Pierce Brosnan and family out for a walk in Knightsbridge on Wednesday

08/16/2007 at 08:54 PM ET

Actor Pierce Brosnan, 54, and wife, Keely Shaye Smith, take a walk with their family in Knightsbridge on Wednesday. Chris, 35, was from Pierce’s first wife’s first marriage; Pierce adopted Chris and Charlotte, 36, upon his marriage to Cassandra Harris in 1980. His two sons with Keeley are Dylan Thomas, 10, and Paris Beckett, 6.


Photo by Ramey Pix.

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Natasha on

I love Pierce! His older son Dylan looks so much like Keely, he always has. Paris looks like such a fun kid and I really like his name on a boy.

staceye on

They look like such a happy and loving family.Just wondering but is Keely pregnant? I was just asking to see if I missed an announcement or something because she sure looks preggers in this pic.

Melissa on

Nope, not pregnant. Pierce is just the only actor in Hollywood to be married to a woman of a NORMAL weight.

Aaron on

No, she’s not. She’s just gained a lot of weight in the last 4 or 5 years. I think that’s why you almost never see pictures of her. It must suck big time to have it all recorded for the world to see. I hate looking at my family pictures enough, I can’t imagine how she must feel.

brannon on

I think she looks great – healthy and happy with beautiful children! I hope she loves this picture of she and her family 🙂

daphneesmith on

Where did 10 years go?? I can still remember the pic of Keely nursing Dylan on the cover of Redbook magazine, and the (silly) uproar it caused.

Elizabeth on

I remember reading that Keely has a thyroid condition and the medicine had more cons than pros, so she doesn’t take it, and Pierce totally supports it.

She is still very beautiful, looks fabulous and I’m glad Pierce has found happiness after his first wife died.

Carol on

I don’t think anyone should assume that Keely is ashamed of herself and wouldn’t want to be seen by the world. She is a beautiful woman. Period.

PSB on

The medicine for a thyroid condition does not have any cons. It is a hormone replacement for the hormone your body cannot produce anymore. There are no side affects at all, because it’s not a drug, it’s an already existing hormone in your body. I know, I’m on it and so are many of my family members and friends.

That said, it is EXTREMELY difficult to lose weight after you’ve gained it from a thyroid condition. She may be taking the hormones and still having trouble losing the weight. I can certainly sympathize with her. I think she’s a beautiful woman and it must be hard for her to not be as thin as she once was – especially since she’s photographed from time to time.

Of course, she could have some other condition in addition that she refuses to treat with drugs, who knows?

Carol Lee on

It’s sad that people are so conditioned to think that Paris and Nicole are “normal” sized people that they label somebody who is Keely’s size as fat. She’s healthy and beautiful.

gabriella on

Keely has changed a lot. The boys are adorable


This famiy is wonderful.

Aaron, she should NOT be ashamed to look at pictures of herself. What a great role model she is being to her sons by being a woman.

momtoboys on

I don’t think people should be saying she looks normal with the weight…it’s clear to see she is overweight, and needs to lose some, but she may be having a hard time doing so… I’d say that is the reason you don’t see many pics of her anymore…all the best to her and her family.

TigMode on

Isn’t Paris the spitting image of his dad! Such a nice family shot.

Marie on

PSB, you are so right!

I gained 30 lbs before being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was thrilled to start the meds because I assumed the 30 lbs would melt back off. WRONG! I didn’t lose a single pound until I joined Weight Watchers seven years later and lost it all, and then some.

But even now, if I want to enjoy a “normal” diet, e.g., allow myself a glass of red wine at night, the weight pounces back on so fast it’ll make your head spin.


Xan on

How cool of Pierce to adopt the kids when he married his first wife. And to think, he was only 18 and 19 when they were born, and 27 when he adopted them!

Clair on

doesn’t Pierce have another son called Sean?

nichole on

I have to agree that Keely looks awesome! She’s NORMAL, HAPPY and HEALTHY. Why can’t some people just get over the fact that she has gorgeous curves, a great family and that her husband LOVES her for HER? Is it that the world is so conditioned to the morons that look like sticks being “normal” that curves scare people? I think she looks great and Pierce loves her, so that’s all that matters.

Lauren on

Wow, Aaron. Between your comments about people thinking showing nipples is inappropriate being “puritanical ridiculousness” and saying Keely must hate looking at photos of herself because of her weight, you sure have strong opinions about womens’ bodies.

Cristin on

It is so lovely to see a normal happy family coming out of Hollywood. I absolutely adore Pierce and everything that he stands for. I think that it is a rare thing to see a couple completely secure in each others love. So I don’t think Keely really cares too much what others may print about her. She’s got the love of one of the most handsome men in the world who obviously adores her! She obviously adores him too. Keep in love always.

Lorus on

Why do people always assume that women with some chub hate their bodies and are trying to always lose the weight?!
I’ve got chub and guess what? I LOVE my curves and so does my husband!!!
Maybe this is the size she is MEANT to be. She could be eating her veggies & fruits, exercising moderately and still remain this size. Maybe it’s in her genes and the size she was before she had kids was just from starving herself.

momtoboys on

You can look at the pics and see she has changed alot in the last few years…Sure she has gained weight, I dont think it is good to say she looks healthy because a overweight person is not healthy, BUT she may be having a hard time taking it off I wish her all the best.

Aaron on

I never said that she was fat or should be ashamed of her body. What I was referring to was the fact that she used to be much thinner, and that now it may be hard for her to be reminded of how much weight she has gained. I don’t think any woman likes to look at pictures of themselves when they’ve gained weight. For the record, personally I think she looks great, and I would much prefer to see a woman of a normal size than a freakishly thin girl. DUH. I think that goes without saying.

DeeDee on

Thanks for posting this.

I’ve been wondering about whether
or not Pierce Brosnan gets exercise.

Campbell on

This couple has such a beautiful love story…they look terrific! Daphneesmith, I remember the hoopla that photo caused! Has it been 10 years!??

Emily on

It may be a normal weight but it just can’t be a healthy weight! Sheesh, I thought she was preggers too!

maria on

I don’t consider that a NORMAL weight. There is a big difference between Paris and her and somewhere in between is NORMAL and/or HEALTHY. Most Americans are overweight and maybe that’s why people think it’s normal.

She has mentioned in interviews (or maybe he has) that she is self-conscious of her weight but he doesn’t mind it at all. They truly do look happy and they certainly have a lovely love story.

Dimples on

NORMAL WEIGHT? You must be American if you think her weight is normal – whichever way you look at it – she is OVER weight… now let’s not go full pendulum and swing towards calling overweight people of ‘normal’ weight – the same way we call anorexis ‘normal’ – neither extreme is healthy.

therachel on

Pierce could do so much better than her. I mean, she could be a bit skinnier like she used to be. It’s not all that hard to stay healthy…especially when you have 2 little boys to run after.