Victoria and Romeo Beckham at Barneys

08/10/2007 at 10:58 PM ET

Victoria Beckham, 33, took son Romeo James, 4 1/2, along for a shopping trip to Barneys earlier today. Also joining the mother-son pair were Victoria’s sister Louise Adams and niece Tululah-May, 5, who are visiting from the UK.


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Natasha on

He’s GORGEOUS. My fave celeb kid right there 🙂

And they’re actually with Tallulah (or Tululah, nobody has confirmed, but in David’s book he spelt it Tululah).

tracieleigh on

She can so rock a pair of heels!

Such cute boys she and David have!!!

gabriella on

Romeo is adorable, and Victoria looks great like always.

jlove on

She seems to put her boys first..which is rare and refreshing in hollywood.

ZBella on

I am NOT liking that outfit or the heels, but Romeo is adorable. She seems to be a good mom.

holly on

I love how close they are…and I love how david is so protective of victoria and the boys are very protective of each other and there’s so cute to see David open the car door for victoria…I wish my Boyfriend would do that lol

ang on

id love to see victoria chill out a bit with her wardrobe.i know its barneys but why not just jeans and a nice top now and then?

Elizabeth on

Has anyone ever seen her wear flats?

carrie on

Cute kid.
Love those heels, though I could never run after my daughter in a pair of those.

momo on

Although all her boys are cute, I must say Romeo is the cutest!

Nicole on

Romeo is a cutie! But how come JJ says the niece’s name is Liberty and she’s 9?

Sarah’s note: That’s the info the photo agency posted, which Jared copied, and it’s incorrect. We had that up as well but were corrected by a few Victoria fans who told us it was Louise’s younger daughter.

tara on

while I could NEVER pull off the outfits that Victoria wears, I think she pulls them off very well. I know that some people have made comments about “why doesn’t she ever wear jeans and trainers”, but honestly, I think some people are actually more comfortable in high heels (I have a friend who is this way)–I can’t fathom it, but it is a possibility.

As for her boy’s they are ADORABLE, I really hope that her and David get a chance to add a little girl to that brood, she will be one protected little girl with those big brothers. 😀

stephanie on

funny that you said that, tara, Melanie B said in her book that Victoria doesn’t wear flats because they hurt her feet 😀 I have seen pictures of her wearing flip flops and (gasp) Birkenstocks though!

Natasha on

Tara its hard to imagine them with a girl haha, I think if they have another baby it’ll end up a boy. 🙂

FrigginBoobs on

Is all she ever going to do is shop and be photographed coming out of the occasional restaurant? I mean, where exactly is she wearing all these clothes too?…LOL

gabriella on

Natasha I agree with you, if victoria had anther baby I think it would be a boy. I just don’t see david and her with any daughters. Some people have a boy or girl type face. Like britney spears before she ever had kids, I always pictured her with sons, and now she has two. I’m one of those people though, that don’t care whether the baby is ever a boy or girl, as long as it’s a healthy baby, I would feel blessed either way. Most of the time people would like to have at least a boy and a girl, just to experience the difference, but I think if someone has say 3 boys or 3 girls, maybe it’s just what they are meant to have.

SJ on

I am from the UK and most of this country think Victoria Beckham is laughable. Everything she does is a photo opportunity. While most celeb moms (AJ, Julia Roberts, Naomi Watts etc) actually have careers to base their exposure on, Victoria spends most of her life shopping and has made no valuable contribution to the world.

Laura UK on

Romeo looks just like his dad. All the boys do.

J.M. on

Romeo to me is the cutest Beckham boy.

Love how Talulah is looking a lot like her Auntie Victoria 😉

mom4bob on

No offense meant, but as a child I would have died of shame for my mother to have dressed like that!

Posh does seem to be devoted to her boys, I have to say that much. But she also courts the camera big-time. It would be nice to see her tone it down a bit – ok, a LOT!

April on

Personally, I don’t believe that any of her children would ever be ashamed of her as a mother. Why even suggest such a thing? She obviously devotes herself to her boys, and they obviously adore her. Does it really matter what she wears? Clothing does not equate good parenting skills.