Update: 'Moody' Princess Tiaamii Andre makes her debut

08/01/2007 at 03:09 PM ET

Katieprice0039_cbbUpdate: Added all photos and the interview highlights. Click the extended post — tons of photos and quotes!

Originally posted July 31st: In the Aug. 7 issue of the UK’s OK! magazine, Katie ‘Jordan’ Price and Peter Andre reveal that their 4-week-old daughter Princess Tiaamii has a fiery temper and a fiery mane to match.



On the birth: I could have gone natural, but I was more at risk of my uterus rupturing because it was weak from having a cesarean with Junior. I thought, ‘With the luck I have, I’m not going to risk it.’ I thought I would book in for a cesarean the week before my due date and if I went into labor naturally before that, then I would go for [a natural birth like with Harvey] and see how it went.

I was so scared about the epidural needle. I cried. I couldn’t help it. I was worried I would panic. Then I was thinking, ‘Don’t waste time, just get it done.’ Then I was alright, then I was crying. I thought the quicker I sit down and take it, the sooner we will get our baby girl. No pain, no gain. Pete was really good and so was the doctor, and it didn’t hurt at all in the end.

The weirdest thing for me was feeling my bottom half go numb and then suddenly four people were lifting my legs up, all peering between my legs, then they stuck a catheter in me. You have no dignity!

They put a screen up so you don’t see what’s happening and I just looked down and saw this head hanging out of my belly. They said, ‘In 20 seconds you will have your baby’ and I was like ‘Look down, I can see her looking at me with her face all screwed up!” Then they pulled her out. They were so good, though. I’ve got no bruising, I’ve just got a tiny little scar.


Peter, however, had a different point of view from above the curtain, saying,

Well, it looks pretty horrific. They make this delicate cut like a papercut and then they put their hands in and rip it apart. Then they pop thewater and it just goes everywhere! It’s so weird with two extremes onthe two sides of the screen. It does something to your mind. Above thescreen is really serene and below is like the Texas chainsaw massacre!

[But] it was an amazing experience. I bawled my eyes out. I got to cut the umbilical cord again which was such a beautiful thing. I’ve never seen Katie show so much love.


On holding Tiaamii for the first time: After suffering from postpartum depression after Junior’s birth in 2005, it was extremely important for Katie to be able to bond with her daughter immediately.

They never put Junior on me. It was the same doctors and I think they were worried because they were like ‘Put the baby on her! Put the baby on her!’ I’m being so careful. We went to a barbecue the other day and people wanted to hold her and I was saying, ‘I’m not being funny, but sorry, no.’ I didn’t want to be cruel, it’s just that I so don’t want to get post natal depression again. I’m just taking it as it comes. A load of hormones have been shed out of me.


Peter adds: ‘I’ve never seen Katie so happy. If I’m honest, I think she still had the post-natal depression up until this baby was born and as soon as she was born it was like I had the Kate back that I first met. She is so happy. I feel like I’ve got my baby and my babe.’


On breastfeeding: When asked, Katie shares that she has decided not to nurse. Instead, she’s using disposable bottles, which she finds helpful.

It’s brilliant — I have 20 crates of teats and bottles. I don’t have to sterilize or heat anything, you literally take the teat out of the pack, screw it on, throw it away. I don’t care what people say – you don’t have to breast-feed. They gave me a tablet that dries your milk up so my boobs haven’t hurt or leaked or anything. I don’t want a baby drinking from me — the thought of it makes me feel really funny. I think only a certain person could handle my knockers!

Peter adds, ‘Junior didn’t breast-feed and he’s turned out fine.’


On the feeding routine: At the beginning, Katie said she wanted to do everything, but Peter takes the 11 pm and 6 am bottles. Katie says, 

He does the 6 am feed when I’m dead to the world.I want Pete to get his sleep. I’d rather be the one who suffers than anyone else in the house. I feel like I’m the only one who can handle it and Pete’s horrible when he’s overtired.

Peter adds, ‘I really admire her for wanting to do it. She does them allthrough the day and the 3 am feed. I sometimes do the 11 pm and usuallythe 6 am.’


On their daughter’s personality: Describing the baby as ‘moody,’ Katie says that Princess already has her mommy ‘wrapped around my little finger. When she’s annoyed she does these squeals like a dinosaur.  If she screams I come running.’

Peter says, ‘She’s like Kate — moody but cute. And she’s so into her mummy.’


On her features: Princess’red hair — referred to as ‘ginger’ in the UK — and blue eyes differquite marke
dly from the physical features of her older brothers Junior, 2, and Harvey, 5;  With no other known red-headed members of their extended family, new dad Peter Andre quipped that although he "did not know where the ginger comes from," the couple "had a ginger gardener." 


All joking aside, ‘gingers’ have at times been the subject of taunts and ridiculein the UK, a phenomenon often referred to as ‘gingerism.’  The prospectof Princess being mistreated simply because of the color of her hair isnot lost on Katie.

She looks really different from the other kids. I love her anyway,even if she’s a ginge!  Actually I think when people are horrible aboutpeople with red hair, that’s as bad as being racist. She’s got Greek, Spanish, Italian, American and English. And Ginge!


The couple remarks that all their children look so different that they could do a United Colors of Benetton ad — and then trade barbs about each other’s plastic surgery in relation to their son Junior.

Katie, he’s got your teeth though — before you had them done.

And his nose looks like Pete’s — before he had his nose job.


On her name: Another sensitive issue is Princess’ name,which Katie proudly stands by despite criticism by others.  Peter and Katie say you can call her either Tiaamii or Princess, but Katie warns,

I don’t want anyone to shorten it to Tia or Ti because I’ll have a go at them.


