Giveaway: Little Einsteins' new DVD, Rocket’s Firebird Rescue

08/14/2007 at 10:41 AM ET

Update: The winners are Kara, Amanda, and Finnaryn.

Littleeinsteins_cbbBefore you can say "Blast Off!" the Little Einsteins™ are zooming through the sky in a new movie that’s jam- packed with action, music, magic and fun. Besides Rocket, what’s big, red and can fly?

Meet Rocket’s new friend: the mysterious Firebird! She sprinkles magical music power everywhere she flies, filling the world with beauty and joy. But when a mean ogre captures Firebird, it’s up to Rocket, Leo, June, Quincy and Annie to travel all the way to Russia to set her free and bring music back to the world. Soar over the golden spires of a Byzantine palace. Discover St. Petersburg, and explore snowy Siberia, where you’ll meet a freshwater baby seal and much more. Remember, only with your help — singing, dancing, and playing instruments — can the Little Einsteins complete their mission and save the day. Inspired by the music of Igor Stravinsky’s "Firebird" ballet and filled with messages of teamwork, friendship and compassion, ROCKET’S FIREBIRD RESCUE is a magical journey you and your preschooler will want to experience together again and again!

Bonus features include "Magic Mission Mode" — In this alternate viewing experience, discover new animated pop-up fun facts while enjoying the movie, and a bonus episode, "Rocket Soup."

Check out these clips from the DVD:  Ballet, Try to Stop Rocket, and Instruments.

To be entered to win one of three copies of the Little Einsteins "Rocket’s Firebird Rescue" DVD, post a comment below and tell us why you want to win it. (Giveaway closes 8/15/07 6 AM EST.)

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Jenni on

Id love to wint his for my little 5 year old – she just started school today!

KatieMamma on

So glad you are doing this giveaway!! My sons saw this advertised on TV just this morning and were so excited! They absolutely adore Little Einsteins!! I would love to win it because I will have to buy it if I don’t win!! 🙂

Many thanks!!!


Michele on

I’d love to win this for my daughter. She loves this show and her birthday is in less than a month so it’d be an awesome extra surprise 🙂 on

what fun! i hope i win!

Danielle’s note: Please let us know why you want to win (per the instructions) so your entry can be considered.

Marty on

My almost three-year-old twins are CRAZY for the Little Einsteins. They would be thrilled to receive the DVD. Thanks!

Tannit on

I’m teaching my son some Russian and this looks like a good movie. In the past, I have avoided Little Einsteins because the characters are very stereotyped (the leader is a boy, the token African-American plays trumpet, the girls sing and dance and are younger/smaller), but I think my son is old enough to understand that boys and girls and men and women are not so easily defined.

Heather on

Gabriel, my 9 month old son, just discovered Little Einsteins this morning & absolutely loved it!! It would be awesome for him to have this cd for him to enjoy 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

Jenn on

Oh my goodness! My daughter LOVES Little Einsteins… She learned English by watching for her first language was Mandarin when she arrived home to us… She is just 18 months old and loves to do the pat pat pat to revvv up rocket and identifies already with June… It is sooo adorable… Hope to win it for her… One less thing to spend money on, since we are in the process of bringing home another little girl from China…

Kelly Pearson on

My son loves the Little Einsteins!!

Jamee on

My son is two and he loves Little Einstein. Whenever the show comes on in the morning, he does the “pat, pat, pat, pat….blast off!”. He then comes over and makes me do it, if I didn’t do it with him. We are going to be driving 12 hours to go visit our in-laws soon and it would be great to have this DVD for him to watch in the car.

Kristen on

I want to win simply because my kids love Little Einstein’s and would love getting this as a surprise.

Lynne on

My son Chris loves these guys so much. He sings their songs all day long. It would be a good surprise for him.

Janet on

I would LOVE to win this for my 2 year old son! He loves Little Einsteins. As soon as they come on he starts grinning and patting his tummy. He loves to dance to the music and this is one show I can actually sit through too!

