Naomi Watts at Brentwood Country Mart on Wednesday

07/19/2007 at 09:57 AM ET

Actress Naomi Watts, 38, laughs with a friend while out shopping at Brentwood Country Mart on Wednesday. Naomi and Liev Schreiber expect their first child this month; they do not know the sex.

Photos by Pacific Coast News.

Click below for another photo and the fashion roundup.


Picture_1She wears Tali Gillette’s large ‘mama’ pendant necklace in 14K gold ($550).

For CBB readers onlyemail with your choice of mama necklace (pendant or bar; gold, white gold, diamond) and receive 15% off!

She wears Old Navy maternity roll-up cargo capris ($30; no longer available online — but check in store.)

Naomi carries Allison Burns’ Faithful Bag ($285).

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Lisa on

WOW!! Her belly is huge. Definitely a boy belly!!! I think we will be reading a birth announcement very soon.

Jennifer R on

That poor girl looks like she is literally about to explode! I have never seen a belly that big on such a tiny body. Is she secretly having twins?! She still looks wonderful and healthy.

r9lee on

i was just thinking the same thing! she looks ready to pop the kid out 🙂 haha its huge!!

Kelly on

She looks awfully high for someone due to give birth any day. Hopefully, that baby will drop down soon. Although she doesn’t in these pics, she has looked awfully uncomfortable lately (I wonder why:-) Good luck, Naomi!

Ashley on

She looks great!

And I had a belly like that and had a girl!

Jillian on

Have they ever announced their due date? CBB always says July, but I have read other blogs that are saying August. I hope for her sake, and mine (I want to see how cute that baby is) that CBB is correct…

Sarah’s note: Liev said the due date is August 2nd, but he’s been known to lie. 😉 Naomi’s Pilates trainer said she’s due in July. But of course, first babies are often late, so she may go into August anyway, who knows!

Calleiah on

HOLY MOLY! I’ve never seen a belly that big on someone who wasnt having twins! And you can tell it’s got to be all baby cause she really hasnt gained weight anywhere else. Wow, only time will tell I guess. I hope the baby isnt too big :O


amanda on

She looks great and happy! I wonder when she is going to have that baby. For some reason, I think she’ll have a boy. congrats to them.

Lilliness on

Oh the poor thing!! I can’t believe the baby hasn’t dropped yet, but she seems to very content and happy and when you get right down to it, that’s all that matters 🙂

I vote baby boy too! I carried just like her, though I don’t remember being quite that big, lol. I think we’re look at maybe a 9 pounder here 🙂

Mimi on

I had a belly like that and had a girl, too. She looks great, and I’m happy for her. I bet she’s done, though!

Amanda on

H O L Y B E L L Y !

Nausicaa on


Uh, WOW. I have never seen a belly that big! And so far out! How does she stand it?! She looks like a giant balloon ready to pop! Rather scary. Yet another reason why I favor adoption when it comes to having kids in the future. Going around with a belly like that must be a nuisance.

But other than that, Naomi is glowing and more beautiful than ever before. I’ve seen her smiling more often since she got pregnant.

tink1217 on

that is such a girl belly…I looked exactly the same with my daughter! And her baby is still soooo high up!! I say at least another 2 weeks for Naomi…I didn’t drop til a day or two before I went into labor with my first. With my son…I dropped almost 2 weeks before I had my csection with him.

Laura UK on

She is big. I wonder what weight baby will be? With a belly like that I’d anticipate at least 8lb!

Mel on

I cant believe the baby hasnt dropped yet. Being so close to her duedate. I dropped 3 weeks before I gave birth.

TRW on

Oh wow! She is really big! I hope for her sake that the baby comes soon!

Sarita on

Wow! I’m starting to think Liev didn’t lie about the due date. I hope for her sake he was though, I don’t think she can last much longer. She must be so tired.

Tracy on

She looks like she is still carrying very high. The baby has not dropped down yet, so don’t get the announcements ready just yet!

I’ll be so happy for her to have this little one, but at the same time she looks SO happy just being pregnant! She is going to be such a devoted Mommy!

tine on


yes she looks quite big :o)

But I looked exactly the same everytime I was pregnant and I carried all my babies that high as well – gives you a lot of heartburn ;o)

Oh, and everyone was suspecting I’d have twins, but I never did – no baby under 8lb though…

emma on

I’d thought girl all along but now i think boy.

Mandy on

She looks beautiful! I was induced at 37 weeks and had a belly just like hers! I always wished for a big ol’ belly when I was pregnant and I certainly got my wish! By the way, I had a girl! Whatever the sex, I wish for a happy, healthy baby for Naomi and Liev. I am sure they will be great parents!

sarah on

Wow!!! I had a belly like that with my daughter too, but I carried so low, the whole time, I don’t really remember “dropping” she was just always really low, like right in my hips, sitting down was extremely hard!!

I think she might have a pretty big baby in there too, cant wait to see!!!

