Garner-Affleck family at the Brentwood Country Mart

08/15/2007 at 08:28 PM ET

Actors Jennifer Garner, 35, and Ben Affleck celebrate Ben’s 35th birthday with a trip to the Brentwood Country Mart with daughter Violet Anne, 20 months. Violet gets a smooch from mom before Ben puts her in her carseat for the drive home.

Photos by Splash News,,

Violet is wearing a top from Baby Gap‘s Spring Rosebud collection — check eBay!

C110Violet wears a pink crochet flower clip from Belle’s Bowtique ($4.95).

Crocs_candyViolet wears Cayman Crocs Mary Jane style in Cotton Candy ($30).

330809Ben holds a Playtex 7-oz First Sipster($4).

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Julie on

Crocs…crocs…..and more crocs!!

brannon on

Violet should be the GAP baby 🙂 She looks adorable here!

Lauren on

Does anyone remember how all Violet wore was pair after pair of Robeez for the first half of this year? She must have had at least five pairs of Robeez she wore regularly. And now she’s on a Crocs kick! But at least she’s getting good use out of her shoes, and I’d rather see her wear the same shoes over and over than a new pair of shoes every day. And I love her top.

Megan on

wahoo more of the Garner-Afflecks! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN…and i bet he could think of no better way to spend it than with his girls =)) This picture is adorable–Violet in that first one is just priceless…the smile and the little double fist pump…hehe And the smooch from mom in the second one–Violet is almost like come on mom, enough…LOL!! I love it!

And I know that nobody is being MEAN about it, but can we ease up with the croc comments–we all know she wears crocs a lot–so do millions of other kids–I don’t think it’s necessary to comment on it with every picture…JMHO

LOVE these pictures and LOVE this family! Violet is just all toddler–with all the expressions…ADORABLE…my favorite by far…

Maya on

I think people are commenting on the Crocs not necessarily because Violet’s wearing them, but because under each photo of hers there’s ALWAYS a message “Violet wears Cayman Crocs Mary Jane style in…” with a picture of the shoes. As if we don’t know what she’s wearing! I know it’s CBB’s bread and butter but it is getting kind of annoying. BTW I love violet – she’s adorable and looks kind and not spoiled.

Sarah’s note: Sorry if people don’t like it. In the survey this year, 94% of readers told us they enjoy knowing what kids are wearing. I agree that it gets very repetitive! If there are more than 2 items pictured I try to put it below the cut. But no, that’s not our bread-and-butter. That would be the ads on the top and side that let us get the money to buy all these pics!

kimber on

I’m a longtime reader and a huge CBB fan but I’m just curious why kids are referred to with their first AND middle names on this website? It’s one thing to mention it when they are first born but I doubt that Ben & Jen call their daughter Violet Anne…they have always referred to her as Violet.

Sarah’s note: It’s just kind of bio thing we do, like how we write the parents full names and everyone’s ages. It will only be mentioned the first time a child’s name is written in the post. Again, it gets repetitive for regular readers with kids like Violet who we see all the time, but with lesser known kids people seem to enjoy the additional info (or will discuss it — like Deacon Phillippe’s middle name being Reese).

Basically, someone should be able to come to the site from a link elsewhere and have all the info they need and all their questions answered by reading the post. That’s what we try to get across.

katie on

“Again, it gets repetitive with kids like Violet who we see all the time, but with lesser known kids people seem to enjoy the additional info (or will discuss it — like Deacon Phillippe’s middle name being Reese)”

I think maybe your survey found out how many of your readers are here frequently? I suspect a decent number. If that’s the case, maybe it’s time to start thinking of aiming your stories more towards the current knowledge of your readership? (If you don’t know your readership, that’s a different matter, but I think I recall a question about how often I visit in that survey?).

How many of us actually need to be told every time that Brad and Angelina have four kids, and their names are….etc etc. In other words – your stories are written for people who have no idea who the celebs in it are, which gets fairly repetitive for anyone who reads the site more than once a week…IMHO. If 80% of your readers are new each day, then fine, but if 80% are regular readers…

Maybe you could just stop doing it (with the middle names etc) for those celebs you list constantly – you acknowledge yourself that it’s repetitive. Same thing with the crocs. Just because the survey said people like knowing what the kids are wearing, doesn’t mean common sense can’t kick in in regards to repeating it every single post you make about a child….;)

gabriella on

Violet is so cute, they are such a loving family.

Maya on

Don’t get me wrong – I love knowing what the babies and moms are wearing/using – like the new Bugaboo Bee I saw a few days ago – what a great stroller! My point was that Violet’s been wearing Crocs and only Crocs this summer, so in my opinion people know what she’s wearing. The Garner-Affleck family loves Crocs in general – I even saw a picture of Ben wearing them in Hawaii. Wow, if nobody’s getting paid for this endorsement for Crocs it’s a real crime… 😉

Sarah’s note: The Find feature is helpful in that way, but it’s just not the bread and butter, promise!

Rebecca on

I love Violet’s outfit…my fave celeb family for sure!

Campbell on

Ditto Megan!


ilove this girl
violet is my favorite celebrity baby ever and she getting biger and pretier

Nancy on

there sure do spend a lot of time shopping for food, fruits especially! great to see a normal family that probably cooks instead of dragging their toddler out to a fancy restaurant every night!

brookefan on

Aren’t her little hands darling? She looks excited and so happy to have Daddy carrying her!! This is a wonderful family. My favorite Celeb Mom.