Jennifer Garner and Violet visit Elyse Walker store in Palisades

07/24/2007 at 10:00 AM ET

Actress Jennifer Garner, 34, and daughter, Violet Anne, 19 months, visited the Elyse Walker store in Palisades yesterday.


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Disney_crocsViolet wears Disney Crocs in red/black ($30).

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Saw it!! on

There also was a nanny with her! Seem as if she was hiding the nanny when she spotted the paps!!

Ginger on

Violet sure loves her Crocs! She’s one of my favourite US celebrity babes!

Grace on

there´s almost a nany wiht them.the paps just don´t get a pic from her because nobody in interedted in her.
When they were on hawaii they even cut out Luciana(matt damon´s wife)

Sarah’s note: They are usually with Jen’s personal assistant, who people assume is a nanny. But she’s been with Jen for years, way before Violet.

Tami on

These women are different. They are carrying Violets toys, diaper bags etc. And I know the woman you’re talking about and the woman was on the beach( hispanic) respectivily is the diffently the nanny.

Sarah’s note: The Hispanic woman on the beach in the Hawaii pictures was Lucy Damon’s mom. Jenn’s PA is brunette. I’m not saying she doesn’t have a nanny, just that people often confuse her PA for one when she’s not. For example, in the park pics from a few months ago when Violet is sitting on Jen’s lap giving her a kiss, Jen’s PA was carrying her ball and bucket of toys, but a lot of people thought she was a nanny.

Yami on

And doesn’t matter if she the actual nanny, personal asisstant or nanny/assisant. They are mostly always with her which is just ridiculus when only just her and Viloet, when praises her for being such a hands on mom. That is so not hands just like Angie with Holly!!!

elli on

this is a great family! cute! but get rid of the paci. I think she is too old for it!

Tami on

No not the woman holding Isabella hand but the one in shorts with the yellow top is also hispanic looking and is the nanny. The younger one at the park is yes the PA

Nicole on

She needs to get rid of that pacifier…

Lauren on

Can I ask why the personal assistant follows Jen and Violet around like a nanny on routine visits to the park, grocery store, etc? Is there really a need for someone to follow you and your child around to pick up toys? I’m not trying to be flip; I really am curious as to why a PA is needed to accompany someone on routine errands. I think Heidi Klum has an excessive amount of nannies, but at least if she’s with one child, she takes him or her out herself. I don’t doubt Jen is a wonderful mother, but if this PA business is true, I think all the praise lavished on her for being so “hands-on” is misplaced.

Megan on

Ok what is the big deal?? Why is it that because Jen’s PA, Violet’s nanny or whoever she is–is with them, a big deal? Maybe she is those things-but maybe she’s also a friend of Jen’s who loves spending time with Violet…who cares? What celebrity family doesn’t have help or a nanny…so why make such a big deal about it…I don’t know another more hands on family then Jen and Ben–they are ALWAYS with Violet…every picture we see…so I am not sure why it is so WRONG now that someone else happens to be in the picture with them…

Violet is gorgeous and i love this pic…she’s just too cute for words…and I am a little disppointed that so many are jumping down their throats because a picture happens not to be JUST Violet and Jen…I LOVE this family…my favorite!

Grace on

Pa or nanny who cares it´s somebody who carries Violets stuff and is most of the time with jen.maybe she got the PA and the nanny duties!guess so!

J.M. on

In almost every image I’ve seen of Violet it’s Ben or Jen that is holding this child not a nanny, not a PA, not a friend. So to say she’s not hands on is ridiculous for this child is always being held or pushed by her mommy and daddy and not some other person!

Almost every celeb has a nanny. Why? Because they can! They can afford to have someone look after their kids.

I know people who have nannies and they’re home all day! They just hire people to do the “mommy” job so they don’t have to. Those are the type of people I truly can’t stand. One’s that want to have the title of Mom or Dad but don’t want to do any of the work!

If I constantly see celebs without their kids then I start to wonder who is with them. Or if they’re out and about with them but never seem to interact with them then it’s more of a concern.

People in everyday life take thier kids out with friends or relatives. It’s not bc these people are there to specifically take care of their kids it’s because perhaps they enjoy the company and having someone to talk to other then a 2 year old! I see nothing wrong with it. Violet is a very happy child who you can plainly see loves spending time with her mommy!

Megan on

Thank you J.M I was also going to add on mine what you said–maybe she wanted some adult interaction–and maybe that person loves spending time with Violet–I don’t remember when that became bad parenting…it’s so easy to judge from one picture…

wavybrains on

I love seeing pictures of this family, but if I had the paparazzi trailing my every trip to the farmer’s market, I’d probably LONG for someone to help with details such as carrying packages, parking, etc, so that my sole job could be making sure my kid was safe and having a good time. Perhaps Jen is able to be so-hands on in the midst of so much attention BECAUSE she has help. Maybe having the PA around gives her the support system she needs to go so many public places with Violet.

christina on

I can see why they’d have a PA or nanny with them when they’re out. For the security concerns they face as celebrities, it makes sense to have an extra pair of hands/eyes/ears along with them.

gianna on

I don’t care if jen has a nanny or not, what celebrity doesn’t really. But Jen and Ben are very hands on parents, my god every day we see pics of them with their daughter everywhere and Violet looks like a beautiful happy child. Like I like Heidi Klum, but sometimes she overdoes it with the nanny thing. When she is alone, than I see nothing wrong with 2 nannies to help her with the kids. But a lot of the pictures in the past it will be Heidi, Seal, Heidi’s mom, and sometimes Heidi’s dad, she has 3 kids, but it’s not like it’s 10 lol.

Campbell on

I know that if I had a high profile job of any kind, I’d be concerned once I had children. And J.M. I agree. I’d much rather have a friend/other with me when shopping, etc. if I had small children with me. I love them, little Vi is so blonde!