Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber welcome son Alexander Pete

07/26/2007 at 06:24 PM ET

Actors Naomi Watts, 38, and Liev Schreiber, 39, welcomed son Alexander Pete at 3:59 pm on Wednesday, July 25th. He weighed in at 8 lbs, 4 oz, and is 22.5 inches long.

The name Alexander is believed to be in honor of Liev’s grandfather, with whom he was close, and Pete is for Naomi’s father, Peter. A rep says,

The parents are ecstatic, and both mom and baby are doing great.

A source close to the couple said,

Thisis a dream come true for both of them and they’ve done everything intheir power to make it as special as possible, right down to staying inthe dark about the baby’s sex right up until Naomi gave birth.

Naomi’s due date was August 2nd and she planned to go into labornaturally (without being induced or scheduling a c-section) so we assume that’s what happened.

Sources: Us; ET

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Update 7 pm: IT’S A BOY! He was born yesterday, not this morning as L &S originally reported. People confirms the news.

Originally posted 5:20 pm: According to Life & Style Weekly, Naomi Watts, 38, gave birth to her and fiance Liev Schreiber‘schild this morning in Los Angeles. No further information about thebaby has been released, including the sex. We do know that the baby arrived a week early.

By the way, a due date isjust an estimate of when the baby will arrive based on the estimatedconception date.  Only 5% of women actually deliver on their due date.

(They are pictured above walking their dogs yesterday.)

Thanks to CBB readers Samantha, Lisa, Kitty, Heather and Michelle.

Did you give birth before, after, or on your due date?

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HeatherR on

My goodness, I hope this is true! That poor woman seemed to be pregnant forever!!! Best wishes to them. Can’t wait to hear the stats on the baby.

Lynn on

Well it’s about freakin time! I thought she was never going to have that baby. I wonder if she was finally induced… I hope I don’t get that big! Can’t wait to find out the name & sex of the baby!!

lizzie on

Ah, finally! Congratulations to Naomi and Liev! Can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl, and the name!

Kristin on

Finally!!! Yeah!!! I am so happy for the both of them!!!:)

Amber on

Congrats to both of them!!!… I have a feeling they had a Girl.

jashmom on

Congratuations to Naomi and Liev!!! I’m sure both of them are over the moon right now. Can’t wait to find out if they had a boy or girl and the name.

nikkimonique on

Yeah congrats! Can’t wait to find out the gender and the name of the baby!
I was 4 days late with my daughter and 3 days late with my son. I would have loved to be a little early!

sara on

Damn! And she was due on my bday!!!

Sarita on

I hope it’s true! Congratulations to them, can’t wait to see the baby, I hope they’ll release photos.

michelle on

Yeah!!! All the walking paid off. :):):) My neighbor was due to give birth to her first and she seemed pregnant FOREVER and would walk up and down the street till she gave birth. She did it with the second one also. I cant wait to hear the stats. Especially the sex and name. Congrats to them.

Meagan on

Yeah! I can’t wait to hear the name. I gave birth 6 days before my due date.

Kate on

If the rumors are true, congrats to them.

I’m 19 and don’t have any children yet, but my mom told me that the estimated date of my birth was on Sunday, July 3rd. My mom went into labor Friday night, but since her pelvis wasn’t moving at all it didn’t work out. For some reasons the doctors didn’t realize that until Sunday morning, and they decided to deliver me via c-section. So I really was born on July 3rd.

Julie on

Yay its about time! I hope its a girl. I can’t wait to find out the gender and the name. Congratulations to them both.

J.M. on

hmm don’t know if it’s true. I mean anyone can “guess” that this baby would be born soon! Accesshollywood, ET, People, etc all usually get this news and validate it as well and they have yet to post something on it. However I guess with all the latest Lindsay news this isn’t important enough to add to their news pages!!

I hope it’s true and can’t wait to find out for sure, as well as if it’s a boy or girl. I am still thinking pink!

