Holmes-Cruise family in Potsdam, Germany

08/01/2007 at 10:50 PM ET

Actors Tom Cruise, 45, and Katie Holmes, 28, play with their Burberry-clad daughter Suri, 15 months, while waiting to board a helicopterin Potsdam, Germany on Wednesday. More photos at Splash News Online.

Photos by WENN.

Itemlrgpic3a46507Suri wears Sun-San surfers by Salt-Water sandals in red ($34).

Thanks to CBB reader Susie.

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mamabear on

Look at that face! How cute is she?

Heather on

Love that dress!! I have that one (or at least one extremely similar since my daughter’s is pink) and I love it.
Suri’s expression in the first picture is priceless. Sort of like she’s saying, “Yeah right, Mom!”
While I may not entirely understand this family, I must say that they are very handsome and, from photographs, extremely loving parents.

Annoynomus on

AWWWWW! Suri just gets cuter and cuter each time we see her!

bkgurl on

ok…the baby is getting cuter and cuter….she is so freaking cute!!! how adorable!!

Posh_Fan on

I was looking at some videos in splash (click on video under the login thing without putting a login in) and she’s such a little devil LOL. She just took her bottle and ran off and Katie was running after her. Super cute! She seems like a very happy and loved baby from the pictures and videos we get and its a known fact how gorgeous she is!

Nausicaa on

I think in the first picture Suri’s expression is a mixed one of “Are you kidding me?”, “What’s going on?” and mischief/planning something. What an expressive little girl.

NicoleM on

That expression is priceless. I honestly don’t know which one she looks most like. I think it’s a mixture of both.The first picture she looks sneaky like “I’m not doing anything, just walking away from you.”

Tessa on

Suri is adorable…but what is up with the way Katie dresses any more. She is trying way to hard to be older for her man and it just looks hideous on her. Her outfits lately are not anywhere near as cute as her daughter.

christi on

So cute but I have to say that she looks like a little trouble maker (and I mean that in a good way of course)! She ought to put up quite a challenge to her parents! Which is also a sign of a very smart little kiddo.

I just hope with the Scientology that they aren’t overly strict or some strange punishment structure. You just never know.

Sara on

I wish Tom would change his hair. He looks like an old fart these days.

ladytia on

Aww, Suri is a cute-pie!
This is clearly a wonderful happy close family! I’m starting to really like Tom Cruise again. I can get past the Oprah couch stuff, he seems a great husband and father.

tink1217 on

LOVE Suri!! She is so adorable! I have to say…I really do not like Katie’s fashion sense most of the time. She looks like she is trying to dress like someone twice her age. It is just not becoming to her at all. As a young mom I would much rather see her dressed in jeans and a tshirt once in awhile! You know, mix it up a bit. Victoria Beckham seems to have the mix right…she dresses like the fashionista when necessary and in jeans and a tank top when out shopping with her husband and boys. Take some notes, Katie! I love ya, you are stunningly beautiful, but act your age once a in awhile…have some fun!!!

peachy on

I agree!!!She is a living doll.And that burberry dress-very hip and stylish.Suri is becoming a fashion trendsetter just like Mom.

peachy on

that naughty look is priceless indeed!

Rhona on

LOL, I too love the expression in the first picture, she can’t be any good. Sort of like ‘if I can now sneak away….’ She seems a handful, I watched the videos on splash too and felt very sorry for Katie. Suri seems to be trouble with a capital T! But she is so georgeous. I just love the whole family.

anontx on

Does anybody where Tom’s other children are? He’s in Germany. Nicole’s in Australia. Tom is seen with Suri. Nicole is photographed with her sister’s kids but neither is seen with their children.

Hana on

anontx, about a month ago the other older kids were in Australia with their mum. They have a shared custody, 6 months each according to Smoking gun. To be honest the only time we ever saw Isabella and Connor are at their games and now that School is out they’re probably with their mum or in Berlin with Tom. I think its understandable Katie takes Suri wherever she goes as she might be very attached to her parents since they took time out to be with her at home, whereas Bella and Connor are older. Don’t forget Tom is very protective of his children. I’m sure we not going to see much of Suri once they get back to LA.

yoohoostereo on

Suri looks like Emily the Strange in those pictures. She sure is a cutie.

elisa on

Cute family ! Tom & Katie look such in love with their beautiful baby girl ! Great parents !!!!

PSB on

I’m having cuteness overload from Suri! That dress is so adorable on her and she looks so rambunctious and feisty.

In other news…I wish Posh really would start dressing Katie. Why is she wearing PUMPS and CULOTTES? Seriously, my 65 year old mother wouldn’t wear that. Posh needs to show her how to dress her age. Katie is so pretty and does a great job of dressing Suri, but seems to have turned herself into a “mom”. you can be a mom and not look like a “mom” Katie!

jojo on

She just gets cuter and cuter ! I love her facial expressions … I bet she has a quite a personality 🙂

J-Lin on

She looks so cute in her dress. I could hug and kiss her all day.

Brava97 on

Pants with pleats in the BACK?! That’s not attractive on anyone.

FC on

First shot she looks like her mother, then the second one I see Tom. I do agree that she’s a mix, but yes, she’s still cute. And she does look to be a refugee making her grand escape from her mom and dad in the first one, lmao.

And the day the photos were taken just wasn’t one of Katie’s best days as far as clothes and shoes go. I do agree they age her, especially those heels. The rest of the outfit probably wouldn’t be bad if she chose a different type of heel to go with them.

Doreen on

Omgosh how cute!! I watched videos too of Suri and yes she seems to be very mischievous!! 🙂 That first pic is so funny…she def looks like she’s up to something!! LOL She was running like crazy and Katie was trying to keep up w/her. lol

Julia A on

I love how expressive Suri is. It seems that every time we see her, we see a different expression on her face. She’s absolutely beautiful.

Debbie on

Cute, cute Suri! I love the look of trouble-making in her eyes in that first picture.
What’s with Tom’s hair?
Ever notice how Suri, although dressed way cute, is usually wearing clothes that cover her up? Long dresses, none of those cute little summer dresses that most little girls wear. I love those little summer dresses! What about shorts and cute ruffly tank tops?
Long dresses are not my style for this age, except for the occasional party dresses.

J.M. on

I know this gets repetitive, but gosh darn that baby is gorgeous!!!

I love the first photo, Suri’s already got baby attitude!! LOL

gabriella on

Beautiful little girl, and looks like a happy baby. Cute dress too.

ladymama on

Feisty toddler plus high heeled mom plus 4’9″ dad plus grass. Do these things add up well? Not too sure about that.

kelli on

i am sorry if anyone get’s ofensive to my opion, everyone seem’s to think suri is cute, some picture’s you all our right. but, this picture, i have to disagree. it is because of the dress and shoe’s. it look’s like she is older then she is. maybe i don’t no alot about fashion, but, her mom’s taste lately, make’s her seem older then she is. be young and hip, lately i don’t care for katie’s taste in her own clothe’s either.

sage on

ladymama I have no idea what you mean. But that suri is too cute for words.

Valerie on

i agree, i think in the first pic she looks exactly like Katie, but then I see a little bit of Tom in her, in the second pic. i think she looks more like her mom, which in every photo i have seen of babies & their parents, the kids look more like their mothers, then fathers. kind of freaky!