Update: Holmes-Cruise family visit bakery and chocolate shop in Berlin

08/06/2007 at 12:00 PM ET

Update: Additional photos in extended post. Click here for video.

Originally posted August 5th: Actors Tom Cruise, 45, and Katie Holmes, 28, attempt to corral their daughter Suri, 15 months, who had been running ahead, as they visit a Berlin bakery over the weekend in Germany. Once inside, spitfire Suri grabbed chocolates out of Tom’s hands, making him laugh.

Photos by x17; specifically for use on the Celebrity Baby Blog, Inc only. Use on other sites is prohibited without purchase; INF.

Suri is wearing Juicy Couture’s denim baby doll jumper ($138) and ruffled polo in white ($64).

Itemlrgpic3a46507Suri wears Sun-San surfers by Salt-Water sandals in red ($34).


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MuffThumb on

That child is CRAZY! LOL

But every time I see her, I get a huge smile on face. she’s precious!

laura on

Suri is absolutely adorable!

Paula on

CUTE!!!! Suri is adorable

catherine on

what a gorgeous little girl. she’s so cute but seems like a handful based on the videos and photos!

Megan on

You can definitely tell that she is a spitfire and I love it…LOL And that little demure smile in that second picture…so freakin adorable…you know she can turn it on when need be…LOL She’s absolutely adorable!

a on

Suri is just too adorable.

Nausicaa on

What a sly little smile ๐Ÿ™‚ A sly smile + a doll-faced little girl = cuteness overload!

Sophie on

It is nice to see Tom Cruise happy ๐Ÿ™‚

willya on

Awww, happy girl!

vanessa on

While Suri is incredibly adorable, what happened to his adopted children with Nicole Kidman. It seems like they just dropped off the earth since Tom had Suri and Nicole got married. Well, let me correct myself, Tom did stay active in there life after his divorce with Nicole, but seems as if she just dropped them altogether. Now, it seems as if he’s doing the same. Adoptive children often feel rejected, as it is, but to be rejected again by another set of parents. They should have thought twice before adopting. It’s not something that you do just for the public’s eye……

Grayson's Girl on

That little doll is going to give her parents some stories to tell! LOL With that adorable face I can see her charming herself out of every and anything. She’s such a beauty!

daphneesmith on

I could just chew on her!

gabriella on

She is such a pretty baby, and a happy child too. They dress her so pretty.

Posh_Fan on

She’s a trip! She’s so funny and so so so so so gorgeous! I love that kid!

Doreen on

LOL Look at that smirk in that last photo!! haha So cute! Suri and Shiloh are about the same age and Suri just looks sooo much more grown up and with those expressions on her face….wow!! LOL Bet she IS a handful–or TWO!

Sarah’s note: I usually look at Grier Henchy, since they are the exact same age, and the differences are so crazy! Interesting how all kids are so different.

Caterina on

Wow, she has a sweet smile. She looks like a really lively girl with a good disposition.

Suri Cruise Italia on

beautiful family..suri is too cute..

there are more pictures?

Sarah’s note: We purchase our photos, so we only bought two. But yes, there are more. Maybe x17 Online will post them later today.

Hana on

I love this family! Its nice to see them happy and enjoying life after putting up with all the bashing from the tabs and haters.
Sarah there are pics of them trying to get Suri to swim in the ocean and she was crying.

Sarah’s note: I know. We don’t post pics like that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

elisa on

Suri is such a cute living doll and her smile adorable ! Love her and her beautiful happy family!!!!

Maya on

It seems to me that they are really overindulging her. Itโ€™s all cute and harmless now but theyโ€™d better be careful or in about 10 years itโ€™ll come back to haunt them.

Maya on

Suri looks very big for her age, she even looks older than Violet Affleck (my favorite baby in La La Land) whoโ€™s a good few months her senior.

Lisa on

one thing though, does the child(or any of them) have jeans,sneakers and Tshirts. Every time we see them they all look like they came off a photo shoot. I prefer the laid back style of the Afleck-Garner family myself. I relate to normal lol.


charsmom on

Say what we will about Tom Cruise, but that is one happy child! All the pictures of her recently are of her smiling, happy, and running around crazy like a normal little two year old. While adults can fake being happy, that is something kids her age can’t – it shows what great parents Tom and Katie are!

meglet on

I agree with Lisa – every time I see pictures of Suri, while she’s dressed in precious little outfits, I feel like Maria in The Sound of Music and I want to find some material and make her some playclothes. I hope that when they’re away from the cameras they dress her in simpler clothes that she can run around and get dirty in.