Sarah’s note: Life and Style has an inside source — they were also the first to announce the pregnancy. We also heard from our source that its been VERY quiet at their house today, so we think it’s true. That’s why we didn’t post it as rumor.

Christine on

congrats to them if its true, which I bet it is 🙂 and I’m gonna say it was a little girl, can’t wait the hear all the stats.

As for myself, my son was 3 days early and then my daughter was 15 days early. Went into labor on my own with both

Alexandra on

Wow! Congratulations!

I am one of the 5% that delivered my daughter on her due date after 37 hours of labor. It was such a surprise to everyone when we e-mailed an announcement that morning because everyone was expecting me to be late like most women.

Danielle, CBB Publisher on

Anya refused to come out- she was born a week and a half past her due date because we induced. My OB said that they don’t like to let mothers go two weeks past their due date because there is an increased risk of stillbirth.

Stacey on

Congrats to them! I can’t wait to find out what they had!
I had my daughter 9 days early. She was due March 13th. I was scheduled to be induced March 5th because I had high blood pressure and she was born the night of March 4th without having to be induced. It’s like she knew it was time to come!

Ashleigh on

Finally! She seemed like she was preggers 4ever. I don’t have kids yet but I was born 2 and a half weeks late.

amy on

Yay! Finally! Congrats! 😀

Sasha on

cool! nice scoop CBB!

Sarah’s note: Hey, we can’t take credit for this one, it’s all Life & Style! 😉

moosetlc on

My grandmother gave birth to my aunt six weeks after her due date…Everyone just thought that she was wrong…until she was born 16 + pounds! They did not want to induce her, as she is a Canadian citizen, and was in America at the time…not appropriate medical coverage to induce I guess!

popi on

Wow finally!!LOL!Congrats!Best wishes to the happy family!:)

popi on

Oh and I arrived one day after the due date!lol!

Carol on is reporting it’s a boy.

Both of my boys were 12 days early.

Christine on

well, i had a 50/50 shot and I was wrong. People is reporting it’s a boy, no word on a name though

gigi on

finally!!! the baby is a boy!! you can read it on congrats to them!

stephanie on

people is reporting it is a boy

madam pince on

My hunch was right; she had a boy! Can’t wait to hear what they named him. At least we know it’s not a junior.

I’ve known a lot of pregnant ladies, but she’s the biggest I’ve ever seen — and that includes mothers of multiples!

My daughter was five weeks early. My entire pregnancy was trouble-plagued, so my doctor warned me to expect a premature delivery. The day before she was born, he examined me and said, “You’ve got two weeks at the outside, but I’ll feel better if you make it another week.” Less than 24 hours later, when we met at the hospital, he quipped, “Didn’t I tell you to wait a week?” I replied, “Talk to the baby about that!”

Kelly on

congrats to them. she was beautiful pregnant.

I went into labor with my first on my due date and had her early in the morning the day after.

I went into labor and had my 2nd & 3rd on their due dates.

Paige on

Congratulations to Naomi and Liev!

I’m sure their little boy is adorable.

Candice on

Oooh, yay! Congrats to them!

Katie on

How is it possible that this child only weighs 8 pounds? I was expecting a ten poounder!!

maz on

congrats! but i really thought they had another baby tucked up inside her tummy! his name is so lovely, alexander peter schreiber, sounds very cultured! 🙂

Megan on

Awww i am so happy for Naomi and Liev! We all know how elated they were about havin their baby and now he’s finally here! YAY I am so happy for them-they are just one of those families that you can’t help but love–I LOVE the name–a good strong name! I bet they are just giddy with excitment over their little boy…and 8 lbs 4 oz isn’t HUGE so she was definitely just all baby with that belly…hehe Can’t wait to see pictures! Congrats to Naomi and Liev! Welcome to the world Alexander!

Kristin on

Congrats to Naomi & Leiv! Such a cute name too. All of my children were early except my youngest she was 1 day late.

Zara on

Yay – I’m so excited that they’ve had their baby!!!! Talk about the world’s longest pregnancy!