On changing her moniker: Katie says both mothers loved their grand-daughter being named after them, but Katie’s mom worries about teasing, saying, ‘Poor girl when she’s older, being called Princess. Katie, however, is not concerned, and says Princess is free to change her name if she wants to, just as Katie herself did.

Well, kids will always find things to tease other kids about. So if it’s not her name it will be something else. I changed mine legally when I was 17 from Katrina to Katie, so I wouldn’t mind [if she wanted to change it].


On having a daughter after two sons: Katie admits she’s finding the new ‘equipment’ a bit daunting.

Changing her nappy was a bit weird at first because she’s got more bits to clean. It was weird for Pete and I was like ‘Oh my god. I’ve never seen a miniature ninny!’ I know it sounds crude but I’m used to doing boys — you give them a wipe and make sure the willy points down and that’s it. With a girl there’s more to it.


On Harvey’s reaction: Harvey, who has a health condition called septo-optic dysplasia, which causes blindness, weight issues, and cognitive delays, hasn’t had much of a reaction to his new sister.

He doesn’t really give a monkey’s [butt], he’s not bothered. He just goes ‘sister’ and then makes a noise like ‘Wah wah’ mimicking her crying. He’s going through a phase at the moment where he doesn’t like leaving his room. He’s really isolating himself. He can’t bear any noise at the moment.

Katie adds, ‘I’m really upset about Harvey at the moment.’


On Junior’s reaction to Tiaamii: ‘Junior is obsessed withher. He’s so gentle and wants to help in every way. He kisses her,holds her hand, cuddles her, and it’s so nice to see. I don’t thinkhe’s jealous one bit. We let him get involved.’

Sources:  Metro, This Is Derbyshire; OK!

Thanks to CBB reader Sophie for scans and Heather for the interview.

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Kim on

My nephew was born with red/ginger hair and as he got older, it changed to blond and than to brown. So as she gets older it could change.

Becky on

Will have to go out and buy the mag tomorrow!! I can’t wait to see her, I bet shes beautiful! I saw the final episode of the baby diaries the other day where Katie had just given birth and I thought we might get a glipmse of her then but all we could see was her wrapped up in a pink blanket!

Ash on

The color could definitely change. Red hair is a “funny” gene though. It’s one of those genes that can just show up out of nowhere, even after several generations.

sil on

Princess Tiaamii ??? …ok, that’s a strange name! what does Tiaamii means?

Sarah’s note: It’s a combination of their mother’s names. If you click ‘4-week-old daughter’ in the post, it will take you to the original post where they explain it.

tink1217 on

Katie and Peter are beyond gorgeous human beings and I am sure Princess will be a stunner too!! I am LOVING that she has red/ginger hair!!! I love red heads!!! Hope to see a good pic of the little “princess” soon!

Erin on

My boyfriend is the only one in his entire family with red hair and he’s cute…girls with red hair are usually beautiful. What’s so wrong about it? Prince Harry is a redhead as well and is cuter (in my opinion) now that William (William’s starting to look like Charles). I’ve never heard of the Brittish thinking that. Hmm…interesting.

gianna on

Sounds like she has lighter hair, skin, and eyes, and maybe she will favor katie in the looks. Harvey looks just like his bio dad, and Junior like Peter, so sounds like all 3 kids will have different looks.

Angela on

I think Jordan had reddish/brown hair when she was a child. I will be buying OK! tomorrow, can’t wait to see the baby.

Jamie on

As a redhead, I’m proud to welcome little P.T. to the club. However, Peter and Katie neglect to mention that Katie’s mother actually has a tinge of red in her hair. So maybe that’s it…

Elizabeth on

I love that they had a girl, but you know she’s going to go through life with people asking her, “Tee-amy?” “Tee-ay-mee?”

They could have made it simpler by spelling it Tiami.

halifaxhoney on

Only recently have I heard of redheads having issues in the UK. I don’t understand it. I’m a redhead and even as a child I didn’t get made fun of that bad. My mother even told her friends that she hoped I wasn’t a redhead. I love my redhair. I hope that it doesn’t change on her.

emmalee on

I’m one of a few redheads in my family, and I’m always a bit perplexed when I read about (some) Brits thinking it’s so undesirable. In the U.S. there might be some teasing here and there, but I can’t imagine a parent saying “I’d love her even though she has red hair.” It sounds like there’s a social stigma in the U.K. I’ll never forget when my family went to Disneyland and Japanese tourists took pictures of my toddler brother and his bright orange hair.

The cover picture looks sweet.

emily on

i think its probably just a joke the whole despite being ginger..i’m ginger and live in the uk and for some people here it is a big deal..i personally love my hair and have been reasonably unaffected by it, i’ve had stuff shouted at me on the street a couple of times and it doesn’t bother me but some people are bullied really badly because of it, i think its just one of those things? maybe you just have to be english to get the whole ginger thing!

luce on

she may find that her daughter chooses to make life easier for herself when she’s older by shortening her own name.

terri on

I think it will be shortened to Tia at some point. It just happens. She’ll probably prefer it as she gets older as well.

Nadège on

I’m a redhead and so are my children; something which I think is lovely, actually! When I was in school, I got ridiculed a lot for being a ginger such as being called a “Satan worshipper” or the classic “carrot top”. Of course, I would make fun of my brunette sister just as she made fun of me. It’s usually just silly child’s play.

I like what Katie/Jordan and Peter named their daughter and understand Katie’s feeling of wanting an exotic name. 🙂

tracey_basford on

I have just bought the magazine, and Princess Tiaamii is gorgeous. I think she looks like Junior, but her features aren’t as dark as Junior’s and she has blue eyes.

