The Duggars welcome 17th child

08/02/2007 at 12:31 PM ET

Jim Bob Duggar and his wife, Michelle Duggar, who became well known after a series of documentary television shows on TLC and Discovery Health, welcomed their 17th child, daughter Jennifer Danielle today (Thursday, August 2) at 10:01 a.m. at St. Mary’s Hospital in Arkansas.  The couple’s new daughter weighed in at 8 pounds, 8 ounces, and was six days overdue.

Jennifer will be welcomed home by her 16 siblings, Joshua, 19, twins John David and Janna, 17, Jill, 16, Jessa, 14, Jinger, 13,Joseph, 12, Josiah, 11, Joy-Anna, 9, twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah, 8, Jason 7,James 6, Justin, 4, Jackson, 3, and Johannah, almost 2.

The couple is already discussing having more children.

Source: KTHV

Please note that we will not be hosting a discussion on whether their number of children is right or wrong, as the last two posts we’ve attempted to run have been closed due to fighting. Comments relating negatively to their family size will not be published. If you wish to discuss multiple viewpoints, Television Without Pity has a great thread in their forums about the family and their documentaries.

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tink1217 on

I’m all for bog families, but this is, well, a bit much IMO. I just don’t know what to think! Anywho…its a baby, congrats.

Erika on

Guess they dig the “j” names- LOL!!!

r9lee on

it must be so hard!! how do u try and give equal attention to all the children? and…..i know this is diff but i have 2 dogs atm. sometimes i accidentally call one the other’s name!

Ashley on

Congratulations to them! I know a lot of people judge them for having so many children, but I say that if they can honestly provide for the children and give them a happy life full of love, then why not? I know what is shown on television isn’t what happens all the time, but the kids all look happy and healthy, and if they are blessed with the ability to have so many children, and if that’s what they want, they should go for it.

I bet the girls are happy to have a new sister!

esmeralda on

I thought since Jennifer is such a common name that one of their kids would have had that name already. Congrats to them. Are John David and Janna twins because they are both 17 or are they just that close in age???

Sarah’s note: Yes, twins. I’ll correct the post, it doesn’t read clearly in that bit.

kristen on

Yay! Congrats to them. What a great healthy baby weight. I’d love to hear how she keeps up a healthy prenatal diet with all those kiddos. Already discussing more babies!! Lucky lady to get all those sweet smelling bundles of joy 😉

JoJo on

If they can provide a happy and healthy home for the children then I think it is great!! I did see a documentary on the family, and the entire family looked happy. I must say as a Mom of four you need to have a great deal of patience and a tight run ship! Congratulations.

Jada on

Only one word comes to mind…Wow!! 🙂

adela on

Congrats to you guys. Kids are a blessing from god! the mroe the merrier!!

Doreen on

Ok but what is with all the ‘J’ names?! LOL Guess they might go down the alphabet of J names. Congrats to them!!

Loralee on

Congratulations to the Duggar family. Every child is a blessing.

Amanda on

I really think you guys should stray from the J names. I mean REALLY. Jinger? What is that supposed to BE?

Sarah’s note: Ginger with a J.

ak on

Does anyone know what the father does for a living? I’ve seen the documentaries about the family and they never seem to say. I was just wondering because I’m sure that feeding and dressing all of those kids can be quite expensive!

chbian on

first I would like to say congrats to them.. great to see a family that has many and are happy 🙂

second: who are they? Are they som reality star, or what? I have never heard of them before..

MommyB on

Congratulations to the Duggars!! I have watched the documetaries about them and I think they are amazing parents!! They have such bright, beautiful, well-spoken, smart, polite, and loving children!! More power to them if they want to have even more children!! If they have the money, the patience, and are physically able…go for it!! God Bless them and their brood!!

Lissette on

Congrats to them! I dont mind them talking about wanting more but what gets to me is that she just had the baby and literally she’s talking about having another!

Jennifer on


j on

Congrats to them that is wonderful! As a fellow Christian, I know they wanted a large family and I do wish they had adopted some children, but I am happy for them!

Kristin on

Congrats to them! It’s amazing how many J names they’ve come up with

J-Lin on

You guys are turning into Nazis censoring the comments on this site.