Jennifer* on

Bless her! I hope it isn’t too long for her now because that must be uncomfortable! I think the babbi will be closer to 10 pounds.

Good Luck Naomi!

Maya on

I don’t know why, but I’m almost certain she’s having TWINS. I thought so ever since the Oscars when she first showed her belly….

Laura on

This seems to be the longest celebrity pregnancy ever!

momof2girlies on

Since everyone is guessing the sex…I’ll guess girl because she is carrying SO high, but the weight…looks can be SO deceiving!!…I must say though, she looks very happy and ready to pop. And I agree with Laura…It seems like she’s been Prego forever!!

Callen on

I swear she is having twins too!

Amber Smith on

I’m not going to say she looks high, I’m going to say she looks breech. I looked that when I was due with my son, his head was poking out way up high and out like that.

LVGurl on

Could she be carrying any higher? She can’t be comfortable. But she looks so happy! 🙂

gianna on

Wow she is big, but I think it’s a boy.

J.M. on

she really is huge or maybe it’s just the top bc she didn’t appear this large in a few recent photos. Since were guessing and it’s getting close I am going with girl baby, 7lbs 9oz. – (looks can be decieving I think the baby will be average weight despite her large belly)!

Jess on

SHE IS HUGE……wow……but seriously people you so cant tell whether women are having a boy or a girl by the look of their belly….seriously every belly on everyone on every pregnancy is different, has nothing to do with how their belly looks!!!!! I think she got 3 in there lol poor thing she must have a sore back!!

Mary on

There is no way she is not having twins..

Jacquie on

Wow, definitely a boy belly! Boys are normally all belly and she seems to have gained little weight elsewhere. Can’t wait to find out the sex!

Zara on

I think Liev was telling the truth about the due date all along, but is probably having a laugh, as he’s known to fib about things, and everyone’s assumed he’s lying about this! Naomi looked like she’d dropped a couple of weeks ago, and now the baby’s up high again – I don’t think it ever wants to come out!!

sy on

I was that big with my first and he was 9lbs and 22.5 inches. Everywhere I went the last two weeks of the pregnancy people asked if I was having twins. I didn’t think I was that big as I only gained 26 lbs. and I’m 5’8″–the indicator should have been that I couldn’t even button my husband’s shirts around my belly. Only after my second pregnancy did I realize how big my belly was the first time! BTW, my son is now very tall and although he’s only 6 people constantly mistake him for 8 or 9 years.

FC on

I’m gonna guess and say her baby is going to be…a happy and healthy baby! That’s all that should really matter.

But seriously, watermelon-meets-basketball-meets-torpedo belly aside, (eat your heart out, Bridget Moynahan!), she does look great. 😉

PSB on

I think she’s having a boy and I think he will be really tall like his daddy (isn’t he around 6’4″?). Although she looks big, if she were having twins she would have had them already! She’s got to be full term or even overdue by now. Twins usually come early. I think it’s just a big, ginormous boy. Bet he’ll be a heartbreaker with those two as parents.

I feel for her. I had a giant belly and I’m really tiny and short, so it took up my entire body. My baby was nearly 9lbs and used up every inch of my torso. For the record, I went one week overdue and my belly NEVER dropped. Not everybody’s does it before labor. She is a trooper for going out and about and smiling(!) for the photographers at this stage of the game. Go Naomi!

Alexandra on

I don’t think her belly looks THAT big. It just shoots out pretty far. Someone above described it as a torpedo. That sounds right! And she seems quite limber and mobile so I imagine that it doesn’t feel as big to her as it looks to us. That was my experience–my girl shot out about two feet from my abdomen but always felt compact to me–but when I look back at photo, I realize why everyone thought I was so huge. I wonder if she has stretch marks…

Ce-Ce on

OMG.Her belly is so big.It looks like she is about to pop.And Just cause she is that big do not mean she is having a boy she could just be having a big baby girl or boy.I guess we will see in a lil minute cause she is about to pop so.

Dawna on

Holy BatBelly!

I think it is a girl! It is just too high to be a boy. I don’t know why I think the baby is a girl. All my friends who carried high had girls. The ones that had boys were very low in the belly.

Victoria on

Wow! At least she’s smiling! =) I had two pregnancies in which my kiddos *never* dropped and I looked huge and “mis-shaped” for weeks at the end. My daughter never came near to dropping (stayed transverse, too)…and was a healthy 10 pounds 8 ounces, 22 inches long.

Best of luck to her!

Becky on

It seems like shes been pregnant forever!! My cousin was as big as Naomi and was a few days overdue she had a little girl a few weeks ago who was 8lbs 4oz (the rest must have been lots and lots of water!) and she didn’t drop until a day before the birth

Kelly on

This blog’s information is very rich.i very like it

diana on

I love her casual style – love those pants she is wearing. I gotta get those.

She has such a tiny frame that any baby belly is going to look huge on her. But yes, looks like a big healthy baby or possibly twins.