Cindy Crawford and kids at High School Musical 2 premiere

08/15/2007 at 08:54 AM ET

Model Cindy Crawford, 41, and her children — Presley Walker, 8, and Kaia Jordan, 5 1/2 — arrive to the worldpremiere of High School Musical 2 held at theDowntown Disney District at Disneyland Resort on August 14th inAnaheim, CA.


Photo by Charley Gallay for Getty Images.

Bestdressedchild_1962_69070740Kaia wears Jack Rogers Navajo sandals in white leather ($60).

Shoes_iaec1017136Presley wears es Kid’s accelerate grade-school in black/grey/royal ($38).

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tink1217 on

her kids are beautiful! her son’s hair looks great on him…he looks like he could be a future Abercrombie model!

Natalie S. on

Wow those kids of hers are wickedly gorgeous! Presley is and will be a heartbreaker as well as Kaia. I know I shouldn’t be stunned but I guess I’ve never really seen a clear close up picture of the kids.. Wait does Presley have a mole like his mom? Great genes & good looking family!

Liza on

Presley shoes are ES Accelerate in Black/Grey/Royal, if anybody cares! I wear that brand, very comfy.

Jo Ann v. on

They are so gorgeous!!

Elisa on

Presley is SO CUTE, he is gorgeus! I love his hair. Looks perfect on him.
Kaia is gorgeus too. Isn’t she tall for her age? She is 5 and a half and have almost the same height than her brother, who is 8. She is a princess… a mini cindy. So pretty.

tink1217 on

Natalie, it sure looks like a mole!!

Lish on

Someone please cut that boys hair. He looks like a girl no matter how beautiful his hair is.

Cat Lady on

Wow, both of the kids look so much like her. Not just in that they are beautiful, but they have a lot of her features. Such a good looking trio!

Christiane on

Her daughters are beautiful and fashionable like their mom!

brannon on

gorgeous – both of them!! and I love his hair on him!


The perfect “model” family…her daughter looks to be wearing makeup and her son looks like a beautiful GIRL. I wonder if Presley and Ryder Hudson hang out together? Clearly Cindy is making the choice for him since he has had long hair since BIRTH. Cut the hair Cindy, your son has lots of years ahead to make his OWN decision about his hair.

JEH on

The kids are breathtaking, I have to admit I had to do a double take to figure out which one was the girl, but nonetheless gorgeous.

sy on

Regardless of his hair, he has great bone structure, both of them do, they are gorgeous!

jen on

Kaia will be 6 the first week of September.

Sarah’s note: Yes, we refer to kids by their half ages until a week before their next birthday.

Tamara on

Woah! Her son is strikingly gorgeous!

Brooke on

I think they are both gorgeous too, I was stunned!I dont know why though, I mean their mother is a model! But Wow!

Posh_Fan on

Kaia is so gorgeous already. She’s going to give her mother a run for her money once shes older.

daphneesmith on

Ok, Pressley flat-out looks like a girl were it not for his clothes.

Yes –his hair’s lovely, yes –parents can permit what they like, no –he’s not hurting anyone, but I stand by my opinion that for the love of God cut that kid’s hair.

That aside, this family has the most amazing genetics ever. I am just stunned.

bell on

How a child and their parents choose to have their hair is completely up to them. I am Native American and my son who is 14 has always worn long hair and will continue to do so by his own choice. These children are gorgeous, stunningly so as is their mother.

Campbell on

Insanely gorgeous family (husband/dad Rande Gerber is beautiful too)

carrie on

Uhhhh. Christiane one is a boy…

Julia on

These two should do a modeling campaign with the Samuel-Klum family. That would be adorable!

karrie on

Her daughter is cute enough, but her son is stunning.

Kel on

Hey Lish…Guess you had to be the one!!! Someone always thinks that parents’ would want to listen to what they think is better for their own child. Come off yourself! He looks great, and plus many other cultures enjoy the freedom of having both sexes wear long hair if they choose. Save up some money and take a trip abroad to get cultured!!! American standards are not all the world has to offer 😉

hann! on

That boy will break a few hearts for sure, he looks like his mum but has his boyish quality too.

gabriella on

Both her kids take after her, but kaia is just gorgeous. She really is a mini cindy.

nicksmomma on

OMG..those kids are absolutely beautiful. I don’t think Presley needs a hair cut, maybe he likes his hair that way! To each their own…
I can see where he has Mom’s trademark mole..and Kaia is totally gorgeous too. They truly did inherit their Mom’s model genes…and Dad’s too I guess..he isn’t all that bad either!
Both of these kids could be models..right now and in the future!

danielle on

very cute kids, but he really does look like a girl.

Kresta on

Both kids are gorgeous looking but, I have to agree about Presley’s hair. It makes him look very feminine combined with his delicate facial features. It also looks like he has his hair dyed light blonde. He has such dark roots but that could be his hair changing colour naturally as he ages. Both kids look very confident in front of the camera.

Renee on

Beautiful kids. Does it really matter that he has long hair? Not everyone likes having short hair including some men. He’s really handsome and you can tell he’s a boy.

Car on

Absoltely beautiful kids ! Her boy’s face is very feminine, even without the long blond hair he would still be mistaken for a very pretty girl.

EditorJax on

They are gorgeous kids. I am not a huge fan of Presley’s hair, but I think it looks better than some of the younger kids who have long hair like Kate Hudson and Celine Dion’s sons. Presley has the most striking facial features; he looks just like his mom!

Kate on

Presley is prettier than his sister!

yaosa on

I love their style and look, especially Presley’s!

I think it’s nice when boys can set a different standard and stand apart from conformity.

No one ever comments when young girls have their hair short so what’s up with the boys ? As long as you’re not forcing your child to go around in a way that is uncomfortable for them, it’s great to allow them to express themselves as long as it isn’t hurting anyone else.