Michelle on

I’m THRILLED for them! I think they’re great parents and there is their house is just bursting at the seams with love. Cudos to them!
I don’t exactly follow the quiverfull movement to the T, but I agree with the philosophy of fertility acceptence and hope to have a big family too.

Kate on

Congratulations to them!!

TO everyone who thinks that they have too many kids…you should really look into your family genealogy! Up until my grandparents everyone in my family had 12 or more kids (and no not because the children died young).

Ash on

Congratulations to them all!

Kristen on

Congratulations Duggar Family!

This family does a great job raising their kids! We need more families like them…Small or HUGE!

kayleigh on

I personally think it’s selfish! just my opinion.

Ashley on

I think they are an amazing family, and I wish them all the best, and say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Brava97 on

I don’t think Television Without Pity is going to appreciate you sending people there to discuss the Duggars’ family size. The forum is strictly for discussing television shows about the Duggars, not their life choices. Moderators will lock any discussion that strays from that.

Sarah’s note: Perhaps they won’t (although most sites appreciate extra traffic), but if you check the thread that’s linked, they haven’t been discussing the television show in quite awhile, and the thread is still open. They talk about just about everything related to the family in there, and lately the show hasn’t been mentioned much. That’s the best discussion thread with multiple views expressed that I’m aware of for the Duggar family. If anyone knows a better one, they can email the tips box.

Liss on

Congrats! God bless them. I love babies but i don’t think i could handle 17. It must be great for the children to always have someone to play with.

daphneesmith on

Jinger is supposed to be Ginger, but, you know, gotta keep that “J” 😉

Tracy on

It’s so crazy (not in a bad way, more in a shocking way) to think of how much of her life has been spent pregnant!

I’m just happy that all of their children are healthy!

I wonder what she’s gonna do when the oldest decide to leave the nest?!

Maria on

Congratulations! My guess is they have at least 20 before they quit.

Grayson's Girl on

Congrats to them! God bless that woman, she’s a phenom for being able to carry seventeen children. My uterus hurts just reading it lol.

marie on

I think it’s great that they continue to be able to expand their family in the way they’ve envisioned. I do worry terribly about the childrens’ schooling, though. Their house is basically a one room schoolhouse from the 19th century, and probably about as advanced. Other than that, they seem very well adjusted.

Lauren on

I feel for her body.

Side note, she had Jennifer on my birthday. Nice day.

All those J names, though. I wonder what they will name the next one (since they have expressed desire to have more)

holly on

I loved that family so much…I hope michelle and the baby are both healthy

I love her name it’s so beautiful…and so are the children

Im so happy for them…I wish all the best in the world and god bless them and be safe

J.J. on

Congrats on the arrival of another little Duggar!!! Bet little Jennifer Danielle will be gorgeous and hope that the family will keep up with the “J” tradition if they are planning to welcome more little ones in the near future!!

Renee on

Two questions…does anyone know how old the parents are and do they have a large family because of religious beliefs or just because they love kids? I don’t know much about them which is why I ask.

Dunn on

I work with a girl who is the oldest of 11, and she has always stated that she doesn’t want children because she literally grew-up raising them. While Mom was busy with the baby, as the oldest, she had to help look after the younger ones. I’m not surprised.
I wonder if the older Dugger girls will feel the same way?

Becky on

I can’t believe that she’s thinking about having another one already.. her epidural hasn’t even worn off yet! You’d think she would at least spend as much quality time with the new baby before she gets pregnant again.

But congrats to the whole family! I can think of a few more J names (Jonas, Jeff, Janet, Julie, Julia, Jackson).. but what are they going to do when they run out of J names? Jorge?

Ashley C. on

Wow.. Michelle is amazing… She is already 40 though.. how much longer before she is unable to handle the demands on her body

daphneesmith on

>>I don’t think Television Without Pity is going to appreciate you sending people there to discuss the Duggars’ family size.< <

Have you been to that board? It’s all a snark on that family, for the most part. It seems to thrive on that. I’ve posted on there a few times, but I don’t participate in all the hatefulness toward the family that is so predominate there.

Debbie on

Congrat to the Duggars! I think she is an awsome mom. (Just to go on record another homeschooler won the spelling bee in Ca recently and took home $40,000.) Jim held an office in their local gov. before and they also started a towing company before they had children. They also got into real estate before all the children. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full.

