Josie Maran on being eco-conscious while raising daughter Rumi

08/11/2007 at 10:25 AM ET

Model and actress Josie Maran, 29, considers herself to be relatively eco-conscious, and integrates her green knowledge into motherhood as well. After celebrating the birth of daughter Rumi Joon, now 13 months — with longtime boyfriend, photographer Ali Alborzi — she has some new tips to share with Here are the baby-related highlights.

On Rumi’s birth: I gave birth to Rumi in my backyard. I practice what I preach.

On baby stains: My daughter loves getting messy. Instead of bleach, I use citrus on stains. Just rubbing and rinsing with a lemon or lime followed by alittle drying time in the sun does the trick.

On diapers: The average baby uses approximately 6,000 diapers before pottytraining. I use gDiapers — or ‘hybrid diapers,’ as I like to joke. They have removable inserts that biodegrade when flushed.


Thanks to CBB reader Pam.

For more information, Josie suggests you check out and

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Leslie on

Who is this person? Never heard of her.

Re: the diapers, I’m not buying into that. I can imagine they would clog the toilet anyway. And some moms don’t have time to be washing the outer part of diapers.

Sarah’s note: Here’s her Wiki page if you need more info than what I posted. 🙂

Erika Ruth on

G Diapers are great! They are designed to be flushed, or composted (for wet ones). The flushing works great! Don’t knock it, if you haven’t tried it! We LOVE not having a diaper pail in the house, and the waste goes where it should! There is NO plastic going to the landfill with them! Way to go Josie and Rumi!

Renee on

I like the diaper idea. When I have kids, I will look into that

Natasha on

Whoa how did I not know about these diapers? They’re amazing! What’s the catch? Money?

sarah on

They’re only $17 a pair- less than I spend in a month on disposable ones! You can buy them at

Natasha on

I wonder if they’ll be cheaper by the time I have kids….

Thanks Sarah, I saw the website I didn’t know if that was a good price for diapers or not.

yo momma on

i’m very excited when i read about someone who is in the public eye standing up for the earth & her principles. it was simply a matter of funds that i didn’t choose gdiapers… it’s cloth all the way for us! always nice to read about celebrity homebirths, too!

wwbd on

Yay for gdiapers! We have been using them for over a year and LOVE them! They are such a great alternative to disposable diapers and are MUCH better for the earth. As an added bonus, they are super cute on little baby bums!

Lacy on

We LOVE our g’s! I have 2 now in diapers. We use cloth at home, and g’s when we are out and about…the great thing is….I can use cloth inserts w/ my g’pants so i only have them as covers, and change what is INSIDED them depending on our day! I’m w/ those who say..don’t knock it till you try it! You CAN find time for one more load of laundery! ps. I give g’s as baby shower gifts! ;-)and EVERYONE of them uses g’s now!

liams_mommy on

I tried g diapers and didn’t like them.We found the liners often leaked and the diapers were saggy. We switched to Pampers and never looked back.

m on

I love gDiapers! I also live in an old house with old plumbing and haven’t had a problem with clogged toilets. You do need to follow the instructions and break up the interior material well before flushing. Another tip, if you have problems with leaking it could also be that your baby’s legs are a bit thin and need the diaper to be tighter. Also if you have a boy, a lot of the leaks are because of the penis not pointing down.

Jessica on

Hmm when i have kids im going to look into gdiapers sounds really economical.

Rachel on

She gave birth in her backyard! OMG she has always been weird to me.

kristen on

Wow interesting! Good to hear from celebs who are thinking green. I’d love to hear a birth story too 😉

I haven’t used gDiapers but I know a few mamas who have and they like them! One thing to remember about them is they still have the super-absorbent gel in them that disposable do, and that still sits near baby’s skin. I don’t like that too much, though I wouldn’t mind so much for an outing our two.

We use regular cloth fitted and prefold dipes at home, but out we use BumGenius pocket diapers and I highly recommend them! So easy, trim, and look adorable on my son. There’s a review on them in CBB reviews!

socalfelicity on

I know Josie IRL. She’s really cool. She definitely practices what she preaches. Anyway, G-Diapers are cool…but I prefer cloth so much more!

Marie on

I have my 1 y/o son wiggling in my lap as I attempt to type this — I LOVE OUR GDIAPERS!!!! I don’t flush them, but to know that they’ll compost unlike traditional ‘sposies makes me feel so much better.

And to Leslie, no not all moms have the time to wash out a liner, but honestly it takes a couple of moments. And really it just sounds lazy to say a mom doesn’t have the moment to rinse a liner and only have the time to toss a ‘sposie. If you cloth dipe, it takes less time and washing than a cloth dipe. So I don’t see the downside.

Anyway, good for Josie for practicing what she preaches. And yay for gDipes!!! and I love the citrus tip.

mom4bob on

Forgive me, but I gotta ask… is Rumi pronounced like “roomy” or like “rummy”? Either way, I’m not sure what I think of it.

I did the plain old cloth diaper with biodegradable liner thing on my now-10 yr old, and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. It’s really not as difficult as many think.