Angie Harmon and her 'Sasquatch' daughters in Cookie

08/16/2007 at 10:27 PM ET

Angieharmoncover264_cbbAngie Harmon, 35, who left Law & Order six years ago, is now back on television this fall with her new series, Women’s Murder Club. However, what she really values is time with her children — Finley Faith, 3 1/2, and Avery Grace, 2, her daughters with former NFL player Jason Sehorn. The actress poses for the cover of Cookie magazine’s September issue with her girls, along with a revealing interview and photo spread inside.

Click below for the photos, fashion, and interview highlights — including Angie and Jason’s nicknames for their girls, how they integrate religion into their lives, and why Angie is thinking about getting Jason drunk on date night!


For the past few years, fashionista Angie — the daughter of two models herself — has made a career as a glamorous stay-at-home mom.

[I went to the pet store] to buy live mealworms for Cutie Pie, Finley’s pet gecko — wearing my skinny jeans and wedge heels. So, you know, everything is okay! [laughs]

Now that she’s headed back to work on her new show, the family’s schedule has required some adjustments — not only is Angie going back to work, Finley is also starting preschool.

[My days will be] 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. instead of 9 to 5. Finley is about to start school, and of course I want to take her to school and pick her up, but I think these are the sacrifices you make.

Angie knows the upcoming changes are causing stress for her family, and she handles it the way many mothers do — by speaking with friends who understand how difficult parenting can be.

All mothers go through the exact same things. I call friends for advice. I lose my temper and feel horrible about it. But I love [the girls], and they are my life… It’s not like I don’t have my own wants and dreams anymore — it’s just that the kids come first. It’s primal.

However, when Finley and Avery are being particularly trying, Angie and husband Jason, 36, have a special nickname for their little devils. Drawing inspiration from 80s horror flick Children of the Corn, the Sehorns play off their last name by calling their girls ‘Children of the ‘Horn‘ — and that means it’s daddy’s turn to deal with them.

When they turn into Children of the ‘Horn, I’m like, ‘Honey, the inmates are taking over the prison. Now come get your kids.’

A recent addition to the nickname collection is ‘Sasquatch,’ as both girls are extremely tall for their age. Angie reasons,

Everyone gets made fun of. We want them to have a good sense of humor. We’re hoping if they hear it at home, it won’t hurt when they hear it at school.

Angie has her own family nickname — cream puff — because of her lack of athletic prowess. Her very active daughters are in no way cream puffs themselves, though.

Finley has a six-pack and not an ounce of fat. She runs around nekkid all the time. And her rear end is up on her shoulders, like her dad’s. Avery, meanwhile, is in the big-stomach, droopy-butt phase. She looks like a delicious bread roll with Barney Rubble brick feet.

Angie says her girls ‘run in four gears‘ — which are ‘Wake, eat, burn calories, sleep.‘ A particular attraction as of late has been slugs, which is a bit of a shock to shopaholic Angie.

They are fanatics about bugs; Finley will pick up a slug and kiss it. When they want to go look for slugs, I’ll be like, ‘You want to go to Neiman’s? Maybe Barneys? Okay, no, let’s look for slugs.’

However messy and gross her girls may get, Angie takes pride in their politeness — ‘they know to say please and thank you‘ — and their religiosity.

I don’t think they get the concept of God yet, but we’re working it in slowly. You have to make it fun. So we pray at meals, and then, before bed, Finley prays for her gecko and her sister.

While on the subject of religion, Angie confesses that she may be up to no good with her husband when it comes to getting what she wants — more than one additional kid. Angie jokes,

[Jason] wants one more, and I want two or three more, so I may have to get him drunk on date night!

Source: Cookie, September issue, p. 178


In the horse photo, the girls wear Petit Bateau Milleraies tops in navy and white and in red and white, and jeans by Baby J by J Brand. On the cover, they wear skirts by Baby Lulu.


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gabriella on

Cute girls they look just like the dad. Yea I heard jason say one day on t.v he only wants one more child, because he feels after 3 kids is a bit too much nowadays. I hope their next baby is a little boy. Angie is pretty, looks like a young ali macgraw.

PSB on

You can tell their daddy is a sports guy since they’ve decided to tease their kids about their bodies at home. I understand the thought process behind it, but I’ve got to say I think it’s a really horrible idea. The last place you want to be teased is at home – especially about your body.

It’s going to be hard enough for those girls to grow up with a stunning mother whom they will always compare themselves to. Why make them feel worse about themselves during awkward phases and adolescence? Who cares if the two year old has a “big stomach” and “droopy butt”? Shouldn’t they be emphasizing the good things about their kids and encouraging them to focus on internal qualities instead of looks? I’m really disappointed to hear this.

Cait on

PSB – coming from someone who was raised with the same thought philosophy, it really did help me when I got to school and kids would try and tease me or make fun of the extra chub I had or how short I was. Having heard it from my parents, and my brother, in a loving context rather than the nasty way kids say it made it a LOT easier to brush off the comments the kids made at school.

Thanks to the “teasing” I was exposed to at home, the comments from the kids at school never bothered me.