Wannabe on

My daughter LOVES the Little Einstein’s so much that every time she sees a plane flying or even a trail in the sky she screams ROCKET! MOM IT’S ROCKET! She would flip to get this set!

Amanda on

I want this so I dont have to listen to Dora anymore! Shes a nice kid Im sure but how many time can we chase the magic baseball star?

K on

I would love to win this for my son. It is his absolute favorite show and his birthday is this month, 8/20, so it would be a nice treat!

Lynn on

I would like to win as I am expecting my first baby. :o)

Erika on

My son (3 1/2) just loves Little Einsteins! He loves to sing along with all the songs. Bur honestly, Mommy is ready for some new tunes and this is the place to get them!

Jenn on

My two little girls absolutely love Little Einsteins Movies. we have already got all of them except this one and they love to watch them all day! They would love to win this dvd so they can enjoy it just as much as the other ones!

Lynne on

Little Einsteins is my 23 month old’s favorite show! Not to mention that her birthday is the week after this DVD comes out! She knows all of the shows by heart & is just so cute when she does the dances & sings along. What a great pre-birthday gift it would be to win a copy of the new DVD!!!!

liesl on

My son absolutely adores the Little Einsteins. It’s constantly watched at our house. Even so, that when I hear classical music, I start putting it together with the lyrics they sing at the show (LOL). We’ve recently been to WDW and my son stopped eveything he was doing and lined up for a picture with Quincy. He also saw June, but he didn’t get to see Leo or Annie.

Anne on

All THREE of my kids L.O.V.E. Little Einsteins! My oldest, who’s five, swears up and down that he’s Leo (well, Leo/Spidey/LarryBoy/Superman all rolled in one) and he loves to conduct like Leo. My middle one is happy to be whoever “Leo” wants her to be (she’s sweet like that) and Baby gets ecstatic when the theme music starts. She points and says “Lid-le Eye Tine” over and over. I would love to win this DVD to add it to our collection. I have a selfish incentive to win: this would be a great way to get a few moments of peace when Hubby is on his business trips or to play in the car for those long drives we take into the city. I really want this! 🙂

Becky on

I’d love to win these for my 16 month old son! Its hard for us to catch the show on TV, but when we do he is completely entranced by it! Which is about the only time I can actually get something done!

Dee Jay on

My daughter loves the little Einsteins! She has the Beanie Babies and all of the movies so far. Her second birthday is on Monday, and it would make the best gift, since on that day I have to return to work. It would make her so happy on what’s going to be a sad day for us both.

Amanda on

I would really love to win this dvd for my almost 3 year old nephew Logan (whose b-day is september 21st). Logan lives in Germany where he is being raised bi-lingual. His parents only have a few English dvds (the ones I have bought him and they are mostly baby einsteins)and he has seen the preview to the Little Einsteins so many times on those dvds and always asks when he can see the show/movie. This would be a great birthday gift for him and much more age appropriate and interesting for him.

Lauren Smith on

My little guy absolutley adores these guys. He finds any way he can to watch them, even when it is time for bed…. He flys everywhere, does his pat, pat, pat and literally knows the theme song by heart! This would be a great treat for him!

Kara on

I would love to win this video, as I am currently on modified bedrest for preterm labor with my second baby. My almost 2 year old son LOVES the Little Einsteins and I would be thrilled to have a special surprise for him for being so understanding while Mommy is taking care of his soon-to-be little brother.

Amy on

My son called his in-utero sibling (of unknown sex) “Rocket” for 7 months. When his SISTER finally arrived, he still insisted on calling her “Rocket”. It has stuck. She’s the only 5 month old I know that is called Rocket!

4ladyhusky on

My 3 year old LOVES The Little Einsteins. We record it for her everyday and she has all the previous DVD’s. She saw the ad for this DVD and said “I don’t have that one!” She would love it if I won it for her!

