Tori Spelling thought she was having a girl

08/07/2007 at 12:43 AM ET

Opting against a delivery surprise, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermottfound out their first child, Liam Aaron, now 4 months, was a boy inDecember. The revelation was opposite of what the two were expectingas they had been thinking pink up until then, Tori tells Conan O’Brien on Late Night.

I wanted to know the sex because we were actually calling him a ‘she’for five months and we didn’t want to give him a complex any longer.And then we found out it was a boy. We had the ultrasound and thedoctor said, ‘So what do you think it is? Should we take a bet?’ And wewere both like, ‘Girl. Definitely a girl.’ And then he’s like, ‘Well,that’s a funny-looking girl because there’s a big penis right there.’

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jandksmummy on

My husband and thought our second child was a girl too and kept referring to the baby as a she. When we found out at 34 weeks it was a boy we had to play catch up really quick because we were so certain it was a girl, we had only picked out girl! poor little guy. We eventually picked a really great name for a boy and he suits it.

Kodie on

My Mom thought for sure I was a boy throughout her entire pregnancy. Both my parents decided they didn’t want to know but just assumed I was a boy. When I was born 5 weeks early (which was quite shocking since I was their first child), they didn’t even have my crib yet let alone a name. Since they thought I was a boy they had picked the name Cody from the start. My Mom could not think of a girl name she like so she changed the spelling to Kodie. I’ve grown to like my name but it was quite annoying when I was younger and kids would tell me I had a boy name.

Paulina on

I was positive I was having a boy; I even had dreams where I could see my “son.” A few days before the big ultrasound, for some reason I changed my mind, and sure enough we now have a beautiful baby girl.

Amelie on

My mom also thought I was a boy throughout her entire pregnancy, thanks to her ob/gyn! Since I was a huge baby (10 pounds 6 ounces)with a boy’s heartbeat, he told her for 9 months that she was having a boy. Then comes the big day: I come out and (still convinced ) he announces ”it’s a boy!” The nurse had to correct him ”Doc…it’s a girl!” So my mom was quite surprised and really happy because of the huge surprise it was!

Liesl on

My mother and my father thought I was a boy. I left the hospital in a striped white and navy blanket.
I guessed correctly that my son was a boy. He even wore my white & navy blanket to leave the hospital.

J.J. on

Lol. This post reminds me of a story about what had happened to my neighbor. A few years ago, my neighbor and her husband were expecting twins and were told by their doctor that they were having boys. They prepared the nursery by having a light blue room and by adding a sports theme since my neighbor’s husband wanted his “sons” to love and be involved in sports. They also had already picked out clothes for them, and received tons more at the baby shower, and they also had chosen their names. So pretty much they were ready to welcome them home. Unfortunately when delivery day came, they were given a bigger surprise. When the first baby arrived, my neighbor told me that when she asked if “he” was ok, the doctor said, “He? It’s a she!!”. Both my neighbor and her hubby were shocked, but were thrilled to have a little girl. They were so sure though, that the second baby will be a boy, but were paranoid when the doctor exclaimed that it was another girl!! My neighbor and her husband were shocked and dazed as they realized they welcomed two daughters into the world as they were expecting two sons. They didn’t know what to do because they already had chosen boys’ names, had boy clothes and prepared a nursery that was meant for a boy. They eventually had to return all of clothes back and buy new ones for the girls, they remodeled the nursery to a pink room composed of a flower/princess like theme, and it took them a while to come up with girl names for their little ones. Now the girls are 4 years old and are great to spend time with. I babysit them whenever possible. Forgot to mention that now my neighbor and her hubby welcomed their third child last month, a son this time. When they found out on the ultrasound that it was a boy, they decided to wait until the baby came to get things together, just in case the same thing happened like what had happened with the girls!!!!

DivaStar on

With my first child, I knew I was having a girl, it was just a feeling I had (I didn’t find out the sex)I only came up with girls names, my mom thought I was having a boy and bought a couple of boy sport (one blue and white, one red and white) outfits. I told her if I have a girl I will still put those outfits on her and she laughed cause she knew I was having a boy, needless to say Kiara Alia-Tonaye turned out to be a girl and looked real cute in the sport outfits my mom bought.