Jessica on

>>>QUOTE: I think it’s great that they continue to be able to expand their family in the way they’ve envisioned. I do worry terribly about the childrens’ schooling, though. Their house is basically a one room schoolhouse from the 19th century, and probably about as advanced. Other than that, they seem very well adjusted. < <<<<

Did you see one of the documentaries TLC ran about the family? They built a HUGE home for the family by themselves and I think they built a room that is their “school” room.

Nausicaa on

This is just a monumental tragedy. Has anyone seen their documentary on A&E? It’s a cult!! These children all dress alike, talk alike, think alike, everything! They’re not human beings, they’re robots! They’re all homeschooled, don’t have a TV, computer or radio; they’re completely isolated from the world, raised inside a narrow bubble. What these people are doing to those kids is nothing short of child abuse. They are NOT individuals! These Duggars fail to realize that these are HUMAN BEINGS and should be raised as so. It saddens me to no end.

Cyndi B on

Congratulations to the growing and growing family. I just wonder if the kids are going to have huge families when they go off and get married themselves. There is always someone to play with!!! I pray that Michelle has a speedy recovery. Can’t wait to see the newest episode showing this newest baby girl. The count now reads….10 boys and 7 girls. I can see why they are talking about having more – to even the playing field.

I personally have 1 girl and 1 boy – I’m done.

Lauren Ashley on

Om my! Their 17 kids sure makes me feel bad when I get frustrated with my ONE… I watched their show and it was really cool to see how they do it. I just couldnt imagine being pregnant that long. Congratulations to the WHOLE family! And welcome to the world Jennifer!

av on

Congrats to them!

its amazing though that they have names like “Jinger” when there are many other “J” names that you wouldnt have to substitue J’s for other letters such as Julie.

Melea on

I think it’s great. There should be more families like this out there. Maybe not so many kids because that lifestyle isn’t for everyone but the love they have is amazing. If you can take care of that many children, money wise and love wise then thats GREAT!!!! Congrats to the family and welcome to the world baby girl!

I would also LOVE LOVE LOVE to see an update show on TLC!!!!

atsirk17 on

I totally think it’s cool to have as many children as you want to if you can provide for them and are loving parents. From everything on TV and in print, the Duggars seem to fit that description. The kids all seem happy and well-adjusted, and they speak and act a whole lot better than most kids their age these days!

Adrienne on

I think this family is wonderful. They have held true to old-fashioned parenting styles and practices. They love one another and get along beautifully. I only wish I could be as wonderful a mom as Michelle is.

Katrina on

I’m thrilled for the Duggars. The kids seem happy and look forward to every baby that comes along. I heard Michelle say that the “J” names are because with every baby they didn’t want them to feel they didn’t belong if they didn’t have a “J” name, thus here we are, 17 babies later!

Lily on

I suppose the exclaimation, “Holy Cow” would be inappropriate?

Sincerely, a baby is a blessing, even if it is your 17th. I do hope Mom is doing well.

Robin M. on

I love watching the shows about this family. Congratulations to all of them! Little Jennifer will be in a home that is full of love.

Anna on

Congratulations to the Duggar Family! My Dad is the oldest of 15 and my husband the oldest of 8.

They are truly a family that walks the walk and talks the talk. All of their children are bright, intelligent, well-mannered and define the phrase, “good people”. The family does not have any debt. Let me repeat that, they have NO DEBT. They have no credit cards and if they can’t afford it, they do with out. How many of us can say the same?

They are frugal with their purchases and keep their focus on what is important. God, service to others and themselves last. They are a great example that it can be done, even in today’s material times.

Beverley on

How is it that I had only 2 kids and both turned out as special needs kids, and she has 17 and not one special needs kid in the bunch? Lucky her. Congratulations.

I have watched all of the shows on them and think that they are a very happy family. One more makes very little difference to your workload when you already have a lot. And she has 4 teenage daughters who are like assistant moms. A very unusual family, but very special.

Denise on

Wow congratulations to them. I love how they have kept the same initial for all their children. It’s an unusal trend! I liked their little documentaries when they were on TV. They look like such a happy family.

amy on

More power to them…I’ve seen them on TV and ALL of those kids are always clean, polite, neatly dressed, etc…the fact that they can do it with 17 and some people can’t even handle one is just beyond amazing to me. Congrats!!

