Introducing Story Elias Elfman

08/15/2007 at 10:59 PM ET

Jenna_ok_baby_cbb_2 Actors Bodhi and Jenna Elfman welcomed their son Story Elias on July 23rd, and introduce him in this week’s issue of OK! magazine. Now 3 weeks old, Story was the star of a photoshoot over the weekend with mom Jenna, 35, and dad Bodhi, 38.

Click below for all the photos and interview highlights! Included is why they waited 17 years to have a baby, how they chose his name, why Jenna had a c-section, an explanation of Scientology silent birth, baby weight, the fashion and gear roundup, and more.


Why they waited so long to have a baby (the couple have been together for 17 years and married for 12): Bodhi says, ‘It was my fault. I wanted to wait. After 16 years, we never had any close calls or any of that; we had him when we wanted to have him. We’re blessed.’

Jenna adds, ‘I was going after career goals, and time flew by. I looked up and thought, ‘What are we doing?’ We were trying to plan it around shooting a pilot, so we wanted to conceive in October. It was our first try ever!’

On the pregnancy: I am very lucky and very grateful to have had a drama-free pregnancy with no morning sickness. I craved orange juice, pepperoni pizza and chocolate milkshakes from In-N-Out Burger.

Bodhi scarfed down food too — ‘I had sympathy appetite during the pregnancy! I got ravenous. But no pains or anything like that, except for breaking my foot several weeks before he was born, which deserves the knucklehead-of-the-year award.’


On choosing his name: In September 2006, just before we started trying to conceive, Bodhi turned to me in bed and said, ‘How about Story Elias?’ I just loved it.

Bodhi adds, ‘I just think ‘story’ is a great word. What’s better than a great story?’

On what sex they thought Story was: Bodhi knew from day one it was a boy. I thought for certain it was a girl. When we went for the scan, my jaw dropped. When I found out I was pregnant, we made a promise to each other: that he wouldn’t get man-jowls and I wouldn’t become a fat cow!

However, it didn’t exactly work out — Jenna gained 58 lbs and Bodhi ended up breaking his foot. He says, ‘I worked out seven days a week until I broke my foot.’ Jenna adds, ‘I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? Our baby is coming any second.


On the birth: I was two weeks late, so I did what the doctors said and had a c-section. I looked forward to labor. I feel it’s a threshold you cross into motherhood, and I was curious to see how I would deal with it. I didn’t want to have an epidural.

Bodhi and Jenna are Scientologists, and did follow the concept of silent birth as much as they could, given the circumstances.

Birth is a painful process for mother and baby. Any time you’re hurt, you’re not totally present in that moment. When I’m going through something that’s painful, I don’t want a lot of yapping and commotion around me. The overall thing is that during moments of pain and unconsciousness, the mind records everything, and anything that’s said can have a negative effect on [the mom and child] later.

In the c-section room, there were nine people, and I just asked them if they wouldn’t mind being quiet. If they needed to do their jobs medically, just talk quietly. You don’t want the doctors to be yapping about their golf vacation.

Bodhi adds, ‘It doesn’t diminish what the doctor is doing. It allows the doctor to do his job, and by no means are they telling Mom she can’t talk. That’s crazy. It’s about creating a serene environment.’

On Story’s first moments: That first moment with your child is unreal. I felt an intense, organic calm come over me. The effect that having a child has on your life is magical. Being a mother gave me a perspective into a future I never had before. My mind goes crazy with the effect my son is going to have on the world. He was 45 minutes old and I looked at him and he just smiled; he lit up when we made eye contact.


Story’s looks and personality: Bodhi says, ‘He’s a beautiful kid. He’s the spitting image of Jenna. He likes to listen and look. His eyes are always open. He’s a cool dude, very peaceful.’

What they hope Story will get from them: Bodhi says, ‘My advice would be, listen to Mom! He’ll definitely have values in our home as Scientologists.’ However, Jenna says, ‘Whatever he wants to do, he’s free to do.’

One thing Bodhi is hoping for is someone a little more wide-eyed than his mother.

I hope my son can sit through an entire movie without falling asleep. In 16 and a half years, it hasn’t happened with this woman. She cannot stay awake!

On the nursery:
The above tiger was a gift from Kirstie Alley. They also received a Moses basket with clothes and blankets from Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Jenna says, ‘When he was born, [Tom and Katie] sent us beautiful outfits made of the softest fabric. I can’t wait to dress him in them, as it’s really fine clothing.’ The nursery is ‘very comfortable and user-friendly,’ she adds.