Fynn on

According to my friend who has a Ph.D. in genetics, you need the gene for red hair on BOTH sides to produce a child with red hair. My husband and I do not have red hair, but both our kids do. I have aunts and a great-great grandmother with red hair; on my husband’s side, you have to go back as far as his great-great-great grandmother. It’s one feisty recessive gene, apparently.

Erin on

The photos are up at Perez Hilton

pink.lioness on

I’m not a redhead but I do live in the UK and there are many “ginger” haired people here, and I haven’t noticed at all that they are being targeted especially because of their hair colour (some school bullies may use ginger hair as an excuse for name-calling, sure, but these mindless morons would find something about everyone – someone being short/tall/skinny/overweight/shy/gay/black/asian would set them off just the same).

As for the statement “All joking aside, ‘gingers’ have at times been the subject of taunts and ridicule in the UK, a phenomenon often referred to as ‘gingerism.'” – There is a South Park (US cartoon series) episode called “Ginger Kids” where red-haired children are made to look like godless and evil, which is about as bad as it gets imo.

CeeCee on

PerezHilton has more pics. of the babe on his website… she’s really cute, looks just like her father, with huge blue eyes. Makes you want to say Awwww. 🙂

Sarah’s note: Although Perez has them up, we are getting the entire spread later today. It’ll be worth the wait. 😉

carrie on

you can see all the photos on perezhilton.com

she is too cute

Becky on

Have just seen the pics of Princess on perezhilton and she looks sooo much like Peter but with Katie’s colouring. She looks a lot bigger than I thought she would considering she was such a small weight at birth.

Lynn on

I do not like the comments about breastfeeding. Having a baby drink from you is not weird. But to each her own.

Monkeycox on

That baby looks exactly like her father! I know they joked about the red hair, but there is no doubting that she’s his little girl. She’s a cutie-pie.

Sarita on

The baby is really cute with the red hair and the photos are great (especially the feet one) just a bit too much photoshopping on the parents.

I do think Katie and Peter could use some education on environmental issues and such.

tink1217 on

Princess looks just like Peter!!! She is beautiful!!! I love Katie’s openness about everything. Its refreshing to hear the honesty!

Dani on

The baby is very cute. I think she´s the perfect combinaton of mum and dad. She has Katie´s eyes and Peter´s lips.
I was a little taken aback though about how orange-brown Katie and Peter look in those pictures. Could be the white sheets or/and the naturally light skin colour of Princess T…
But other than that, the pictures are very cute. I would have liked to see a family picture including their two sons.


I thought that crystal encrusted pacifier was recalled and dangerous to babies? Hmmmm.

I have nothing else to say as I think Jordan/Kate/Katie is incredibly superficial and I refuse to ever say that baby is odd looking.

Kristin on

I thought I read somewhere that the pacifiers like the one Princess has are dangers for babies because of the crystals coming off. I am not a mom, but I think that is something I would not want my baby to have. Maybe as something to decorate the room, but a old fashioned one with Winnie the Pooh on it seems fine to me. Did anyone read this and can anyone tell me if it is true?

Sarita on

Kristin, I’ve read that too. I’m not sure if it is that particular one. But there was a product recall for the pacifiers with crystals in the US.

Heidi on

They are in fact dangerous! I work for the government agency in the US that initiated the recall for those pacifiers. They can cut baby or be swallowed, causing all sorts of problems. She should definitely take that away!

JJ on

She has a right to say if she feels weird about breastfeeding-not everyone is comfortable with the idea, myself included. I did not breastfeed my son, I was not breastfed and neither was my husband-we all turned out just fine. It is a personal decision each mother has a right to make.

Christine on

I couldn’t agree more JJ. I’m so happy she was honest on that topic, though I’m sure it was call some debate on this site, as most breastfeeding convos do 😦

Princess is adorable!!! I see lots of her dad in that face 🙂 I do hope she got the memo about the pacifier though, the first thing I thought when I saw that was, ‘ ooh, weren’t they recalled!!??’

Brava97 on

Speaking as a redhead, I’m sooooo glad I wasn’t born in the UK! If my experience is typical, people in the USA make a positive fuss over redheads. I remember little old ladies stopping my mother in the supermarket to say how pretty my red curls were and that they wanted to take me home. I also remember going to the voting polls with my kindergarten class and hearing an elderly man tell his buddies that he was going to vote for “that little redhead over there.”

Soho on

Lovely pictures, very cute baby! While I respect everyone has the right to feed their child in the way they want, I wish she didn’t make negative statements about breast-feeding.
Yes, those soothers have been recalled world wide

LL on

I am really happy for them, they have had a very bad year. The baby is beautiful! I don’t want to be negative but as a ped nurse, I really think that maybe to feel connected to her child, she should of tried nursing? Also the bit about Junior being OK even though he was bottle fed is silly. You could say that about anything. At the end of the day there are very serious risks for children not breastfed – higher rate of diabeties, allergies, some cancers. No not all will get them, but I think knowing the risk every week you can give your child extra protection is good. I have a cousin who really didn’t want to breastfeed, but she said, at the end of the day, I can give my child 6 weeks. She did 6 full weeks nursing, then 6 weeks weaning. She felt good that her child got 3 months added protection, even though she isn’t an advocate for breastfeeding! I guess it’s about putting your kids ahead of yourself!

Amy on

Why is Katie in her underwear in EVERY picture? I don’t get why she is standing next to the basinett in her hot pink bra, or why she couldn’t put something on over her underwear for the picture of her sitting on the bed with her. Weird…

Anyway, I too agree that her comment about not wanting someone “drinking from her” was strangely put. Every woman has the right to make her own decision, but it was just an interesting way to state it.

I think she looks like Peter…just less orange. (sorry had to say it…both Peter and Katie look like they just got recently spray tanned…a lot!)

