Joel Madden touches Nicole Richie's belly

08/10/2007 at 11:43 PM ET
Hands-on dad-to-be Joel Madden, 28, and Nicole Richie, 25, werecaptured in a sweet moment during their stroll through Central Park inNew York City on July 31. Nicole is due in January. More images available at Wireimage.



Source: People, August 20 issue, pg 12

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gabriella on

That’s so cute can’t wait to see their baby, which I have a feeling is gonna be a boy.

Milla on

That is the most beautfiul photo! She looks so delicate, like a doll. I love guessing the sex, but I’m a little stuck on this one for some reason! I’ll say girl.

jlove on

What an adorable pic! Definitely belongs in their BABY book..They look so happy.

simply_bohemian on

Way too cute, I lurk more than anything else but I have been a GC fan for well as long as they have been a band and I am so happy for these two. I know Nicole had the who DUI thing happen, but unlike some people she knows she seems to have gotten her teenage drama out of her system. Unlike most Hollywood couples I really hope these two can find a way to stay together, not just for their baby but for each other.

Kim on

I hope she can manage to keep the weight ON after the baby. I know so many in Hollywood drop the weight faster than you can blink but I really do hope she manages to stay healthy.

terri on

She looks so much healthier already.

ZBella on

That is a beautiful photo.

I was also very thin (not as thin as Nicole though) before/between children. Breastfeeding helped me keep on weight. If she chooses to breastfeed, it might work for her too.

Megan on

You know I will be the first to scoff and comment on young Hollywood for their fake attempts at “rehabbing” their image and life…but I really do have to commend Nicole…she seems to have completely grown for the sake of her baby…she seems mellow and really grounded and she looks so HEALTHY which is obviously paramount for her and the baby…and I really do think that despite all the controversy and Hollywood stuff–she and Joel seem to be a wonderful match and I am really rooting for this family…

This is an adorable family picture–they seem completely in love with each other and with that baby and that is what is most important…this seems to be totally genuine and HUGE kudos to Nicole for turning things around…I am really loving this family and can’t wait to meet their little one…

candy on

i think these two are cute together but they have such a young relationship that started so soon after each ended a long term relationship i don’t know if they can make it long-run. i am not 100% optimistic that hollywood wont have another britney spears style mom after the baby is born either, nicole always acts so childish.

ang on

nicole looks radiant & i hope joel takes good care of her.there r a select group of celebrities out there who never have anything nice said about them from the press and nicole is 1 of those people.from my perspective,outside their world looking in, u wonder how these people can ever convince the public that they r likeable if they r only ever presented to the world as unlikeable.often we r not even given a chance to like them.

luce on

All she has to do is get pregnant, and suddenly everyone loves her. Maybe Paris should try it!

lena on

ssoo cute! i think they make a great couple, as far as gender goes, im thinking girl.


Ican’t wait to see her belly grow over the months..before we know it, January will be here, and we will have a little Madden! I am happy for Nicole!

Laura on

I think that this is the sweetest picture. I think that Nicole looks really cute pregnant. Pregnancy really agrees with her.

PSB on

I have to say, I was a Nicole fan when she first came on the scene and then just found her disgusting when she went off the rails—-now, I’m beginning to like her again! Who knew?

She looks perfect in every picture. Does she ever have a bad hair day? I love her maternity wardrobe too. She’s is looking so healthy and beautiful, I forgot how pretty she was before she lost all of that weight. It’s amazing what the extra ten pounds does for her. They look really connected and in love in this picture. I hope they can stay together when they are sleep-deprived, nooky-deprived new parents! I’ll be crossing my fingers for them.

amanda on

nicole looks FANTASTIC

momo on

I think this pic is cute but it looks posed; Its not just a stroll in the park.

tink1217 on

nicole looks amazing! I really hpe this is her saving grace and it seems that Joel has been such a great influence. I was PO’d at him for quite awhile because of Hilary Duff and their breakup and he went to Nicole so quickly. But, they seem to really love each other and its been so good for her.

Doreen on

Awww what a tender and precious moment between Nicole & Joel!! Love them..they are sooo sweet together! Totally can’t wait till Nicole has their baby!! No doubt Hillary has got to be hurting though. I kinda know how she may be feeling from my own experience….

Grayson's Girl on

AW!!! How sweet! I love how Joel seems totally enamoured and enthralled with Nicole and their baby. He’s so protective of her and tender with her, and he sure seems to like rubbing the belly. I can’t wait for their little one and wish them the absolute best life has to offer.

Ariana on

I’m not sure what magazine it was ..
But they had a huge article on Joel & Nicole.
They did find out the sex of their baby ..
They’re having a boy.

Maybe In Touch .. or Us magazine??
Really not sure.
SO many baby boys lately, huh?

It also said Christina Aguilera is having a girl .. just sharing.

Sarah’s note: Yes, it was In Touch, and those were both rumors that are false. We debunked them last week. As of right now, neither Nicole nor Christina know what they are having. Nicole and Joel have also said they are going to try not to find out.

renee on

their baby will be wonderful she looks great pregnant

sarah on

Joel Madden will be a great dad. i have met him before at one of his concerts and he is truely amazing. One of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Nicole is a lucky girl!

Meg on

Yes, I think this shot looks posed. Still, I am happy for them.

Natalie S. on

I’ve been a semi-fan of Good Charlotte’s, I was very surprised of how well mannered and mature Joel is when I watched the interview. He’s so excited about being a father and how doting he is around Nicole. Nicole’s a very lucky woman, she’s got herself a great man who simply adores her. Joel has great values & morals ~ kinda rare in Hollywood . Best of luck to them both, they’ll make fantastic parents.

Princess on

They look so adorable together, and I can’t wait to see their little bundle of joy. I hope everything works out for them.

Steph on

I don’t often post, but I just wanted to comment on how beautiful Nicole looks in this picture. She looks healthy and I wish her and Joel all the best through this pregnancy and after the birth of their baby.

dee on

Everyone remember when joel madden was with hilary duff for a couple of years. She was too young for him and maybe thats why things didn’t work out?! Its just funny that nicole and joel haven’t been together that long and they seem so happy, that are willing to bring another life into this world. I think its great, who says u have to wait years to get to know if someone adds to your happiness??!! And, a side note, I wonder what hilary duff is saying to herself rite now. just curious! thanx

Annoynomus on

Not meaning to sound critical or anything here, but….What about Joel lovingly touching Nicole’s belly looks posed to you? I’m just curious is all. 🙂

Patty on

Aw, they look adorable. Love them both.

Kimmi on

I loved nicole richie before she was “Hot n healthy”.. you really could see that underneath all of that bad girl image….! That she is a wonderfull person, I think the baby might be a girl but who no’z!

she looks so pretty now.
Hope she keeps healthy after she has the baby