Durham-Wahlberg family at Sesame Place

08/10/2007 at 11:00 PM ET
Actor Mark Wahlberg, 36, and his family, longtime girlfriend, model RheaDurham, 29, daughter Ella Rae, 3 1/2, and son Michael, 16 months, took agroup shot with Abby Cadabby during a visit to Sesame Place on Aug. 2.


Source: People, August 20 issue, pg 16

Picture_1Michael is wearing miniBoden’s printed board shorts in mocha super star ($17).

Ella’s dress is from Gap but is no longer available online — check eBay!

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Alexis on

this is such a cute family.

stephanie on

aw, i still melt a little when i see Mark with the kids. so cute!

preesi on

Does anyone have any clue why Sesame Place is so expensive compared to bigger parks?

Alicia on

Thank you SOOO much for this pic of the whole family. Mark and Rhea are my favorite couple. I love them and I especially love any pictures of them with their children. I’m so excited!!!! Thank you so much.

Southern girl on

Ella Rae’s dress is from Gap, my 2 yr. old daughter has it and EVERYTIME we wear it, people ask where we got it! Anyhoo, I love this family! I have liked Mark since the movie Fear came out (with my favorite actress Reese Witherspoon)!!!

andrea on

The shorts are from Mini Boden…my little boy is wearing them today. Cute kids!!!

Grayson's Girl on

Is it wrong that the first thing I noticed about this pic is how incredibly sexy Mark looks? Cause he does……. They have a gorgeous family. Rhea and Mark sure do make beautiful babies!

Kori on

I just missed them, I was there the day before this!! We have the same pic with Abby Cadabby! Beautiful family!

I think Sesame Place is so expensive because it’s only open 5 months out of the year. If you’ve been there, you realize why it’s expensive. It’s no hum-drum carnival. Even though the tickets are $45, they are 2-day tickets also…you can use the second day consecutively OR on any other day that season. I am using my second day next week…

preesi on

Kori Ive never gotten 2 day tickets there before. I spent $90.00 on two, one day tickets.
Dorney, Six Flags, Dutch Wonderland and Hershey Park are all ONLY open 5 months a year too but they all are much bigger, better parks with more rides and attractions. BTW I only spent $30.00 on two tickets to Dorney. Ill bet they KNOW parents will pay that, and so they charge it. (MY OPINION ONLY)

Kori? Have you done the Crayola Factory in Easton? I was highly disappointed. Kids can stay home and draw at home. Thats all it was, kids sitting in different rooms drawing and then being rushed about to the next room. I thought the melted crayon art was too dangerous for kids (one lil girl got some on herself and started crying) They need to think up some REAL attractions!

J.M. on

DAMN! Mark was at Sesame Place!

I’m only 40 min. from there and thought about taking my niece but do agree the tix prices are a bit expensive. Truthfully though it’s the only park though geared to the under 5 crowd. The Please Touch museum is also another great place for the little one’s and a lot cheaper.

jackie on

Oh Marky Mark…your kids are adorable!

The other reason Sesame Place is so expensive is that it’s the only one! I live about 15 mins from it and you’d be surprised how many celebrities have gone through those gates w/o the paparazzi knowing it! LOL

Jacque on

I was just about to say the same thing as the comment above. I live in Langhorne and Sesame is ALWAYS a mob scene, including many celebrities but we never hear about them. I wish I knew about Mark and his family though. They are TOO cute! and yes, it’s the only Sesame park in the country hence the steep pricing

preesi on

Well, Im not going to Sesame Place anymore. Celebs or no celebs! The explanation that its the only one just doesnt make sense. They are charging you more because they know you will pay more! IMO

J.M. on

Yeah I don’t know why Sesame Place hasn’t branched out to more locations. It is a place where many celebs take their kids. It’s actually a wonderful park. I’ve been several times with my nephews and niece and they love it. A lot of soap stars appear there. As I said before admission is high but I think it’s worth it for atleast a one time thing. And don’t miss out on the Elmo’s world show – it’s a MUST see!!

Lauren on

Mark is soooooooooooooo sexy i wish i had his kids.

Megan on

Omg. I love Mark Wahlberg. His kids are so cute! Mark and Rhea make a cute couple! I loved Mark in “The Happening”! It was an awesome movie!

Shacoria on

So cute