Kevin James talks potential baby names and his non-functioning breasts

07/20/2007 at 12:03 AM ET

Mtv_awards_070603_150_cbbSince he named daughter Shea Joelle, 4 weeks, after his beloved Mets’ home stadium, Kevin James promised his wife Steffiana De La Cruz first dibs on naming their next child. Her choice, though, may skew more towards entertainment than sports, he reveals on The Late Show with David Letterman.

I told her she can name our next child after something she likes. I think we’re looking at a Grey’s Anatomy coming out.

Kevin and Steffiana also have an older daughter, Sienna-Marie, 21 months, and Kevin says fatherhood the second time around is a lot less nervewracking.

I was so nervous with the first child, taking her home from the hospital and everything and you kinda loosen up with the second child a little bit, which is nice. The first child, I remember they just give it to you at the hospital, you’re supposed to put her in the carseat and drive home. And I was so nervous. I was 10-2 on the wheel in the right lane 30 miles an hour on the highway with the flashers going. Second kid, I had the top down. I was steering with my knees. I think I hit a drive-thru. I didn’t go straight home.

As for being a hands-on parent, Kevin says he gets involved, but is glad he doesn’t have to breastfeed, although Shea might want him to.

My wife does the breastfeeding, thank God. It’s awkward because at night the baby will sleep with us and my wife will leave in the middle of the night right after the breastfeeding and the baby’s still hungry and she’ll roll over and just look at me. I’m like, ‘No, no. These don’t function.’ She doesn’t believe me. She’s just looking at me like, ‘If you don’t want to give me any, that’s fine. Those are bigger than mom’s.’

Steffiana’s breasts were sore for a bit from feeding, and a nurse advised her to stuff a bag of popsicles in her bra to alleviate the pain, an idea of which Kevin approves.

I’m thinking, ‘Wow! Now I really wanna get in there.’ There’s no better combination in the world than a boob and a popsicle.


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tara on

Too too funny…

it’s official I love this man..

Him and Adam Sandler keep me laughing with their reactions to marriage and having children. 😀

Proof that everything in life doesn’t have to be soooo serious.

Melissa 7/7/78 on

I love him – he’s so hilarious!

zaoli on

He’s funny.

My husband was jipped! We were told cabbage leaves or tea bags for sore boobs.

PSB on

I love Kevin James! You can tell he’s just whipped by those three ladies. Cute.

sdurdin on

i was rolling at the comment “I’m thinking, ‘Wow! Now I really wanna get in there.’ There’s no better combination in the world than a boob and a popsicle.” that man is soooo funny.

Bella Mama on

Kevin James is precious.. and his wife is gorgeous.. i’m sure those little women in their lives are wonderful…

Doreen on

Hilarious!!! He’s soooo funny!! His wife is lovely how in the world did he get her?! 🙂 Must be his sense of humor! 🙂

Lauren on

That story about his daughter looking his way for more breastmilk is too funny. And his wife’s a knockout! Seriously, between his wife and Jason Priestly’s wife Naomi, some of these celeb wives are hotter than the actual celebs!

FC on

He is too hilarious! I loved everything, from how he was more relaxed with the second baby (sounding like any other second-time and beyond parent), to how he was talking about his daughter looking at him for something, to his boob-popsicle thing. Too cute!

amygeekgrl on

that’s hilarious. 🙂 love that he’s obviously pro-breastfeeding (and pro-cosleeping). we need more celebs talking about breastfeeding as the natural thing to do. 🙂

gianna on

I love kevin, he is so funny. On regis and kelly today he showed pics of sienna and shea, they are both beautiful and both look so much like their mommy. Kevin was awesome on king of queens and this movie with adam looks funny, I love both adam and kevin, so I will be seeing it.