On advice: At my shower, I put out cards asking for tips. I wanted all those tricks in a book. All I got was, ‘Just love your baby.’


On baby weight: Jenna says she gained over 50 lbs with the pregnancy. ‘My boobs were enormous! I’m down 28 pounds since the birth. I weighed 188, I’m normally 130. It’s been shedding really fast.

Bodhi jokes, ‘She looked hot the entire time! I’m pretty sure 15 pounds was in each boob.’

As for her workout routine, Jenna says,

During the pregnancy, I swam and did weights. Since the birth, I’ve walked lightly on the treadmill about three times, and I do five-pound arm weights. Now, I crave very light fare like salads and soups.

More kids?: We’d love another one. Bodhi adds, ‘Another 15 to 20. I have a name [for a daughter already], but I’m waiting for a girl, so I can’t tell you.


Source: OK! Magazine, August 27 issue, pg 54-57

Patty at Baby Chic 101 tells us that —

Story is wearing Best of Chums crocheted monkey booties ($24) and a Entertaining Elephants lap shoulder tee ($22).

Story’s nursery hosts a Netto Loft crib ($1,585).

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Jessica on

Isn’t he just the cutest little man!?!? What an adorable little guy and they all look so happy!

Liss on

What a cutie! They both look so happy!

Shell on

he is an adorable baby!

Autumn on

Aw beautiful pics! Jenna makes a great mom, I’m sure. Maybe she’ll have another soon, so they’d have one of each, you never know. (She could’ve started much sooner, since they’ve been married since 1995, but I guess that it was her choice and not necessarily other issues, dykwim?)

And finally an actress who admitted her real weight, and proves that not all Hollywood actresses weigh “next to nothing” to begin with. It also makes some of the rest of us not feel so bad.

nicksmomma on

I have been waiting to see this baby. He is so cute! He looks like a little old man! When you look into his eyes in the 2nd pic, he looks like he has already lived before, like his eyes have seen so much. I love the pic of him smiling too..he is just too cute! Congrats to Jenna and Bodhi!

bell on

Isn’t he just the cutest little thing? Also what a beautiful smile.

tink1217 on

what a beautiful baby!!!! He has this “knowing” look!!

Jessica P. on

Story is a beautiful baby. I’m sure Jenna will be a wonderful momma.

Monica on

He’s a cutie!

Mary on

He seems so alert for a baby with less than one month. Really cute.

Cass on

He has her smile in that first photo. Actually, I see Jenna in him in the second photo too. What a cutie!

brannon on

As a fan of “old-fashioned” names, I am surprised how much I love the name Story Elias! It seems very romantic for some reason (like a character in a novel 🙂

Megan on

Oh how cute is he! And I couldn’t agree more with nicksmomma cuz that’s the first thought I had was that he looked like an old soul–someone who had been here before and seen so much…

And that one of him smiling at dad…that is adorable…he’s absolutely beautiful! So happy for Jenna, Bodhi, and little Story…congrats!

Angel on

These pics just warm the heart. He is absolutely adorable and you can tell they are quite enamored with him. What a doll!

renee on

oh, story’s too cute.

i get the feeling he’s soon gonna be known as one of the cute celebrity babies. up there with shiloh and suri.

Jory on

I agree! What a cutie! And that smile! I was eagerly anticapating these photos! Well worth the wait! Congrats to all of them!!

Grayson's Girl on

Awww!! What an adorable baby! His smile is just gorgeous and I love his “I know all and see all” look lol. He looks like a little man in an cute baby boy’s body.

Natalie S. on

Awe how precious! Wow he’s so darn cute!

Lynn on

Did they say how much he weighed when he was born?

Sarah’s note: 7 lbz, 2 oz. If you click the link where it says ‘welcomed their son,’ all the birth info is in that post. 🙂

Princess on

Awww… he’s so adorable. These pics definitely put a smile on my face and warmed my heart. Congrats to the new parents, such a cute family.

Candace on

What a sweet little boy!!

Charity on

I’ve never seen such a young baby smile like that. He is adorable. I hope we get to see lots more of him. And the name fits him.

Ginger on

Does anyone happen to know where the bear rug under the crib can be purchased?

Lynn on

I wonder why the doctors didn’t even let her try for a vaginal birth??

terri on

That was a nice interview. They all look so happy and beautiful.

She looks pretty tall so 130 is pretty thin, if not next to nothing. I definitely envy her figure whatever she weighs.

Steph on

He is SERIOUSLY the CUTEST baby I have seen in a long time. he is perfect@ Beautiful pics.

