Run, Suri Cruise, Run

07/19/2007 at 09:12 PM ET

Suri_katie_15_wenn1451245_cbbAs seen in these photos, Suri Cruise, 15 months, has no trouble stayingon her own two feet. In fact, she’s so comfortable that she’s alreadyrunning, Tom says.

Walking? You mean running! I can’t keep up with her. She’s great fun.

Suri even likes to see other people run – she was overheard yelling, "Run, Mama, run!" to Katie Holmes during their afternoon date at Tiergarten Park in Berlin last week.

If she’s not running, Suri can be found enjoying her other favorite pastime.

Oh, she loves naps!

Little_giraffe_chenille_blanketSuri’s carrying her Little Giraffe chenille blanket in pink.

Source: OK! Magazine, July 30 issue, pg 10


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Posh_Fan on

How cute! She seems like a little trouble maker but so much fun! Just adorable!

Bella on

I am not a Tom Cruise fan – at all – but I like the way he talks about Suri. She sounds quite cheeky with a lot of personality.

Is 15 months early to say “Run, mama, run?” Just curious as mine only had about 7 words at 15 months and they were confined to the usual mum/food/favourite toy type words, no sentences. I only recently started getting ordered around 🙂 I guess every baby is different and Suri sounds like a sweetie.

nona on

Suri seems very precocious. A little boy I take care of is similarly intelligent. He’s also 15 months, and speaks a lot of words. He repeats ones said to him, too. Even things like “annoying” and “delicious.” He doesn’t run yet like Suri, though. 😀 She seems sweet.

Katie is so tall, in heels it practically looks like she’s walking on stilts!

Bren on

Aw Suri is so cute! I babysit a little girl who has a huge vocabulary as well and its so funny to hear such a little baby saying things. Its cute. My neice is like Suri too where she actually loves her naps. When my mom watches her she will just get into her play pen and stick a thumb in her mouth grab her blankie and pillow and knock out. If she isnt in her play pen yet she will realize she is tired and say nap time!

Tracy on

Ok, so this doesn’t really have anything to do with the post, but does anyone know where Katie got her pants?! I LOVE THEM! There’s a more clear picture of them at, but I would just love to know!

And to actually mention the post, they are both so adorable! Suri sure is a happy little girl! Lovely!!!

Olivia on

I have so much to say when I see Suri Cruise but I will ask about those pants too. They are very hot!

Of course Suri should love her naps, from the videos she seemed like by the time she hits bed she is already burnt out. She is so hyper active that I feel for Katie. She takes a lot after her dad but she is the cutest thing I have ever seen, ever!!! She seems intelligent and has great personality and it is always rewarding to log in and find new pictures of her. Tom and Katie are lucky. They also seem like great parents.

Raye’s note: Haven’t had time to search for the same pair online yet (and the designer’s website is down), but the pants are by Roland Mouret. Happy shopping! =)

Lauren on

I don’t think 15 months is too young for Suri to say, “Run, Mama, run!” She sounds pretty developed for her age, especially given that she was walking pretty early on and baby girls usually develop verbally more quickly than baby boys. If Tom said she was reciting Shakespeare, I’d be a little apprehensive, but “Run, Mama, run!” sounds on-target.

Xan on

My mom and dad wrote in my baby book that I knew 24 words by my first birthday. I was a distinctly precocious kid. I’ve evened out since:)

missssJEN on

hehe awww, i think she loves naps because she tires herself out running around. she’s a cutie!

gianna on

Suri is beautiful, and her parents seem smitten with her.