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07/27/2007 at 07:17 PM ET

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Originally posted July 26th: Model Eva Herzigova, 34, and her boyfriend Gregorio Marsiaj introduce their son George, 7 weeks, in the latest issues of various magazines. You can watch a video of the photoshoot as well.

Click below for all the photos and interview highlights!

On her pregnancy:
I was really lucky, because I had the best pregnancy you could have. No [morning] sickness, nothing. Instead a huge smile on my face from the first day to the last. I didn’€™t feel bloated and could be pregnant for the next ten years.


Cravings: Sweets! Eva says, "My appetite increased enormously. I love lots of good food. When I was pregnant I ate everything. I never liked dessert before, but during the pregnancy, it was all about chocolate and whipped cream and cakes. Ihad insane cravings for sweets — I had to have dessert after everysingle meal. I have never had a sweet tooth, so that was a really newexperience for me. "


On the birth: When my girlfriends were pregnant and told me about birthing, I found those stories unsettling and scary. But when I was pregnant myself, I didn’€™t worry at all. I was looking forward to it. When I was pregnant, George slept whenever I slept, we were so in sync. When it was time to actually give birth I wanted to experience every second of the birth and even wanted to be alone for quite some time. But in the end, I did request getting an epidural.


How her life has changed: The first two months are really hard. Before I had George, many people told me what I should and shouldn’€™t do. I think it’€™s important to realize that each baby is different. To be prepared, I read a couple of books.

Before the delivery date, my mother kept telling me, ‘It’s going to change your life.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, please! Four days after the delivery, I’m gonna be here, I’m gonna be there, and I’m gonna do this.’  But my mother told me the birth would turn my world upside down and inside out and it really did. [After the birth,] I was in the hospital – dead!


On priorities: I always thought I’d be having a child that would adapt to my lifestyle. But to tell the truth, George is now the commander of the ship. He’s the one who gives instructions. I can’€™t sleep when I want or always answer the phone when it’€™s ringing, because George is my priority, his needs come first. I thought [motherhood] would be like, ‘Hey, you follow me. Instead, I’m following him…Suddenly you feel needed. When he smiles, it just makes your day.


On her first few weeks as a mom: In the first six weeks I often felt very exhausted and tired. I have a new sleeping pattern now, and that is very exhausting. But it is getting better each day. By now, George has established an eating pattern. We’re doing really fine, we’re both sleeping a lot.

Still, it’€™s quite stressful and I can’t wait to have a nanny. So far, I don’€™t have one. I demanded not to take on hired help and instead do everything by myself — but by now, George and I are at a point where we have a very strong bond. I know what he needs and wants. Now I would really like to have a little help so I could have a little more time for myself. We’€™ll see.


On George: George likes to be part of the conversation.

On Greg as a dad: I had the best support from Greg [during the pregnancy]. I have a beautiful relationship. I must admit. When I was pregnant he was like, ‘Wow!’ He couldn’t get enough of me. Greg has been very supportive with his presence, with his words. He’s so proud and he expresses it. He says, ‘I have the most beautiful family in the world, you are the most wonderful mother and you are so beautiful.

[During the night now,] he puts on music and starts dancing with him. At 6 a.m., I find George in Greg’s arms, remote control in his other hand, with their heads down, sleeping. He’€™s fantastic with George! He has a very special bond with him and loves playing with him. He’€™s also helping me out a lot. He changes his diapers and takes care of him when I’m really tired and worn out so that I can have a break. He’€™s a wonderful father.


Losing the 30 lbs: She’s not worried, admitting, "It’s my DNA. [Getting in shape] is not my main concern. I don’t want to have my pre-pregnancy body back. I gained around 30 pounds during the pregnancy. 20 pounds were lost right after giving birth. I don’€™t really have time to work out yet."

On her breasts: Eva says she’s nursing George to build a strong relationship. "So I now have 10 pounds more than before — and most of them seem to be in my breasts! I’d love to keep the extra weight in this place! Right now, I try to eat a lot of fatty foods, because I believe this is good for my milk."


More kids: I’d like to have a girl. Let’s hope it’s the next one, because if not the next one, it better be the third. And if it’s not the third…let me think about it!

On getting back to work: Right now I’m totally content with doing little projects here or there — it keeps my world in balance. I have been working since I was a kid. I can’t just flip a switch and be a homemaker and stay-at-home mom.


Source: People, August 6 issue, pg 62; Bunte

Thanks to Moussemaker and Anna for scans and CBB readers Sarita, Cassopolis and Anna for translations.

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tink1217 on

beautiful pictures and a beautiful baby!!!