Jennifer on

Congratulations on your new baby girl!

momof2 on

“its amazing though that they have names like “Jinger” when there are many other “J” names that you wouldnt have to substitue J’s for other letters such as Julie.”

Hey listen- it’s better than Jermajesty.

CC on

I might not agree with their life style or the choices they made, but I wish them all the best…

Welcome to the world Baby Jennifer!

embee on

it would be hilarious if the last child they had was named – susan or something. can you just imagine going through the laundry list of names, and ending with one that doesn’t start with a ‘J’? maybe it is just me and my wicked sense of humor.

me on

Jedidiah ? what Kind of name is that !!!!

Angela on

The name Jedidiah is from the Bible.

Colleen on

For those that asked- there will be a new show on about the Duggars in September. The production company who put it together has a few commercials about it on youtube

Julie on

I wonder when the name Julie is going to be used?

Congratulations to them and I was just watching their 16 kids and moving in show a couple nights ago.

Thats great that they want more kids and they have a happy home and they kids are all educated and happy and strong morals. Can’t wait to hear when Baby Julie enters the family! lol

Oh btw to answer your question AK- I remember hearing on the show that Jim-Bob is in real estate. I’m not 100% sure of this. But I think they own a farm too.

Carol Alaniz on

My mother-in-law is one of 22 children.

madam pince on

I’d honestly like to know how Michelle has carried 17 children without significant gynecological damage. I was raised in a religion where couples were expected to have large familiies, and WITHOUT EXCEPTION the women who had more than five children experienced serious gynecological problems, such as a prolapsed uterus or bladder, significant vaginal tearing and bleeding, incontinence, horrible VBAC repercussions — yet still continued to have children against the advice of their doctors. A lot of posters have noted that their grandparents had large families, but none have commented on the health issues their grandmothers faced as a result of repeated pregnancies and childbearing. Also no mention of how common it used to be for women to die in childbirth. I wish the Duggers well for the sake of their children, but feel certain that Michelle has done great damage to her health and will shortchange her family as a result.

ivonne Carley on

The J name thing is a religious thing. My husband is one of 6 boys, all named with J and most of the names are from the bible. Took me forever to remember who is who.

Jinger? really now….

Tracy on

To answer someone’s question about the husband’s employment…From article in (3 kids ago)- “Jim Bob doesn’t work a typical 9 to 5 job: He’s a real-estate investor and is involved in local politics. He served in our state legislature for four years and last year ran unsuccessfully in the U.S. Senate primary. He’s busy, but he manages to find time to come home during the day to help out.”

Stacy on

As a mom of many myself (though my six pales in comparison!) I am awed and inspired by their family! Congratulations Jim Bob and Michelle and all the Duggar siblings! 😀

momtomany on

I’m so very happy for this wonderful family!

I personally do not understand the people that choose to “pick” on this family…have you ever watched one of their shows? Why would anyone else care how many children this family has…which by the way is not the amount that they have “chosen”. Instead, they are considered “quiverful” and have faith in God and the number of children He feels they can handle/need.

I do know a few awesome “facts” about the couple:

1.) they live debt-free.

2.) they personally (with the help of the children and family/friends) built their 7,000+ sq. ft. home and owe NOTHING on it (once again, DEBT FREE).

3.) Michelle not only homeschools, but teaches each and every child to play musical instruments..and if you have ever heard the older children speak, they are obviously very well-educated (if not more than those in public and/or private schools).

4.) if my memory serves me correctly, they both hold a real estate license, and have made some very lucrative real estate transactions which is how they earn their living.

I know that there are many, many more interesting facts about this family so either check out their website, or watch one of their specials.

I am a “mom to many”, but not even close to 17 (basically, minus ten of those children). I would love nothing more to live our lives and raise our children a little more like the Duggars!

Congrats again!!!!

Lori on

Congrats…. She is beautiful. May she grow up as happy and healthy as all her brothers and sisters.

Meg on

I love how there’s Jana, Joy-Anna, and Johannah. It must get confusing!!! Bless her for doing it.

brannon on

I like the name Jinger 🙂 I also think Jorgia is a fun twist on Georgia 🙂 What special people they must be – Congrats!