Jennifer on

I would love to win the video since we rarely purchase new DVDs for the kiddo. She gets to watch her shows on TV, but a DVD is a very rare treat! She always appreciates a new movie and will carry it around, so proud that it is HERS, to hold in her hand and look at whenever she wants. It’s so sweet.

Good luck to everyone! I’m sure the giveaway will make some little one out there very happy!


I want to win it so I can sell it on ebay!

Angie on

i want it because my son loves the little einstiens and since we moved to alaska we dont have the disney channel since cable is expensive here and u dont get enough channels to make it worth it!!

Dai S Chan on

Hi, I would love to win this DVD for my nephew who is 4 because since purchasing the first of the series he has falling in love with ROCKET. Through the DVD is has also learned about new countries and also have learned to like classical music. His love for the Little Einstein collection has been passed on to his sister my 1 year old niece as well. So if I am lucky enough to win this DVD it would be great to see their smiling faces while “patting for blast off”.
Thank you!

Denise on

I would love to win this video for my kids (6, 5, 4 and 5 months)!! The older kids love Little Einsteins and we just started Baby Einstein with our 5 month old! Thanks

nikkimonique on

My daugher is three and loves this show! Unfortunelty we just got rid of Cable b/c of the cost so I’d love to have the DVDs.

Susie on

My son,Jake, saw the Little Einsteins this morning for the first time and was mesmerized by the music and the sing-song way that the characters speak. To top it off I was able to lay in bed for an extra 20 minutes this morning while he watched. I hope that’s a good enough reason! lol!

Caryn on

I want to win for my little boy!!!!

Jacie on

My 3 1/2 and 2 year olds love Little Einsteins! They have learned so much from watching the television program and it would be great to have the DVD for long car trips!

Lorena on

I’d love to win because I never win ANYTHING and this would actually be for my son..please let me win.

Anna on

Nugget absolutely loves Little Einsteins! She danced for the first time watching the show…I know she’ll love this dvd. Plus with a new baby on the way, it’ll be something great for the two of them to do together…

eileen ruiz on

I would love to win this for my son and daughter because they love little einstiens and they don’t get to see it now because we do not have cable and can not afford it right now so it will be great if I win this for them.

Doreen on

I would love to win this because it’s such a fun, learning discovery experience for kids! Love the Little Einstein’s!! It’s a great journey for the kids to go through together!! We love the action, music and all the fun that comes with Little Einstein’s!

Lori Alzubaidi on

My nephew just is 14 months and goes ga-ga everytime Little Einsteins comes on TV. I have two older kids 6 & 7, and they love it also. My sister is 4 1/2 months pregnant with her second baby and they do not have a lot of money to buy movies for my nephew. They don’t even have Ti Vo to tape the shows! She would absolutely love it if I could win this for him. Thank you Lori

Heather on

My 3 year old daughter was not excited to have a new baby brother, and it has taken a few years for them to develop and grow up enough to play together. When my daughter, now 5, found out that her brother, now 2, loves Little Einsteins as much as she does, she became very excited and started telling him all kinds of things about the show. Now it’s their favorite, the one show they both like, and they pretend to be rocket at night when they get their pjs on for bed. I would love to surprise them with the new movie. I never thought they would bond over a cartoon, but now I love to hear them sing, “Rah, rah, rah for Rocket!”

Kylea on

I would like to win the new Little Einsteins Movie Because my son, Ellis and I watch the Little Einsteins every morning when he gets up. He loves loves Music and his faces lights up when he sees Quicy & Leo on the TV screen!

Amy Jo on

It sounds like Rhett would love this!!!! We do not have cable so the only shows my son or daughter, Rowan, watch are on videos that others have recommended to us. I feel that what little amount of TV he watches should be of good quality and I trust the makers of Baby Einstein products.