V on

I Love that she is breastfeeding in some of the pictures!! Good for her, although it is not an American publication.

Ella on

Love the pics of them nursing! What a beautiful family!

Alana on

She’s looking great for mother of 7 week old baby. And she’s breastfeeding which is the best start you can give your baby when it’s possible. I’m still struggling to get back my shape, before i got pregnant i was 55kg, now I’m afraid to step on the scales. My baby is over 7 months, so i just have to wait till i’m finished breastfeeding, then i can start exercising.
The baby is gorgeous and for now looks like daddy with mammy’s eyes. Congrats to them, they look very happy!

Mandy on

Wow! What a beautiful family.

Monika on

Yeah. Okay. Now that’s a gorgeous family! Congrats to them!

Sarita on

The whole family is gourgeous; mom, dad and baby. I love the photos, very natural and loving.

cassopolis on

As I read on bunte website she said “she gained 15kilos/30pounds during her pregnancy after the birth she lost 10kilos still having 5 to go ! and she’s saying all the pounds went to her boobs lol
I’ll check the french version there is same pictures

sophie on

There are somes pics in PARIS MATCH, a french magazine this week;

daphneesmith on

Beautiful family! My son’s name is George too so of course I looooove the name! Best of luck to them.

Xan on

So, the baby’s second last name is her last name shortened, or is “Herzig” her actual last name?

Cute family;)

Sarah’s note: In the Czech Republic, the suffix -ova is usually added to women’s surnames (in a few cases, only the letter A is added to the end of the surname). Basically, the male version of Eva’s surname is Herzig, which is why George’s surname is Herzig. Since Eva is a female, the suffix -ova is added to her name, so her surname is Herzigova.

sarawara on

YEA! YEA! YEA! I am SOOOO glad to see a mom happily breastfeeding in a magazine. I really, really hope that becomes a trend.

Sam on

Agree, what a beautiful family. Eva looks absolutely gorgeous. She and Cindy Crawford embody voluptous womanhood. Wow, GO EVA!

sophie on

You can watch a video of the shooting photo on the paris match website : http://www.parismatch.com/parismatch/dans-l-oeil-de-match/reportages/eva-herzigova-l-ete-du-bonheur

Hollister on

I too just love seeing the nursing photos. They are beautiful. But we can’t all look as gorgeous as Eva 7 weeks or even seven years after a birth!!! Congrats to the family, Eva seems to be a natural Mother.

LL on

How wonderful to see natural pictures of a woman feeding her baby! What a happy, healthy family – great to see, hopefully in a US publication too. I so prefer seeing this to seeing a baby being bottle fed in pictures!

Sarita on

Sophie, thank you for the link to the video. So cute! In one moment you can also see Eva looking at her boyfriend so in love, awww.

Christine on

I love seeing celebs breastfeeding!!
(I’m doing it right now!!)

dancingmom on

The photos are STUNNING! Her joy absolutely radiates!

amelie on

Oh, those photos are divine. How beautiful – my favourite is the last one, where she’s breastfeeding.

Chloe on

Gorgeous pictures, fantastic she was pictured happily breast feeding too! xx

JR on

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! What gorgeous photos, all of them. And I love that there are breastfeeding photos in there, no need to cover up. Just natural mama, natural baby. WOO HOO!

(now if only we could see that in an American magazine . . .)

PSB on

She looks insanely hot for a woman who just gave birth (or any woman, for that matter). You can really tell how much she loves being a mom – she has such a glow. That baby is adorable and like everybody else, I loved seeing the nursing photos. There’s something so sweet about a new baby nursing – it triggers nice memories of breastfeeding my own son.

mae on

I love the beige pram. It’s such a beautiful, calm color for a baby – and ultra stylish if you ask me. (Not to mention that the color works perfectly for either sex). Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has baby gear in a similar color. It would be the color of my choice as well if I were to have a baby just now.

Pictures of Eva, baby and baby-daddy are gorgeous! And, as were she looks stunningly beautiful after just giving birth, I like the fact that she isn’t afraid to show some of her post pregnancy belly.

pam on

It’s a shame she’s so eager to get a nanny, I have to admit. 😦

kate on

Simply brilliant post and pictures! I love seeing celebs nurse and making it seem natural and normal. I actually don’t like seeing bottle feeding in new baby celebrity features, so much prefer celebs like this!

Amélie on

Wow, she gave birth only 7 weeks ago? when you look at her you wouldn’t say.

kristen on

Gorgeous nursing pictures! What a total delight to see! Congratulations to the new family and especially to Eva.

Kudos to the magazines that ran the wonderful nursing pics.

evaughn on

mae, what post pregnancy belly?