Heather on

JJ I TOTALLY agree with you and thank you for your comment. Actually when I read what Katie said about not being comfortable breastfeeding I could relate. It’s not something I feel comfortable with and therefore our son was not breastfed and neither will our daughter whose coming next month. I knew there’d be some comments about her saying that and it’s too bad. To each their own. I’d never come on here and post negative comments about someone saying they thought breast feeding was fabulous so I don’t think it’s fair to post negative comments about someone saying they feel funny about it. Again to each their own and we all have to do what makes us feel comfortable whether it’s breast or bottle =)

jen on

Her dress is so cute. Does anyone know if they had it and the bottoms coustom made?

tink1217 on

LL, you don’t have to nurse to feel connected to your child. I am so tired of hearing that and all the other “benefits” of breastfeeding. We all know nutritionally that breast is best, but babies can and do thrive on formula for whatever the reason. I chose not to breastfeed either of my children for personal reasons and do not feel an ounce of guilt over it. Both my kids are very healthy and always have been. It is a personal decision that no mother should have to explain or justify! I, for one, am glad Katie was honest!!!

PSB on

I feel bad for them dealing with Harvey during this time. It must be really confusing for him and heartbreaking for their parents. It’s supposed to be a happy time for them all, and I’m sure it’s very difficult.

Princess is absolutely gorgeous and I think she looks just like Peter. I love her red hair, even if they don’t. She’s going to be stunning when she’s an adult.

I’m a little troubled by the breastfeeding comments. I think it’s a personal decision to breastfeed and I can certainly understand why a woman would not want to (it’s hard work!), but I think her negative comments are a bit harsh and strange. The fact that she finds it weird that somebody would be drinking from her…um, that’s what they’re there for! Maybe she’s just over-sexualized her breasts so much that she can’t look at them any other way? As a former PPD and former c-section mom, I’ll throw my 2 cents in and say that I think breastfeeding really does help with depression and bonding–but obviously it’s her choice.

Her disposable bottle system, however, is ludicrous!! If you want to bottle feed, go for it – but a new bottle and nipple for each feeding??? SOMEBODY CALL AL GORE!!!

leah on

my grandmother once told me ” don’t you dare have any ginger’s” at the time i thought it was funny, everyone made fun of people with ginger hair. now that i’m older i know it’s wrong……but i’m grateful i was born with brown hair. she’s right, here in the uk being a ginger will ruin your life because people make fun.

pam woodhouse on

Well my second thought was that Princess looks just like Peter and Junior.

But at first glance, all I could see in her was……….. Justin Timberlake!!

jenny on

I can hardly type my eyes are rolling so hard after reading all of her quotes …

Liz on

It’s true- what with her first child’s health issues and the post-natal depression that she’s called “absolutely crippling, a total lack of bonding and reassurance that my baby was attached to me in any meaningful, maternal way”– I am totally shocked that she wouldn’t try breastfeeding this time around. The adage “so-and-so wasn’t breastfed, he/she turned out fine” *is* silly- that can be said of most anything. I didn’t finish my college degree, and I turned out fine. But if I HAD finished, I’d be more educated and probably have a better paying job.

People need to realize that in this day and age with all the problems plaguing our kids- everything from social pressures to physical and mental stresses- if we can give them better than “fine”, it’s our responsibility to.

I don’t want to start a debate and I should say that I *am* proud of Katie for her candor on the subject…but if someone told her she could give her baby a “pill” that would reduce ear infections, cold, stomach ailments, obesity in both childhood and adulthood, various cancers and immunological diseases, plus promoted healthy lifelong eyesight and digestive development, to name a *few* benefits…well, I have little doubt she would be offering her daughter that “pill”. I can’t help but feel sorry for a baby whose parent has the knowledge and power to provide these benefits but makes a conscious choice NOT to do so.

As well, I also have an element of sorrow for Katie (and the other commenter who vocalized a similar view) that she feels it’s “weird” for a baby to nurse. How did we get so far away that breastfeeding has gone from the physical behavior second only to BREATHING in terms of the human body’s ability and instinct to perform it (both mother and baby) to “weird”? I blame this ridiculously sexualized culture that thinks Katie is somehow “better” with her plastic breasts.

I’m sorry to have gone on as I did, but this really touched a nerve, leaving me feeling acutely sorry for Katie, her baby, and her other children who may have benefited so enormously had she espoused a different endorsement of breastfeeding.

mackeysmom on

I think it looks like a maxim layout with a baby for a prop. The feet picture is cute. and the ones of the baby alone are also.

KoKo on

PSB and LL those are great posts! I for one think it is sad, that she is disconnected from what her body is for. It’s sad actually and as this magazine is read by a lot of young people, I hope they don’t believe her comments about breastfeeding – talk about a bad influence!

Fyona on

Can’t believe all the comments about her ‘gingerism’! I’m personally a redhead, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stopped on the street and asked to model… too bad she’s born in the UK, because they love us here in the U.S. and as they should 🙂

Autumn on

Cute pics and beautiful baby. I can’t believe that she’s even smiling in at least one pic!

A few things I have to say about the article though. Did someone buy that adorable Princess top, and then that inspired to name their daughter “Princess”? Lol! Usually most people don’t name their kids after their clothes, but I guess that’s Katie & Peter.

I also think it’s sad that Katie can’t feel comfortable nursing her daughter, despite having very large breasts. Obviously she does only think of them in a sexual context, which really is too bad, but I guess it’s her choice.

As far as her baby bottles though, is she using a disposable version of a Playtex nurser? Maybe she’s throwing away too much of it, because I can still remember my mom using Playtex Nursers on my younger siblings back in the day, but she used to only throw away the baggie-like inserts, not the nipples too!

Holly on

I hope Princess’ hair doesn’t change!