Marie on

We are in the process of adopting a little boy from Russia between the ages of 12-18 months and these DVDs would be perfect for him! Little Einstein’s would be great for him to watch.

Amy S on

My husband is a minister of music and he loves when our kids (ages 6, 4, 2) watch this show. We believe it is a great way for our kids to learn to have fun with music in a way that is not being taught. I love when my little girl starts singing Beethoven! My kids would love this movie and would watch it regularly! We would be honored to win this DVD!

Nicole on

My girls love the Little Einsteins! They learn SO much from this show! My daughter was listening to the classical music station (we have it on for playtime or naptime) and she recognized Mozart! I was stunned when she said, “mommy that’s mozart music.” She is only 3 years old! My little one, who is a few weeks shy of 2 loves the rocketship so much, that I bought her a Radio Flyer rocket that she sits on while she watches the cartoon on Playhouse Disney in the morning…she also loves to sing the theme song. I swear I hear it in my sleep! I think it is a great show for children to watch, fun and educational, AMEN!

chris on

My daughter loves little einsteins. She is 3 and we are expecting her little brother any day. She is very excited to be a big sister and has shown no signs of jealousy yet. It would be nice to have a special package in the mail for her. She sings the entire song every time they are on. It is very cute. It would be great to win this for her.

ab on

This seems great! I’d love to win it as my daughter is a big fan of the show — and I know she’d love this!

Alexis on

id love to win this because when my five year old brother Daniel isn’t watching TMNT, spiderman, or the incredible hulk, all you hear is him sining the little einsteins theme song and “patting” away.

Letitia on

My son and daughter loves Little Einsteins, they both sing along and enjoy each adventure.
Thank you for your consideration!

Candace on

My 2 year old little girl ADORES “Yiddy Attas”, as she refers to it! 🙂 It’s the first show with an actual plot that keeps her attention (as opposed to “Baby Einstein”). It’s fun to watch her “pat, pat, pat” along with the kids to help Rocket “blast off”. I personally love all the classical music and musical theory it involves. I am a musician myself and I would love it if my daughter were interested in it too. “Little Einsteins” is a fun way to introduce it to her. So I would definitely love to win this DVD!

Jinny on

My 3 year old daughter loves them and sings their songs daily. Even I love to watch these cute kids with her! I would love to win this DVD because it is so educational and wonderfully produced for our young children. We love Little Einsteins!!

Misti on

I want to win because no matter what my son is upset about, if he hears “We’re going on a trip…”, he immediately starts smiling and dancing. It’s the cutest thing ever.

charsmom on

Not to be the negative voice here, but wasn’t there just a huge study that came out saying that Baby Einstein does harm to the speech development of babies who watch it? Does CBB really want to promote this type of product/company?

Obviously I do NOT want to be entered into this contest …

Note from Danielle, CBB Publisher: Little Einsteins is a cartoon intended for toddlers and young children, not for infants. The study that came out dealt more with the Baby Einstein/Brainy Baby-type of program that were used as a way to “educate” babies, instead of entertain them.

Here’s what I think it boils down to and I don’t recall if the article or study addressed this. There are parents who use tv as a babysitter – they plop their kid in front of the tv and go and do their own thing on a regular basis (not just for short periods of time). In effect, they are interacting less with their child whereas a child who does not watch any tv may have a parent who is interacting more with them. I think parents have been sold a false bill of goods- led to believe that no parent participation was necessary or that there was something magical about the dvds – that the kid would just absorb knowledge just by witnessing the dvd. The marketing should be developed differently to encourage parent participation and acknowledge that spending one on one quality time with the kid is actually more enriching. But this article seems to just scapegoat tv which already gets so much flack because of violence on tv, blah blah blah.

Did they have a test case of parents who watch the shows or dvds with the kid and talk to them about it, during and after? Maybe if they did, they might see different results and they could rule out the tv and focus on the attention and engagement.

