Update: A daughter for Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa

08/20/2007 at 01:21 PM ET

Bdph0620_cbbUpdate: Jason’s mother reveals that the baby’s name is Lola Iolani Momoa. The middle name means royal hawk, and was chosen as there were hawks flying around [overhead] during the birth. The baby has ‘long legs, lots of black hair, and her lips are the perfect shape.’

Originally posted July 23rd: Actors Lisa Bonet, 39, (who now goes by Lilakoi) and Jason Momoa, 27, have welcomed a daughter, Jason’s mother announced on his official forum Saturday. The baby was born at home on Saturday, July 21st. The couple have not yet chosen a name.

This is the first child for Jason; Lilakoi has a daughter Zoe, 18, with Lenny Kravitz. Lilakoi does not have a son, as previously rumored. A friend of hers tells us,

Brian and Lisa were in a brief relationship that did not bear any fruits.
The pic floating around on the net with a little boy is a the son of a mutual friend of ours. Lisa only has the two children…Zoe and her newest daughter with Jason. All are well, and Jason waits on her hand and foot.

Source: Jason Momoa Forum

Thanks to CBB readers Cathy and Amy.

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plannbb on

This is her third child. I wish her the best! She appears to be a very cool person.

Sarah’s note: We had a bunch of people tell us the news about her having a son with the yoga instructor was totally untrue. There seems to be no proof of it other than stuff on the internet. If anyone has any, please email us.

Marilyn on

I thought she has a son, too, whose name escapes me but he’s around 9 or 10 yrs. old or something like that.

Sarah’s note: See above.

lish on

I know I read somewhere that Lisa also has a son from a former relationship. Does she have 2 or 3 children now?

Sarah’s note: Yes, we posted that originally and then edited our post when we were told by multiple people that she doesn’t have a son. But by then someone had added it to her Wikipedia and IMDB profiles as truth despite it being a rumor. We’re really not sure at this point.

Nicole on

The above information is mistaken. This is the third child for Lisa – she has Desikachar Kest with yoga instructor boyfriend Brian Kest.

Sarah’s note: Again, see above (you guys all posted within a few minutes of each other). We’ve heard too many times that it’s not true, so we don’t want to post that unless we’re sure of it. Please email us if you have some information.

Natalie S. on

All I have to say is Wow, Jason Momoa is wicked hot and Lisa is gorgeous. That little girl will be gorgeous..I’m still drooling over Jason Momoa..Congrats to Lisa and Jason!

Lilybett on

I find it highly suspicious that Jason Mamoa was still engaged to his Australian actress fiance in December then broke it off suddenly. He might be cute but I suspect he’s a rat.

gianna on

Wow she has 3 kids, 3 different ages. I’ve always loved Lisa, she was great on cosby show and so pretty. Her daughter with Lenny Kravitz is beautiful, so I would love to see pics of her new baby as well as her son. I remember her saying she was an only child, and always wanted 2-3 kids, so looks like she got her wish. Zoe and the new baby will have an 18yr age difference, that’s so cute.

stephanie on

I was just watching last night, a top 100 countdown of teenagers on VH1 and they mention Lisa Bonet. This was a show from 2006. Anyways, they were talking about teens from years ago and what they are up to now. They mention, that she had one daughter Zoe with Lenny Kravtiz. They never mentioned any other children. I thought that was odd. I find it odd if she does have a son you never see him with her or his sister, but you will see from time to time, pics of Lisa and Zoe together. Maybe the son lives with his dad full time.


Kim on

Lilybett, I was going to post the same thing. Me being Aussie I read the article about him breaking up with his aussie fiancee and 7 months later having a child with Lisa. Bit suspicious I’d say.

FC on

I’m sure the baby is going to be a beauty. I can’t wait to see her sometime.

Jenna on

I am friends with Zoe (I went to high school with her in NY)….she does have a brother and thats a F-A-C-T. 🙂

bunny on

Lisa is so gorgeous, I’m sure her baby will be

lilkunta on

Jenna, Have u seen Zoe’s brother in person? There isnt proof of his existence anywhere.

lilkunta on

Have u all tried 2 contact Bryan Kest? This is his website : http://www.poweryoga.com/contactus.php

cheryl on

ive posted on this subject before. bryan kest and lisa bonet DO NOT have a child together, ive actually known bryan for years and nope, no child with her-wikepedia is also wrong and steps will be taken to remove that information from their website. i also know people who are close to lisa (liliquoi now)so i know for a fact there is no son.
jenna, who is this brother that zoe has and why no pictures anywhere? with that said: CONGRATS TO HER!

