Joe Namath's teenaged daughter gives birth

08/16/2007 at 04:22 PM ET

In better-late-than-never news, Olivia Namath — the 16-year-old daughter of former star quarterback Joe Namath — gave birth to a baby girl, Natalia, on May 21 in West Palm Beach.  Joe, 64, and Olivia live in Florida, although the baby is currently being cared for in California by Olivia’s mom (and Joe’s ex-wife) Tatiana.  According to unnamed sources:

Tatiana came and picked up the baby and brought her back to California, where she lives.  Olivia’s going to stay with Joe and her sister Jessica in Tequesta (Fla.), where she’s still going to high school.

Joe is said to be "thrilled" by his 2 1/2-month-old granddaughter, telling the Palm Beach Post "I’m very happy" and that:

There are some things in life that are wonderful, and this is one of them. I’m just happy that everyone’s healthy.

Pictured, from left, are Olivia with Natalia, Joe and Olivia’s older sister Jessica.

Sources:  NY Daily News, Palm Beach Post

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madison on

So grandma is going to raise the baby across the country from mom?

JennB on

I like his outlook on the situation. I’m sure it was heartbreaking to hear that his teenaged daughter was pregnant, but it’s also a happy situation because he gets to be a grandpa.

jaQ on

congrats to them! the girl is finishing school, that’s sooo great for her. i wish olivia and natalia bright futures. i hope tatiana is happy to be raising the baby. if it works for them, it’s great!

sarah on

I’m sure they looked at the situation at hand and chose for the grandmother to be the caretaker rather than giving up the baby for adoption or terminating the pregnancy. It’s also good to see that the daughter has a supportive family because i’m sure getting pregnant at 16 was a scary thing.

giadana on

According to IMDB, Joe Namath’s ex-wife is Deborah Mays married from 1984-1999. They have 2 daughters Jessica Grace & Olivia Rose( which are the 2 girls pictured above)

I’m puzzled by the mother/baby separation but that’s their business, I guess.

Susie on

I’m sure there is a reason for everything, but even a young sixteen year old mother would miss terribly the early bonding time with her newborn. I am sad for her. Surely, they can afford some help while Olivia is in school. But then again it is their choice and I’m sure they did what they thought was best for the situation.

virginia on

I’m sorry but with that much support surely there was a way for her to finish school and have her daughter on the same coast as her.

madam pince on

Maybe Olivia didn’t want the baby with her? She may have agreed to go through with the pregnancy if she didn’t have to raise the baby.

Also, I think Deborah/Tatiana (she changed her name before divorcing Joe) feels guilty about abandoning her girls — she left him to “find herself” while he raised the girls. Maybe she feels this is her way of making up for what she did eight years ago.

Kim on

Also according to IMDB:

In 1999, he filed for divorce from wife of 15 years Deborah Mays (born 1962), who called herself “Tatiana”.

Sad that his daughter would have a child so young and then be separated, but they need to do what is best for everyone.

Autumn on

Cute baby. Yeah it is unsual to have the new baby being raised on the West Coast, while her young mother is continuing to be “raised” herself on the East Coast. (I’m surprised that Olivia doesn’t already live closer to her own mother, in CA instead of FL, but I guess it’s her choice.)

So far this way she can finish her last 2 yrs of HS as if she wasn’t a teenage mom, although I’d image she’ll move closer to her baby once she’s done with High School…at least I hope so.

BTW does Joe have any other grandchildren than this new baby, esp. considering he’s 63?

J.M. on

I don’t know the situation but perhaps Olivia truly didn’t want the baby and the family gave her this alternative instead of an abortion or adoption (which also can be quite scary). Maybe this made it easier for her to do because she knows her daughter will always be in her life but not on an everyday full time basis. She now can focus her attention on school and being a teenager again knowing that her baby is being taking care of by her mother in another state (if you think about it, it’s sort of like an adoption but within the family).

And lets not forget that all situations don’t have happy endings like this so it’s good to also know that this doesn’t always turn out so well for many.

sarawara on

Congratulations to her, and kudos to all of them for making good choices. I’m sure Tatiana has TONS of love and time for the new baby, and that’s exactly what she needs.

Taylor on

Congrats to her!

I beg to differ on Jessica still being in Florida, though. I attend The University of Alabama and last year Jessica was in my English class there. She is definitely NOT still in high school and NOT still in Florida, despite what this source says.

Sarah’s note: They’re referring to Olivia being in high school. And I assume Jessica may be home for the summer, maybe?

terri on

Well I’ll leave questions regarding how other people raise their families to them. Cute baby. I hope that they will have all the support they need during this challenging time. I’m sure it will be hard for Olivia to be apart from Natalia. Olivia could end up living with her mother as well.

madam pince on

I found this review of a book on Joe, which discusses his children and his ex-wife.