I am the only redhead in my immediate family and there is documented video footage of my grandmother holding me when I’m hours old saying, “Her red hair will change. It’ll change.”

Sorry grandma. It hasn’t.

Candace on

Oh man….I will try to say this nicely, but HOW DARE anyone say that just because my baby got their milk from a bottle rather than my breasts that my baby and I don’t have as good of a “bond” as any other nursing mother & baby?! It’s ridiculous! There is a line in a song that I am reminded of that says, “How do you measure the love of a mother?” YOU CAN’T! What difference does it make where it comes from? As long as the baby is held, touched, talked to, ultimately LOVED there WILL NOT be any issues with your bond with your baby! I am a living witness of this, two times over!

madam pince on

The baby doesn’t look healthy — she looks sickly. She reminds me very much of my daughter, who was five weeks premature. It’s not her coloring, but the total lack of baby fat. I’m worried about this little girl — she should weigh more.

daphneesmith on

The name, the name, oh my. It’s their business, but they aren’t the ones who will have to go through life with it. So that’s all I’ll say on that.

“Someone drinking from you” is a bizarre way to describe breastfeeding. However, I support either way a family prefers to feed their children. I BF’d both my kids for ONE month each (had severe mastitis and pain issues) and they are both very smart and MUCH healthier (never sick and have no allergies) than other kids we know.

My one friend extended-BF’d all her kids and they are ALWAYS sick. Not to mention so many of my kids’ cousins. But hey, whatever makes people feel better on their soapboxes 😉

yo momma on

i’m more disturbed by her overdependance on disposable bottles than i am by her sexualization of breastfeeding. i wonder if it bothers her to have her husband suck on her “knockers”? imagine the sheer magnitude of garbage this one baby is going to generate with disposable bottles & diapers…

michelle on

I love this family so much! Sad I’m in the US and can’t get more of them. :/ I think Princess looks just like Peter.

On a funny totally joking sidenote, maybe the ginger came from all the spray tan. 😉

Lorus on

I cringed when I read about how she feeds her daughter. Not because of the formula (ok, maybe a little) but that she’s throwing away the plastic nipples each time!!! That’s 8 a day just going into a landfill.



Liz on

I am sorry, am I the only one who finds these two a bit self absorbed? The baby is beautiful, but the way these two portray themselves seems absurd. They seem to be dismissing the oldest boys issues, and I would imagine, pushing his needs aside with the new baby. Disposable bottles? “drinking from me”? I can’t imagine this child’s reaction in 20 years when she reads the reason she was not breastfed was because she “couldn’t handle mom’s knockers”!!!! Breastfeeding is your personal choice, but the way she is addressing it is just foul IMO.
Best of luck to this child, and the other two children involved.

Ashleigh on

my daughters both have ginger hair. they were both born with it and it has stuck with them. they are now 7 and 3 and my oldest daughter Abi tells me she loves her hair colour. the hair is beautiful. i reckon Tiamii will be like he mommy.

CC on

She looks like daddy.

luce on

“”Someone drinking from you” is a bizarre way to describe breastfeeding.””

Well that’s what it is, isn’t it? I didn’t like the idea of heavy, leaky breasts for weeks on end either. Katie’s child will be fine. It’s not like she’s going to even remember how she was fed as an infant! This whole obsession with ‘breast is best’ (up to the point where people would actually criticise women for their personal choices) doesn’t happen in every country in the world.

MommyB on

The baby is gorgeous…Katie and Peter are so obviously ecstatic!! The pictures are so Katie…Not all Moms stand around in their undies but if you look like that…more power to you!! It would have been nice to see pictures with her brothers…but I can see wanting to protect Harvey!! And the breastfeeding thing is overblown!! Yes the breast is best…but its not for some people!! And to admit it publicly takes guts…good for her!! I pumped for a year with each of my sons because they would not latch on…but that was my decision!! So Congrats to Katie and Peter!! And Happy Baby!!

Mama Llama on

I’m not saying this in a nasty way, so please don’t take it as such, but…who are these people? I know there was some TV show here in the U.S., but I never saw it, so I just have no idea. Are they TV stars? Movie actors?

Sarah’s note: Peter is an Brit-born/Australian-raised singer, Katie was a glamour model in the UK (aka topless model) – she also writes books. They met on a reality show, and have since had many of their own in the UK (and one has repeated in the US). They’re kind of famous for being famous at this point to some people!

Lacey on

I think she means she has the bottles that have premixed formula in them already with disposable nipples… I used those with my son for a while. They are pretty easy.

Anyway, they have made a gorgeous baby! As for the breast feeding thing, I have very large ones, and it was very hard to breast feed, so I didn’t get to do it for long. But I seriously think it is her choice, if she doesn’t want to do it, quit your judging.

Congrats to Katie and Peter!

Dana on

The baby is adorable! She does look just like her dad (except for the orange). I can’t believe they are using the premade bottles though. I know they are thinking that it’s easier but it doesn’t take too much to make a bottle and then wash it.

And as far as the breastfeeding goes, I didn’t breastfeed either of my 2, mostly because I was young and no one in my family did it. And I know it’s supposed to be better for the baby but the few kids that I know that are breastfed aren’t sick any less than mine are. As a matter of fact one is allergic to anything and everything. The other pretty much lives with a cold and they were both breastfed for about a year. So you can’t tell me that breastfeeding means your child WON’T have allergies, illnesses, etc. Don’t get me wrong I know it is supposed to be better and my kids have had their share of illnesses. All I’m saying is if you can do it, great, if you can’t, don’t loose sleep over it. And I don’t know that I have ever heard someone say before “at the end of the day there are very serious risks for children who aren’t breastfed”. Very Serious risks maybe going just a little too far.

bunny on

It’s a shame Katie loves pink so much, as the last colour you should wear as a red head is pink….it just clashes!

