Introducing Dione Nefeli Poros

07/26/2007 at 12:56 PM ET

Poros3_cbbModel Kylie Bax, 32, and her husband, photographer Spiros Poros, introduce their latest addition, daughter Dione Nefeli, in the latest issue of New Zealand’s Woman’s Day magazine. Dione joins big sister Lito, 2 ½, and big brother Aris, 3, Spiros’ son from a prior relationship.

On labor: Five days before her due date, Kylie was at a prenatal appointment when her doctor informed her she was 4 cm dilated. Told to go home until contractions started, Kylie made lunch for the kids, then the family went out to make a last minute purchase — a car seat.

While out, contractions started, and the family rushed back home. Kylie says,

 I took a quick two-second shower and my water broke. As soon as my water broke, my contractions were excruciating. I said to Spiros, ‘Quick, let’s go!’ then got in the car and was waiting around wondering where he was. I ended up calling him on his cellphone from the garage, going, ‘Would you get down here now, I’m a woman in pain!

On the way to the hospital, the couple hit every red light. Finally arriving at the hospital, Kylie was found to be 9 cm dilated. She says,

‘I was only there for 10 minutes. I was begging for an epidural and they gave me one, but by the time it kicked in I had already had the baby. I was the talk of the hospital. Everyone was saying, ‘You’re the women who arrived and practically gave birth in the lobby!’

On the birth: 

They had to push her back up a few times because her umbilical cord was around her neck. I didn’t care about me — I was just listening to her heart beat, which was dropping. It was scary. [When she was born], she was placed upside down on my stomach. I got to see her bottom before her face!

Spiros adds,

Dione turned her head right around to look at Kylie when she heard her voice. She looked just like Kylie…like a Kiwi, dammit!‘ (Kylie is from New Zealand, Spiros is Greek).

On her name: Dione is a female version of Zeus, while Nefeli means ‘everything above and beyond.’ CBB reader Althea comments that it means ‘clouds’ in Greek.

On balancing three kids:

When Aris comes to stay, that’s when my patience is really tested. When there is two of them running around it can be hard!


Click below for more photos and interview highlights.


On the pregnancy:

They told me it was going to be a boy,but then when I was about 5 months pregnant, they said, ‘No, sorry -it’s going to be a girl.’ I was in shock — I had already bought acouple of boy things. Initially, I wanted a boy because I already had agirl. I wasn’t any less excited when I found out, but now I’m so gladthat I had a girl because she can play with Lito.


Family bed:

We have four people in the bed now!


No nannies: Kylie and Spiros prefer to depend on theirmothers instead of nannies. After the birth, Kylie’s mother andmother-in-law took turns staying with the family to help out. Kyliesays, 

Luckily, Dione sleeps as long as me in the morning. It’s alwayshard. We’re not people who leave their kid to the nannies. We’re takingcare of the kids because we want to. It’s tiring and it’s hard but Ifind the energy from the love that I have for the kids.

It’s not easy. But I just insert them into my routine as much aspossible. Spiros is probably the best father in the world. Lito loveshim to death and they’re inseparable. And with Dione, he helps changethe nappies.


On motherhood:

The biggest challenge is making sure Ihaven’t forgotten to do everything for everyone. It’s a very unselfishsituation when you have kids. You become your last thought.

I’ve definitely learnt — and am still learning — to havepatience. But when you have kids you realize you need to allow extratime for things.

Having one child is a life-changing experience, but having twojust adds to it. It completes life. You can’t compare having a husbandand kids to anything else. It’s far and beyond. So I’m just happy to bewhere I am. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.


Source: Woman’s Day

Thanks to CBB reader Olivia.

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Stephanie on

Thos two little girls are absolutely adorable! I love their eyes in the picture with Kylie and her daughters.

die eule on

That is one BEAUTIFUL family, and the baby looks so pretty!

Eva on

Beautiful babies!!

Sarita on

They make gorgeous babies together.

His son from a previous relationship is 3 and his daughter with her is 2,5? I feel for his ex when she sees this magazine.

Susie on

Wow, Kylie Bax looks so different now that she is a mom! She is glowing. Her family is gorgeous. I love the little outfit the baby is wearing on the last picture. Lucky for them the father is a photographer!

tink1217 on

i have no idea who they are but what beautiful children!!! Gorgeous family!

andi on

cute kids

when was she born?

anyone know Lito’s b-day?

Sarah’s note: We don’t know Dione or Aris’ birthdays. Lito was born in Sept ’04 but we don’t know an exact date. If anyone does, please email me.

Althea on

Excuse me, but “Nefeli” is plural and in greek it means clouds.

I know this for a fact as I am greek and my mother is a letter proffesor (I don’t know the exact translation in english, sorry) and we have this dictionary of ancient names, their meanings and their famous bearers in ancient greek history.

Also the comedy title “Nepheles” by Aristophanes means the exact same thing.

Anyway, beautiful family.

And Dione is gorgeous! =]

Sarah’s note: Thanks, I’ll add that to the post. Kylie must have heard a different translation and that’s what she referred to in the interview.

April on

What a beautiful family! Does anyone know how Dione is pronounced? If they’re using Greek pronunciation it would be Dee-oh-nee I think, but I wonder.

Ash on

The same thing happened to my mom when she was in labor with my younger sister. By the time she got to the hospital, she was already 10 cm dilated and didn’t even know she was in labor! My mom wasn’t feeling any pain whatsoever. I can only hope that one day, I’ll be that lucky… lol

ashley on

How can his son from a previous relationship be 3, and his daughter 2.5 (if they are from the same mum)? Given that pregnancy lasts nine months, I don’t see how there can be only six months between the two siblings.

Sarah’s note: I think maybe you misunderstood the article. Lito is their daughter together, and Aris is from his prior relationship. He is almost 4.

Natalie S. on

Awe what a beautiful children.

Heather on

Beautiful family but I think it is crappy not to include his son.. JMO 🙂

Althea on

Thank you Sarah for posting the exact meaning in greek as well! =]

I think Nefeli is a beautiful name, it’s actually very hip here nowadays lol

I also think Dione Nefeli is one of the best names I’ve heard and it fits this little one perfectly!

Dione is pronounced (in greek)

Heather on

Dione and Aris are gorgeous names!

FC on

Beautiful family, and Dione does look a lot like her mother,while Lito looks like a female version of her father, especially in that first photo. They pretty much have the same expression on their faces. Dad isn’t looking too bad himself. 😉

gianna on

cute girls

roxy on

it’s funny how spiros said that dione looks like a kiwi and the first thing that struck me when i saw the photos of dione, apart from how cute she is, is that she looks a lot like felicity-amore hull, keisha castle-hughes and bradley hull’s baby girl. well this family is certainly not low in the good looks department! the girls are absolutely gorgeous!

iq on

i think kylie’s “glow” is the result of the plastic surgeon’s scalpal rather than pregnancy…..

Lola on

I know this is a bit off topic but I love the name of the son Aris. And Kylie wow that must be a popular Aussie name.

kyliebaxporos on

i found these comments interesting.. especially the one where someone thinks ive had plastic surgery ! very funny indeed.. no ive never had plastic surgery but thanks for thinking of me