Jillian on

Woo Hoo! The girls are catching up! As for what the father does for a living, he was a AK senator a couple of years back. I don’t know what he does now, but it must be a well paying job because they just built a massive house debt-free. I’m sure the tax refund they get helps too. :]

Melody on

Great more crazy religious freaks, that’s all we need. STOP PRODUCING.

gabriella on

I’m sure they will have a lot more kids, considering she is only 40. At least anther 6-7 kids I think.

Caitie on

Wow. Just because I was curious, I did the math. Michelle has been pregnant for a TOTAL of eleven years in her life, give or take a month or two depending on if she delivered any of them early and those that she delivered late, like baby Jennifer. I just … wow. That lady needs an award or something!

Christine (Granddaughter of one of 15) on

I say more power to them! My mother is one of 15 children born to her mother. She is the second eldest, but the oldest female. The youngest of the 15 is only 2 weeks older than me, we had very close due dates.
Its just more family to love, and by the looks of how they are, they have plenty to give to their children and to each other.
Just keep loving each other. 🙂

luce on

How on earth are they going to afford college tuition for 17 children?

Linda on

i know a few facts about them too, although i know my comments will never make it on to this forum, i’m still going to state them anyway. they discipline very abusively and i’m kind of disgusted that they are given all the attention that they are, especially by a website owner who purports to be a a nice AP momma.

Jordyn on

Well, I wonder if they’ll use the name Jordyn for any kid. I think you can spell it yn, an, en, in, and on. It is a great name that is underused in females, which i am. There is not a downside to the name except when relatives think you are a boy or when there are 3 other kids named jordan in you class, all happening to be boys. I think their a great family though.

daphneesmith on

I do love that they are debt-free, the kids are so well-behaved and responsible, and so on. The one thing I can’t forget about this family though is the “Evolution is a Lie” bumper sticker on their van, shown on one of the episodes. It just made me think, Ah, I knew there had to be something negative about them.

Zoe on

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE DUGGAR FAMILY!!! Miss Jennifer was due on my birthday.

Listen on

Sounds like they have a great family! We too are Christians and want a large family, but decided to also follow the prinicple of adoption, rather than continually creating new life.

Linda on

google *blanket training* and then decide for yourselves whether or not that is something that good and loving parents would practice or support.

Lori on

Wow! How great. People say to us all the what a big family or are these all yours? I just tell them I know families that are even more blessed…we only have 8!
We are working on being debt free very soon.

Jessica on

I love this family and have watched their shows on discovery health,

if they want more children, let them.
every child is a blessing, they can provide for them so i think they can have that many kids or more if they desired.

congrats to them!
i think the girls are excited for having 2 little girls in a row! 🙂

Tina on

Congratulations to the Duggars. They are a beautiful family.

Someone commented that their educational choices were from the 19th century but many great men and women were educated in one room schoolhouses. The Amish still educate their children in the same fashion. Our founding fathers were often educated at home or in one room schoolhouses. Seventeen is still much smaller than most school class sizes!

Sam on

I KNOW this won’t be printed but if this were a black or latino family, I wonder if the comments would be overwhelmingly glowing or if society and all the networks would want to do documentaries on them.

Peter on

I don’t care what anyone says, these children are the most well mannered and respectful children I have ever seen. They love their big family. Although it’s too early to tell their outcome, they did a really great job in raising them. Plus, they wouldn’t have children if they didn’t have the means to do so.

stef on

Congratulations to the Duggars! What lovely children! And mom too. Thank you for your example — there are many of us who are blessed just seeing your openness to life!!

cj snyder on

Congratulations to Michelle and Jim Bob ~ what a lovely little girl! I’ve seen a show or two with them and their family and it’s refreshing to see how they function cooperatively. I hope to see more about them (from them) and I have nothing but admiration for folk who can take their values and LIVE them in a world that thinks it’s entitled to have an opinion about nearly everything and state it to the listening population at large! Nice to see that some folk are just going about the business of living their lives according to their principles and having a hoot of a time at it besides.
Yep – welcome Jennifer, you’ve had the good fortune to be born into one incredible family!

Diana on

Shes a cute baby. My grandmother had 14 none were twins.

