Pregnant Christina Aguilera defends Britney Spears' mothering skills

07/19/2007 at 10:02 AM ET

Beleaguered mom Britney Spears has found an ally in fellow former ‘mousketeer’ Christina Aguilera, who herself is expecting a baby in January.  Citing the "pressure" Britney has been under "since she was a child," Christina says "I don’t think any of us should judge her or jump to conclusions."

Britney is a good person and a good mom.  She loves her boys and they’re turning out great.

Britney has two children with ex-husband Kevin Federline; Sean Preston, 22-months and Jayden James, 10-months.  The child Christina is carrying will be her first with husband Jordan Bratman

In related news, Christina is said to be developing a CD of original lullabies, and has asked Britney to contribute to the effort.  Other celebrity moms on Christina’s ‘wish list’ include Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Celine Dion and Faith Hill

Sources:  AHN, Chicago Sun Times

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Angie on

Brits boys have “turned out great”? They are 1 and 2 for crying-out-loud. When they become teens, then let’s start judging if they turned out great or not.

Nausicaa on

That’s just what I was going to say, Angie.

madison on

ok, I know this is being picky – but the quote is “they’re turning out great” not “turned out”. I know 1 and 2 is young to judge anything – but I know more than a couple toddlers that I’d say aren’t turning out great. And I know plenty others that are learning their manners, don’t whine and can share their toys. I would totally say they are “turning” out well.

TM on

How sweet of Christina. When most people on are so quick to bash Britney, she steps up and takes the high road. Christina is obviously very secure and well adjusted to make such a positive observation. Generally, people who attack the parenting skills of others, are merely trying to deflect attention from their own flaws. Basically, if I attack you and point out your faults, I’ll feel better about my own parental shortcomings. The mothers who are truly confident in their own abilities generally offer positive encouragement or sympathy.

I am a child therapist and while I don’t know the Spears/Federline family, it appears to me that Britney, despite whatever demons she may be dealing with in her personal life, protects and adores those little boys. They appear to be happy little guys and unphased by the unwanted attention.

Keezie on

TM – I agree, whole-heartedly. Britney has been criticized left and right, meanwhile the father is left unscathed, even though he had other children that he barely saw, but Shar won’t tell us that, she got paid to be quiet about the whole thing. When I read the tabs and look at the paps, they’re just bullying her around and distorting the truth. Her “up the skirt” shots don’t warrant all the bad mother comments I’ve seen. Especially when people say “She such a bad parent because of her (plug in comment about photos here).” It’s silly. But she seems to be taking charge of her life. For all the partying I did last summer and still was able to come home and take care of my kiddies, I know that she’s being unfairly judged. I was lucky because I didn’t have a camera following me as I bar hopped. If I were famous, my hubby and I would look like crazies!

tink1217 on

TM and Keezie…ITA! Everyone is so quick to judge Brit and its NICE to see somebody like Christina speak up for her. Christina knows exactly the kind of life Brit has had. And can probably relate. Christina went through her own “phase” a year or two before she met and married Jordan. Brit happened to go through her tough times whilst becoming a mother and getting a divorce. I always give the benefit of the doubt and take the high road not to judge others…at least I try really hard to.

gianna on

Nice of christina to stand up for britney, I’ve been a fan of both of them for years now.

andrea on

Nice to see Christina staying above it all- it’s so easy to pick on someone when they are down, and Brit is definitely down these days. I think it’s obvious that she has some serious problems (but unfortunately is not acting maturely to handle them), and it’s disheartening to see many of the gossip rags now rooting for her to fail.

Bella on

I think that it is very classy of Christina to say something positive. I think she will be a fabulous mum.

I do think that Britney is overly critised. In video I have seen, she was followed to the coffee shop by about 20 photographers who were calling out to her and were pretty much in her face. I doubt that was a one off and anyone under that much scrutiny is bound to be caught out a few times. That being said, she seems to enjoy the attention.

I think most people wish her the best and want to see her and her sons happy but the media and blogs often play up the worst of her because controversy seems to get more viewers/readers.

terri on

I think Britney is ridiculous, but that’s nice of Christina to have some kinds words for her. I’m sure she knows better than most what kind of person Britney is.

MaryN on

Awesome! I hope Gwyneth will lend her lovely voice in the new cd. I’d buy it in a heart beat.


anonymous on

Hey! Bella, have you tried to ask yourself of what kind of person you are? I don’t think so ’cause until now you don’t know what a real person is. Your very judgmental when in fact you’re not perfect. Come on just do stuffs on your own, I mean mind your own business and one more thing you’re more ridiculous than Ms. Britney Spears.