Nicole Richie talks more about pregnancy, family plans; CBB exclusive dish

08/01/2007 at 10:05 PM ET

As previously reported, Nicole Richie has finally confirmed herpregnancy to Diane Sawyer in an interview to air on Thursday andFriday. The Simple Life star also spoke to OK! aboutimpending motherhood, a day after pleading guilty and receiving afour-day jail sentence for her DUI charge. A CBB exclusive source at the shoot tells us,

Nicole looked really goodand is not as skinny as she looks in photos. Her belly is showing now. She ate the entire time and said she’sexcited to gain weight and isn’t worried about that at all because it’sall about the baby now.

While she remained coy on the details, Nicole, 25, said she feels "healthy and happy" and craves some Japanese cuisine.

Sushi. I’m not sure how great that is for me. I also love pizza; I’m a junk-food eater by nature.

Despite what you may have read elsewhere, our CBB exclusive sources tell us that they have not found out the sex, and are still undecided if they are going to — in fact, they’re currently leaning towards keeping it a delivery surprise. Nicole feels as though it may be a girl, but stressed that she and Joel Madden do not have a preference.

Nicole confirms to OK! that they are in the dark, saying that she and Joel — who she wants to marry in a "really huge" wedding — have some boy and girl namespicked out, although she’s not sharing. She did divulge her ultimatefamily plan.

Three girls and twin boys.

Adoption is also in the cards.

Definitely; I’m adopted.

Source: OK! Magazine, August 13 issue, pg 46-49

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roxymama on

happy to see that she is finally starting to act like an adult although i do think the nicole on the simple was an extreme exaggeration of herself. and all she has to do is read a baby book or ask her doc about the sushi and she would know that she should not be eating it.

preesi on

Some sushi is fine. The California Roll, Inari (fried tofu pockets), Tamago (egg), Veggie Maki, Shrimp, Unagi (Eel), Squid and Octopus.
All completely COOKED and safe!
She can even have those Korean sushi Kimbap.
Futomaki is fine too as are most of the clam varieties!

ALL cooked!

estelle on

I agree with Preesi. My doctor told me I could eat sushi while pregnant as long as it’s cooked. I’m really good at guessing baby’s sexes and I think both Nicole and Christina will have boys.

morgan on

whats the point of eating sushi if its cooked?? Thats one thing im NOT looking forward to when pregnant. I cant go 5 day without it as it is!! mmmmmmm now i want some….mmmmmm

Naughty Cal on

One thing I’ll say about Nicole…from what little I did see of the first Simple Life, she seemed really sweet with that little boy.

Lorus on

I wish her and Joel the best. Hopefully she has an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth. She’s due only a few weeks after me.

Shmoo on

Sushi was my big pregnancy craving. Plenty of non-sashimi options to choose from. And as for books about what pregnant women should eat, I’ve been pissy for years about a certain best-selling pregnany series. (You can guess the McPregnancy book yourselves). Pregnant women should never eat Japanese food! Because everybody knows that all Japanese eat raw fish all the time, and Japanese people don’t have healthy babies.(yes, sarcasm, I shouldn’t assume that every reader will get that) Did you guys also notice the chapter about babies need ot be weened by 12 months in order to not scar them emotionally for life?

tink1217 on

i watched part of the interview this morning and I can say she is looking really good right now. The extra weight suits her, definitely. Joel seems very doting and happy. I do hope it works out for them. I am guessing girl for her!

Lola on

I watched the interview. I don’t think I saw the whole thing but it pissed me off when Nicole said she didn’t think that marijuana and vicodin wouldn’t impair her driving. What an idiot! I hope she learns from her mistakes before she has this child.

PSB on

My sister was in Japan and asked some women what they eat during pregnancy and they said noodles, so I guess even Japanese women give up on raw fish during pregnancy. I ate tons of California rolls when I was pregnant, so I can understand Nicole’s craving. Even if she does eat raw fish, the chances of anything happening to her are pretty low – especially since she probably eats sushi at only really high end places who have fresh fish and don’t leave it hanging around unrefrigerated.

I, myself, wouldn’t eat the raw stuff while pregnant, but I do think people get a little unnecessarily crazy about things they will/won’t eat while pregnant. To each her own.

Rebecca on

I’m going to go out on a limb here, I’m pregnant, due in mid-October, and I eat sushi. I eat ALL of it, not just the cooked stuff. The reason they say no sushi is because they’re worried about bacterial infections, but most sushi is made with sushi grade fish which is flash frozen, and completely safe. Of course, you have to practice discretion, I’ve been to places where the sushi looks dry or slimy, and obviously you don’t want to eat that, but if the fish looks moist and is the right color, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating it, pregnant or not. Sushi is also packed with fantastic omega-3s, and a diet rich in fish is being linked to higher IQ’s in babies, so rock on with the sushi Nicole!

gabriella on

Congrats to nicole, she looked pretty on GMA. I think she will have a son.