Actress Shar Jackson and her daughter Cassie on the red carpet

08/19/2007 at 09:23 PM ET

Moesha actress Shar Jackson, 30 — who is even more famous for having two children with Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline, 29 — took her daughter as her date to a recent red carpet event. Cassie, 12 next month, along with her older brother, Donnie, 15, are Shar’s children from a previous relationship with her high school sweetheart. Shar’s two children with Kevin are 5-year-old Kori Madison and 3-year-old Kaleb Michael. Media Take Out has one more photo.


Photo by Startraks.

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maria on

Not a flattering/classy shirt on Shar. Her daughter is cute though.

tink1217 on

wow, Shar needs to wear something that covers her boobs just a tad more! I love that celebs have stretch marks too, but that just looks tacky to show them. I would never show mine!!! Cassie is very cute!

stacey on

I don’t understand why people insist on degrading the word ‘mother’ this way – she’s not a ‘baby-mama’, she’s a mother. I’m also a single mother. Does that make me a ‘baby-mama’? I think not. Show some respect and describe her as these children’s mother. ‘Baby-mama’ is a cheap way of making single mothers look like less than they are.

Amy on

im sorry but that is just aweful, look at the way shes dressed!! what is she teaching that little girl, by letting her boobs hang out!

Nat on

That is not Shar Jsckson’s daughter!! Meadia outtake is wrong. You can go to Gettyimages and see that it’s not her.

Tippy the poodle on

Wow that dress is showing too much!

on the other hand..her daughter is cute!

Colleen on

Yikes, this photo would be much nicer from another angle- maybe one where Shar’s boob isn’t flopping out? I think I see strech marks on her boobs.

babyblogger70 on

Shar should not be wearing that dress. The picture of her definately takes away her daughter’s beauty.

angie on

If Shar has a son who’s 16 and she’s 30….that means she had him at age 14!!! Whoa! I didn’t even know she had four children! All I ever heard about was her two w/Kevin Federline! Craziness!

ann on

are those not stretch marks on her breast? i know most women have but she did not need to expose that much skin on the red carpet! but her daughter is soooo cute!! she looks just like her mum but the classier version!

terri on

They look just alike.

jen on

Why is it that Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and lot of other celebs can have their boobs hanging out but Shar can’t? Why is she different from the other celebs?

Callen on

Im sure she wasn’t aware until this picture and comments surfaced! Paris Hilton and Britney Spears parade around without any underwear, and sometimes there is hardly a fuss about it! ?????? Anyways! Her daughter is a cutie.

Lauren on

“Why is it that Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and lot of other celebs can have their boobs hanging out but Shar can’t? Why is she different from the other celebs?”

Jen, you will soon learn if you haven’t already that in the eyes of some people, Britney can fall out of clubs and cars drunk as a skunk flashing her vagina and it’s all well and good, but Shar shows half her breasts at a red carpet event and the Britney fans will tsk tsk at how tacky she looks. Kind of like how Britney can go out clubbing and drinking countless times per week and the fans will excuse it as her being young and doing it only when she doesn’t have the boys, yet Kevin goes out and he’s a deadbeat father. I won’t go on to state the completely obvious double standard.

Anyway, Cassie’s very pretty, and I love her outfit.

Lilybett on

Shar’s always been honest about how her many pregnancies have ravaged her body but I think it’s a bit tacky to show the stretchmarks. I know they’re natural and all but I think she could show a decent amount of cleavage and not flash the stretchmarks. However, I’m generally against dresses cut down to the navel at the best of times.

Lorus on

She’s a grown woman with a good looking body after having 4 pregnancies so more power to her if she wants to flaunt it a bit.
Her daughter is beautiful but I’m not fond of 12 year olds wearing makeup.

gabriella on

Wow shar is a busy woman 4 kids, and never been married.

Keis on

What’s the problem with Shar? I think she looks great. She’s working that dress. And her daughter is beautiful as well.

lilkunta on

@@gabriella: Marriage isnt 4 every1.

2 every 1 else: Those marks are form her breast implant surgery. She had breast implants, tummy tuck, & lipo (on Brit’s dime via the $ Brit paid KF which he then has 2 give 2 Shar) so I def dont think after all that surgery she ‘d have stretch marks.

lilkunta on

QUOTE: Cassie, 12 next month, along with her older brother, Donnie, 15, are Shar’s children from a previous . . . .

What is Cassie’s birthday?

From subtractin, Donnie was born in 92 & Cassie in 95. So was Shar pegnant @ the beginning of Moesha? Shar was so thin & always in tight spandex the 1st season of Moehsa so I dont see how it was hidden.

Robin on

Holy crap! She has a 15 year old child! I can’t believe that’s not mentioned more in the horror and Britney and Kevin’s lives have become. Her son was born when she was 14 and 4 months which means she got pregnant when she was just over 13.5. DAMN! More power to her that she actually went on to have a career. I’d think any kid who got pregnant that early wouldn’t have many choices in life. Just wow, I can not get over that.

karen on

Shar’s body is courtesy of all the money she made flapping her lips to the tabloids about KFed and Britney. What a wonderful character.

Mousie on

Paris Hilton is not a mother of four children for whom she should set a good example, so who cares what she does?

I think the majority of people I’ve read think Britney is a mess and I just hope for those little boys that she straightens up.

But this woman is tacky and a 12-year-old with all that makeup is inappropriate, no matter how pretty she is.

Heather on

Cassie looks just like Ashanti!

Gigglin on

I think it’s funny that people have a problem with Shar’s breast when no one seemed to think twice about seeing photos of Maggie Gylenhaal’s nipple hanging out of her daughter’s mouth. A breast is a breast. Shar looks fantastic. She’s not showing anything. Chill out.

xtac on

Shar’s daughters a cutie!!! she seem to be a decent women not talking trash about brit or kevin. She seems to love her kids.

cassie jackson on

ok im cassie and im 13 not 12 and my mom doesnt let me wear makeup usually but she did that one day but im like only wearing eyeshadow and leave my moms boobs alone its not like she showing her whole boob like tara reid or janet jackson so get over it but thanx for showing love and to all the haters if u dont like my mommy then why are u looking at her????

Cassily on

Shar’s m-azing
her daughter looks so much like her
but she wears TOO much makeup

cassie jackson on

niice to hear the comments but this picture actuall happened the month of my 13th birthday….and donnys 14 my mom had him when she was 16 …about 2 months before her 17th birthday…and i dont usually ever wear makeup im kinda dead set against it….

Tee on

Wow, Shar looks beautiful. She looks absolutely great after having 4 kids! And who lied about seeing stretch marks on her breasts??? LOL, pitiful!