Update: Rumor: Bridget Moynahan having a boy, due Friday

07/19/2007 at 07:45 PM ET


Update: The Boston Herald has picked up the story, reporting that because of Tom’s work commitments (see original post), he and Bridget have decided to induce or have ‘possibly pre-scheduled a c-section’ for tomorrow so that Tom will be able to have a week with the baby. However, as of Thursday evening, he was still in NYC.

Happily, the Herald also reports that the parents-to-be’s relationship has improved after a period of estrangement — they’ve even been able to agree upon a name together.

For a while they were only infrequently texting each other or e-mailing, but now they talk quite often. Tom even calls the baby by its name when he is talking to [Bridget] on the phone.

Originally posted July 17th: According to Page Six, actress Bridget Moynahan, 36, is expecting a baby boy, with a due date of this Friday, July 20th. We hear her due date is actually next week, but Tom Brady returns to work on Friday, July 27th, so they may have decided to induce labor early to allow him a week with his child.

Sources: Page Six; Boston Herald

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Sarah on

There is no way that Bridget is considering that date. It’s Gisele’s birthday!

Sarah’s note: She can’t choose her due date, lol. Who knows if she’ll actually give birth then (first babies are often late), but Page Six says that’s when she’s due. Which is why I didn’t include the other gossipy parts of the article, because it seems silly for Gisele to be mad when only a small percentage of women give birth on their exact due date.

The rumors are that she and Tom were supposed to go away for a Costa Rican birthday celebration and he canceled because the baby is coming around then. She may just be upset that her birthday plans have changed, and I didn’t really think that was CBB-related.

Althea on

I would be VERY suprised if she was expecting a GIRL!

Wow, is it really Gisele’s birthday on Friday? And it’s supposed to be Bridget’s due date?

Sorry, but I think it’s all made up to fill the gossip page.

It just doesn’t fit!

And Sarah, I’ve read that too, the percentage of women who give birth on their due date is way too low.

So if indeed true then why should Gisele “be mad”?

Sam on

Aw, I was wrong. I thought for sure she’d be having a girl. I hope she and Tom release a picture!

Rachel on

Yes, Friday is Gisele’s Birthday.Maybe she has chosen that day to be induced just to be vindictive.Yeah I said it.

Sarah’s note: Maybe. Either way, we’ll know in 3 days depending on if she has the baby or not.

andrea on

forget the picture…I hope she releases a book someday with her pregnancy secrets! I have never seen someone look so good while expecting! Pregnancy really becomes her… 🙂

Callen on

Figures! On the Martha Stewart show, or was it rachael ray? she was wearing blue, when she was 5 months! She was probably trying to give people a hint, without actually saying it! anyways its still a rumor so you never know!

Tricia on

It doesn’t seem strange at all that Gisele is not too happy at the moment–and it’s got nothing to do with anything as trivial as the date the baby’s born. Even though she knew what she was getting into, she’s going to have to share her boyfriend with a very important little person very soon, and that fact is probably dawning on her big time, with the birth just days away. Also, like it or not, he’ll be seeing his ex from time, a woman he was with for nearly three years. Not an ideal situation–hope everyone can act like grownups!

Anna on

I could actually understand why Gisele would feel upset. She’s young, she met Tom JUST after or around the time he and Bridget split, they haven’t been together for THAT long (which probably means that her position as Toms leading lady isn’t exactly cemented yet) and now he’s publically declared that he can’t wait to see his child and that he intends to be agood father (which is, of course, a good thing for the baby).
In Giseles eyes that could be a bit threatening. Maybe she fears that after he sees the baby, he wants to go back to be with Bridget. You know, just the sort of irrational fears that we all have from time to time. Who knows? Paired with brazilian temperament that could easily lead to a temper tantrum…

hillp on

Why would Bridget want her baby to share a birthday with Gisele on purpose? It sounds to me like Gisele is acting like a brat! She knew the baby would be here eventually. Get over it!

lizzielui on

Why are people accepting this RUMOR as truth? It wasn’t too long ago that rumors were flying regarding Gisele being pregnant with Tom’s child and many posted here about Tom being a cad for such irresponsible behavior and Gisele being vindictive and jealous of Bridget. Of course those rumors were proven false. Now here comes another silly rumor and people are again quick to start wagging their fingers with disapproval. Everyone should read Trista Sutter’s post about the public rushing to judgement and condemning people over a few sentences they read in a magazine that may or may not be true. Lighten up folks. Do you really think that Gisele and Tom just found out this week when Bridget’s due date was?

