Thalía talks about pregnancy and baby showers

07/19/2007 at 04:44 AM ET

Singer Thalía, 35, talked to People Magazine about her pregnancy and baby showers while attending the auction for the deceased Mexican actress María Felix, held at Christie’s. The pregnancy seems to be going easily,

I’m very happy and relaxed. I eat a wholesome diet, with a lot of protein and fruits. It’s the greatest thing that’s happened to me in my whole life.

Thalía also made fun of her husband Tommy Mottola, 58, who goes with her everywhere,

He seems to act more pregnant than I do!

She said that she has chosen a name for the baby, due to be born in September but didn’t reveal it. She will be having four baby showers altogether: one in New York with American guests, another with her Latino buddies, a third with her gay friends, and an interactive one with her fans on her website.

Source: People en espanol

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Sandy on

She looks beautiful and she is glowing, i am really happy for Thalia and Tommy. Wish them the best.

Xan on

Thalia’s gorgeous. The Latino community has been waiting for her to have a baby for about a decade!

It sucks that wealthy women have baby showers. If I were ever in such a position (economically/celebritywise) I’d want to have a shower to raise money/supplies for impoverished mothers and babies. That said, she may not have had much say if other people insist on having the parties for her.

A bit weird that she’s having one for just her gay friends… (Hope it’s not because of intolerance) I get the USA vs. Mexico one, and the interactive one with fans (which seems cool).

sil on

“It sucks that wealthy women have baby showers”

I really don’t understand….why she can’t have a baby shower??? even if she has lot’s of money, it’s nice to recieve presents from people that cares and loves you, plus is a ver nice way to celebrate that you are having a baby, spending a good time with your friends and family…
Anyway, this is just my opinion.

Xan on

I agree that it would be a nice way to celebrate the baby and spend time with friends but, she will most likely receive lavish gifts that she can afford herself. All I’m saying is that if I were in her position, I’d do a babyshower for the poor sort of thing.

Gigi on

Woopie Doo! 4 baby showers? She is always trying to do “above & beyond” things to cause so much attention to herself and trying to fit in here in the USA. In Mexico she might be a somebody, but here in the USA, we don’t really know her! Marrying Mottola is the only reason we are even reading about her.

Anna on

sil- I think Xan meant that celebrity women should use their baby showers as a means to raise money and awareness for those in need.

Xan- maybe she and her husband actually donate money or time or something other for those in need or for other good causes, like medical or environmental. She could have a baby shower for fun and get lots of gifts from her friends and family members and still donate. Who knows?

sil on

maybe she will donate money, or gifts for those in need, but she just don’t tell (which is much better than telling everybody how kind you are because you donate…)

Anyway now I understood better Xan’s opinion, maybe because english is not my language it sound too exagerate to say “it sucks”, I apologize for the misunderstood.

But I still think that is great to do a baby shower 🙂 in my baby shower i recieved just one present: a beautiful gold bracelet for my baby, with her name on it. My friends knew I didn’t “need” too much presents for my baby ’cause I had already bought everything, but it was nice recieving that special gift, and we shared a wonderful day, that I will always remember.

gianna on

I don’t understand why thalia or any other celebrity can’t have baby showers. They all have friends and family that would love to throw them, and it’s a nice event. They could donate whenever they want, but a baby shower is very special, and everybody should enjoy it at least once.

liz on

Whooooa…That is so selfish…how is it that wealthy ppl aren’t supposed to have baby showers??? bullshit!!! baby showers are for pregnant women overall!!!! isnt only for poor needed ppl…really ppl be smart about things… And congrats to Thalia she is a very sweet lady…”Thalia,Bless U and the baby”

Nick on

Thalia is the best diva latina,is gorgeous and the Queen of Beauty!!!

Monique on

Thalia looks great. I’m so happy for Tommy&Thalia. Best of luck to them both.