Brandi from MI on

Congratulations to the family on another healthy baby! She’s beautiful, and she’s very lucky to come into a family so full of love. I’ve always been impressed by the shows I’ve seen on television – Mr. and Mrs. Duggar have done such a wonderful job raising their children…very well-spoken, smart,. responsible, etc. I think it’s just great, and they are the icon of family values!

On a lighter note, I’ve always said that I LOVED being pregnant…it’s the one thing I get sad about because I will never have that again. But I can’t imagine being pregnant for so many YEARS of my life!! Kuddos to Mrs. Duggar!

marie on

< >Did you see one of the documentaries TLC ran about the family? They built a HUGE home for the family by themselves and I think they built a room that is their “school” room. < >

Doesn’t change the fact that it would be very difficult to teach 17 children of different age levels. I believe another poster talked about a home-schooler winning a spelling bee… but I’m willing to bet that child was not one in 17.

< >Someone commented that their educational choices were from the 19th century but many great men and women were educated in one room schoolhouses. The Amish still educate their children in the same fashion. Our founding fathers were often educated at home or in one room schoolhouses. Seventeen is still much smaller than most school class sizes!< >

The Amish still only get to about grade 8 in proficiency, so I don’t know that that’s the best example. Also, 17 kids all of different grade level are tougher than teaching kids of all the same grade level.

I’m not here to bash them. I would not choose to have so many kids, but I respect their decision to do so, and even remind others that worry about environmental concerns of having so many kids that consuming less (which they make a priority) is just as important as reducing population numbers. They seem happy, and are entitled to believe whatever they want, and teach their kids whatever they want, but education is the one area where I truly believe the kids are getting short-changed.

marie on

< >Our founding fathers were often educated at home or in one room schoolhouses< >

Actually, the founding fathers were privately tutored as they were members of the upper classes. One notable president that was educated in a one room schoolhouse was Lincoln, and there may be one or two others, but such an education would be far from sufficient today. I fear that the eldest Duggar, who wants to go to law school will only be suitable for Regent and not much else.

MissMissy on

I love seeing big families, because I’m fascinated by how each parents’ genetic traits play out over a large sample size 🙂 I.e. who gets the blue eyes, who has dad’s nose, etc.

It’s the inner scientist in me.

Sabrina on

I am happy for them! I’m sure they’ll have few more.

sandy on

What amazes me so much about this family is how proper all of their children are, each of them so polite and respectful, in this day and age its hard to find SMALL families with children so well behaved! I think God has blessed them wonderfully and wish I had the patience to raise that many babies! I am thrilled for them and envy the close relationship that these parents share with each and every one of their children! I hope that people can be more open minded to bigger families, with having “only” three children my husband and I get enough negative comments, I can’t imagine how many judgmental people won’t leave this family alone! Good for them for doing what they want to do and not what the world thinks they should do!

Joyce on

Congratulations to the new addition to their family. I love what they are doing – it shows me and the rest of America that what you truly need are just the basics. Those kids look so happy and well-adjusted. They know how to work and do chores and help each other out with homework, music, etc. I hope I do as well with my kids as they have done with theirs. Bravo to them!!

Kelly on

Congrats to the Dugger Family!! I have seen all their shows and they do seem like just a normal, wonderful family with of course just a lot of more kids. That little one will for sure have a whole lot to look forward to. This is only the beginning.

Danielle on

In response to the schooling issue: There are so many ways for children to learn together even if they are all different ages. It does take a skilled teacher, but it can actually have more advantages than your typical same-age, lecture-style public school class. This is based on research (try looking up cooperative learning, multiage classroom, cross-grade class, etc.) although I am not going to go through the trouble of citing sources. I have HAD to learn about this fact, as it is my last year in school to become a teacher myself.

In response to the poster “concerned” about Michelle’s health: Women’s bodies are designed to give birth. It is our biological role in the continuation of our species. Women who suffer such serious problems are usually women who have had serious interventions during their labors/births, such as C-Sections and inductions. As long as the woman takes care of her body after each child, then no negative long-term effects of the birth exist. If you look up natural childbirth, you can find out more about why interventions cause such long-term problems. If anything, having so many children is GOOD for her health. It is proven that having children and breastfeeding reduces a woman’s chance of developing breast and ovarian cancer (and those are just the benefits that come to mind).

I couldn’t handle 17, but more power to the woman who can!

lilkunta on

Jim was a governor so doesnt he get state pension?