Campbell on

Believe it or not, sometimes these things do actually happen! Who would EVER have predicted that Kate Holmes and Brooke Shields would deliver on the SAME DAY, SAME CITY, SAME HOSPITAL, SAME FLOOR, AND SAME SEX BABIES!????

MZ on

i would be surprised if gisele is really upset and had to cancel plans yada yada. i mean, it’s not like the due date was a surprise. tom’s had to know that the baby would be coming sometime in july pretty much all along.

pixie on

How strange to be dating one woman while another woman is giving birth to your child. How confusing for everyone involved.

Isabel on

I think the most important thing is for the dad to be involved. It must be hard for everyone involved especially Brigette. I wish her the best and I actually did deliver on my due date with my first son so it is possible.

Stevie on

I delivered exactly on my due date. And that was back when they didn’t do sono’s unless something was wrong. I always said this baby would come around the third week in July. And I agree that it’s not exactly news to Tom when it’s due. All those rumors about vacations in Costa Rica, weddings in Rome, etc., were just that. Rumors. He’s known when the due date was since the beginning. He also starts back to work on the 27th. Think about it. People need to stop reporting on this child like he’s a plot against poor Gisele(please!). It’s a baby. Life happens. I wish Moynahan the very best with delivery & afterwards.

Angelina on

If this is true:
Tom being at the hospital for his baby’s birth is more important than celebrating Giselle’s birthday with her. She can wait. If this is true, I’m sure she understands. Who wouldn’t?

FC on

The only thing that caught my eye was the fact that she and Tom are civil and are on better talking terms. That’s the best thing for this baby.

Can’t wait to see the baby and hear what they named him/her.

Shawna on

Am I the only one who has no idea who this lady is? I’m going to go imdb.com her.

I wish her all the best. This Tom seems like a real jerk.

Sarah’s note: She’s an actress — most people know her from Sex and The City.

Brie on

This report might be from the Boston Herald, but it is from the gossip section of the paper called “The Inside Track.” It’s the Herald’s Page 6. Take from it what you will.

Sarah’s note: Definitely. Keep in mind the rumor title! Her real due date that we heard the whole pregnancy is not until next week. We also just heard Gisele is having a party and Tom will be there, so that sows doubt also that she’s having the baby Friday. We’ll find out tomorrow!

Lilybett on

I hope the part about their relationship getting better is true even if the rest isn’t. Even if they aren’t together, being civil with each other and able to agree on a name is a good start to being healthy co-parents.

alexp on

oh, this is getting even weirder that she is not only due on gisele’s birthday, but has now decided to induce on that date if the bebe doesn’t come naturally? that just seems like spite now:)

Dawna on

I gotta say it is really selfish of Tom to put his career before his baby. To “conveniently” make Bridget have a C-section if the baby doesn’t arrive “on time” because he’ll be away at training camp and he wants to “bond” with the baby for just one freaking week.

Many professional players have taken time off from training camp, as well as during the regular season, when their partners have babies so why shouldn’t Tom?

Tom left Bridget in the lurch 9 months ago, and he has no right to “order” her to have the baby so it suits his schedule, not hers. What an arse Tom Brady seems like, excuse my language.

Sarah’s note: That was not the impression we got from the article at all, more that it was a positive thing and they were planning together….

ally on

Alexp- how is that spite? It sounds like they are inducing to insure that Tom can have a week with the baby before he has to go to training camp in another city. It sounds like Bridget is working around TOM’S schedule, not operating out of spite. She is being induced (or having a scheduled c-section) a week early to allow her son’s father the maximum amount of time to bond with their child before training camp starts (and insure that he is there for the birth). If true, it sounds like even though Bridget and Tom are no longer a couple, they are trying to do the best thing for their son.

madison on

Some (or all) of the recent rumor tidbits then must be wrong. I know if you are going to schedule some sort of delivery its not just what works for your schedule but also the doctor and the hospital. But the fact that they would choose to induce on the one day that is also Gisele’s birthday….hardly! Something’s not right with this stories….

Kizzie on

What is this? The hospital has a drive-thru now where you can “schedule” when your baby is being born out of convenience and not necessity? Isn’t anyone a little bit troubled by that? Even a little bit? Shouldn’t C-sections be reserved for emergencies? Or have they joined the same category as a check-up?

