ReliDose: A Better Way to Give Meds to Your Baby

07/20/2007 at 09:34 AM ET

Bottle_2The other night my 19 month old son was teething. BADLY. He was miserable and in pain. The only solution was to give him some Infant Motrin. We usually use this great pacifier/medicine attachment – where I put the dosage and a little milk. Ben usually takes it immediately, but if he really doesn’t want the medicine, he will take maybe a slurp and stop. So then he really doesn’t get the proper dosage.
Since he freaks out if I try to shoot the Infant Motrin syringe straight in his mouth and a spoon is not an option, I grabbed the package of Reliadose and decided to test it out right then and there. We had already washed it, so we were ready. According to the website, "Reliadose is a patented medicine delivery system. Its comprised of a dual chamber nipple, bottle and dosing syringe. Medicine is dispensed from the dosing syringe into the inner nipple chamber. Liquid in the bottle goes into the outer nipple chamber. As the baby feeds, medicine and bottle liquid don’t mix until the medicine enters the baby’s mouth. This masks the taste of the medicine while ensuring accurate dosing."

I pulled out Reliadose’s medicine syringe (it twists out of the bottom of the bottle). Took the correct dosage of Infant Motrin, inserted it in the bottle, took the nipple ring off and poured the milk in. Ben was so fussy, I could only get it into his mouth for a second. I pushed the syringe into the bottle (the nipple was already in his mouth).. He swallowed it so quickly and then refused to take more. To my surprise and delight (he had taken ALL the Infant Motrin). I had to take the syringe out of make sure (it was all gone). Ben started feeling better very quickly. So I am loving Reliadose, because it worked quickly and effectively!

I would have preferred smaller dose labeling on the syringe. I gave Ben 1.875 ml of medicine, but I had to kind of guess where that would be on the Reliadose syringe- they only had 1 ml, 2 ml, 3 ml, etc and 1/4 1/2, 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2 tsp). Being that the only medication I have given my baby yet has been Infant Tylenol and Infant Motrin, the only dosage that I am concerned with is 1.875 ml (when he was under 11 months, the dose was 1.25 ml). I would want those options on the Reliadose syringe. When you have a sick child and it’s the middle of the night who wants to really figure out the measurements?

Also, I would like if the plastic on the bottom of the bottle was a little longer, so I could stand the bottle up (before the syringe is emptied into the bottle), so I could have the Reliadose bottle ready on the countertop (before I go and get the baby to give it to him).

The company, Blaine Pharmaceuticals wants you to know that certain medicines cannot be combined with other liquids, so be sure to check first before you use Reliadose. At around $11, it should be in your medicine cabinet. To buy Reliadose, click here.

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