CBB Exclusive: Interview with Trista Sutter, the utterly adorable 'Bachelorette' PLUS exclusive giveaway!

07/26/2007 at 10:35 PM ET

Watermarked_005_medium_cbb_2With just a few weeks before her first baby is born, Trista Sutter from ABC’s The Bachelorette talks about babies, eBay, and what it’s like to hold a newborn diaper in your hands. She and husband Ryan Sutter expect their new addition on August 23rd and are keeping the sex a delivery surprise.

Click below for the entire interview, including her fertility struggles, details on Trista’s pregnancy, what she wasn’t expecting — including her gestational diabetes — how she and Ryan have decorated the nursery, and an exclusive GIVEAWAY!


You’ve been very honest about the fact that it took a while for you to become pregnant.

It goes along with my personality. I got married and shared thatpart of my life on television. I am proud of my life and have peoplearound me who love and support me and my decisions. Also, I feel thatany experience I have that can help another person, or give theminspiration, is great, especially with something as important asbecoming a mother.

How has the pregnancy been?

The first four months were awful! I didn’t just have morning sickness; I had morning, noon and night sickness! I was pretty much on the couch all day long. Once I got into my second trimester, I got my energy back and felt much better. I have really enjoyed this little person growing inside of me.

What has been the best advice you’ve gotten so far?

The #1 piece of advice that everyone gives me is to sleep while you can. Anyone who knows me knows I like my sleep! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to sleep well during the pregnancy.

Watermarked_002_medium_cbbWhat has happened during the pregnancy that you were not expecting?

EVERYTHING! For one thing, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in my 7th month, and I wasn’t expecting that. I expected to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. During the pregnancy, I’ve been craving desserts and carbs like crazy, especially Marble Slab Creamery ice cream!   

I also wasn’t expecting all these changes in my body. I’m happy to have my body change for the baby, but it’s difficult to see cellulite on your arms when you didn’t have any before!The most beautiful unexpected thing about pregnancy is feeling the baby move. Just feeling the fluttering and the kicks is an amazing thing.

Watermarked_003_medium_cbbHow have you been preparing for the baby?

I’m an organizational freak by nature, so when the nesting phase kicked in a couple of months ago, I literally went through every cupboard and cabinet! I had a garage sale over the weekend and I’ve also been putting up a few items for sale on eBay, too, just to make way for baby stuff.

How is the nursery coming along?

The nursery is almost done. The last big piece of furniture arrived today. Ryan and I are doing the nursery in shades of chocolate brown and white, and then we’ll add pink or blue accessories, depending on what the baby is!

New Arrivals, Inc. is doing all the bedding, drapery and fun accessories like a growth chart and picture frames. We got our crib, daybed, and changing table from Bratt Décor. www.angelsong.net worked with New Arrivals, Inc. and custom-made this great rocker/glider, and then www.GreenNest.com donated all of our mattresses, pillows, and paint. Everything from them is organic, which is really important to us. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of getting the nursery prepared and beautiful for the baby.

I was putting some of the baby’s clothes away the other day and I held up a newborn diaper. That’s when it hits you that you’re really having a baby.

Watermarked_006_medium_cbbWhat are your plans for after the baby is born?

Honestly, I just want to be a mom. Ryan [who is a firefighter] will be on 48/4, meaning that he will work 48 hours straight and then be off for four days. During that time, it will just be me and Baby, so we’ll see how it goes. We’re also planning on taking a family trip after the baby is born. I’m looking forward to it all!

And you’re coming out with a diaper bag line, too.

Yes, I needed a diaper bag, so I designed my own diaper bag line! Trista Baby (www.tristababy.com) is going to launch in just a few weeks. The bags are made from environmentally-friendly material here in the US. We’re starting the line with two bags; the first is a tote and the second is a messenger bag, with more designs to come in the future.

*Trista Baby bags will be available at www.tristababy.com and also at www.ebags.com.

Trista_baby_gift_bagExclusive Giveaway for Celebrity Baby Blog Readers: One lucky Celebrity Baby Blog Reader can win the gift bag that Tricia’s baby shower guests received.  Tricia’s shower was thrown by our friends at Hot Moms Club and Suave, with invitations and thank you notes provided by My Gatsby, and scrapbooking from S.E.I. (Tristaalso treated her hostesses to diamond necklaces byTacori.)

To Enter, click here. (Do not post a comment below.)

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Kim on

I think that it goes to show that gestational diabetes can happen to anyone, large or small. Trista is a small framed girl and she has it. As I am a larger girl when I was pregnant I was told to watch out for it but I never did get it (but my blood tests were close, I admit).

