T.A.T.U.'s Yulia Volkova shows off belly on-stage

08/23/2007 at 02:23 PM ET

Yulia Volkova, 22, of singing duo T.A.T.U. (All The Things She Said, They’re Not Gonna Get Us), shows off her almost-6-months pregnant belly while performing on-stage recently with Lena Katina and their band. The baby is due in in December and will join big sister Viktoria, 2 1/2, from Yulia’s prior relationship.

Source: NewsMusic

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Tracy on

She is SO cute and tiny! I’ve always loved the message they send out with their music!

miranda on

weren’t both the girls in T.A.T.U. lesbians?? Weren’t they gonna get married if they won the eurovision a few years back? Or did I misunderstand something?
Anyway, who’s the babys father?

Sarah’s note: It was all a joke — that was the image of the band. I don’t know who the father is. I just know it’s different than her daughter. Her Wiki might have something.

Mimi on

Those shorts don’t look too comfortable! Very tight around the waist! I’m sorry, but decidedly NOT a good look.

gabriella on

Mimi I gotta agree with you, not a good look at all.

cats on

No disrespect intended but some pregnant women can pull off “being more exposed than most”. I don’t think she’s one of them.

Sabina on

It gets very hot and very tiring being on stage. Frankly, if I was several months pregnant and had to be up in the glaring stage lights and the noise of the crowd, singing at the top of my voice for a whole performance, I’d want to have my belly hanging out in the fresh air too, no matter what I looked like! Yulia’s used to wearing skimpy outfits when she’s performing anyway, she probably doesn’t give it a second thought, and I say good on her! Why should she cover up an innocuous part of herself like her stomach if she doesn’t want to? She’s not singing for the Pope.


Um, the outfit is a definite fashion don’t but she is very cute otherwise, cute ‘lil bump.

Selena on

Cute girl, cute baby bump, her super short shorts, not so much. I’m all for showing the baby bump and shorts,but, the way she”s wearing them folded at the back to make ’em shorter, borders on tacky IMO.

Susan on

I think she looks so cute! I wish I looked that good and I am not pregnant! No, I wouldn’t wear short shorts like that, but hey if she is comfy, good for her. Plus, you should never mess with a pregnant lady. If she wants to wear short shorts the correct answer is “yes, of course. whatever you like.” Hehe. My friend just had a baby and I always showed up at her house with a cookie or similar – as a peace offering for the pregnant lady. 🙂

Kate on

Ughhh!! She looks bad in those shorts. She definitely can NOT pull them off.

Stephanie on

Personally, I feel it’s her prerogative, and if she feels comfortable enough wearing that outfit then why not? I remember when they first started out there were all these articles talking about how strict their contract was, so I wonder if there’s something in the contract stating that she has to dress that way?

I wish I could pull that look off NOT pregnant!

Also, according to http://www.IMDB.COM her baby’s father is boyfriend Parviz, I have no idea who he is but I know the name is Persian, and there’s an actor by that name but I’m not sure if it’s the same guy it didn’t say on there.


veeka on

Yulia is dating Pravis who she has been with for a while now, she was with someone else about 8months ago….what can I say she likes the attention.

Her first daughter, born 23rd September 2004 viktoria aka veeka/vika who was fathered by Pasha (Yulia’s childhood sweetheart from primary school)

This is her 3rd pregnancy….the first she terminated as she was “too young” and had her career to think of….and the 2nd vika will b 3 soon yay (she is the image of her mother thank god), and the 3rd is due december/january time!!

Congrats to her and pravis….here is a link to see a pic of her and the father…http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/7509/dsc00546gm6.jpg the blonde girl is my friend!

I wish her and the baby well….I hope she carries on with the new album and I can not wait for the movie to come out at end of the year!!

Love you Lena also!!

Vampire Volkova

Christine on

I thought there was some controversy surrounding her last pregnancy…that the father was a married guy, quite a bit older than her.

Russian on

Yulia Volkova is expecting her 2nd child from her husband businessman Parviz Jasinov. They say the couple got married outside Russia earlier this year! It’s unknown if it was ligal ceremony or just muslim one. Her 1st child, Viktoriya, is with her ex-boyfriend Pavel Sidorov, who left his wife and tiny baby for Yulia, later he left Yulia for some other girl.

Lola on

I think Yulia’s outfit is horrible!

karen on

she’s the russian britney! hope this new man she’s with takes better care of her than her daughter’s dad

veeka on


Pavel is out of line leaving both his partners with young babies to care for but hey thats men for you. Vika is doing well and is VERY loved and cared for, and I am sure this new baby will be too!

Yulia has had a bad rep that past year or so, for her various goings on with guys but it seems she has settled down with this Pravis guy now….I wish them both all the best!

Love Vanpire Volkova

Autumn on

It’s good to see that Britney’s not the only one to make bad choices in costumes, in reguard to a motherhood body compared to a pre-motherhood body.

A cropped denim & fur vest and Daisy Duke shorts are definitely NOT a good look on a pregnant woman, even if she is only 22!

kate on

i don’t see what the problem is, Yulia is obviously proud of her bump and wants to show it off, and so she should. I agree that alot of women would not and could not pull of this look, but the way that you are all acting is as if she is the size of a whale or something. SHE HAS A GREAT BODY for heck sake!

ellie on

well if shes comfy in the shorts and happy with it then nobody should be saying anything because it’s her choice about everything that she does….and she obviously likes what shes wearing so what the hell? let the girl have her own life!!

megan on

yulia had her baby on december 27!! the announcement is on tatu.ru