The Duggars claim they are ‘debt free’. I’ll believe it when I see it. TLC is paying for filming them so that is income.

Beverley on

I think they have a great family and have o problem with them having so many children. What concerns me is that these kids have very little knowledge of the real world. What will it be like for them to step out on their own? They have no exposure to the outside and the reality of life for 99% of Americans. I can see big adjustment issues for them and some difficulties meeting and relating to regular folks.

Kat on

Every sperm is sacred.

Cara on

I want so badly to give this mommy a makeover day. She deserves some pampering! A day at that spa – massage, pedicure, manicure, facial. Then a nice cut with some highlights. I bet it would make her feel so special. She needs a little TLC for all the hardwork she does!

I could never handle 17 kids myself, my 3 are pretty demanding! But I have a lot of respect for her as she seems to handle it very well. And the kids seem happy – all comments I have ever seen from them on their show are very positive and full of love for their parents and family. I remember seeing one show where they asked the kids how many children they wanted themselves and each of them said they wanted a large family – 7 or more. Seems like the children feel their parents are doing an excellent job, and in my book, their opinions are the only ones that matter.

Kristen on

The baby is adorable! Michelle looks amazing! I am kinda jealous. I have had only 2 children, and I look like I have gone thru the wringer.

Susan on

She looks awesome for someone who has had 17 kids and all of them healthy! What a blessed family. Congratulations to them.

Karen on

That is good news.

A few decades ago, this family size would be
considered normal. An elderly friend of mine
grew up next to a family with 40 kids! 20
were born to the man’s first wife, and 20 to
his second.

Kelly on

Congratulations! I know how wiped I am from two kids & how my body looks & feels – she handles it so well! AND they have the most well-behaved kids I’ve ever seen! Their house runs so well & they have so much love for each other. They make it look easy! How many people have one kid & can barely handle it? How many people have just one or two & their kids are complete disrespectful, spoiled brats? It’s their life & they are taking care of themselves! Leave them be!

Silverkoala on

Congrats to them.
I love how big their family is and one day hope to have the same amount, if not more, children.

pink.lioness on

Karen, are you serious about this? 20 kids by the first wife and another 20 by the second? Surely they must be in the Guinness Book of World Records!
Congrats to the Duggars.

tanyetta on


TexasCowgirl on

It amazes me just how well behaved all the children are.

I don’t know how they have the patience to deal with all the kids, they must be saints.

alystyn on

Congratulations!!! She is beautiful! I would LOVE to have that many kids. I started to late though 😦 I still hope to have at least 2 more added to the 2 I have. Congrats on your VBAC too, that is quite an inspiration!

Brittany on

SO happy for the Duggars! Don’t know if they have internet service because I’ve seen their documentaries and I know they really prefer the simple (not in a bad way) things in life such as home cooking, manners, homeschooling and a deep rooted faith in God/Christianity. But if they do have access to the web, I would like to say:

Congrats Michelle and Jim Bob! You all are such great parents, really really nice and wholesome people, and just the cutest couple. Your kids are beautiful and are no doubt wonderful members of society. I say, keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s not harming anyone and you are strong in your beliefs and morals which is something we should model ourselves after. You all are truly blessed!

And to answer some questions: if you watch TLC then you may have seen the new documentary where the Duggars get a new house built custom for them. It’s not one story like their previous one was. Also, I would like to know what Jim Bob does, too. But I do remember he said that he and Michelle took a financial seminar that taught them to be completely secure financially and be independent. So they must have investments and such, plus they have no debt because he said they don’t spend what they don’t have. Also, they buy clothes at consignment shops.

Marissa on

I don’t know if any one answered but I read on Wikipedia (Not always the best source of information, but fairly accurate) that they are a “Quiverfull” family or something like that. Like, I think (don’t hold me to this) that they take whatever God gives them because God wouldn’t give someone more than they can handle, etc…

terri on

I think the world record for most children is held by a peasant woman from Russia that lived during the 18th century. I believe she had 60-some children, several were multiples.

