Jillian Barberie Reynolds talks about Ruby Raven and more

07/26/2007 at 11:35 AM ET

Skating with Celebrities alum Jillian Barberie Reynolds, 40, had famously asserted that she would never have kids, but now she cannot imagine life without her 3-week-old daughter Ruby Raven with husband Grant. The Good Day L.A. host talked to OK! about motherhood, how her labor was induced and which Hollywood tyke she hopes Ruby will end up dating. Watch a video of the photo shoot here.

On holding Ruby for the first time: "Iwas sobbing like a baby. I was adopted and my birth mom didn’t get achance to hold me for very long. It was very emotional." Grant adds, "It was surreal. We were in awe. We said, ‘Oh my gosh – this is what we’ve been waiting for.’"

On the name: "Grant chose Raven and I chose Ruby. Rod Stewart has a daughter named Ruby with supermodel Kelly Emberg, who I grew up adoring."

On Ruby’s first night home:
"Thefirst thing we did when we got home from the hospital was watchEntourage with her nursing on me. She took to breastfeeding 20 minutesafter I gave birth. I’m breastfeeding some nights from 2 to 3:30 a.m.,other nights from 1 to 1:45 a.m. I’m not exhausted at all."

On Ruby’s personality: "She’s mellow and quiet. Thank god she’s not like me. She’s like Grant; I hope she stays that way."

On having kids: Jillian says, "I always thought my lifewas about my career but I was so wrong. I met Grant, we got married andthree months later I got pregnant." Grant says he felt the same way. "I told everybody, ‘I’m not gonna get married, I don’t want kids.’ When you’re not looking for it, it shows up."


Click below for more from the interview, photos of the family, and a peek into Ruby’s nursery and closet.


On going into labor and the birth: Jillian ate a salad with labor-inducing dressing and it worked! She says, "At7:30 on a Thursday night we went to this cafe in Studio City that haslabor-inducing salad dressing. By 4 a.m. I was in labor. I was in laborfor a good part of the day, then four pushes and the baby was born in20 minutes. Grant was amazing during the birth. He kept telling me howto breathe and count to 10. We did that a few times and she was born."


On getting back in shape: "We’re gonna go for walks. I’m one of those people that eats high protein and I’m very disciplined."

On having more kids: "I’d like to have another one, and then who knows? We could end up like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and adopt."


On potential boy/girlfriends for Ruby: "Gwen Stefani‘s little boy Kingston! If she’s a lesbian, then maybe Suri or Angelina Jolie’s daughter, because she’s gorgeous. Ruby and Shiloh, the hot new couple!"

On the nursery: "The nursery just kind of evolved. Theroom was already painted that color, the leopard carpet is left overfrom my shoe closet."

Ruby’s own closet is stocked with gifts from Sharon Osbourne, Heather Locklear, Simon Cowell, and Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.

31460746_lThe giraffe is from FAO Schwarz’s Lifelike Animals Collection ($400).
Source: OK! Magazine, August 6 issue, pg 58-59; Good Day LA

Thanks to CBB readers Tiffany and Angie.

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angie on

What a beautiful family!

gianna on

Ruby is cute and looks just like her daddy, jillian looks so happy.

Hollister on

Wow, her milk has definitely come in! Very cute Daddy there.. Lovely family!

sarah on

holy boobs! I wish mine looked like that!!

anna on

Holy boobs! Very cute!

FC on

Her boobs are bigger than her baby girl! LMAO, that’s funny.

But anyway, Ruby is adorable. 🙂 That last photo looks like she’s telling her mom to leave her blanket alone…lol.

zaoli on

I just wasn’t up for glam photo shoots 10 days later. Then again, I didn’t have massive boobs free of charge to show the world either. They all look beautiful.

Ashley P. on

They’re a beautiful family!

KM on

Her hubby is hot. =) He looks like Christian Bale.

Oh yeah, cute baby, too!

kelly on

Good Lord – those boobs should have a name too!!

Marley on

Sorry but I don’t like this girl, I get a really really bad vibe off her

She looks trampy and trashy even while holding her little baby


tink1217 on

wow she looks amazing!!! the baby is gorgeous and the daddy is smokin HOTT!!!

tiff on

My boobs looked like that for about a week! SO uncomfortable. But, I wish they had stayed more than they did =( I hope she has a lactation consultant. When my son nursed for an hour and a half it was because of a latching on issue (again, big boob problem). Great photographer she had too. Notice she’s always behind someone so that her waist doesn’t show yet. I’m sure she’ll be tiny again in no time!

Angie on

Ruby’s is just darling! Such a cutie! 🙂

gianna on

Jillian looks great, and that baby is so cute. That’s sweet they wanna have anther child, she will be 41 in september, so she can defintley squeeze anther baby in there. especially if she gets pregnant as quick as she did with ruby. The baby’s closet is so cute, tons of clothes.

clemsongal on

Her hubby is hot!!!!

LaurieF on

Of course she’s “not exhausted at all”. It must be great to have hired help and make-up artists.


Nichole on

In the first photo it looks like Ruby is wearing the Kate Mack 2 pc leopard swimsuit bottoms!

jenny on

Love the nursery. In my alternate universe, I also have a closet just for my shoes with leopard print carpet.

Renee on

Whaat a cute family.I loved the fact that when she was talking about future mates for her daughter that she didn’t care if her daughter ended up being a lesbian.That’s so awesome.

sasha on

That lesbian comment about Ruby and Shiloh killed me! Haha, love Jillian. I’m so happy that she finally found happiness.

And yes, her husband is HOT!

Eileen on

Such a beautiful family. I watch Jillian every morning on Good Day LA. She still has her same sense of humor.

preesi on

That first pic puts me in the mind of Tarzan and Jayne and a baby!

Alice on

Talk about a new mommy glow! They look like they are on top of the world. I am so happy for Jillian. I’ve watched her for years and she is one of the few people in Hollywood who really seem genuine.

FC on

Not surprised at the amount of accessories and closet full of clothes filling Ruby’s room! And with her mother, I’m not surprised she has a leopard print carpet either. But it’s hilarious that her cloth diaper/diaper cover matches her carpet!

Gladys Landry-holman on

Your baby is so sweet. You look great. Miss seeing you on the new.

Tasha on

Cute Baby Ruby and when Jillian said Ruby had no problem taking to the Boob all I thought was yep just another girl who’s been on her boobs. And I’m Happy for Jillian & her New Family..
Love from CT