A child who is not engaged can’t learn -anything- speech, maturing behavior, etc. so it may not just be the tv’s fault.

atsirk17 on

I would love to win this DVD for my two sons (ages 5 and 2). They love this show, and I love it, too, because it isn’t violent and the characters are kind!

Mrs J on

I’d love to win this for my son. He loves the music and patting and blasting off with the Little Einsteins. 🙂 Plus, it gives me a chance to go to the bathroom!

Kristen on

Best. Giveaway. Ever. My 2 year old son is a HUGE Einsteins fan. He hears that music and starts yelling ‘Mission!!’ and searching for his stuffed rocket. He would love this DVD; he could watch LE any time he wanted!

Jennifer on

I would love to win this for son. He is two years old and watches the Little Einsteins on TV with fascination. He would love it so! Thank you.

Mandy Sadlo on

My girls would be so happy to win this DVD. Starting next month all three of their big brothers will be in school, and it would be nice for them to have something special to watch while they are gone that is just for them. Thanks.

krishna on

I would love to win this for my daughter. She just turned 2 last Monday and winning this DVD would wrap up her b-day festivities! She really enjoys singing along with Leo, Annie, Quincy, and June–especially during “curtain call.” I even know the words now 🙂

Jennifer on

My 2 1/2 year old daughter absolutely loves Little Einsteins! We look forward to watching it every morning. The characters are adorable; Annie is her favorite. And the music is wonderful and every epsidoe is guaranteed lots of cool visual stimulation!

Kristina on

My kids would FLIP to see this! I would love to win it just to see the look on my kids’ faces when it came in the mail!

Nisha on

I’d like to win it for my son, who is 3.5 years old. He loves the Little Einsteins so much, we have to DVR the episodes so he can watch them when they’re not on! His favorite is Rocket Soup. He absolutely LOVES Rocket! He even hums some of the classical music while he plays!

J.M. on

oh the wonderful Little Einsteins, the song that keeps playing in my head over and over again thanks to my niece and nephews who adore this cute little show! They’d love to have this dvd and I’ll even give it to them without trying to pawn it off as a Christmas gift that I bought for them 😉 LOL

And as I finish typing the song appears in my head yet again!

We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship, zooming through the sky little einsteins. Climb aboard get ready to explore,
there is so much to find little einsteins….

thanks Little Einsteins and CBB

Natalie on

My son is 23 months and he loves it when he visits grandma and she has cable t.v. yeah he gets to watch little einsteins!!!! We would love to win this DVD soooo much. Please pick us so we can enjoy it together. They are so cute and a great show for all ages.

Leslie on

My 2YO actually used Leo & Annie (the beanie baby size from the Disney Store) as her bedmates the first time she slept in her big girl bed 🙂 She’d LOVE this!!

Chris on

I’d love to win this for my son. He’ll be 3 next week. It’s his favorite show.

Lisa on

My 2 year old daughter would LOVE to win this DVD because she loves the show! Everywhere we hear classical music she says ‘Einsteins Einsteins’…it’s so precious and I’m so glad there is such an intelligent show/DVD for children and the more I can expose her to it, the better.

Having the DVD would make her so happy and if we won it, she wouldn’t have to wait until a holiday/birthday for us to buy it for her!

Plus since it’s all about Rocket it’s perfect for her because it seems that ‘Rockt’ (as she says it) is her favorite!
Thank you for reading our comment!

Jessica on

Oh my gosh. My girls love Little Einsteins. It is awesome because it is something that my 1 1/2 year old and my 5 1/2 year old can enjoy together. My 5 year old helps my 1 year old play “Little Einsteins” after they watch the show. They make their own pictures and use their little piano to make the music from the show. It is so cute.

Ashley on

I would love to win this for my two youngest boys. Both of them have birthdays coming up (end of Aug and end of Sep) and Little Einstein’s is one of their favorite shows.

