Update: Introducing Alexander Pete Schreiber

08/11/2007 at 09:24 AM ET

Update: Added an additional photo at the Brentwood Country Mart!

Originally posted August 10th: Alexander Pete Schreiber, 2 weeks, makes his official public debut earlier today as actor parents Naomi Watts, 38, and Liev Schreiber, 39, tote him along on a trip to the post office.

Photos by Bauer Griffin; Photo by x17; specifically for use on the Celebrity Baby Blog, Inc only. Use on other sites is prohibited without purchase.

Click below for two more photos and the gear roundup.



Alexander rides in the carseat portion of an Orbit Baby’s Orbit Infant System in mocha/khaki ($900).

359swNaomi carried Alexander in a Rockin’ Baby pouch in Patience ($82).

Naomi carries Allison Burns’ Faithful Bag ($285).

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Lynn on

It’s nice to see that they don’t have him all covered up & hidden away.

She must feel SOOOOO much better now!!

maggie on

wow I think alexander is a really big baby and also naomi looks really good, she almost has no belly anymore

morgan on

What a cool looking car seat! It looks so comfy, and like a big tote bag, i love it!

Naomi looks great, she really was all baby during her pregnancy.

brannon on


jlove on

What a precious baby boy! She looks great…see was ALL baby

Sasha on

Yay! How sweet! He’s a beaut.

tink1217 on

beautiful baby!!! can’t wait to see him closer up!! Naomi looks incredible!

nona on

He is a cutie! And is already pouting at the paparazzi. Looks like he might even have red hair! Do they have the “ginger” issue in Australia? 😉 I personally think red hair is gorgeous.

Sara watson on

AWWWW He’s so cute!!!!!!

Grayson's Girl on

Awwww he looks all cute and scrunchy! LOL Naomi looks great too, she was definitely all belly. Liev looks like a happy daddy too!

Megan on

Oh he is gorgeous…look at that big healthy baby boy! I LOVE IT…and Naomi looks like she was never pregnant…she looks incredible! Alexander looks absolutely adorable! Love this family

socalfelicity on

What a beautiful baby…and Naomi looks fantastic. She really was “all baby”- wasn’t she?!!

meghan on

how can someone be so big one week – and then 2 weeks later be so small!!! she looks amazing – and they both look so happy!

meghan on

OH – and i just noticed that they don’t have the “paparazzi” shade attached to the orbit!

Rocco'sMamma on

They look sooooo tired….but happy nonetheless.

Stephany on

Alexander is adorable! Liev and Naomi look so happy. Naomi looks GREAT for having a baby just 2 weeks ago.

Renee on

What a cutie! I can tell he is going to be just as tall as his dad when he’s all grown up.

FC on

Another woman who doesn’t look like she had a baby, even though photos don’t lie. Her torpedo like belly has all but vanished into thin air and she now has that beautiful little boy. He’s adorable, and that seat is cool. I don’t think I’ve seen one like that before.

LMAO at the second shot. It looks like Liev is sleepwalking with the baby. But Naomi looks great, and she and Liev and Alexander make for a cute family. 🙂

Layla & Finn's Mommy on

He is adorable and she looks amazing! I agree, she must feel so much better. She looked so uncomfortable the last few weeks. She looks a lot happier now. I think her an Liev make a wonderful couple.

Noelle on

How do you pronounce Liev?

Sarah’s note: Lee-EV.

Julie on

With a baby as cute as that I’d definately show it off to the paparazzi.

Can’t wait to see more pictures.

ZBella on

He is adorable. The proud parents look great too!

gabriella on

Naomi was all belly, because her body looks good for just having a baby.

PSB on

She looks so great! The baby is as cute as I imagined him to be – I can’t wait for a close-up of his tiny face. He looks very healthy. Hi Alexander!

Toontown on

Funny though in these pics, after 9 months of Naomi carrying her baby in her belly, now it’s Liev who’s “carrying” him. It was time for her to rest a little bit. 😛

Awesome pics!!

Mother Popper on

Liev can’t help but look proud, even with the paparazzi around!

I think that Naomi is hiding her belly with that dress. It has a very loose top. Granted, she still looks great, but I think the dress is doing some work there, too.

Lilybett on

I wonder if he’ll be Alexander, Alex, Al, Ally, Xander, etc.

My brother is an Alexander and we’ve called him Xarnie his whole life. His friends call him Sanders, though.

terri on

She looks amazing for having just had a baby. And that dress hides whatever belly weight she may have had left. So beautiful.

Ericka on

They all look so great! He’s such a beautiful baby boy!! I love that Orbit carseat!! I’d love to have one when I have a baby…but $900 a pop…NO THANKS!

Laura UK on

Adorable baby. The whole family looks wonderful.

popi on

Aww Little Alexander looks healthy, what a big boy!Naomi is glowing, they look so happy! So beautiful family!

tink1217 on

seeing the other pic now…he is absolutely beautiful! she must be over the moon. I know I would be!

Mimi on

So cute! I knew Naomi would be a baby-wearing mama! Yay! She looks great, too. They look very happy, and I’m glad for their new little family. Motherhood definately agrees with her!

Amanda on

Oh…he’s so cute! And she looks SO happy, they both do. Congratulations to them. And even though this may sound terrible, I’m so glad they aren’t hiding him…love to see the baby pics 🙂

coco on

good to finally see the baby. he’s a big boy. and wow, as full as naomi was she looks great! congrats to them

erika on

thats a rockin baby shop pouch, not ring sling… =]

Althea on

Such a beautiful baby, such loving and happy parents.

Love this family.


Lynn on

She looks very happy but very tired.

zoom5 on

I’ll bet their mission at the post office is getting the little guy a passport. These little celebrity babies like Kingston Rossdale and the Jolie-Pitt gang have their passports full of stamps from so many countries at such young ages. Little Alexander will most likely be taking a trip to Australia/New Zealand sometime in the future to visit family there.
Naomi looks great. Baby is adorable.

Kylie Smyth on

Congrats to Naomi
Alexander Pete is a great name nice and normal my sons name is Alexander Peter so proberly why i love her babies name and he is so cute to

kylie perth australia

karen on

he’s gorgeous- but what would you expect with those parents?! naomi looks amazing just 2 weeks after, and liev looks so proud. i wonder why they chose pete & not peter, and if they’ll call him alex, xander…

stephanie on

karen, naomi’s fathers name is peter but everyone calls him pete, so thats why they (I’m assuming)chose pete instead of peter. I saw it on E!news. and they also said that alexander was because of liev’s grandfather.

mia on

congrats to em both! im an aussie and cant wait for naomi to bring Alexander home for the xmas hollies! woohooooooooo

Emily on

omg how freakin cute!!!!naomi watts is so amazing and totally deserved to have him:) shes my favorite i have 14 of her movies!! can’t wait til eastern promises goes to DVD:)