Tennessee Ginger on

I think the baby is absolutely gorgeous with her red hair and huge blue eyes and fair skin. She’ll grow up to be a real beauty someday. I’m proud to be a “ginge” here in America. I only get compliments on my hair color; it’s my best feature. Many men, my husband included, are most attracted to redheads above blondes and brunettes. So if the Brits can’t appreciate the exotic beauty and fiery temper which defines redheads, bring that baby to the US where we will appreciate her beautiful hair and fair skin!!

Soph on

Okay I am going to admit something. I have always supported friends who chose not to breastfeed. But there is one thing I never had the guts to ask. If you know it is best for your baby (health wise) why wouldn’t someone do it? I really don’t understand. You can say feeling uncomfortable, etc, but if you know it is one of the biggest long term health indicators, then why wouldn’t you do it? I truly don’t get it. If you love your kids, don’t you do what is best for them even if you find it inconvenient i.e. carseats, fresh fruit and veg etc. As I said, I have a couple friends who chose not to and even thanked me for my support (I said it was there choice etc) but I 100% don’t get it. If you know something makes your kid less at risk for cancer, SIDS etc…why wouldn’t you do it???

Jenni on

The “Princess” top was designed by Katie herself, as soon as she found out she was having a girl. On the “Baby Diaries”, you hear her talking about adding diamnte to all Princesses clothes.

Becky on

I love how Katie says the things that some people are thinking and doesn’t give a damn about it! Shes so honest! I think Princess’s wardrobe is bigger than mine though which is a little worrying for me!! Lol!

tina on

i think beause katie went thru a really bad time after havkng junir with pnd, they just want to make things as easy as poss to begin with like with the bottles, which is fair enough as they can afford it.wish i could afford the easy option sometime

brookefan on

These photos prove beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and I am not referring to the baby, here…this little baby, though, is going to need all the help she can get growing up!

Anna on

I really don´t get the “not breast-feeding”. C´mon! She says they´re overtired and I wonder why… Really, do they know what it is like to be a “normal” person having to take care of children and going to work and doing the homework and all that??? The way she talks about her breasts and her baby is truly awful in my opinion. Of course it´s good for a baby to feed with bottles if needed, but not because of what she says… I think. She should count her blessings considering all she´s gone through before.

Jemma on

Gorgeous baby! She looks like her dad but with fair colouring. I reckon those eyes could go green actually to go with the red hair.

Shame about the blatant advertisment for SMA in the feeding photograph though, I wonder if they were paid for that?

Laura on

What an absolutely beautiful little girl!

another_beauty on

Whatever anyone says I think the babe is beautiful! As for what Katie says, that is just her, if you have ever watched her she simply says what she thinks/feels. We all have our own opinions about breast feeding and just b/c she has “explained” the way she feels about it differently than “you” would doesn’t mean she is a bad mom or doing “injustice” to her child. Your baby knows if you are uncomfortable with breast feeding, they can sense it, which will ultimately cause it to be a very difficult thing to do for both mom and baby. It is her baby, let her raise her as she wants, she is obviously in love with her and that is all that matters.
The pics are adorable! I think we as women can only wish that we all looked that great after just having a baby. If I do you can bet I would want some hot, gorgeous pics of myself showing off my bundle of joy and still looking amazing!
Princess looks healthy and happy and I bet she is going to be some kind of fun when she gets older! She is a doll! Love the bling pacifier!!!

Anne on

I’m not going to comment on this family despite to say that I wish them the best. My only comment is about the pacifiers – there was a recall for the crystal-adorned pacifiers. However, my daughter has the ones made by MAM, and I was sent an email saying that the recall did not include the MAM brand, that theirs were put up to rigorous testing and considered safe. If you actually see one up close, the crystals are sealed inside of a little plastic dome that is basically one piece with the pacifier – it would be extremely difficult to take off.

Anne on

“If you know it is best for your baby (health wise) why wouldn’t someone do it?”

Well, I said I wasn’t going to comment, but I will. Breastfeeding is a personal choice and I don’t believe a woman who chooses not to should have to deal with strangers making her feel bad about it. You never know the reasons why another person makes a decision, so you should not judge people on issues such as these. I’m sure there are women who simply don’t want to – which is fine, too, but there are also women who CAN’T. I tried to breastfeed my daugther, but I went through pretty severe post-partum depression and post-partum OCD, which made it impossible for me to do, for reasons that I will not specify further, because frankly, I don’t feel I owe an explanation to anyone. Of course I wish I had been able to breastfeed my daughter, and I will try my best to do it in the future with my future children – but I am tired of being made to feel like I am not making the best decisions for my child because she was not breastfed. My daughter is extremely healthy, growing perfectly, and very well above average in her accomplishments and abilities for her age. I understand breastfeeding has benefits that simply can’t come from anywhere else – but please don’t judge mothers who do not are can not do it…there is no way to know what their true reasons are. We are all moms trying to the best for our children, no matter what the particular road we chose might be. More support for each other might go a long way.

Indigo on

I knew as soon as I read she wasn’t breastfeeding we’d have all the horrible comments!

You all moan about the negativity she expresses about breast feeding but what about the thigns you say about bottle feeding!

I was a bottle fed baby and I’m perfectly heatlthy thankyou very much! And when I have a baby I don’t want to breastfeed! And its my choice and I think that they way some midwifes treat you in hospital because you don’t want to breastfeed is dispicable!!!

Breast may be best or whatever they say but bottle feeding is fine! Just leave people alone and stop ramming how bad bottle feeding is when its not down their throats!

If it was so bad it wouldnt be aloud! Some people make new mothers feel so bad because they dont breastfeed! Its a discrace!