Brooke on

My daughter will be two next month and absolutely loves the Little Einsteins! She just recently moved into her “big girl bed” and gets evne more excited knowing that when she gets out of her bed all by herself that her and mommy get to watch the show, just the two of us before our day begins. We bond over this every morning, her with her juice cup, and me with my coffee. She always quotes Quincy “I cannot believe it!” and loves Rocket! This would be a great birthday gift!

Lisa on

My son absolutely adores Little Einsteins. He has watched the movies and the show since he was almost two. He has learned so much from the show. For example, he’s the only 3 year old that I know that hums Mozart and recognizes painting and songs as “Einsteins songs and paintings.” I tell all of my friends to let their kids watch Little Einsteins because it has great lessons and it is actually good for them to watch. I would love to give this movie to my son and we have been looking forward to it being released since the Golden Pyramid came out on DVD and there was an advertisement on there for it.

Cindie on

My daughter is an Einsteins FREAK. She loves them, and singing the songs with them is her favorite part. She’d love the newest DVD.

alisha on

My son would be so thrilled if we won this DVD, he is absolutely mesmerized by the characters, the music, just everything about them. He calls them L’il Siensteins, and the the stuff he spouts off afterwards is amazing they just have a fantastic way of passing on messages to kids his age(3.5yrs).
Anyway, pick me, pick me!

Amanda on

My little boy is almost 2 1/2 and I never thought someone so little could be so in love with a show. We met the Einsteins at Disney this summer and it just made the trip for us to see him so excited. I never thought watching a children’s show could make me so happy until I saw how happy my son gets and it’s worth watching the same episodes over and over. We have a new baby coming in 2 months and I am really trying to make everything about our son before new baby arrives and this would be a wonderful gift for us as a family to enjoy.

Mariela on

I would love to win this for my 19 month old niece. She’s been watching the Little Einsteins for as long as I can remember. She’s learned so much from this show. We tune in every morning on Playhouse Disney and watch it together. She recognizes the song and goes along with the “tap, tap, tap” they sing on their theme. We’ve also been watching the DVD preview on and she seems to love it.

Kristin on

What a neat giveaway, I’d love to win it for our first (who I am still pregnant with), the show looks like it would be such fun, and great for our little one to grow into. =)

Rachel Fernbach on

My son loves this show and it would be a great “big brother’ gift – I am expecting a second baby in less than 2 weeks!

thanks and keep up the good work!

Heather Slater on

My youngest just adores Little Einstein and we watch it atleast once a week. I would love to have a dvd for him.

Joanna Powers on

Both my boys, 6 and 3, would love to own the new Einstein’s movie. My 6 year old has been especially benefitting from the classical art and music lessons taught through the show. On a recent trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, he identified several of the paintings featured in past shows, and favors Van Gogh. He often recognizes classical music pieces he’s heard on the show. I would be very happy to add to this knowledge with the new DVD. Thanks!

Erica on

I would love to win this for my boys. My youngest (just turned 2) is addicted to this show. He and his older brother watch the movies just about everyday. It would be great to win this for them as we won’t be able to afford to purchase this for them when it comes out since my hubby just lost his job and I am a sahm (who is about to have to go back to work). It would be great to have something brighten up the boys day.

Tisha on

My son has always loved the Baby Einstein series of videos and as he’s gotten older has continued to enjoy and learn from watching Little Einsteins. This DVD would be a wonderful addition to our collection.

Morgann on

I LOVE CBB~I would love to win the Little Einsteins DVD to use for our 6 car-trip in a couple weeks! I’m dreading what you’re supposed to do w/ a 2 yr old in the car for SIX HOURS!? Help! 🙂

Marina on

I would love to win this DVD for my two year old son. He’s a huge fan! He learned how to count backwards and say “blast off” from watching them. He would love to have this DVD. thanks

Angie on

My son LOVES Little Einstein’s! 🙂

Sarah on

I’d like to win this DVD to give my unborn baby a head start on the world of Little Einsteins!

