Myleene Klass welcomes daughter Ava Bailey

08/16/2007 at 09:51 AM ET

Myleenklass_hydepark_cbbBritish pianist and TV presenter Myleene Klass, 29, and her fiance Graham Quinn welcomed a daughter at 1:45 pm today in the UK. Baby Ava Bailey was born at what is being reported as 3.5 weeks early (although in previous reports Myleene had mentioned her inability to get an exact due date), weighing in at 5 lbs, 9 oz. She was born after a 15-hour labor.

Myleene had co-hosted The One Show last evening, and began feeling ‘a bit weird‘ on the way home. Her rep relates,

She went to the hospital to get checked out and they told her she was in labor. Myleene had a problem-free labor and delivery, and mother and baby are doing well. She and Graham are ecstatic. The birth went very smoothly and all is well, but her stint on [The One Show] is obviously over.

Source: 24Dash

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Alexa on

Aw, i am so happy for her! I was a little shocked when i saw that she had had the baby since i did notice her presenting that programme last night! I wish them all the best!

Becky on

Congratulations to Myleene and Graham!! I thought the baby would be a lot bigger than 5lbs 9oz as Myleene seemed to have a big bump almost the moment she announced the pregnancy! Suppose it was because she was early. Cannot wait to see the pictures of Ava, i’m sure she is absolutely beautiful!

Kate on

So pleased for her. She was FAB on the One Show! I was just watching an add for tonight and she is on it, obviously recorded as last nights episode ended!

Ava is a beautiful name 🙂

Dorkiee on

Another Ava?

Oh well, Ava Quinn is cute.

lola on

Bridget GIVE BIRTHHH!!!! goosh!

set1031 on

Add another Ava to hollywood’s baby list.

MuffThumb on

WHY do people insist on naming their kid Ava? Lord almighty, get some creativity!

Zoe on

Just watching The One Show now and they’ve announced that her full name is Ava Bailey Quinn. They interviewed her parents, and her mother she was in labour for 15 hours 🙂

SlinkyMissy on

Another Ava, Jeez. Nothing wrong with the name, but jeez!

Callen on

yeppers another Ava! Its just like the Lola trend!

pink.lioness on

And yet another Ava in the celebrity kiddy world. When did this trend start, was it with Heather Locklear’s daughter?
Oh well, it’s a nice name so why not, I definitely prefer it to some of the other names out there right now, and Bailey is cute, too.

Congrats, Myleene!

gabriella on

Ava Bailey is a cute name, but wow ava is sounding so dull now. It’s totally being used way too much, sorta like how I liked lola but than got sick of it lol. Still at least ava is a normal name, but seems every celebrity names there baby that.

Renee on

Let’s not forget Ava is becoming a very popular name for everyone now.I think it’s in the top ten baby names of 2006 or at least top 20.If her parents want to name her Ava, it’s their choice although from the way they were talking I thought she would have a real unique name

Leigh on

I LOVE the name Ava so I’m not sick of it yet. It’s my niece’s name and I think it’s beautiful and classic.

Sarah on

I think we can get away with Ava in the UK, it’s not that ubiquitous here!

Philippa on

ah another ava. it’s not very original anymore but if they like it, so what. congrats to the both of them! can’t wait to see a pic of ava.

terri on

Well I actually like Ava overused or not. I could never stand Lola. It sounds like an exotic dancer or something.

stephanie on

I’ve always loved the name Ava, palindromes are awesome. But dammit, here’s hoping by the time I have children everyone’s stopped naming their girls that!

Laura UK on

Congrats to her. Ava is a lovely name, and if they like it then that’s what matters!

Emma on

Congrats Myleene !,
Ava is such a cute name !, im due in 2 weeks with my 2nd – a little girl who we plan to name Lilie Alexa, my oldest daughter Madison is now 2.

Christina on

Didn’t the name Ava start in the celebrity world in the early 20th century with actress Ava Gardner?

ava on

I must say, I am a Ava, 32 — and come from a long strong line of Ava’s, my mother, my mother’s mother, and my mother’s mother’s mother. They have been English, Chinese, German and now me — American. I’m proud of the name, and it is truly a global name found in every language — a form of our original mother — Eve.

That said, i welcome another wonderful Ava into the world, cheers!