Stephany on

He’s a really cute kid! Congrats to Jenna and Bodhi. They seem super happy.

daphneesmith on

Well this guy has personality-plus! Love him!!!

Stacy B on

What a gorgeous baby! He sort of looks like an old soul & the name is starting to grow on me…they seem like a very down-to-earth family : )

Aitch on

The parents are glowing! Baby is adorable. Very heartwarming……..

Karm on

These two really seem like they are already amazing parents for first timers.

Story is adorable and Jenna and Bodhi look happy and fantastic!

Sasha on

Great pictures, congrats! She (Jenna) is taking it all in stride and that’s very cool.

Callen on

Cute baby! They have been together for a long time! hopefully more years to come!

This i so unrelated! but Bridget GIVE BIRTH ALREADY! Lol!

Noodle on

What a precious boy…. soooooooo cute!

Carol Lee on

He looks so wide awake and smiley. What a cutie pie he is. He’s a good mix of the two of them I think.

M on

I loved their explanation of a silent birth. I’m not a scientologist, but that sounded so appealing and made a lot of sense (if not just b/c I imagine giving birth is a stressful time that it must be nice to have people just focusing on the task at hand peacefully) so maybe I will do that when I give birth. It’s too bad that people made it into such a weird thing when Tom and Katie did it; I wish I’d understood it better then.

LuLu on

To Lynn- My husband was born 2 weeks late and after hours and hours of labor and pushing, my MIL had to have a c-section. His skull had already hardened too much to be pliable enough to pass through the birth canal.

emily on

Such a beautiful baby! He’s so sweet and small.

It’s great that Jenna shared how much she gained. And she even exercised while pregnant. That’s good for me to hear for my own weight-gain expectations.

And I agree M…I never knew the silent thing was about the doctors and nurses – it was always portrayed as being the woman who couldn’t make the noise.

Nicole on

Why an automatic c-section, just because she was overdue?

Sarah’s note: I was wondering that myself, but she didn’t say anything more in the article other than that sentence, unfortunately.

charsmom on

Story is very cute! I like how both parents are Scientologists, but are not trying to turn everyone else into one. Until this interview, I didn’t even know they were Scientologits … others in Hollywood should follow their lead!!!

stephanie on

I second what Charity said, this is the first time I’ve seen such a young baby with so many expressions! They all usually look pissed off, haha. What a beautiful family.

Doreen on

He’s sooo cute and he has quite a few different expressions showing! He does look like a lil old man…cute!

Mousie on

I had 2 C-sections and I’ve never heard surgical staff talk about anything else during the delivery.

It was all about telling us what was happening and talking about the baby. So I think that statement was a little ignorant (doctors talking about golf games).

I’m curious how these two make a living. He’s an actor? I’ve never heard of him, and I don’t know her from anything but that Dharma show – she was so darn cute in that !

Darling baby ……..

Sarah’s note: I don’t know what Bodhi has been in, but Jenna also had a new series last fall that ended up being canceled (Courting Alex) and I caught her on Brothers and Sisters too…

Marie Choi on

Lovely baby, of course. What a nasty comment about doctors yapping about their golf vacations. What a ridiculous stereotype. Suspect it is relatively revealing on how she views the medical establishment. I hope she was nicer to the medical personnel than she sounds, especially as it sounds like she took full advantage of our best technology (as she should have).

madam pince on

Here’s the link to Bodhi’s profile at

Story is an adorable baby. Best of luck to them.

Nicole on

It’s pretty ignorant on her part talking about the O.R. people talking about anything but the baby arriving. Although I do not work in OB, I do work in the O.R. and when a patient is completely awake, nothing is really said, other than talking to the patient about what is going on.

Everybody has a right for their religious beliefs to be upheld, but I have a hard time the way she talked about the O.R. staff like they were just common people, common idiots that have NOTHING better to talk about during the birth of a BABY than a golf game. Come on, Jenna. We’re professionals!!!

karen on

mousie & marie choi- as i was being wheeled into surgery for my c-section i was shocked at how bright and loud the room was. there was even rock music on high volume playing! while i feel that mr. & mrs. elfman were just joking about the “golf game” i do agree with them about doctors needing to be quieter. anyway, gorgeous boy! jenna looks great with some extra weight on her. my parents were married 12 years when i was born, and my husband & i waited 7. i think it’s sometimes nice to wait- at least in our case we were more “ready” to have a child- more emotionally and financially stable to care for one. to each their own.