I hope Brooke realises that children are not commodities to be picked and chosen. I also hope Charlie learns to respect women more than he has in the past.

I am disappointed in the moderators of this website.

Sarah’s note: Tracey/Lauren (I’m not sure why you’re posting under two different names, so I’ll address you by both). I apologize if you’re disappointed. You’re obviously a personal friend/fan of Denise and have something against Brooke given the contents of your posts — which I had to edit quite heavily due to the name-calling and insults towards Brooke — so I understand that you may not want to see comments questioning Denise.

However, when we post comments like yours arguing for one half, there will be posters who want to discuss the other side of the issue, as Preesi has done. As long as there is no name-calling and insults between posters and towards celebs we allow for discussion. You are free to refute Preesi’s points if you wish to.

tink1217 on

I honestly think that whole “donation” thing was a rumor. I don’t believe it for one second. As for Denise and Heather and the whole Richie Sambora thing…Heather and Richie were over long before Denise and he got together. It wasn’t as if she stole him away from Heather. I think its a little tacky that they dated, but to each his own. Heather seems to have moved on just fine and isn’t letting any of it bother her and never did. As for why did Denise divorce Charlie??? There were allegations of abuse and his cheating and also drugs involved on Charlie’s part. Nobody knows but them and we shouldn’t really speculate. Denise seems to be a very good mother and that is what really matters.

preesi on

Tink? Charlie showed the Donation Request to Entertainment Tonight and it was verified, so it did indeed happen.
Watch Mark Steines say that he did indeed SEE the written request for a DONATION!

tink1217 on

preesi, no need to scream at me!! I hadn’t heard about showing the document to whomever he showed it to. I still don’t think it is any of our business. I like coming here to admire celebrity babies…not discuss very personal parts of their lives which I care nothing about or pick apart their parenting or car seat usage. I think things have gotten waaay out of hand around here again.

Sarah’s note: I agree. Discussion please, not arguing. Or this will be another one we have to close comments on. Thanks.

Campbell on

I just feel sorry for the CHILDREN. If the adults want to go at each other I just wish they’d do it in private. Showing donation requests, giving interviews, etc. on any side is lousy for the children. It seems like not in the all to distant past there was collective sigh of relief regarding these adults. Come on Charlie/Brooke/Denise… we are rooting for you all so those darling babes will have a loving childhood!

Has on

Goodness, such debate over these people!

I really don’t like any of them TBH. Just something about everyone in the situation bugs me.

The girls really are adorable, though, and I hope that every child any of them have can lead a normal life with everything that has come up/they have been put through.

And my mother ALWAYS said she wanted a boy, she had 3 girls and my first was a girl. She told me she would be extremely upset if I didn’t have a boy first. But my daughter came and she couldn’t love her more, and neither could I. (I personally wanted a girl first since my entire family is made up of girls. That and the clothes are cuter lol)

But I now have a son also. What bothers me is everyone always says to me, “Now you have your pair!” or “How wonderful, you have one of each!” I always have wanted one of each but I feel like saying, “And what if I had another girl? Would we not have a wonderful pair then?”

Annoyomus on

Regarding the donation- Why on Earth would Denise want to have another kid with Charlie (nothing against Charlie, mind you. I just don’t understand why Denise would have a desire to have another child with her ex)??????

Campbell on

I don’t know what others may think is the reason for the donation request but POSSIBLY it could be that she wants ALL her children to be biologically the same: 50% her 50% him. Also, I never heard WHEN this request was actually MADE (not reported) so that may be telling. I don’t know…. that’s the only logical reason I could figure.?.

Elizabeth on


Obviously, you are not a fan of Brooke’s. And I do not know any of these people personally, of course. However, you do not need to jump all over me and other people on this board who are merely commenting on the situation.

I have no idea (neither do you) what goes on behind closed doors in their home. I have no doubt, however, that Charlie and Denise as well as Brooke love and care for these girls very much, and my wish is they behave like adults for the sake of these children.

Of course, now we know that you are posting under two different names, so it is my assumption that you are here merely to stir things up.

AuntGoodAdvice on

I really hope that Brooke will opt out of this relationship and has children of whatever gender with someone other than Charlie. That will save her a lot disappointments later in life.

terri on


Heather and Denise were never best friends. They lived in the same neighborhhod and were celebrities. We saw them together, with other friends, a total of one time. I’m not getting into what transpired between them, but calling them best friends is more than a stretch.

I personally would live a house full of little girls, but wouldn’t love a son any less.