Emma on

Kizzie-I agree with you. The fact that (albeit just a rumor) they are scheduling when the baby is going to be born bothers me. Babies should come when they are ready, or when the Dr. deems necessary for medical reasons only. NOT to suit someone else’s work schedule.

However, I am happy that the 2 seem to be working together and getting along now. It seems like a much healthier situation than it was.

Marge on

I think pretty girl Gisele should have stepped out of the picture until after the baby was due to see if Tom & Bridgett worked it out. We women are our own worst enemies when it comes to men. PLEASE I have stayed away from committed men all my life. I don’t share well and I don’t NEED to take away someone else man specially with children involved – there are enough other men out there. Women should stop stabbing each other in the back!!

gina on

Actually I know alot of people who along with their doctor picked their day to be induced or have a c-section. Im not saying I would do it but it does happen and unfortunately it happens alot. Bridget is probably thinking of Tom mostly in this situation and him being there for the birth of his child. If he is in Massachusetts for camp or what have you and she goes into labor he is still atleast 6 hours away from her and thats just the flight. Not even counting the time for him to get the flight. I hate to guess but maybe today is her due date and she asked her doctor if she could be induced for that purpose rather than chancing a week late baby and going through the labor alone without the childs father.

Tracy on

For everyone hoping that Tom and Bridget will get back together, you have to remember that there was a reason they broke up in the first place. To get back together just for the sake of a child is a completely wrong reason. It’s unfair to both individuals, as well as the baby, to just “pretend” to be a family when you really aren’t meant to be.

I think that by them being civil and working together to figure things out, is probably the best thing they can do for each other and their wee one.

Bridget does not need a man in her life to make her happy. She is beautiful, strong, smart, has plenty of her own money and once this baby is born she’ll have more love in her life than ever before! I know she’ll be just fine!

And as for Gisele, this seems to be a very odd situation for everyone, and she shouldn’t feel bad for being with Tom. He and Bridget were broken up before she ever entered the picture, and maybe even before they knew they were pregnant, so leave the poor girl alone…

sage on

I don’t think Tom is ordering Bridget to do anything, she is a grown woman and can make her own choices. So stop trying to make tom look like a villian, cause the most important thing thing people are forgeting when saying all these bad things about him is obviously bridget is not feeling thatway about him,so why should we. He is not the father of our kid.

“I think pretty girl Gisele should have stepped out of the picture until after the baby was due to see if Tom & Bridgett worked it out”. Tom wasn’t committed to anyone when Gisele came into the picture. Gisele wasn’t the person that cause them to split, so people need to stop making her look like the bad guy.

Just because we read a couple of articles that doesn’t mean we know what is going on in their situation. Remember that bridget knows Tom alot better than any of us do. So what ever decision she decides to make its in thebest intrest of THEIR child and future family relationship.

Pete on

Marge I don’t understand where you are comming from. As far as we know Gisele has stayed away from committed men too. Tom is a grown man her nor Bridget can force him to do a thing. Tom was SINGLE when he choose to date her. Ever think if Gisele broke up w/ him he would date another woman & not go back to Bridget? If he wanted to be w/ her he would. Or maybe Bridget didn’t even want him back.

I agree w/ Sage. Everyone is assuming & trying to make Tom & Gisele the bad guys.

gina on

Agreed with above. I dont think Tom ordered Bridget to be induced or have a csection or anything of the sort. If shes due she probably talked with Tom and decided to see if her doctor would do any of the two. She has appeared in the past several months to be a very strong woman with an amazing head on her shoulders. As well she knows how much it means to a father to see his child be born. What Tom and his new gf do and or argue about is between them. In this situation I just hope that Tom and Bridget can create a healthy enviroment for the baby.

Becky on

Has she has the baby now does anyone know?

ally on

It looks like the rumor wasn’t true:


Jessica on

In regards to the very first comment were it was added that she couldn’t pick her due date. Clearly, you can if you are being induced or having a c-section. Which right in your article you say that she was due this week and chose to have the baby a week earlier.

Sarah’s note: That was in reference to the original NY Post article that said her due date was July 20th — her natural due date, not an induction or scheduled c-section date.

Lisa on

Anyone heard if she had her baby yet?

Sarah’s note: She hasn’t had it yet.

j on

Has she had the baby yet??