Rhona on

Suri suri Suri, what a cheeky thing, she seems to have wrapped her parents around her little finger. How can you not indulge her, she is too cute I can see why they would be charmed. Grier’s teeth came beore Suri, Suri has six teeth so I don’t think she is older than she is. If that makes sense. Thanks Sarah, a Suri sighting makes may day. They all look so happy. I am happy for them.

tink1217 on

That little girl is gorgeous and so very happy!!! What a little devil she seems to be and I love it!!! What expressions she has!!!

kristen on

I disagree about the clothing. I personally would love to see an interview with Katie about where she chooses Suri’s clothing – I LOVE the classic styles she dresses her in.

When I take my children to the park, they wear older/worn clothes they can get dirty in. Here at home they wear the worn hand-me-downs and clothes that aren’t as nice looking.

But when we go out, I take care to dress my children nicely. I put my boys into polo shirts or nice looking t-shirts (I also like Hawaiian button down shirts). I put them into nice shorts – clean solids, plaids, or nice denims (same for pants in the winter). They look nice. I dress my daughter in clean, pretty sundresses or in a nice adorable shirt and clean, nicely styled shorts (that are not too short). I put her hair up in various ways and if we’re going out I often put it up with bows or ribbons.

Sure there are sometimes they are not immaculate, but I really try to have them (and myself) looking nice when we go out. To me my children are my treasures and I want them to look and feel like they are. I usually shop at an upscale consignment shop and choose their clothing carefully based on comfort, style, and quality.

Just my honest opinion. I love how Katie dresses Suri.

Meela on

Suri has the same birthday as my daughter, April 18Th. Aries children are generally described as witty and lively beings. If Suri is anything like my Aries daughter she must keep them smiling if not lol on a daily basis. They are also very strong willed children and crave independence. My little Aries is somewhat of a handful. She is an energetic child, she walked at 10 months.

chersolly on

Does the child ever get dirty?

ZBella on

She has won me over. Cute, adorable, classic little girl. Awww…

gabriella on

Suri is beautiful, and I love how they dress her.

sil on

“I feel like Maria in The Sound of Music and I want to find some material and make her some playclothes”

LOL meglet you really made me laugh!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hea on

Gorgeous family!

Susan on

Cloth diapers, huh? Interesting choice!

Amy Jo on

Thank you for the additional pictures! Most of the sites that have the rest of the pictures are blocked by my company. CBB is my guilty pleasure.

tink1217 on

she looks like she was stealing that box from daddy, he is cracking up! Tom annoyed me for so long, but he is growing on me again…a little. Suri seems like such a happy child.

peachy on

Can’t get enough of this beautiful family.I’m addicted to this gorgeous little doll.Thanks a lot for the pictures and the coming ones!!

Susie on

Love her! My son is 17 months old and is also a handful. He wants to run, run and would rather not be held (unless he feels like it, of course!). I’m glad they let her explore,as she clearly enjoys this. There is also a video of this outing on another famouse celebrity website. (I’m not sure if I can mention it on the comment section, but if so its TMZ).

Gail on

She is the most beautiful happy baby in Hollywood. Katie and Tom are so happy,in love and gorgeous.

SY on

Addressing the comments about the clothing–Tom and Katie looked fairly dressed up also, maybe they had brunch or something before hand? BTW, that dress that Suri has on looks like it’s denim (a very good quality denim). I think she’s always dressed cute and age appropriate. I only have boys, but it seems that a lot of little girls today are dressing beyond their age.

peachy on

priceless pictures!I’m totally addicted to Suri!It makes me smile everytime I see pictures of her and of course Tom and Katie.They look very happy!!

J.M. on

I love how she kicks her legs for Tom to put her down! My niece does that all the time. It’s all about, “I do it!” or “me walk!” Suri looks to be a ball of energy! So cute as always!

jill on

She is very cute. But… what’s with the clothes? Everytime I see Suri’s clothes it’s out of the 70’s and 80’s. very conservative and old fashioned and ill-fitting( tho, I’m sure very expensive).

Kelly on

This is one cute kid that I can’t get enough of! She’s so adorable and seems to get more and mroe cuter each time I see her. Just so georgeous and I just love the expressions on her face!

a.j. on

Tom Cruise is looking reaaaallll old in these pictures. At first, I didn’t think it was him…thought it was Suri’s grandpa or something.