Anyway commenting on the baby! Shes absolutely gorgeous and congrats to Katie and Peter on their little princess 😀

Sarah on

Hi all,

Firstly I am a fan of Katie and Peter but everyone who is having a go at Katie for not breast feeding and the comments she made should get off their soap boxes and maybe look at the actual care, love and attention this baby will receive. Even though breast feeding is best by far (I plan to try it myself) it’s not as if she is putting the baby’s cot in front of a lorry. Bottle feeding is not giving the baby a death sentence and saying ANYTHING about cancer or any of the other scare mongering that has been applied above is out of order.

Anyway I have to say while Princess’ name is unusual it is not offensive and you can see how she has plenty of options to shorten it.

So basically this child is not being abused and will get the best start in life with or without breastmilk.

Well I’ll finish my rant but I will continue to defend this amazing woman as both of their parenting skills as well as business skills are admirable.

Thank you

Sarah on

Oh and another thing I would like to say even though Katie is doing the night feeds and looking after the boys she still looks fantastic (yes the tan is slightly orange but I don’t think Princess’ fair complexion helps that!)

kerryann on

Breastfeeding is a healthy choice; and if you do it, that’s great. But I have a hard time believing that everything from IQs to obesity is directly connected to breastfeeding. I think there are so many other factors that also contribute to IQs, obesity, cancer, etc. It seems every other week, there is a study about how breastfeeding does this or that. Studies are wrong and exaggerated sometimes. Like I said before, breastfeeding is good. But it is not the only factor that contributes to good health and development. However, the studies would make you think that.

Jo on

What a beutiful little girl they’ve got! They’re family has finally been completed with a little girl!

Congratz to them both!

And I hope the Harvey (even tho he can’t see) and Junior will help out too! Because they’re now big brothers! Congratz to them too!

chas on

i still really don’t care for the name they gave that baby. and the “princess”? dear lord.
but, they are so gorgeous here. definitely a sweet, beautiful family.

Rebecca on

I am just shocked at the callous way she talked about not breastfeeding. Only one person could handle her knockers? I guess that’s just part of the mentality that goes into working as a glamour model, it’s probably very hard to detach yourself from the belief that breasts are for turning men on.

I am also shocked at the way she talks about the disposable bottles, my goodness! Between disposable diapers for at least 2 years (more like 3 or 4) and disposable bottles for a year (hopefully no longer because that’s all they’re recommended for) this child is creating mountains of trash before she’s even in kindergarden. That’s not even mentioning the waste created by factories MAKING the bottles and diapers. Someone needs to have a little chat with them about landfills and global warming!

Christine on

There are over 80 comments on this topic and most are negative. Didn’t your mothers ever tell you, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ Seriously, you are a bunch of grown women who do nothing but judge someone for making a choice that is not yours. Mothers are the most judgmental people in the world and its such ashame because we should all stick together, not talk behind our backs about those young moms, or look at her bottle feeding that poor baby. It’s ridiculous and you see it all the time. It hurts me so much when I take my kids shopping and get dirty looks and comments from people who do not even know me!! I may be just a young mom at 26 years old but atleast I know the meaning of the word, RESPECT!!

getting off my soapbox now 🙂

karen on

this is a message for
SOPH…breast feeding isnt always appropriate and it isnt as easy as you think!haveing 3 children of my own who are now in there teens,i should know!

J.M. on

and the breastfeeding debate lives on…….

I don’t really care for this family. Until I visited this site I knew nothing about these folks.

I think the baby is cute. I personally don’t like red hair but I am surrounded by it in my family (cousins, mother, aunts) I think that’s the only reason why I don’t find it unique. People do love red hair though, my mom prays for a red headed grandchild, but so far she’s got 3 blondes!!

PSB on

Hey, I think most of you are misunderstanding what we are saying. Many of us have no problem with her bottle feeding the baby. It’s really her choice. Like I said in my post above, anybody who has ever breastfed a baby knows it’s hard work, isn’t always pleasant or easy, restricts your freedom (b/c of engorgement), etc. For many of us, it’s worth doing anyway, but I can completely see why somebody would choose not to. I also completely agree with the person who said they received a lot of pressure from lactation consultants and pp nurses. I was fully committed to nursing my baby and my postpartum nurse managed to reduce me to tears because I was in too much pain to nurse my baby in front of her (so she could make sure I was doing it right!)

The problem lies with the odd phrasing Katie uses for not wanting to breastfeed. Couldn’t she have just said “I have a really busy life and it’s just not for me”? Using words like “knockers” and saying breastfeeding is “weird” is just infantile and silly. It really shows the extent of her body dysmorphia – she sees her body as a sex object only. Whatever her reasons are for not breastfeeding are her own business, but making comments like these (and the ginger comments, and especially the disposable bottle comments!) make her look ridiculous.

I happen to find her amusing and fun, for the most part, but comments like these turn me off. Sorry this post is so long, but I wanted bottle-feeding moms to know that my intention was not to make them feel bad about their choice, I just think these quotes by Katie are kind of gross and shallow.

Lisa on

I breastfeed my red-headed daughter, and I don’t walk around my house in my underwear. I have nothing in common with this woman.

Breastfeeding mothers are defensive because we are made to feel like we are perverts for doing what has been natural since the dawn of human beings. I don’t criticize people for using formula. I had to use some with my son. It was the way that breastfeeding was referred to in the story that was offensive. I have DDD breasts, and neither child had a hard time ‘handling’ them.

I married a redhead, and prayed we would have red-headed kids. It’s something to be adored.