TwinMom on

I sort of understand Angie’s reasoning behind the “teasing” at home. If it’s not done in a malicious way, I suppose it’s ok. My daughter is also very big for her age… she’s 6 years old and built like a brick house… extremely tall, big boned, broad shoulders, HUGE feet… All her friends (including the boys) are smaller than she is and it bothers her sometimes. She’s the tallest kid in the class. We’re constantly telling her that “tall is beautiful” because she’s more than a little self-conscious. But I could never use the teasing method that Angie uses because my daughter is SO sensitive, I think it would crush her.

dezza on

I think dancers, sportspeople and models (and strippers probably but i don’t know any) exist in such a body-obsessed world that often they can’t help but look at the bodies of their children critically. She probably doesn’t even realise that her comments are a little odd… thus the interview!

Feel a little sad for the girls though. I’d be so excited to have a tall, athletic daughter that loved bugs… so cool.

emily on

Maybe I read it wrong, but I thought she meant they just tease their daughters about their height, not the fat-free frame or the droopy butt. Who knows what’s best, but I’m sure Angie and Jason know their daughters better than the rest of us.

Also, in theory it seems like it would make sense – you get teased about something before school and when the kids begin to tease you about the same things, it’s not a complete shock to that child.

Lilybett on

I think it’s sweet. It’s also giving them a sense of humour about their bodies- and they are funny, weird things sometimes. I think it’s when kids start taking their bodies seriously that the troubles start.

Erin on

When I read the article, I felt that her comments about her girls’ bodies were odd. I understand the thought process behind some teasing at home about height or big feet or whatnot – however – when she started talking about her older daughter having a “six pack and not an ounce of fat” and the little one being in the “big stomach and droopy butt” stage, I felt sad for those girls.

I know it’s just one interview and I could be taking this all out of context, but I truly hope for those little girls that they don’t grow up feeling compared like that if their body types don’t change.

Marie on

I was teased about my body at home, and it led to a lifetime of feeling insecure and inferior. It took lots of therapy to undo even some of the damage, believe me. And the sad part is, I was a cute, skinny little kid and I didn’t even know it! I felt like a big, fat, awkward troll.

I think we all need to empower our kids a little more, rather than “prepare them for the real world” through teasing…

Cassandra on

The fact that they tease in a loving way is really good for the girls. I was raised like that. Growing up I was very skinny, tall and had broad shoulders. I would get teased a lot, but it never bothered me because I was teased in the loving way at home. My step dad calls me ‘The Fridge’ and it made it easier for me to brush off the comments I got about my size. Now I’m 5’7″, muscled arms, shoulders and legs with broad shoulders and big hips. I developed LONG before any of the other girls at school did so they teased me a lot because I got the boys attention before they did.

I think it’s better for kids to grow up thinking that teasing is funny, because then they won’t take it as serious. I do it now with my little brothers and their fine at school. I am hardly self-conscious of myself, there are a few times were I feel a bit sad because my big behind won’t fit into a pair of jeans I like, but my mom will tease and I’ll laugh it off.

Remember, laughing is the best medicine!

essie on

Those girls will be just fine!!! My sister has three daughters who all grew up to be over 6 feet. They were ALWAYS taller than their school mates. They were teased at home by their parents, aunts and cousins. They grew up to be tall, confident, beautiful girls. Teasing from outsiders never bothered them because they knew they were loved. It’s reverse psychology. It works.

Bren on

hmm the teasing could be bad and good I guess. It probably depends more on the other aspects such as is one sister going to be taller and thinner while the other is chubby? She might end up being jealous but maybe they do it in a way that they tease about the cute stuff? Who knows I personally wouldnt do it.

Campbell on

Ditto, Lilybett

Jen DC on

I think it depends on the way teasing is done. My cousins constantly teased me because I read a lot and there aren’t really many readers in my family, lol. When I was teased at school about it, I was always able to laugh it off, as well as having gotten glasses and braces at the same time when I was 10… Being the geek at home and being loved for it made up for being the geek at school and having to fight about it (eventually, when the class bully knocked my glasses off).

I’m sure they just as often tell their girls that they are beautiful.

As far as the “no body fat/high booty” and the “waist chub/droopy butt” phase… Look at the context. I thought that the way the comment was phrased was that every toddler goes through the “waist chub/droopy butt” phase and that the level of Finley’s activity gave her the six-pack and little body fat. I don’t think she’s talking to *them* at this age about body fat or their droopy butts, unless it’s something along the lines of “Come ‘mere, Mama’s bubble-tummy!” or “Little wiggleworm!” Which is fun and understandable for both of them and will change as their bodies change.

SY on

Wow! Having two boys, I’ve never really had to worry about the body awareness factor. It sounds like Angie’s nickname for the girls is for their height. My boys are both exceptionally tall (their doctor said they will be about 6’6″ and 6’5″)and my 6 year old is already the talk of his school. Kids point at him and whisper about “that really tall Kindergartner” and he likes being tall, but we get comments about his behavior, many people think he’s 9…Perhaps for a girl it might be different being tall, so preparing her girls for the teasing isn’t such a bad idea.

Marilyn on

I just had to laugh at the comment she made about having to get her husband drunk on date night in order to have more kids. That was hilarious!!!

FC on

I think Finley is a mix, and Avery takes more after her father. They’re adorable girls and I still can’t believe how big they’re getting. I still remember them both as babies. 🙂 Angie looks good as well.

joe on


Her mother was of Hungarian Jewish and Aboriginal background and her father was of Scottish descent.


Her mother is of Greek descent and her father is of Irish, Scottish and Cherokee Native American ancestry

Common thread: native/aborginal blood