Britney Spears and Jayden at Cravings restaurant

08/05/2007 at 11:02 AM ET

Pop star Britney Spears, 25, was snapped with her son Jayden James, 10 months, leaving Italian restaurant Cravings on Saturday night in West Hollywood. A bodyguard and son Sean Preston, 22 months, walked slightly ahead of the pair (not pictured). Video (including Sean) can be viewed here.


Photo by x17; specifically for use on the Celebrity Baby Blog, Inc only. Use on other sites is prohibited without purchase.

36138everything_primaryimageJayden wears Pedipeds in their Aidan style ($30; enter code CBB07 for free shipping).

His hat is by Gymboree (not longer available online, check eBay!)

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Lola on


sarah williams on

she needs a personal stylist stat… I don’t see how she can have all that money yet dress in the most horrible things

TwinMom on

Britney looks great (and happy)! It’s nice to see her not leaving a club for a change. And Jayden is sooooo cute. Looks like his brother.

Cassandra on

Awe! Jayden looks just like his Mommy!

Kelly on

Just wanted to say that Jayden’s hat is from Gymboree. My son has the same one. It was purchased for him last fall/winter.

Rachel K on

He is an adorable little guy. And Britney (though not a fan of the see through items) actually looks pretty decent herself.

I am not a fan of Jayden’s outfit though. This is nothing at all against Britney because I see so many children dressed this way these days but what is with parents dressing their children like little adults? I can’t imagine that this outfit is at all comfortable. Whatever happened to dressing a baby like a baby?

Christine on

she looks good here.
jayden looks so much like his big brother.

Inge on

Little Jayden is so cute!!
And Britney looks great!
I love her!
Inge from Valkenswaard (the netherlands)

daphneesmith on

Jayden’s dressed just fine; it’s Brit whose outfit is a “don’t.”

aiden on

Now here is a beautiful young lady with two beautiful sons. Leave her alone!

Lori on

I think they look fine. Who is anyone to judge what she and her son are wearing. It’s a happy picture of a mother and child. Lets face it, she hasn’t had many of those lately and it’s nice to see one.

gabriella on

Jayden is adorable, looks just like Sean and Britney. Both her boys are beautiful IMO.

Natalie S. on

Got to admit that’s a fantastic picture of Britney & Jayden!

Roxana on

She looks very good and the kids are adorable. I’m glad to see that those disgusting tabloids covers didn’t put her down and I hope people will stop buying and believing their lies.

Southern girl on

Britney looks fabulous! I am a fan of Britney and have been waiting on her comeback (I know, I know…)…But truth is, if she could just get it together and be a good parent to those two little dumplings, that would be good enough for me! I think she just had too much too quickly (in many aspects) and her life got away from her…Anyhoo, I love seeing Britney & the boys!

Kristin on

Brit looks the best when she is with her boys. Both her boys are adorable

tink1217 on

Brit looks great!!! I LOVE the way I see her kids dressed!! Now, this is the Britney I love! Dinner with the boys!

Rebecca on

I love the way Britney dresses her boys. It’s classy and cute.

Renee on

Jayden as cute as always.

TwinMom on

Re: those who don’t like what Brit or her son are wearing, I imagine that if random pictures were posted of any one of us with our kids, people would criticize our clothes, too. Imagine how crappy we all look sometimes and what people would say….

Sami on

i don’t know why the magazines are sayin tht britney boys are unhappy and need help….
they both look really happy with their mother
in the video and Britney’s a GREAT MOM…
she’s just like any other mother just so happens tht her life is full of paparazzi unlike most mothers… and she is doing the best she can……….if they stay out of her way you’ll see that she’s a GREAT MOM…
leave her alone and give her a chance

Sami from Glasgow……Scotland

Sami on

and………. they only say shes a bad mom because of the way she looks and alway put her down if shes not all dressy like the other celebrity moms…….
Jayden is so cute lookos just like Sean and Britney.
classy look too for them both

Rachel K on

Wow, goodness. Talk about a comment taken the wrong way! I wasn’t putting down the way Jayden and Britney were dressed. I even said in my comment that it was not a direct insult against Britney *since I knew that’s how it would be taken* I was just pointing out that I noticed a lot of parents dressing their kids in the “adult” or as some may call it “classic” fashion (classic would be what kids wore years ago… Suri for example… what Jayden is wearing I wouldn’t consider classic. We didn’t wear that type of thing when we were children) and I didn’t really care for it… I just said it doesn’t look very comfortable for a baby. I did not say it was ugly or something like that.

He does look cute, just not that comfy. That’s all.
No biggie.

Belle on

I love that Britney looks happy! I think that is what makes this photo stand out from other recent ones of her. Good to see her with her boys.

TwinMom on

RachelK, my comment wasn’t directed towards you at all.

Whenever pictures of Britney and her kids are posted, people tear apart what they’re wearing. Yours wasn’t like that. My comment was sort of in anticipation of what might be said.

Angie on

I can see were I can find nice comments about a single mom of 2, Brotney looks gorgeous, ad a loving mommy.
I heat all the blogs out there just pointing oout every single thing she does in a very bad way

Angela on

Jayden is very cute. He looks just like Britney. Sean looks more like Kevin.

lilkunta on

What r u talking about? I luv luv luv BS’s dress. Its sexy see thru & black.

Hey CBB: Jayden was kept hidden until a few weeks ago when BS took him boating and pics were taken . . .
(which now r terribly plastered across mag with titles ‘help me’ soo stupid !) . . .
. . .y is Brit no longer hidig him? Isnt(wasnt) there still a hi price going for the 1st pics of Jayden?