Katie needs a lesson in preserving the environment. For the love of God, at least use reusable nipples.

gabriella on

She looks just like Peter wow. I’m not their biggest fans, jordan seems a bit out there. But her choice not to breastfeed is her personal choice, it’s her body and child. I remember shanna moakler saying the same thing how breastfeeding wasn’t for her, it’s just not for everybody. For me breastfeeding is great, but doesn’t make someone a bad mother or person if they don’t wanna breastfeed, it’s a personal choice.

Lisa on

PSB, you said it so eloquently! Great job!!

Mikaeli on

Aw. What a wee cutie Princess Tiaamii is! I wish them all the best with their little girl. i also feel that maybe she could have put the breastfeeding comments in a slightly nicer way…

oh and with the recent research on the subject i highly doubt that whether or not you breastfeed has anything to do with your childs chance of dying from SIDS.

Diana Johnston on

I think this woman’s brains have leached into her ‘knockers.’ What an idiot. And she’s famous, why?

Rachel on

I’m the only redhead in my Portuguese/Greek family. I didn’t get light eyes though, they’re big & dark brown.

Welcome to the club, Princess – you’re a gorgeous little ‘ginge’!


amanda on

congratulations katie n peter on the birth of your beautiful baby girl she luks like katie and peter but also has a look of junior you both must be very proud of having 3 gorgeous babys and i just love harvey to bits god bless you all xxxxxx

amanda on

god katie how proud you must be i watch every one of yours and petes shows and harvey junior are just so cool and now you have a third baby to be contented with you both deserve to be very happy after the year the two of yous have had and hoopefully the future holds a much better time for you and your familys may i say congratulations to the proud grandparents as well they must be pleased its all over for you and i wish you all the luck and happiness for yous and your precious bundle and not to forget the your beautiful boys as well harvey and junior we love yous all and cant wait to see your next chapter health and happiness to you both xx

Snik on

What an ugly baby!! Blegh!

daan on

i need a bucket

Zoe on

I can’t blame her for not wanting to breastfeed, with all that silicone stuffed in there it can’t be good for the baby!

Mike Brady on

How a mother feeds her child is her decision.

However, the feature includes blatant infant formula product placement immediately followed by a full page advertisement from the same company.

Wyeth/SMA and OK! are being reported to the Advertising Standards Authority and Trading Standards for what we believe to be illegal promotion.

As the link on my name explains, companies have to abide by marketing regulations. No criticism of Katie for how she feeds her child is intended and we don’t yet know if there was any contract to promote the formula brand.

What we do know is Wyeth is on dangerous ground, which the authorities will hopefully investigate.

ConcernedInIndiana on

Wow. I just cant believe that some people are allowed to reproduce. Dont get me wrong, I think their children are wonderful blessings. The parents themselves, just astound me. From the comments about breastfeeding, being mad at her handicapped son for his reaction or lack there of to a new baby, and just the flippant attitude. Not to mention the sheer fact that they seem so superficial.

christine on

I am sorry, I saw Peter and Katie on their show in the us and I really thought they were both cute and started watching—but I am surprised that she would not even consider breastfeeding for the first few weeks—it bothers me.

Snikkie on

That baby is so ugly!

SJW on

I believe that Katie and Pete are using re-usable nappies/diapers, not disposables as has been mentioned. Hopefully they will recycle all those bottles too…

To all those who are making judgemental comments, how they raise their kids is down to them. I think it’s great that Katie and Peter are so down to earth and have no problems about saying what they think, even though it may be contraversial. That’s probably why they have become so popular…people can relate to them even though they are celebrities.

Good luck to them

J.J. on

Princess Tiaamii sure is a little princess!!! This little girl is as adorable as her brothers Harvey and Junior and definitely will become a celebrity idol just like her parents, or so I think.

Clair on

ConcernedInIndiana- you’ve put words in Katie Price’s mouth saying that she was ‘mad at her handicapped son’ because of his lack of interest in Princess. Katie never said this she simply stated the facts that Harvey hasn’t really taken an interest but Junior has. She didn’t get mad at him for it because she knows his illness detaches him from understanding just what is happening.

On the breast feeding thread well… i was breasfed and i have asthma and allergies. My best friend is the youngest of 3 and was the only one to be bottle fed… think her mother was tired of breastfeeding. Her older brothers are healthy and so is she. No difference, she’s very attached to her mother as well so no bonding problems.

My cousin was breasfed yet she died of cancer at 17. Cancer can be genetic and sometimes it’s not. Breastfeeding didn’t make her any healthier.

i personally would like to breastfeed my children when i have them but it’s the mothers choice in the end

thanks clair

iyana on

kate and pete i think you little prinsesa is muy bella she is so linda i think pete should start gettin a electrified gate now for all those boys who’ll try to get in lol

lorna on

hey i think princess looks like junior hell of a lot doesnt ne 1 else shes so cute

Georgia on

princess is stunning. how old is she now?

dannielle&&stacey&&billie on

We love watching katie and peter the next chapter,, cnt get over how cute ur kids are,, we hope everything turns out for the best Gd luk in the future,, peter is bumting luv yu loads xxx

amy-leigh on

no normal mum would go around in their underwear….???
jordans a really pretty lady that dont need that much slap!!!
princess is gorgeous but the dummy looks a bit too big for her!!haha
the picture of jordan with princess dressed in white was beautiful….
but less of the make-up!….fyi….it aint needed!

georgia-olivia on

im got bigger boobs then u nw and m 14 and mine are reall hahahahahahahahahahaha no offence xx

jadelouise on

omg how beautifull is baby princess she goes by her name 🙂 she is adorable
so is Harvey and Junior all little stunners take after there mom and dad 🙂 katie is an insperation to me i love her to bits it is my dream to meet her face to face and have the chance to talk to her omg 🙂
she is just amazing! 🙂 🙂 🙂
x x x

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