Jolie-Pitt family take on New York City

08/24/2007 at 03:41 PM ET

Actor Brad Pitt, 43, stopped by a hot dog stand in New York City with son Maddox Chivan, 6, on Friday.

Earlier in the day the familyAngelina Jolie, 32, Pax Thien, 3 1/2, and Zahara Marley, 2 1/2 — picked up some art supplies at Lee’s Art Shop. Baby Shiloh Nouvel, 15 months on Monday, was not with them.

While out yesterday in NYC, Brad approached the paparazzi and made a request:

Man, you guys work hard. You know, man, we’re going to have the kids out — we’re going to be here awhile. We’re going to have all the kids out so if you can get the word out — anything you guys can do long-lens would be much appreciated. You’re workin’ hard, you guys.

Today, he did need to ask them to back up once (see side photo), but remarked as they were getting in the car,

Much better with the kids, you guys are better.

Source: People; TMZ

Photos by Splash News,,

Stride_rite_paxPax wears Stride Rite SuperBall Z Strap in black/silver ($54).

101791_14Zahara is wearing Stride Rite Guppy stage 3 sandals in brown ($39).


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Ericka on

I love how he understands that they just have a job to do and instead of flying into a crazy frenzy he simply asked them to use longer lenses to be more respectful for the children.

I think he’s a great dad and those are great photographs

Nausicaa on

I can never get enough of this family! These children are GORGEOUS!!

sigh on

That was very nice of Brad. 🙂

melissa on

they are a gorgeous family. i was just at that store yesterday, a little bummed that i missed them by a day!

Campbell on

I remember AJ’s last interview on Larry King, he asked her something about would she tell the paps not to takes pics (or something along those lines… it was on this topic tho) and she said she would “never” do that. She believes very much in constitutional rights. So mature and level-headed. That photo of Z in her mother’s arms is the most beautiful pic I’ve ever seen of Z. Her face almost doesn’t look real it is so amazing beautiful. And at the risk of someone finding fault I must say I think she looks like an Ethiopian version of her mother. WOW! And look at Pax’s new little automotive toys… We always loved those things! (my “little” boy is now 22 years old *sigh*)

Lena on

Zahara has pretty skin, she looks like a little doll, very pretty picture of her

Chloe on

God, I love that. They’re such good role models to their kids. I reckon everyone could take something away from their humility and respectfulness.

I mean, if anyone has a reason to absolutely detest the parazzi, it’s this family, but they’re still not looking down on them as ‘scum’ or bottom feeders, but recognizing the fact that they’re people with families too. It’s like something out of a story. I guess that’s why people love this family so much, and follow them so avidly – we all want the next installment of the story every single week.

pink mango on

cute family 🙂
anyone know the style of angelina’s sunglasses ? i know they are d&g but what is the style no ? love them !!

Daisy Kay on

Zahara takes my breath away with her beauty! She looks more like her mother than her sister does. She looks like she will be tall and could make a top model one day.

IG on

Lee’s Art Shop is so great!…I sed to work 2 blocks from it and would often shop there during my lunch hour. The Jolie-Pitts always seem to stop there when they are in town. Unfortunately we never crossed paths 😉

Dawna on

Fantastic attitude by both Brad and Angelina toward the papparazzi. They’re real people doing their job, and you know what, if there were no papparazzi doing their job we would not be reading CBB and commenting on how cute the kids look, etc. Sort of puts it in perspective what the papparazzi does.

I think when one is a celebrity (whatever medium–sports, movies, music, etc.), one needs to accept and understand their lives will never be private. Yes, there are ugly incidents, but the way Brad approached the papparazzi in NYC was real classy and it worked, didn’t it? Anyway, if one wants privacy and not have a bunch of cameras following them then why be a celebrity in the first place?

FC on

Pax hit the toy jackpot there, and I love how he’s clutching it to himself. It’s just cute. Zahara and Angie are such a beautiful mother/daughter duo, and I do think she favors her mom, too. 🙂

I just love this family and seeing the photos, so yes, if the papz can be respectable and just keep their distance and use long-lens as Brad suggested, that’d be lovely. I do like seeing the photos, but if it’s done where the family is left pissed and in a foul mood because they were disrespected or had serious invasion of privacy, I’d feel a little bad.

But what Brad said was incredibly nice and generous, especially given the circumstances.

Natasha on

Zahara seems like such a Momma’s girl. “All the kids will be here”…jeeze Brad you must’ve forgot one 😉

Jenne on

I was not a huge Brad Pitt fan, but I admire and respect how he is with the kids and with the paparazzi. I’m becoming a bigger fan of his because of how he seems as a person. What a neat person and what a neat family. (Maybe he has a better understanding of the pressures the paparazzi are under because he’s a former journalism major.)

gabriella on

Brad seems nice.

Annoyomus on

I love seeing pictures of this family! My only regret is that little Shi wasn’t there with them. After seeing pics of her on a fairly regular basis, I was dissapointed to not see her in these pictures. I think I’m going into Shiloh-withdrawal! 🙂 on

I just so love looking at this family and these children. I thought that Angelina Jolie was beautiful and Brad Pitt handsome all along, but with the children and the way that they appear to give them love and great care, I am just in awe.

Maya on

I wonder what brand those ballerina flats Angie is wearing are. They seem really comfortable and I’ve been looking for a comfy pair (although I wouldn’t opt for the nude color) Does anyone know?

sil on

I feel sorry for Maddox, I watched the video and he was there just wanting a hotdog with Daddy, and instead of being a normal, relax situation, it was all crazy… lot’s of people watching, paparazzi taking pictures every second….so sad.
I know that’s the life celebrities are use to, and paparazzi make their job, but I’m thinking that it must be very difficult for those little ones not to be able to go out with the family and be just…like “normal people”. Anyway, I’m glad they have good parents and they seem very happy, after all 🙂

Car on

Zahara is getting more and more beautiful, and her full mouth could be attributed to her Mom if they were biologically related. I too love that family and the values they are passing on to their kids.

Amy W on

is it just me or does Z look like she could kick the paps butt if necessary!? shes so darn cute but she also looks so sassy.

Karine on

Sarah how come all the posts for Brangelina are always glossy, but for the Tomkat posts you let the people critisize them. I found this very strange.

Lavonda B. on

It is very nice to see the family out, but what about Shilo you hardly ever see her with them. Sometimes I really wonder about that. I have mixed feelings about why she isn’t with them.

leni on

I love this family. What a beauty Z is becoming. Pax has adjusted very well it seems.

Angelina seems to have gained some weight, her arms are not as thin and seem more muscular.

Some are speculating she might be pregnant, who knows but she looks quite happy and beautiful.

Charity on

Way to go, Brad!! That is the way to handle these situations.

The more I hear about Brad & Angelina and how they parent and balance being celebrities, the more I respect them. And their kids are so cute! 🙂

Annoyomus on

I defiently don’t think that Angie is pregnant. Her stomach looks pretty darn flat to me. Keep in mind that not only has she already had one biological child (and thus may still have some leftover baby fat from when she was pregnant before), but she also had a C-section with Shiloh. Therefore, she may always have a bit of a “bump” because of the trauma her abdominal muscles have been through.
Personally, I just think that Angie has finally managed to gain some weight, plain and simple. 🙂