Vicki on

I guess my concern is that same as some others. How does she not have gynecological issues.
I have never gotten pregnant and adopted my son, I have had a hysterectomy before I was even 35.
My mother had three children and her uterus could not handle anymore and she had a hysterectomy!
I am not picking on the family , I am just blown away, considering most OB/GYN’s will recommend waiting at least two years after the birth of a child before getting pregnant again.
I think it’s wonderful they want so many children, but as previously stated I do wish they would have adopted a few.
I also was confused by the name Jinger, at first I was pronouncing it with a hard G and then after a few seconds realized it’s just Ginger with a J. Also surprised that Jennifer had not been previously used.

Well, congratulations on the birth of Jennifer!


I was wondering when she was going to have Jennifer. Michelle is truly an inspiration and a voice for all of us moms that believe in raising their children with wholesome biblical values and in believing that you can have a quiverfull or children if you put your faith in the Lord our God and lean on him for wisdom and patience. It is so nice to see a web page full of people who are saying positive things about them instead of negative things. Congratulations to all of them for this recent arrival.
Lots of love in Christ,


J on

The father I believe is some sort of computer programmer or software developer; I’m sure that he does make quite a bit of money, but what’s more, the family has absolutely no debt. They don’t buy anything new that they can get just as good used, and they do not buy anything on credit, only if it’s affordable for them to buy outright. And they built their house by THEMSELVES! I say good for them! My mother has eleven brothers and sisters and there are 20 first cousins…I cannot tell you how sick I am of hearing comments from people who don’t know us say that we must live off of the state (NONE of us EVER have — my Grandpa especially prided himself on it.) As long as the family can provide monetarily and emotionally for the children, it’s really nobody else’s business! Again, GOOD FOR THEM! 🙂

jess on

Congrats to the family!

Alyssa on

I think this is just ridiculous!! Great . . . they can provide for their family, but why continue to bring more and more children into this world. They obviously have enough wealth and love, so why not adopt? There are so many children who have no families, so whoudn’t hte “christian” thing to do be helping to care for these children, who have already been given a terrible start at life?

Tara on

WOW! 17 kids!! I’m a 28 year old mom of four and have my hands full with them! A 5 year old boy, 4 year old girl, 2 year boy and 6 month old girl.. And being a stay at home mom, I have to run after 3 young kids all day and make sure the youngest one is also entertained. It’s quit expensive buying new clotes every couple of months (can’t help myself if I see a cute outfit), buying toys etc. I can’t imagen what it’s like having 17 kids! And thinking about having more? God help them! I have to admire Michelle. She can’t possibly work since she’s having kids every year. Taking care of all these young kids all day must be so exhausting! Well, good luck to you!! 🙂

Lavender on

Marie, you needn’t worry about the Duggar children’s education. Homeschooling children is NOTHING like a public classroom, nor even a one-room schoolhouse. It is more comparable to being tutored. Homeschooling each child takes a fraction of the time regular schooling does, with even better results- so there is no reason why any of the seventeen kids would go without proper teaching. Your comments reveal that you, sadly like most people, know nothing about what homeschooling is like.

Kristen on

I was wondering what they do for a living. I have one child and a husband and can barely make my house payment every month. I would love to know so I can get into that line of work. I hope she does not have all these children and the tax payers are raising the kids for them.

Sonja on

While I admire this family very much, I have a bit of trouble with the constant attention the media gives them. I have seen them being compared to the Mennonites and Amish. I grew up in a conservative Mennonite church. One thing I can tell you is that you would not see any of the Mennonited or amish on telivision, in the paper or even on radio. They believe to display themselves is to violate the second commandment about worshipping any graven images(including self worship). I find it odd that they don’t believe in t.v, but have had their own reality show. I mean they must be getting paid to do all these interviews. Also, the Amish and conservative Mennonites live a very plain lifestyle. No fancy homes and they work extremely hard. I appreciate people doing what God had called them to do, but I believe in being humble about the gifts that the LORD has given us(including the ability to raise large families). Remember, there are other folks doing it. They are just doing it quietly…Despite this opinion I still wish GODS continued blessing on this family

Rhonda on

The only thing that really bothers me about this family is the older kids are all “assigned” a younger kid to be in charge of. I would never “assign” one kid to the other and make them responsible for taking care of them all day, dressing them, bathing them…the way I figure is if my husband and I had the babies were the one’s that are to take care of them ,and if we ever thought our kids needed to do it for us, then we would stop having kids.