Melanie Brown and attorney hold press conference in paternity battle

08/01/2007 at 03:26 PM ET

Spice girl Melanie Brown, 32, held a press conference today with her attorney, Gloria Allred, over her paternity battle with actor Eddie Murphy, 46. During the conference Gloria claimed Eddie ‘has not paid one penny of child support,’ to his daughter, Angel Iris, 4 months, and she plans to ask the court to award support and decide ‘what is reasonable.’ She added,

Murphy was promising to do the right thing but to date he has not done the right thing. Mr. Murphy can have all the babies he chooses to have, but his responsibility needs to be to his own children. [Brown] is seeking sole physical and legal custody.

Melanie spoke briefly and told reporters,

I am here for one reason and one reason only – her name is Angel.Angel is my baby and Eddie’s. She will always know that she was plannedand wanted by both of us, but I want her to know that she has twoparents who desire to be responsible for her during her life and wholove her so much that they want to be a part of it.

According to Gloria, communication has been made with Eddie’s attorney and they are now ‘moving forward.’

A DNA test taken in June by Eddie confirmed he is the father.

Source: People

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Sarita on

Why a press conference? This is something between her and him and the only other person it concerns is their daughter.

I honestly don’t understand the need to involve the press.

Kel on

Well, I am wondering why our society tends to question the female’s actions most harshly? Isn’t HE the one who should be FAR more scrutinized? I think that since June is way enough time to show an ounce of compassion or at least have a check sent for an amount he has deemed reasonable. I think that any tactic that Melanie sees fit would be up to her. After all, she is the one bearing the burden, both financially and emotionally. As far as he continues to stay absent in all forms, I say he’s by far fair game to scrutiny. Sarita~ I think that in an ideal world, it would be up to the mother & father. Yet, since he has not taken his position as a Father in any shape or form, he should not be respected or regarded as such. Give respect where it is due, I say.

Campbell on

It appears that Mr. Murphy is going to have to be brought kicking and screaming to the court house. I realize that we only know what we’ve been told, but this story has just destroyed his likeablity factor for me. And could someone tell me what Tracey Edmonds is thinking?!?!

Sasha on

Gloria Allred is the queen of press conferences! According to her book, they are a most effective way of publicizing the injustice that she’s trying to correct for her client, therefore stimulating awareness of the issue ie, “deadbeat” dads, and ultimately creating social change. Or, she loves the publicity…up for interpretation!

Nausicaa on

Obviously Eddie has no desire at all to be a father to this girl. He refused to acknowledge that the baby was his, and even when it was proven she was his daughter, he refuses to acknowledge her. I think Mel is wasting her time – Eddie isn’t worth it.

Grayson's Girl on

While I don’t agree with her holding a press conference and think this is something that should be dealt with as privately as possible through the courts, I don’t feel badly for Eddie. It smacks of disregard that he and Tracey are running off getting engaged and mooning over their happiness when he has a child he hasn’t even been financially supporting. He needs to be held responsible for the babies he’s walking around making for sure, but Angel doesn’t need him in her life. From the way he’s behaving she’ll be much better off without him either way.

sara on

I bet my mom would have loved to hold a press conference everytime my dad missed a child support payment!

madam pince on

It would be better for Angel if her mom didn’t insist on engaging a lawyer who adores public confrontation, but unfortunately Eddie has made it clear only a pit bull can force him to take the slightest responsibility for his child.

When Tracey Edmonds left Babyface, I seriously questioned her sanity and credibility. By flaunting her current attachment to Eddie, any room for doubt is gone — I believe she’s a gold-digging nutcase. I hope Babyface protects their two sons from her.

may on

i’m sceptical about mel’s speeches since the whoul ‘we planned the baby’ thing. also i don’t understand her need for media attention

Elaine on

If Mel wants Eddie to be involved in Angel’s life, other than paying support, I guess that she can’t do that with a court order – presumably you can’t get a court order forcing someone to have contact with their child?. However perhaps Mel feels that the negative publicty may shame him into meeting her and acknowledging his daughter. I don’t think Mel really needs the money.

Vanessa on

Scary dated Eddie for a few months and based on that short period of time determined that the pregnancy was planned? Did she plan on a windfall from Eddie’s bank account too?

gabriella on

Eddie is a messed up father, I have no respect for him. But mel seems to be trying to force the issue and still insists the baby was planned. Obviously in her mind, but he isn’t acting like a father that planned a child with her. And why the press conference.