Zara on

I hope she’s planning to use cloth nappies to put in her environmentally friendly diaper bags! 🙂

Ash on

Cloth diapers are not actually as environmentally friendly as people think. Because you have to clean them in the washing machine, that uses a lot of extra water and energy. just something to think about…

sinclair on

kim, gestational diabetes does not depend on size alone. some of it is diet; some of it can be quite random.

trista’s gonna be a great mom. i wish her well.

Sarah on

Wonder what the girls are holding in that picture above? Some kind of jewelry it looks like but what?

brass on

This is going to sound really awful…and it’s not meant to be that way. But, why is she famous? I’m not sure who she is. Is she rich, famous…I don’t know.

Sarah’s note: She was on the reality show The Bachelorette, and chose Ryan. They got engaged and eventually got married, and are one of the few reality star couples who have worked out, stayed married, and are now having a baby.

corinne on

She’s adorable! I’m so happy for them!!

As for cloth dipes not being environmentally friendly: the water & detergent used in the washing machine to clean them, is still a small amount in comparison to the amount of water & energy & waste in the production and disposal of paper dipes. Plus, if you have a low-level water washer, you’re still coming out ahead.

Diaper services use more water, b/c they must sterilize the cloth diapers, since more than one person uses them.

But, if you purchase your own cloth dipes, you can just add them to a load of wash that you’re already doing, and not use any extra water/detergent/energy.

Either way, you’re not taking up space in a landfill with cloth dipes, which is often the major reason why people use cloth versus paper dipes.

G-diapers brand are biodegradeable and break down quickly, but I haven’t tried them.

Vanessa on

I wish them well

meg on

Does anyone know where that tote bag is from?

Ellen on

How do we sign up to win the giftbag giveaway? It’s probably on here, but I just don’t see it. Perhaps it’s my pregnant brain…

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monica on

ugh Trista is even perky even pregnant, so nauseating.

Gaby on

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Trista looks so great! She’s gonna be an awesome mom.

Doreen on

Ohhh would love to win this package of goodies!! :)Exhale Calming Body Lotion. Lavender/Vanilla sounds sooo yummy!! They all do really. 🙂

Tiffani Harp on

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Debbi on

Sounds like a great shower! I’m glad Trista is showing such concern for the environment and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of diaper bag she designs (I need a new one). I like the Suave Naturals Aloe & Waterlilly shampoo, and like to follow it with a vinegar rinse which is great for my hair and the environment.

atsirk17 on

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Heather on

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Please enter me to win the gift bag from Trista’s shower!

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Mandy on

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Melissa on

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Margaret H on

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Congrats to Trista and Ryan and wishing them well for August 23rd baby, our baby EDD is 2 weeks after them 🙂

Jenn on

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J.J. on

I was thinking the same thing as brass was of why she was famous since I’m not too familiar with her, but now I know. Anyway, can’t wait to see the new little one in August. Trista will definitely be a great mother. I have a BIG feeling and am betting that the baby is going to be a little girl!!

Tresa Mathews on

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Charlene on

Wow, what a great interview and a great prize! I love the look of the Trista Diaper Bag line.
It’s great how she focusing on environmentally friendly products as well. No, you can’t always fit in everything, but a little extra something to help the environment helps.

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Lisa Berndsen on

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Connie on

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danielle on

I like the Naturals Daily Clarifying Shampoo, helps to get the gel build up out!

HappyMom on

Why is someone wealthy enough to live in the Vail/Beaver Creek area selling unwanted items on Ebay and at Garage Sales rather than donating them to charity?

Andrea on

This may seem a little negative, but it bothers me how she says she is a private person and done with the spotlight until it means getting free things, like a baby shower and a nursery items. Just my opinion.

cristen willis on

A cloth diapered baby only uses as much water on average per day as a toilet trained/using adult. There is NO comparison of the amount of natural resources used in disposable (paper, water, waste) versus cloth. I wish a celeb would come forward as a cloth user and inspire some people. I wonder if Julia Roberts uses cloth, she is always talking about the environment.
Anyway, I think Trista is adorable and wish her and ryan well. I will check out her bags!

Jamie on

My cousin has two sons (4yrs and 1 yr old) she and her husband did extensive research on cloth vs. disposable diapers, and even using the newer washers out there your still using a lot of hot water cause your running the washer just about every day. My cousin and her husband are very environmentally friendly the recycle everything they possibly can.