Jennifer Trussell on

My 2 year old as well as 6 year old adore Little Einsteins. my 2 yo loves to pat along with the characters and sing along. The 6 yo has been introduced to art that she propably would not have been if she had not watched these. It is great for her to see art and know the name of the piece as well as the artist. I would love to win this not only for my toddler but little girl as well!!

Renett on

I’m currently in the process of adopting my 2 year old nephew and he loves Little Einsteins. He’s favorite character is Quincy.It would be a perfect gift 🙂

daphne on

OMg My Daughter Totally Loves This. Shes 3 years old and walks around singing the songs. Its sooo cute. She Crys when its over so we always have to watch it again and again. Its a great show to watch with her. I love it too. WE sing together and its just beyond fun to interact with her while watching Little Einsteins =)
She would be over the moon if she got this movie. Even my 6 month old laughs when watching Little Einteins

Jo on

I would like to win it because my lil man is nuts about Little Einsteins. I could give this to him for his birthday coming up and he would love ME the most! j/k I’d just love to see the look on his face if he got this. 🙂

finnaryn on

I would love to win this for my kids (7, 3.5 and 1) because it would be a nice change from the string of bad luck we have had recently. Three hospitalizations in the last two months. I for a violent miscarriage that nearly lead to a hysterectomy, my middle child for tonsillitis and the baby for a head CT scan because of a possible premature skull fusion.

Watching Little Einstein’s in the morning at the hospital was a little bit of home for the boys.

Michele Goodman on

My twin girls are almost two and are just discovering Little Einstein. (I just discovered we had Disney only 3 weeks ago on our cable plan). I’ve been surprised at how they already recognized the some characters. We actually don’t have any other videos yet. I guess it’s bye bye Baby Einstein.

katherine folvik on

i would love to win….i only get one chance a day to watch this show with my daughter mila piper (14 months)…and being on the go it is hard to make that certain half an hour time frame …pick me pick me

Lore on

My son watches this show all the time and would be thrilled to watch this new DVD!

k on

I would love to win because Little Einsteins is STILL the only show my son will “participate” with. He’ll clap his hands and say “Blast Off!” but he never does that with any other show. He loves those Teeny, Tiny Einsteins, I’m tellin’ you.

Jennifer C. Donnelly on

Until 2 months ago, I was a avid CBB reader for the past two years but 2 months ago, I became a mother again to my sisters 20 month old who was removed from her home due to neglect. Now I am suddenly a mom again after having raised a 17 year old girl and a 20 year old boy. I now see CBB in a different light and scour it for tips and information on products for my nephew. I am still getting up to speed on Dora, Diego and the Backyardigins. My budget is very tight so I cannot indulge on all the things I see but I know if I won the DVDs they would be well used and loved by my nephw who watches Little Einstein whenever I remember it is on. The kids tapes I have are VHS and sometimes don’t work so the DVD would help me to get into the 21st century and benefit my nephew who as a result of the neglect is developmental delayed and requires a lot of various types of stimulation of which dvd’s are part of.

Amanda on

My two girls love the Little Einsteins. I especially love hearing my 22 month old sing along to the intro song! Blast off!!

Nicole on

My baby daughter has been watching The Little Einstein since birth. She watches the dvd that she has and can sing the words to the songs. I have taken her to a character lunch with character lunch at the Disney MGM Studios and she adores Leo and June. The show is educational and fun…I would love this for my daughter!

Amy on

Are you kidding me? My toddler has been in love with Annie, Quincy, June, Leo and Rocket since she was a wee one! I can assure you we’ve seen EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of the Little Einsteins and could most likely quote them all too.

In fact, Hailey’s first words were “BLAST OFF”. I kid you not.

Oh yeah. We want in on this for sure.

Did you know that Target now carries Little Einsteins apparel?

Robin on

My Grom (3) loves the Little Einsteins. It would make his day.