What a gorgeous family!

I always enjoy to see pics of them! The children are both absolutely beautiful and seem to have their mother’s poise.

I wish them all the best!

Kresta on

I agree with Kate. Kaia is pretty but Presley is definitely prettier. As for the long hair, I have noticed quite a few models’ sons have long hair. I have read that Cindy thinks Presley looks like a surfer and where they live it’s quite common.

J.M. on

Her kids are gorgeous but quite frankly the first thing I thought when I saw this photo was, “is Kaia wearing makeup?” It looks it to me. I can’t say for sure if she is or isn’t but if she is I think she’s way too young!

Presley is GORGEOUS and as I’ve always liked his long hair (unlike Ryder Robinsons) now I feel it looks a mess. But he does look very feminine in this picture. I think he’s a spitting image of his mother.

ht on

Are boys with long hair a rarity for some of you? I live in southern california and there are a lot of boys Preston’s age that have long hair. I don’t see anything wrong with it and it looks quite fitting since he is a little skater dude.

terri on

The only thing I thought about his hair is it looks like he need to have his roots retouched! 😉

Her daughter is definitely a mini-Cindy.

terri on

Her son has her signature mole as well.

Carolle on

I really hope Kaia isn’t wearing makeup. I dont think it would be sending the right message, especially coming from a supermodel mom, that wearing makeup at such a young age is expected or acceptable.

Naughty Cal on

The roots may be a sign of an impending darkening. Cindy has said that Rande had that same blond hair as a kid, then it went brown later on. The same thing may be happening to Presley.

For those of you who criticize Presley’s long hair, I know we have a lot of Jolie-Pitt fans on here-what’s your opinion on Maddox’s mohawk? To me, that look is way worse.

ang on

she probably is wearing makeup. not a fan of cindy’s parenting ever since i accidentally came across (online) a pic of kaia on the beach,topless with arms across her chest imitating 1 of her mother’s famous seductive was maybe a year ago? cindy supervised the pic, but it was a while ago. a fair few ppl saw it and all thought it was gross, even the guys.

CK on

im diggin’ on her son’s hair


ANG, Just worry about your parenting skills. So judgemental!

Natasha on

I know what you mean LALA, but although the bathing suit photos didn’t bother me, putting make up on her does. I think it would be hard to grow up with your mother being one of the most famous models in the world 😦

ang on

i don’t have kids, lala (cept my cat) and i didn’t say she was a bad person or mother or anything, i was merely quite justifiably appalled at something i’d seen her let her kid do. if kaia & presley grow up to be little angelinas trying to save the world, i’ll eat my hat for y’all….

Christiane on

Both of her daughters are charming in that photo. The girl to the right is more of a tomboy, but that’s perfectly ok.

Rose on

I think Presley has his Cindy’s features. Kaia looks more like her dad but with Cindy’s coloring.

J.M. on

Presley’s hair has always been very blonde. But it’s true it could start to get a bit darker. Mine did as well. Heck my hair color has changed my whole life!

Ang I remember the photos of Kaia w/ the topless bathing suit and agreed they were tasteless even if she wasn’t showing anything. There was a whole huge debate on this board infact.

I think it’s hard when you are a model you probably invision your children to be super gorgeous (as hers are) however I truly think Kaia has some makeup on (although her son appears to look it too) so maybe it’s just the lighting. However, I am a believer that kids should be kids. Makeup can wait. Her kids are beautiful no matter what.

Liz on

I do not think Kaia is wearing makeup. The hubman and I saw Cindy with her kiddoes at a restaurant in CA last year and we both thought she was wearing makeup and were duly horrified, as it doesn’t look like “ooooh, mommy, can I put on some of your car-mex?”, it looks like she just hopped out of the chair at Elizabeth Arden.

However, when they walked by, that child’s face was inches from my booth and I went from angry at makeup on a four-year-old to JEALOUS of a four-year-old with blessedly PERFECT coloring! If you see her up close, you can see there is nothing artificial or makeup-y about her coloring. Now that I’ve seen a couple of baby/toddler shots of both kids, I can see that she was literally born with perfect, flawless coloring and skin. Most of us grow out of it by our toddler years…she is just lucky to have darn good genes, I guess!

Oh, just an aside…also at the same meal, Pressley took his straw before he put it in his drink and played “air guitar” with it for a few seconds, and you can tell he fancies the flyin’ blond locks as totally ‘rock star’. I really doubt that his mother or father “makes” him wear his hair that way.

More power to the little lad…Lord knows children of celebrities need individuality and distinguishing characteristics for them to have a chance at not being Paris Hilton clones.

I never thought I’d have the chance to offer my one-and-only celebrity sighting in an anecdotal way…so cheers to me ; ^)

Great photos- Cindy Crawford is a wonderful advocate of mom-and-baby centered birth, breastfeeding, and raising creative children. Lucky kids, lucky mom.

(For anyone wanting to see those baby pics of Kaia, she was born right around Sept. 11, 2001 and Cindy participated in numerous fundraisers and charitable activities and had Kaia with her in the sling most of the time as she was just a little wee one…so they’d be easy enough to find searching in google or something.)

Shanna on

Both of her childen are gorgeous. It does look like Kaia has on makeup but then again it also looks like Presley has on a bit. It’s probably just for the event. I seriously doubt they wear it when they aren’t. It’s just like when kids male and female are actors they have a bit of makeup put on before shooting. It will probably be hard on Kaia growing up having Cindy Crawford as a mother. A lot of living up to do. I love long hair on boys and but I still think Presley could use a trim. It’s starting to get stringy on the bottom.
Kaia does look tall.. or maybe Presley is just on the short side!

mel on

that´s the most stunning child I´ve ever seen in my life.