Amerine on

No offense guys! But elegance is kind of normal in Europe. In good ‘ol Europe when you go out, you have to be all dolled and dressed up, different than laid back, definitely the in style here in the States!
I’m from Europe but I’ve been in the States for approx. 4 years, and recently I visited my “alma mater”, my hometown.
I wanted to wear flip flops,think Old Navy plastic flip flops and short shorts on a shopping spree, and my mom looked at me like I must have lost my mind completely. Plastic flip flops with no embellishments on, simple T shirts paired with jeans or short shorts are considered beach or housework attire in Europe, while they are pretty much synonymous for going out here in the State. LOL!
Though I am not a fan of the Cruise family, I must say they all look beautiful and elegant.If the Cruise kid is happy, why not?!
I try to dress my daughter down when going to park, however, when we go to church or shopping, she knows she will be all dressed up and she loves it!
Why not giving them a break? If Katie dressed like Britney, people would be upset she doesn’t dress elegantly enough, to say the least.
Let’s just enjoy the pics everyone and find something positive in everything. LOL!

Emma on

Suri is just too cute for words.She is by far the cutest in Hollywood.
I find Katie classy and Tom is so blessed to have this woman and such wonderful kids like Suri,Conner and Isabella. Tom looks so good for his age.

Semeko on

I can’t wait to see how she looks when she gets older……they look so happy. This baby is gorgeous…..beautiful eyes……and she’s always smiling when you see her. Beautiful

Rhona on

Oh Sarah, thanks for the extra pictures and the video, Suri is the cutest thing and in the video you can’t help but feel sorry for the parents. She is so strong minded and energetic. She seems to be wanting to go everywhere and do everything at the same time. But she is a doll. Thanks for her pics.

Denise on

Aww, she is so precious. I loved the bit in the video where she takes her bottle and then runs. Smart little kiddo!

Meg on

I think ‘cheeky’ is the perfect word to describe her. She is a GORGEOUS baby.

maria on

This little girl is just too beautiful for words!! I too had my parents wrapped around my finger and was overindulged(still am)and I came out alright…! Even joined the Army! I LOVE the way they dress. There are times when I see Ben Affleck’s pictures nad thinkm I would never let my man walk around with those knee high socks and faded shorts!!! But to each their own. Love this family!!

diva on

I admire Katie a lot and Tom too.
Suri makes me all warm and happy inside.

Tiffany on

Where are the other 2 kids?

Lucy on

I love that everyone says “oh she’s such a happy baby” They just don’t post the ones where she’s crying! Which is fair enough, but don’t think she’s some abnormal kid that never cries – there are many pics out there. Very cute, though.

Sarah’s note: Yes, she most definitely cries! LOL. But those fall under our ‘no upset children’ policy.

emzi on

She’s adorable. I can’t get over how much she looks like Katie! She’s the absolute double of her mommy

sil on

Amerine…I don’t in what country of Europe you where born, but I live in Italy (Milan) and people do go out with flip flops, shorts and simple t-shirts….of course if you go out to dinner or to party you dress yourself different, more elegant or fashion, but just to go out shopping during the day you see lot’s of people dress in a simple way, and is not considered beach or housework attire.
Well, maybe it is in your country, but since you said “Europe” i thought it was better to explain that not in all european countries people dress the same way ๐Ÿ™‚

momona on

excuse me, i am from europe, and there _is_ a wide range of choice between being in flip-flops, shorts and t-shirt and formal clothing. this is true for children also. i don’t like suri’s doll like clothing either because it is not practical, and saying practical i don’t mean cheap or ugly. i love to dress my little daughter but i want to give her the freedom of moving and i don’t want to worry about too nice dresses. but beside my negative opinion about suri’s parents i like her more and more, because she looks so witty and fun child.

momona on

but if we talk about clothing, could somebody please explain me, why suri always has much less clothes on her then her parents? i just went through a lot of pictures of her this is the case on all of them, i just don’t understand. if i feel i have to wear longsleeves and jeans because i’m cold, then i wont dress my child in shortsleeves with no stockings on, or what?

Clare on

Suri si too too cute andso smiley, of course she cries, she is normal but on the whole she is so full of life and upto a lot of mischief you cannot help but love her. Tom’s older kids are with Nicole, whats with people, they used to complain a lot that Nicole never had the kids now Tom never has them. They have an arrangement that works for them. On the whole they seem excellent parents and Suri seems well adjusted though indulged, she is going to make them run around in circles. Thanks Sarah for the pics and the video. Kiss.

TracyG on

The pics were taken on August 5th right? Well that was SUNDAY? Maybe they were coming back from a service? I don’t know about Scientology but do they worship on Sunday like other religions?

Just a thought about the clothes they are wearing…

Other than that, Suri is the most beautiful baby in Hollywood! She is stunning! Albeit, a very Cheeky monkey! LOL

MMM on

Those are not cloth diapers (in reference to the above post). They are just the bloomer pants that probably came with the outfit. Anyone know who makes her shoes? I have been looking for red shoes for my daughter.