Island girl on

I remember Lisa & Lenny from back in the day coming to the Bahamas. So effortlessly casual and laid back.
Beautiful, extremely beautiful couple – a pity they didn’t make it.
Best of luck and congratulations on the birth of your new daughter.
I too, have 3 kids now – in the same gender order. But the ages are much closer…enjoying it all.

Do enjoy every priceless moment….
Love from the islands…

huney on

I’ve known Lisa/Lilikoi since the early 80’s.
She a wonderful spirit who’s gone thru a lot.
She and Jason gave birth to a beautiful baby girl July 21st by way of home birth @ her home. All are well.
This is Lilikoi’s 2nd home birth and second child.
She and Brian had a short relationship that bore no children.
She is an only child.
I wish all the hateful gossip would cease.
Let people live their lives in peace.

CO Lactivist on

Congratulations!!! Lisa is a beautiful person and it’s wonderful to see that she had a natural, peaceful home birth!!!!! It’s awesome to see more mamas choosing a very safe way to bring babies into this world. After all childbirth is not always a medical emergency, it’s a spiritual rite of passage! Way to go lisa and family!

cheryl on

well said huney!

Mydesiree7 on

This is Lisa’s 3rd child! She has Zoe and a son who is 13 years old by yoga instructor Brian Kest. PLease check IMBD!

“Daughter, Zoe Isabella Kravitz, born 1988 with singer Lenny Kravitz.

Son, Desikachar Kest, born 1994/1995 with her boyfriend Brian Kest (a yoga instructor).”

Mydesiree7 on

This is Lisa’s 3rd child! She has Zoe and a son who is 13 years old by yoga instructor Brian Kest. PLease check IMBD!

“Daughter, Zoe Isabella Kravitz, born 1988 with singer Lenny Kravitz.

Son, Desikachar Kest, born 1994/1995 with her boyfriend Brian Kest (a yoga instructor).”

gabriella on

lola is a cute name, good for lisa I loved her on cosby show. Now i’m curious is this her 2nd or 3rd child lol.

Sarah’s note: Second, we’re 100% sure now.

Anna on


This link talks about her son w/ the yoga instructor.

Sarah’s note: Right, none of that is true. The information that was added to her Wiki and IMDB is something which anyone can edit. It appeared to gain speed after her pregnancy announcement when the discussion about her possibly having a son began. We have 100% confirmed that all she has is two daughters.

Daze on

Ok, so where did her 11 year old son Desi disappear to? Little Lola will no doubt be gorgeous.

Daze on

This is a picture of Brian Kest’s wife and son.
See full-size image

Open http://www.flickr.com/photos/myyoga/75033842/ in a new window.
The one he supposedly has with Lisa Bonet aka Lilakoi Moon was born in 1995 and is 11 years old. Desi Kest.

Sarah’s note: If the boy does exist, he’s not Lisa’s. She has only 2 daughters, as we were able to confirm with two separate sources.

Roger on

LOL… I wonder if Lisa is aware that she’s also the mother of a young son. It’s almost creepy how rumors about celebrities spring up, take on a life of their own, and then people will become quite insistent that the rumor or myth is real. Anyway… I look forward to seeing pics of Lisa’s second child; I’m sure she’s as beautiful as the first.

madam pince on

I had no idea who Jason was until I clicked on the link in the original CBB post, then recognized him from Stargate: Atlantis, which my hubby loves (and I don’t mind looking at Jason). Lola is gonna be gorgeous with those genes!

gabriella on

So weird how there were rumors for years, of lisa having a son. Way before this pregnancy was announced it was on IMDB, that she had a son born in 1995. I remember because I’m a lisa fan and would check every now and than, to see if she had any projects coming up, and it always mentioned a son. But considering I’ve looked in the past and never seen pics of her out with a young boy, I’m guessing it was one of those strange things that was not true.

lilkunta on

Was the home birth in CA or NY or down in Aussie?

BTW, how did the 2 meet?

Yea the rumour of Lisa having 11yr old son named Desi were around long b4 Spring 07 when it was discovered she is preg. I heard about Desi in 03.

Hannah on

Anyone know why she goes by Lilikoi Moon now?

FC on

Congrats to Lisa and Jason on their daughter. Her name is beautiful. 🙂

preesi on

Hey I still wanna know whats up with Kelly Prestons mystery first son?

Nikki on

I’m a bit confused…on Jason’s forum (Q&A section) he refers repeatedly to his fiance Simmone. Is this another name for Lisa/Lilakoi???

Sarah’s note: No, that’s his ex fiancee.

Grace on

I just wanted to let all of you know, that I just took a yoga class with Bryan Kest in Santa Monica. He actually just had a second child, and guess what? From his mouth, He and Lisa do not have a son together. It has been an annoying rumor that doesn’t bother them anymore! So there you go guys!!! Only 2 kids for Lisa!!