Victoria Beckham on having more kids, adjusting to life in America, and being a working mom

08/24/2007 at 05:23 PM ET

Spice girl Victoria Beckham, 33, revealed that she and her husband, soccer star David Beckham, 32, hope to add to their family sometime in the near future. Victoria told The Mirror,

We’d like to have another — maybe next year. He or she might be lucky enough to have dual nationality.

Meanwhile, Victoria said the family is adjusting well to life in the United States.

It’s so great for us all here. The children love the sports and outdoor activities, David loves his new team, and I’m just really happy to be somewhere where I already have friends. We had a ‘family day’ with a barbecue at the ground a few weeks ago and it was such good fun — a lot of the players have kids and our boys made loads of friends.

Victoria added that she and David have let their children, Brooklyn Joseph, 8, Romeo James, 4 1/2, and Cruz David, 2, pick the decor for their own bedrooms in their new L.A. home. She explained,

The boys are all choosing decorations for their rooms at the moment. We let them express themselves pretty much however they want with different murals and things. But they all want David’s team strip — especially Brooklyn. He’s obsessed and wants his dad’s stuff everywhere.

Fortunately for Victoria, she is able do what she loves — work with fashion, while being a mom at the same time. Of running her business and keeping up with the boys she said,

One of the nicest things about living here is that I can work from an office in my house, with the kids around me. Just the other day I was checking some samples for my new denim collection with the boys running around the house. Romeo came in and was dashing about with some jeans on his head! I’m not the kind of mum who wants to palm my kids off all the time so it’s a huge bonus for me that I can spend so much time with them now.

Details of the family’s move to America can be read at Victoria’s blog.

Source: The Mirror


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bell on

I just love her. She is strong, loyal and a good mother to boot. Love what she said about not palming her kids off. That isn’t just a trait of the rich, I know some dirt poor people who do it all the time. Also she has one fine hunk of a

Natasha on

I love this family!! I don’t care what ANYONE says, Victoria is a great mother and a great person. End of story.

Kodie on

Bell, I totally agree with you. At the daycare I used to work at we had a couple who’s kids were there every day from 8:30-4:30 while they were at home sleeping, out shopping, and doing god knows what. Neither of them worked or were even thinking about getting a job. And they always told us what they were doing yet the never once took their kids…they would even bring them to daycare when they were sick and when we called to send them home when they were really sick, the parents wouldn’t answer.

Victoria seems so hands on with her kids. It’s good to see a celebrity parent out doing stuff with their family all the time.

Ali on

OMG everything Victoria says just makes me love her even more! She is soo dcevoted to her family and her kids, what a fabulous lady, with tons of class! I adore this family <333

stephanie on

I love her! I’m really glad that David and the kids are finally in the US, knowing that it’s hard for her to be away from them. I once read that she left for Paris in the morning for work and went home in the afternoon just so she’ll be able to have dinner with the kids.

gabriella on

Victoria seems like a good mom.

Sarah on

wouldn’t it be soo cute if she’d have a girl 😛 I think she’d have a beautiful daughter, since her boys are so adorable!

Marujita Robinson on

It kinda gets on my nerves when she mentions “dual nationality”.Cruz was born in Spain so I suppose he has dual nationality (or at least he is entitled to) but she doesn’t mention it. Seems like she wants to delete Spain and anything Spanish from her mind, even though her youngest son was born here…Nevertheless, good riddance!

kayla on

you are a shut you fucking bitch