Amy on

Good for her for making a hard decision. I certainly can’t judge a woman who chooses to go through with an unplanned pregnancy. I think it’s great that her grandmother is going to be raising her so that she will always be a part of the family. I think it’s great that she is finising high school, and that she has such a supportive family.

Charity on

I think it’s great that a 16 year old chose to have the baby even if she isn’t raising her. Some families will go to any length to keep children from being adopted out for different reasons (they think the mother will regret it, the child could end up with bad parents, the child could have serious problems from not knowing his/her birth parents, etc.) I know my mother would never have let me ‘give up’ a baby.

Whatever this family’s reasons, the baby is cute. And I hope Olivia enjoys the rest of her high school years! 🙂

Belle on

I really hope that being separated from her child is what Olivia chose, not her parents. I also think that even if Olivia chose it, she will look back in a few years and realise what she has missed. I wish them the best.

Melissa on

You know what? If the 16 year old didn’t want the baby, then her family shouldn’t have pressured her into keeping the baby. If she wanted the baby, but didn’t want to raise her, too bad! I think this situation is detrimental to mom and baby. There is no bonding for either. I think it is a very sad situation. There is no reason why the 16 year old cannot raise her child and still attend school. It would be no different than a working mother. You put the kid in daycare during the day and take care of it at night. I don’t find anything “great” about this situation as many others seemingly do. I think it is a very bad choice for everyone involved. Grandma is playing the mother role and when mother really does want her child back, grandma is going to have problems giving her up.

simply_bohemian on

I wish people would quit judging.
Non of us have such perfect lives that we can tell others how to live theirs.
I hope all works out for all involved.
Congrats on the courage to let go. I couldn’t and never had the chance to finish high school. I wish my Son would have had a better chance as he was growing up.

TwinMom on

Wow, I know I couldn’t have handled that at 16. I guess they did what worked best for them.

stephanie on

Ha, that’s what my mum said she’s going to do if I ever got pregnant! Best of luck to the family.

Xan on

This is a tough situation for anyone to be in. I agree that I was a little surprised by the sheer physical distance of the baby from it’s mother. Remember, though, Mr. Nameth isn’t hurting for cash, and while seeing her baby a few times a year/every month/whenever isn’t the same as being with her on a daily basis, if Olivia ever does want to see her daughter, she does have the means to do so. Many other girls in a similar position may not have this benefit.

sarawara on

Detrimental? As the child of an adopted mom (who was the illigitimate product of an affair), and the sister of 2 adopted little sisters, and the soon to be mother of an adopted child, I can assure you nothing about our life has been detrimental.

Let’s be kind with our word choices, please, and not pass judgment. She made what she felt was the best decision for herself and her child. Her CHILD.

Kate on

Melissa: I fail to see how this situation is detrimental to the child. It actually sounds very similar to a lot of other open adoption situations in which the biological parent is able to be in the child’s life but not be the one who is actively raising the child.

And why are people jumping to the conculsion that her family pressured her into this. For all we know the family could have agreed to this together, and the biological mother could be very happy about this decision.

And as for the claims that she has the financial resources to raise the child herself because of her father’s money: being financially able to raise a child does not automatically equate to being emotionally ready to raise a child. It’s a bit cold to say that “if she doesn’t want the child but doesn’t want to raise her, too bad.” You’re jumping to a lot of conclusions. You’re assuming that Olivia is going to leave the child with her mother and then take the child back at some point – when the reality of the situation could be much different. She could be planning to allow her mother to raise the child permanently. And if that’s what she chose to do it’s no one’s business but hers. And only the people involved in the situation can know whether or not this was the right choice for them.

PA on

Am I the only one who thinks it is crazy that they are letting their 16 year old “get away” with irresponsibility? Her boyfriend is illegally overage, has a record–they get pregnant–and grandma bails her out?! Why shouldn’t she be reminded that she is a mother? She can finish school like all the other teenage mothers do–it’s not like she has to work as well. Am I the only one that see’s Oliva pregnant again in the next 2 years?

Myra Seegers on

I find it hard to understand why Joe’s ex-wife, who by the way did not raise her own daughters, is being allowed to raise her grandchild. After all, Joe divorced Tatiana because she was cheating on him and since that time she has been married two other times. I feel Joe, his daughter, and his granddaughter deserve better. I pray for Joe, Olivia, and Natalie.

Chas on

Lord, have mercy.