Former NFL player LeRoy Butler's daughter upset by dog fighting

08/01/2007 at 09:49 AM ET

Former Green Bay Packer LeRoy Butler can no longer listen to sports radio in his car after his daughter, Danielle, heard about the dog fighting saga that Michael Vick is involved in.

My 7-year-old [Danielle] loves animals. We were out shopping for adog. We were in the car, and I can’t listen to sports radio anymorebecause she heard how they drowned and electrocuted some animals. Ilooked back there at a red light and she had tears in her eyes. Shesaid, ‘I don’t understand why somebody would drown a dog.’ Now I had toexplain it as a parent. I said that sometimes people do stuff that isso terrible that you’ve got to offset that guy by doing something good.She just kept wiping her tears. She was really bothered by it.

LeRoy has three other daughters, Sharon, 21, Loreal, 13, and Gabrielle, 12.

Source: JS Online 

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Heather on

How sad!! =( But I applaude the way he handled the situation and I like what he told her about offsetting what the other people had done to these dogs. Says a lot about this little girls character too, the empathy she had for those animals. So sweet yet so sad for this little girl.

Kristin on

I think her father handled the situation beautifully. Personally Vick should go away for a long time for what he did to those dogs, or be tortured the way the dogs were tortured. I own two small dogs and am a lover of animals. It is just so horrible how he allowed this to happen, and then deny it!

meghan on

Mr. Butler handled the situation beautifully and it is wonderful that he is raising a child that has such empathy and is so sensitive to the world around her. I have been sickened by the Vick case and this story makes me ever more furious than I was before, because I’m sure LeRoy Butler is not the only parent who has had to discuss this difficult topic with their children. Shame on Michael Vick.

Natalie S. on

Leroy Butler is freakin’ awesome. I read this story I think about a week ago or so. Thank god someone in the NFL has touched on this topic and how he explained it to his daughter. He did a fantastic job explaining it. The story itself breaks my heart because knowning that as a parent you can’t sheild them from all the bad/ugly things in the world, Leroy Butler hats off to you!!!

olivia on

I agree. I love animals and I am very glad at how he handeled the situation!. Good job!!

Loralee on

What a wonderful way that this father handled this difficult situation. My children, as most children do, love animals. We regularly call our local animal shelter to find out what they need and drop off food, toys, etc. When our dog died last year 😦 we donated his crate. Many shelters have websites. Maybe some NFL players can do some good by supporting their local shelters as well. Just a thought to offset bad people doing bad things to animals.

ma74 on

Poor kid:(.I glad he explained things to her like that.I love animals myself and was shocked to hear what Vick did to these dogs.

Campbell on

I agree with everyone. My 9 year old daughter was brought to tears by this story also… she could not understand that level of cruelty. I once held many of the misguided beliefs about pit bulls, but was sort of bamboozled into keeping a large female for about 2 months. I can honestly say she was the most amazing, loving, intelligent dog that I’ve been blessed to have. When we had to give her up… we all cried, and we have pics of Roxi(her name)on out fridge to this day. This situation with Vick, I’m sure, has caused much distress to many. When something comes on tv about it, we turn it over immediately as we cannot bear to see those poor dogs in that condition.

J.M. on

I am not a Vick fan but one must understand at this moment he has not been convicted of actually being present at the dog fights just the owner of the property. However, no matter what, Vick should be fined (or get some jail time) and shouldn’t be allowed to join his team for this upcoming football season. It’s ashame that with all the money he possesses that he would stoop this low. I am glad someone in the football league touched on it.

J-Lin on

As someone that lives in Atlanta, all the charges around Mike Vick are alledged. Dog fighting is cruel, but the things that go on in Iraq are far much worse. Today’s news reports are the most comforting thing to a child. I applaud Mr. Butler’s handling of the situation.

Jillian on

What a caring little girl. She’s so young but so aware of other’s suffering. She’ll most likely bring a lot of good to this world when she grows up.

Regardless of what some posters write, these crimes are more than just cruel. Innocent and helpless animals were tortured and killed (by electrocution, drowning, hanging & more) for simply losing a dog fight or for displeasing these evil men in any way. If these allegation are found to be true, these men are the worst of the worst and deserve a just punishment.

hunter lau on

i love my doggy!!!