I KNEW they’d have a boy!

Can’t wait to see photos of the baby and Naomi post-birth!

Carrie on

Yay! How exciting for them! I hope everything went smoothly. While the weight is just on the higher side of average – that height of 22.5″ is definitely above average – that would probably explain why she looked SO BIG! I wonder if she was already in early labor when they were pictured out walking yesterday. And what a nice, classic name. Nothing to be teased about like his dad unfortunately was!

Mary on

congrats! I knew it was going to be a boy.

FC on

Aww, she had the baby! Congrats to her and Liev on their son Alexander! 🙂 I’m not surprised at the size of the baby considering how big his daddy is. I’m going to say he might take after his father in height and size maybe. 😉

Heather on

Is his middle name Pete or Peter? People says it’s just Pete…

Sarah’s note: Pretty sure it’s Peter. Will double check. also says he was born today which is not true. But ET also has Pete instead of Peter…we will find out.

Lynn on

I thought for sure she was having a girl. And I thought the baby would be at least 9 lbs if not more!

Karen on

Congrads to the new parents!!! I like the name it is very classic. I too was expecting twins or a bigger baby as she had such a big belly!

Grayson's Girl on

Eeeeeeee!! Finally! No wonder she was so big, 8.4 and 22.5 is a big boy, looks like Alexander’s gonna take after his father. I’m sure he’s a gorgeous boy!

Shannan on

Congrats to them on their little boy. I love the name they have chosen.

Marilyn on

Alexander Peter or Pete? ET and People both say Pete. I’m surprised it was kept this secret for a full day or more. Alex Schreiber sounds nice. Congratulations to them.

Sarah’s note: See my comment above. I’m checking with her publicist now for clarification.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Just spoke to her publicist and it is PETE. Nice eyes, readers!

millie on

I’m so happy for her! I love the name too–so refreshingly normal. I think that Peter is after Naomi’s father and Alex after Liev’s grandfather who was very close to him. Congratulations.

PSB on

YAY!!! I’ve been so hoping that they’d have their baby already. I’m gloating now because I was right about three things – the baby is a boy, he’s around 8.5 lbs and he’s a tall one!

I should read bellies for a living 🙂

I’m so happy for them both. I love the name and I’m sure he’s absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to see a picture of the little guy.

MuffThumb on

YAY!!! He’s here!! and it’s a normal name!! Liev kept his promise!!

I am so happy for Naomi and Liev! Congratulations!

meghan on

umm – people is saying 3:59 PM thursday – which is today.

Sarah’s note: Yes, they’re wrong. The baby was born yesterday per Naomi’s rep.

popi on

Hey it’s a normal but cool name 😉 I love the name Alexander, reminds me of Alexander the Great!

amy on

cute name – love Pete for a middle name!

Sam on

Congrats Naomi and Liev! I like the name and he is indeed a long kid, gonna be tall just like his Daddy. Well, it’s two down, 1 to go (Naomi and Jenna, Bridget’s next), and so far boys…let’s see if we can go three for three 😉 CBB will be busy for the next three weeks with all this recent, back-to-back baby news.

Enjoy your bundle, Naomi and Liev.

Sarah’s note: Well, we don’t know for sure about Jenna yet, that’s why we didn’t post. And don’t forget Salma Hayek — she’s supposedly having a girl!

Ella on

Oh, I thought for sure they’d have a girl! But I love the name–very cute. Can’t wait to see pics!

Kim on

Congrats to Naomi and Liev ! Liev was telling the truth when he said their bub would have a fairly normal name, unlike his own!
On the question ‘Did you deliver on your duedate/before/after’ I delivered 8 weeks early due to premature rupture of membranes.

yaosa on

Congrats to them ! I am looking forward to reading more about them in the future and seeing pics!

What a great name!

My daughter arrived on her due date and my son was 2 weeks early:-)

Maya on

Congratulations to them! Wow, there seem to be a lot of baby boys being born lately. I really really want a girl as my first born, is there any way of increasing the odds for that to happen?

