Quinny Buzz: Heard the Buzz About This Ride?

07/23/2007 at 10:30 AM ET

When I was offered the chance to review a Quinny stroller I was thrilled! Long available in Europe and Canada, this brand is finally tackling the U.S. market.  Some smart parents have been importing them for a while, but you can buy them here now.

A fantastic ride, parents and kids are going to love riding in style! I checked out the Quinny Buzz ($499, the Dreami Bassinet is around $189 extra).

With two huge wheels in the back and one double wheel in the front, the suspension is awesome. You’re not going to feel bumps or cracks in the pavement with this beauty. I deliberately hit every bad patch of sidewalk between my apartment and our local park. It passed with flying colors!  Though if you try to go over a piece of sidewalk that’s over 3′, you will feel that, but any stroller, even a high end one, will feel that.

01638cap_folding I loved the way it unfolded, basically by itself!!  No more struggling to get your stroller open. I also loved the way it closed. Just push the button on the handlebar and then go around to the front of the stroller, push the buttons on the sides of the seat and whoosh- stroller will fold down easily.. This has one of the best folds/unfolds of any stroller I have seen!

You can put the seat forward or rear facing. I loved that the neoprene – like fabric was treated with Scotchgard – no stains from whatever Ben wanted to snack on. I also wasn’t worried about spills.  I also loved that the Buzz could steer on a dime. As I mentioned the suspension was so so smooth! It also had the height adjustable handlebar (so tall parents will be thrilled).

I tested out the European version of the Buzz, in the “strawberry” color, but the company wanted me to mention that the color is not available in the U.S.. I was worried that I would have to push Ben around in a pink stroller, but it is red, like a real strawberry. I loved this red color! The company, Dorel Juvenile Group, also wants you to know the same stroller frame is available in the U.S., as Europe (just some of the colors are different).

Quinny_buzz__juice_3 You can get the Buzz in the fab” juice” color (orange with pink trim), “sulphur” (a lemon yellow color with lime trim) “capri” (a gorgeous turquoise with a darker trim), black (charcoal grey with black trim). U.S. version comes with sun canopy, storage basket, bug net, wind stoppers, rain shield and the Maxi-Cosi Mico car seat adapters. A matching footmuff is optional.  The Dreami bassinet and the Maxi-Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat are also sold separately. I’m excited, because I would have bought a Maxi-Cosi Infant Car Seat if it had been available when Ben was born almost 2 years ago. Europeans love theirs. Separate from this review, recently my brother and his wife bought a Buzz in “juice”. Their 3 month old daughter is happy and comfortable in it, and it smoothly glides over the bumps in their town’s cracked sidewalks.

One of the times I tested it, I really, really overloaded my Skip Hop Expo Bag with library books. The European version of the Buzz that I tested, didn’t include a underneath shopping basket. The Buzz tipped back after I took Ben out of it. But as I mention, against Quinny’s advice (they warn you not to put a heavy diaper bag onto ANY stroller), my bag was too heavy. So, it was my own fault, but I wanted to mention it as a cautionary tale! Next time, I’ll take a backpack.

If you are looking for a lightweight ride, the Zapp may be for you. It doesn’t recline (but some babies like my son are just not into that function). I hope to test out a Zapp in the future – I hear that the fold is very small.

— Nancy

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Vik P on

I am one of those parents who had to import it, actually I bought it on ebay.

This stroller is awesome, I love it and so does my daughter. She was born in December and we used the Dreamy Carrycot for the first 4 months, then switched to the regular seat.

Be prepared, you get a lot of attention with this stroller. I hear people saying ‘cool stroller’ a lot.u

Eric E on

We got a US version of the Buzz when it arrived here in June, and we’ve been loving it.

We were looking for something that was:

– reversible seat
– minimal footprint/width
– some suspension

Another bonus was that it doesn’t come with the bassinet or baby seat. Our little guy was six months when we were making the purchase. So we didn’t need the extra expense for pieces we didn’t need.

Aesthetically, the Buzz is great too. The colors are a little bright.

The collapse/expansion is truly a thing to behold. We’ve got videos of the Quinny Buzz in action over here – http://www.metadad.com/?p=25.

Keep up the great coverage!

hillary on

Eye catching stroller that i ended up returning- just a bit too wide and heavy for me (i think it weighs over 30lbs with the seat). It was nice to be able to see my little guy while he was tiny (think before 6 months), but then he wanted to sit up and see what was going on 🙂 Now we have the baby jogger city mini and LOVE it 🙂