Lauren on

What? Alexander Pete? No Peter Rabbit or Prince AlexPete? What is WRONG with them??

Love the name, and congrats to Naomi and Liev!

J.M. on

I swore that was a girl! Oh well. I’m usually always wrong! lol

Very adorable normal name! I wonder if they’ll call him Alex for short.

Congrats to Naomi and Liev!

Julie on

Awww its a boy! and they gave him a normal name that he won’t get his butt kicked for in school!

Ann E. Mouse on

What does Sam mean, two down? I hadn’t read that Jenna Elfman had her baby already! I can’t find that info anywhere.

Anyway, my first baby was 4 days early and my second baby was 10 days early, neither induced, both just ready to come out and perfectly healthy and happy. I’m sure Naomi wasn’t induced if she was hoping for a natural birth. Induction is dangerous!

Sarah’s note: We heard Jenna may have had her son already but doesn’t want to share the news yet. Danielle told someone who posts on a Bridget Moynahan board, and I assume Sam must have read it there.

Candice on

Aww, Alexander Pete. Good name!

Kate on

My guess with a length like that, she ended up with a c-section. That’s what happened to me- I was a week late and when my daughter didn’t descend, they did a section and found out she was 22 inches!

Sara Watson on

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww congrats to them!!!!! I Gave birth at 37 weeks with my girl (who is 6 weeks old) and with my son (hes 17 months) at 37 weeks and 1 day.. But awww cute name.. Its about time.. It seemed like her pregnancy went FOREVER and a day!

Sam on

Okay, sorry guys, I am wrong! Sarah’s right, I did read that Jenna had her baby on Splash, but those rumors haven’t been confirmed.

I can’t wait to see the pics of baby Alexander!

Lauren EV on

I am SO happy for them! And what a great name! They must be so happy. As for when I gave birth it was ON my DD. My doctors didnt think I would give birth yet but I knew that I had concieved on Valentines Day (no doubt on that) so my exact due date was Nov. 7 which is the day my daughter was born.

BC on

Congrats! And what a wonderful name!! My very own Alexander Douglas celebrated his 4th birthday yesterday 🙂

Liza on

Exciting!! I had fun watching that belly.. although I didnt expect anything bigger. Mine were 8’14 and 9lbs at 37 weeks and I was waaaaaayy bigger that her. I cant wait to see the lil munchkin! Hes going to be soooooooooooo cute!

Hollister on

Out of my four children, one was born on his due date.
I am ecstatic for this couple, love them!!

Cindy on

Congrats to the new parents! I would have sworn she was carrying a girl. Just goes to show you can’t really tell by the way they look. LOL.

Amanda on

Yay! I knew it was going to be a boy! Such a cute name too.. nice and normal 🙂

Jenny on

YES! Congrats to them! and props for a normal name!! WOO HOO.. I’m very excited for that

SY on

I was right about her having a big boy, I carried just like her with my first and he was 9lbs and 22.5 inches–people thought I was having twins at the end of the pregnancy. Kate, I don’t think she necessarily had a c-section, I didn’t with either of mine (the other was 8.5 lbs and 21.5 inches)and I’m 5’6″ and 128 lbs, so I’m an average size. Both my labors went fast –the first was 30 minutes of pushing and the 2nd came with 10 minutes of pushing!

Neke on

I am happy for Naomi and Liev and I am sure Naomi’s Downunder fans are thrilled too! Australian’s are good at naming kids down to earth names not weird names.

Beth on

My son was born on his due date–not induced or scheduled in any way. It was the date I figured to be his due date before I even knew for sure I was pregnant. We haven’t been on time for a thing since!

Shan on

My mom says that I was due on December 21, so they bought everything for Baby’s first Christmas 1981. I wasn’t born until the 27th. So they had to buy all new stuff for Christmas 1982.

Amber on

Congrats to them both on the Baby Boy!! He has a beautiful name.

Doreen on

Wahooooo, it’s about time!! LOL Seemed like she was preggy forever! Congrats to them!!!

gianna on

I knew it was a boy. What a cute normal name, and nice it’s in honor of family members.

Erin on

Congrats to them…but shouldn’t someone check their SAG cards….I mean Alexander….that’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too normal a name for a Hollywood couple am I right?!?! Just kidding and good for them….

may on

i have read that is peteR

Sarah’s note: Nope! Please see above bolded comments. Got it straight from her publicist.

jen on

I have 4 girls. The first was induced 3 days early. Two of them were induced 2 weeks early. The last one I was scheduled for induction August 17 and my water broke the afternoon of the 16th and I had her an hour later. She was 3 weeks early.

Lala on

My son was due on 9/11/2001. However, around week 34 I had developed preeclampsia and dr decided to induce. While walking to the car to go to the hospital to be induced, my water broke! So he was born weeks earlier than his due date, which would’ve been such a bittersweet time if he had come out when he was due.

amelie on

Congrats to them! I *knew* it was a boy!

Philippa on

wow, congratulations to them. i like the name. not very strange hollywood-like, but just a good, normal name.

i myself was supposed to be born november 22nd but ended up being born on november 1st, so 3 weeks early

Alana on

Congratulations to happy parents! 🙂
It looked like a boy, it’s never 100 per cent but then most the time you can tell by the shape of your belly:-)
The name is great, i wanted to call my daughter
like my mom, but my parents for some reason so against naming children after grandparents, i have no clue why.

Althea on

Yay, she finally had her baby! =]

I kept checking back here to see if she had given birth, she looked SO big!

I love the name, love this couple and wish them all the best with their new bundle of joy (who I believe will be just as big as his daddy!).

Mimi on

Yay! Congratulations to them! I wish them every happiness with their new bundle of baby boy joy! I’m also relieved for Naomi…I think she was done with the whole thing! Great news. Cute name, too.

Lola on

Nice normal name.

Snuske on

Cocratulations to them both. Have been waiting for this day for a long time and finally the boy came. Happy for her that she is finally done with the pregnancy. And Alexander Pete is a great name, and like someone said, refreshingly normal:) Can’t wait to see pictures of the little wonder. I gave birth one week before my due date too.

Chloe on

About time too lol! Congratulations to Naomi and Liev, love the name! xx

Laura UK on

Wonderful news. I’ll bet he’s as gorgeous as his name!

Jennifer on

Congrats to them!
Our daughter was born two weeks early. She is 9 years old now. My water broke in the early afternoon, and we headed straight to the hospital. A little after midnight I gave birth to her. I am a small framed person ( I started out at 120 lbs. and gained 34 lbs.) anyhow, when shes FINALLY came out (they had to use the suction machine to get her out, since my 1 1/2 hours of pushing wasn’t working) she weighed 8 lbs. 14.9 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long!! I about croaked she was so big!!!Thank God for epidurals is all I can say!! No wonder I couldn’t “push” her out myself, with her being so big!!! Thankfully she was two weeks early or she probably would’ve been a 10 or 11 lb. baby my Dr. said. But she was healthy and happy and that’s all that matters. She is still our little angel and we feel more than lucky and grateful to have her. 🙂

may on

peter would sound better

J.J. on

CONGRATS to Naomi and Liev on the birth of their new little boy!!! I had a feeling it was going to be a boy. Love the name too! Know he’s going to be a gorgeous celebrity baby!!

Donna Cales on

Naomi’s pregnancy seemed to go on forever. I’m so happy for her and Liev – a healthy baby boy!

Dawna on

Yay, finally the wee one arrived! Best of wishes to the new parents!

Megan on

Congrats to them. I had my son 4 hours later.

Mand on

She sure was big toward the end and no wonder, what a big boy Alexander is!!! A whopping 57cm! Thats massive!

My 1st son was born on his due date….8lb 15oz and 54cm long. My 2nd son was induced 3wks early (I had little amniotic fluid…complicated pregnancy) and he was a big 8lb 4oz but only 50cm long.